Friday, September 12, 2008


Here is Hector Gonzales e-mail to a Dr. Montoya.

Dr. Montoya,

Please give me a complete report on this issue. Dr. Montoya I know that you and campus staff have already addressed the issue ;but, I need a full written report to insure Mr. Powers and any other persons with concerns that this issue was properly addressed.

H Gonzales

Here is the first clue Gonzales is clueless. If the father is saying no one at Oliveira has information about getting his son tested, as requested by the father, how then can it have been addressed by Mr. Montoya and the Oliveira staff as Hector Gonzales is claiming? Further, I came to learn this afternoon that the child was suspended at the request of the teachers, as alleged by the vice principal. Remember the father warned them two weeks ago this was coming and begged for help - to no avail.

Hector Gonzales - it is a violation of both the federal constitution and federal law to throw disabled chlidren on the street because the teachers are demanding same. His disabilities must be addressed. At this point Mr. Gonzales you will not do your job until ordered to by the state of Texas - such as you were ordered to by the TEA in another case after you refused to act on the parent's demands. That is a fact you child abuser.

Mr. Gonzales you are a joke. I beg you to redeem your reputation by admitting you are incompetent and only remain in your job because you are willing to do the dirty work for a school board which celebrates their role as child abusers.

AGAIN YOU STUPID STUPID MORON MR. GONZALES, if it were taken care of, how come no one informed the parent? How come when the parent inquired yesterday he was told no one knows anything about testing?

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