Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Pat Lehmann called Hector Gonzales and told him I got your ass so you need not worry about being fired for incompetence. He reminded him on the success of the fraudulent application filed with CUBE. He went on to say that he had BISD’s crackpot lawyer working hard to find a way to use the public nuisance laws to ban children from BISD so that the Board could get back to doing all that matters - awarding contracts.

After yesterday’s events at Oliviera it is inconceivable to me that Hector Gonzales, or the principal and coach at Oliveira can possibly still be employed with BISD. This is part of the continuing saga of the abused child at Oliveira. The child only returned to Oliveira because the parents are trying to cooperate with the therapist. They are hopeful that after Tuesday the therapist will make clear to their child he will not be returning to Oliveira.

On Monday the father met with the coach to make sure he was aware of the fact his son had been diagnosed with a biologically based disability. I have to be careful not to disclose too much because most people would panic out of ignorance upon hearing the diagnosis. For a very long time this child will have weekly therapy appointments. It takes about a year for the professionals to get to a final diagnosis and prognosis. The good news is, it was caught early enough that if 90% of everything goes right he may actually live a somewhat normal life. I have no hopes of this because so far 90% of everything BISD has done with this child has gone wrong.

On Monday the coach was made aware by the father the child had an appointment at 5:30 on Tuesday and that he would have to be pulled out of football practice early so that he could shower and get to the appointment by 5:30. The coach in front of the child told the father that if he went to the therapy he would not be allowed to play in Saturday’s game. At this point this should be enough to fire this coach.

The mother showed up on time to have her child shower and make it to the appointment. The mother called the child off of the field and the child responded. The child informed the mother that the coached said if he leaves he would not be allowed to play in Saturday’s game. It was at that moment, according to the mother, who I interviewed, the coach ordered the child back onto the field. Remember the coach was specifically told about the child’s disability and that he had an appointment at 5:30. The child refused the mother’s demands to go to the appointment.

Now I agree at this moment the mother should have called the police and had the coach arrested for interfering with the parent child relationship and child endangerment. BISD must open a child endangerment criminal investigation against this coach. Of course they will not. They will probably place him on the short list for the new AD. Now that he has proven he knows football is GOD and children are pawns he certainly qualifies to be the AD.

The other choice would have been for the mother to march into the school and grab the principal by the balls and demand he take action against the coach. The mother also should have called the father right away instead of waiting 20 minutes in hopes her son would leave the field. The father was with me when the mother called. We had just finished at the gym. By the time the father made it to Oliveira it was too late to get the child off of the field and to the appointment. The therapist was called and told about the abuse at BISD.

Now this is the second time this happened. Last week the father personally told the principal 24 hours in advance he would be on campus to pick-up his son for a 2:30 appointment with the therapist. The father showed up at 2:00 and was told the principal was not available and that they were not authorized to release the child to the father without the principal’s permission. Apparently at BISD having custody rights over your child does not entitle you to taking your child out of school for a therapy session. In the time it took to locate the principal they were late for the appointment.

Remember people this child has a very small chance of making it out of highschool, assuming 90% of everything goes right. If they caught this earlier enough and it turns out to be a borderline case the research shows it could be kept under control and he might actually graduate the university. But it requires a lot of parental care and BISD doing everything right. Along these lines the father is on paid parental leave.

Is there anyone willing to defend the actions of this coach, and ongoing incompetency by the principal and Hector Gonzales? How is it possible Hector Gonzales has not been able to bring this principal under control after this many weeks? Why is Otis Powers still refusing to take action against Hector Gonzales for lying to him that Dr. Montoya addressed these problems. Why as late of Tuesday was an administrator still blowing off the father when he demanded to know about the status of getting his son tested for ADD? We are over the 30 day mark.
People BISD is not about children - it is about contracts.

For anyone new to this story here is the previous post on the story with further links to other parts of the story.


A relative of mine who has her PhD in Psychology and works with children has recommended that I bring Advocacy Inc into the matter. We are open to ideas. What this family needs more than anything is a social worker who can take this matter by the balls and get it under control. They are simply overwhelmed. Imagine being told your child has a life time disability and all BISD has to offer you in making matters worse. These parents are desperate for a social worker or sometype mental health advocate to help them navigate the nightmare which is BISD, and the lack of mental health care in Brownsville.

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Anonymous said...

Get something on video or audio. Post it, and dig deep into some law and perhaps there is some way to get the DA involved or a child advocate. Maybe a local news channel will pick up the story if it's presented in a human interest sort of way. Better yet, sue BISD!
That slime of an institution deserves it!