Thursday, September 11, 2008


Because 911 has turned into a day of self promotion by politicians, and two-bit commentators, I will have nothing to say on the issue. I think the self promoting politicians, and two-bit commentators will be pouring enough salt into this wound, without me adding to it.

I unfortunately have yet to see Tuesday last’s City Commission meeting. This post is based on what I have read in the blogs and the Herald. It appears the City Commission knows they are in trouble over the budget because they are unwilling to demand City Manager Charlie Cabler make the hard decisions, and because Charlie Cabler is unwilling to make the hard decisions.

This City Commission of morons, is headed up by an attorney, Jim Goza, who to avoid being fired would tell this City Commission pimping children is a legitimate form of income generation for the city. What Cabler and Goza have in common is fear of being fired if they do not please the Brownsville City Commission. Neither of these common whores for bad government are putting the interests of the people first. Every decision is about pleasing their pimp - the Brownsville City Commission.

Nothing, other than incompetence and fear of having to go out into the workforce and find a job, prevents Cabler from doing an audit of personnel. There has to be deadwood within the city government. This is always the easiest way to lower the budgetary demands on the city. It is so basic, it is crying out and bitch slapping Cabler 24/7. So why is he not acting on the obvious solution?

If Cabler starts to fire people, he in all likelihood will have to fire a crony of a politico. These cronies are not limited people tied to the current city commission. It is the political machine of all the politicos which keep these do nothing city employees in their jobs. You see Cisneros, Garza, and Camarillo all want to win in May. They cannot win without accessing the political machines of BISD Board Members, BND Board Members, TSC Board Members, and Cameron County Commissioners. To get their support each of these City Commissioners must protect the friends and family members of the other Board Members or County Commissioners who work in the city.

If Cabler does an audit of personnel, it will certainly lead to the friends and family members of all these other politicos losing their jobs. Cisneros, Garza, and Camarillo certainly cannot afford to loose the support of the political machines of other politicos, so they must remain silent about the deadwood which works in city government. Cabler knows that if on his own he initiates the audit of personnel, he will be fired once the pink slips begin to go out.

So let’s be honest. The City Commission and City Manager are both lying to the people when they say they want cuts in the budget. It is a con job. Cisneros, Garza, and Camarillo can all say we called for cuts, but the City Manager refused to make the cuts. I am cool with this - now how about firing the City Manager? Oh yea they cannot do that, because the reason he is refusing to cut personnel is fear of being fired.

To compound all of this, City Attorney Goza has thrown in the towel and informed the City Commission - "I will call legal anything you want to do." This whore for corruption needs to be fired yesterday. Oh, hold it - the reason he is agreeing to allow for all of the illegal conduct is if he does not support the City Commission in their actions, he will be fired.

One example - the law mandates a public comment period. The City Secretary failed to put the public comment section on the City Agenda. The legal expert says - you cannot comply with the law and allow for public comment without violating the law because it was never listed on the Agenda. Only a whore lawyer would make such an incredibly stupid statement. In the end, on an issue of great importance to the people - their money - they were effectively shut out.

It is time for a symbolic Bastille Day for the City Commission of Brownsville, the Mayor, the City Manager, and City Attorney.

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