Thursday, September 25, 2008


I really do not want to talk impact fees because it seems to illicit irrationality and anger from all sides. Really, all I am asking for is information. Can someone in clear terms tell me to which entity the impact fee is paid? I am assuming it is the PUB. Once this happens - how specifically can the money be spent? Last, I want to know how the money impacts the people. Does it increase the profits at the PUB thereby impacting the amount of money the PUB pays annually to the City of Brownsville? Will or can it lower our utility bills?

Now remember, if you were to raise the impact fee to $6,000.00 per unit, it will also raise the appraised value of existing homes. This means a backdoor property tax increase on existing homes. The increased value of existing homes will also go up as demand goes up because of reduced construction of new homes. This again increases property taxes. Further, while it is great for the seller, it is bad for the buyer.

We just saw how Cisneros and Camarillo coward at the idea of raising property taxes by a few hamburgers, and found it easier to expose the people to greater crime and compromised emergency services. Are they going to put their reelection ahead of he people again, or protect the interests of the people?


I was at the library yesterday renewing a book for a friend. I went about 6 p.m. I am use to the parking lot of this newly constructed library being flooded. No one will ever be held accountable for the failed parking lot. Incompetence seems to be the only thing ever rewarded in Brownsville.

One’s dismay over the condition of the library goes away once you enter the library. The first thing you notice is the used books bookstore. A lot of people in the community donate books to the library which the library decides it cannot use. These books are sold as used books. The money is used to fund projects at the library.

You can donate new books. I periodically buy books on with the express intent of donating them to Southmost branch. Go on line and check to see if they have a full collection of your favorite author. If they do not buy a few books by your favorite author and donate them to the library. I wish the library maintained a wish list. I think it would make it easier for people to choose books for donation.

Once you get in the library you notice the Café. In the mornings you are most likely to see adults drinking coffee and having a muffin. In the afternoon, such as yesterday you are likely to see kids eating hotdogs while reading books or magazines.

Now that you have entered the main part of the library you will see the best part. Parents and grandparents with their kids and grand kids doing homework and or reading books. This is where the library is at its best.

Many of these kids have no educational resources at home. The public libraries are the great equalizers in education between the haves and have nots. Dirt poor children who will never know the benefit of a home computer are all of a sudden thrown into the world of the internet. These children who will never know what it is like to drive outside of Cameron county, are all of a sudden dropped into a remote area of the world while they surf the internet for their social studies project.

If you have not visited a public library lately, try going about 6 p.m. when parents are doing what parents need to do, getting involved in their children’s education.

Also consider donating several books a year. A library is nothing without books. Everyone can afford a few fewer meals out to buy a book or three.

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