Friday, September 19, 2008


Picture Il Duce on the battlefield leading his Nancy Boys - Before the battle they play lip service to the flag and Constitution, but the second a shot is fired he yells retreat, "save your ass boys, you’re no use to me dead." What Il Duce failed to realize is, the people were watching as the effeminate Il Duce and his Nancy Boys cut and ran on the people to fend for themselves. (Remember guys in 1612 it meant cowardly)

Matters of emergency in government do not wait for leaders, such matters demand leaders at the time the emergency develops. With every day that passes and the demands of the Brownsville police, fire and emergency services go unaddressed, the worse they will get. By the time of next years budget things will only be worse than they are now. It never gets better without money, which unfortunately means taxes.

The idea that Il Duce and his Nancy Boys find it acceptable that Brownsville has to call on other cities for ambulance assistance should shock the conscience of every person in Brownsville. Within the last week the Herald reported crime is up in Brownsville. This does not bode well for the safety and welfare of the people.

Years ago the people in Dallas bought into the idea that you can have law enforcement without police officers. Budget after budget failed to address the shortage of police officers. It reached the point that the police no longer provided patrols of neighborhoods. This only served to increase the amount of crime in the city. When I left Dallas, more like fled for my only safety, 4 years ago police only responded to emergency calls. There were simply not enough police on the street for anything else. Not a police patrol in sight - ever.

I lived in a neighborhood which by all rights should have been the type place where you leave your doors unlocked. They tore the chains and burglar bars off of my shed and emptied it. They were known as the Russian gang which specialized in garden equipment. My friend was in my house for less then 5 minutes when we saw a kid driving off in her car. He only got caught because he chose to stop at the 7-11 to rob it. When interviewed as part of the plea bargain he explained how the members of his gang targeted my neighborhood because it was mostly senior citizens. In a very matter of fact way, he explained how they would all get on the bus from South East Dallas, shoot up Buckner, get off in the White Rock area, and then go shopping for a car. Shopping of course being a code word for steal.

The people were powerless because there are no police patrolling the neighborhoods. When you call them to report the theft they tell you, you have to drive or take the bus to the local police substation to report the crime. This is all the consequence of a Dallas City Council, which is paid by the way, ignoring the problems related to the shortage of police officers in budget after budget. And with each budget it only got worse.

Il Duce and his Nancy Boys, whose asses remain pristine clean and unscarred from war, turned and cut an ran on the people. When it came time to take the bullet for the people each in order dutifully said. "I am saving my own ass - I will not sacrifice my political career by raising taxes for use by Brownsville, police, fire and emergency services. The people are on their own."

This is not leadership - this is a bunch of self-serving politicos ignoring the health and welfare of the people to serve their own needs.


MsGibby said...

Since the Mayor proposed the 3-cent tax increase to fund public safety, I am assuming he gets a pass on this ass-chewing?
As for the the others, let 'em have it!!

BobbyWC said...

I believe the story was about "Picture Il Duce on the battlefield leading his Nancy Boys" and not Pat Almighty - who continues to refuse to put the issue of AIDS Awareness on the Agenda

Bobby WC