Monday, September 29, 2008


I have delayed making this post for some time because I understand that regardless of someone’s actions they are exempt from accountability. This is the essence of everything wrong with the US. We as Americans love our excuses and find accountability for those we like to be unacceptable.

The Iraq war has cost 500 billion. The proposed bailout cost will be 700 billion. In national poll after national poll the American people make clear their contempt for Congress. These same people when asked about their own Congressperson say they are doing a great job.

Lance Armstrong is a cancer survivor. About 5 years ago a friend of mine in a matter of six months went from feel tired to being dead. It was lung cancer. His only symptom was fatigue.

Lance Armstrong at his web page speaks to the issue of identifying the source of your fatigue.
Lance Armstrong knows when you experience fatigue you need to see a doctor. But yet, because money rules Lance Armstrong he promotes an energy drink as an alternative to seeing a doctor. Is he telling you to not see a doctor. No - but he knows how people are - most people will just try and fight the fatigue with a quick fix. In this case it is FRS. I do hope sooner than later someone brings a class action against FRS and Lance Armstrong to stop this product. While FRS may not kill directly, it kills indirectly by allowing the user to avoid seeing a doctor to determine the source of the fatigue.

Here is some basic information about Sleep Apnea. People die from Sleep Apnea. I am not saying FRS will not relieve the feeling of fatigue. What I am saying is the Sleep Apnea will continue to damage your heart or the cancer will continue to spread in your body. Lance Armstrong knows this, but such as the people at Wall Street through greed have caused the collapse of our financial markets, Lance Armstrong seeks to kill you for a buck.

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