Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Pat Lehmann called Hector Gonzales and told him I got your ass so you need not worry about being fired for incompetence. He reminded him on the success of the fraudulent application filed with CUBE. He went on to say that he had BISD’s crackpot lawyer working hard to find a way to use the public nuisance laws to ban children from BISD so that the Board could get back to doing all that matters - awarding contracts.

After yesterday’s events at Oliviera it is inconceivable to me that Hector Gonzales, or the principal and coach at Oliveira can possibly still be employed with BISD. This is part of the continuing saga of the abused child at Oliveira. The child only returned to Oliveira because the parents are trying to cooperate with the therapist. They are hopeful that after Tuesday the therapist will make clear to their child he will not be returning to Oliveira.

On Monday the father met with the coach to make sure he was aware of the fact his son had been diagnosed with a biologically based disability. I have to be careful not to disclose too much because most people would panic out of ignorance upon hearing the diagnosis. For a very long time this child will have weekly therapy appointments. It takes about a year for the professionals to get to a final diagnosis and prognosis. The good news is, it was caught early enough that if 90% of everything goes right he may actually live a somewhat normal life. I have no hopes of this because so far 90% of everything BISD has done with this child has gone wrong.

On Monday the coach was made aware by the father the child had an appointment at 5:30 on Tuesday and that he would have to be pulled out of football practice early so that he could shower and get to the appointment by 5:30. The coach in front of the child told the father that if he went to the therapy he would not be allowed to play in Saturday’s game. At this point this should be enough to fire this coach.

The mother showed up on time to have her child shower and make it to the appointment. The mother called the child off of the field and the child responded. The child informed the mother that the coached said if he leaves he would not be allowed to play in Saturday’s game. It was at that moment, according to the mother, who I interviewed, the coach ordered the child back onto the field. Remember the coach was specifically told about the child’s disability and that he had an appointment at 5:30. The child refused the mother’s demands to go to the appointment.

Now I agree at this moment the mother should have called the police and had the coach arrested for interfering with the parent child relationship and child endangerment. BISD must open a child endangerment criminal investigation against this coach. Of course they will not. They will probably place him on the short list for the new AD. Now that he has proven he knows football is GOD and children are pawns he certainly qualifies to be the AD.

The other choice would have been for the mother to march into the school and grab the principal by the balls and demand he take action against the coach. The mother also should have called the father right away instead of waiting 20 minutes in hopes her son would leave the field. The father was with me when the mother called. We had just finished at the gym. By the time the father made it to Oliveira it was too late to get the child off of the field and to the appointment. The therapist was called and told about the abuse at BISD.

Now this is the second time this happened. Last week the father personally told the principal 24 hours in advance he would be on campus to pick-up his son for a 2:30 appointment with the therapist. The father showed up at 2:00 and was told the principal was not available and that they were not authorized to release the child to the father without the principal’s permission. Apparently at BISD having custody rights over your child does not entitle you to taking your child out of school for a therapy session. In the time it took to locate the principal they were late for the appointment.

Remember people this child has a very small chance of making it out of highschool, assuming 90% of everything goes right. If they caught this earlier enough and it turns out to be a borderline case the research shows it could be kept under control and he might actually graduate the university. But it requires a lot of parental care and BISD doing everything right. Along these lines the father is on paid parental leave.

Is there anyone willing to defend the actions of this coach, and ongoing incompetency by the principal and Hector Gonzales? How is it possible Hector Gonzales has not been able to bring this principal under control after this many weeks? Why is Otis Powers still refusing to take action against Hector Gonzales for lying to him that Dr. Montoya addressed these problems. Why as late of Tuesday was an administrator still blowing off the father when he demanded to know about the status of getting his son tested for ADD? We are over the 30 day mark.
People BISD is not about children - it is about contracts.

For anyone new to this story here is the previous post on the story with further links to other parts of the story.


A relative of mine who has her PhD in Psychology and works with children has recommended that I bring Advocacy Inc into the matter. We are open to ideas. What this family needs more than anything is a social worker who can take this matter by the balls and get it under control. They are simply overwhelmed. Imagine being told your child has a life time disability and all BISD has to offer you in making matters worse. These parents are desperate for a social worker or sometype mental health advocate to help them navigate the nightmare which is BISD, and the lack of mental health care in Brownsville.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Regardless of how you feel about Monday’s vote on the Bailout, you must admit the will of the people was a factor in the outcome. In its simplest form this is good. Several months ago the people flooded the e-mails of Congress and demanded that they vote no on Immigration Reform. While I was unhappy with the result, I was happy that the voice of the people was heard.

On Monday, I was very happy with the result. While the vote was occurring I was sitting in the waiting room of the Ortho clinic at the VA hospital. (Side note the carpal tunnel surgery did not go well - they are going to try injections to restore use of the left side of my left hand. The left thumb is shot. I think years of delay on my part mostly, and some on the part of the VA the surgery came too late.) The veterans were so engaged in watching the vote. I was just blown away with how they were counting the votes and speculating why so many Dems voted no. Then 2 votes changed to yes. Boy that got a lot of claims Pelosi must have promised a lot of pork barrel. It was interesting to watch a large group of people reacting to the vote.

If anyone supported voting yes, they were too afraid to express their opinion. I made the comment that the American people are resourceful and will survive a collapse. When up against a wall I believe the American people tend to step up to the plate. Being pinned in a corner tends to get us united to somehow do the right thing.

Before I link all of this to electronic warfare I want to comment on something wonderful I saw at the VA. There was a man being wheeled around by his mentally retarded adult son. We spoke for a moment. I did not inquire if he was married or had other children. It was obvious to everyone his son was mentally retarded. He said he counts on his son to take care of him. This reminded me of my late Down Syndrome aunt who took care of my grandmother. If was only after my aunt died that the decision was made to move my grandmother in with my uncle.

What I saw in this young man was a man who was not aborted and in the end such as my aunt Socorro became the care giver and not the other way around such as so many believe to be the case with mentally retarded adults. I realize this is a side note, but it is not. If this one legged old man is making a go of it with his mentally retarded son as one of his care givers, I think we can make a go of a collapse of the credit market. Do we really need more than we already have?

Electronic warfare - yes the e-mail has become the powerful voice of the people. Congress.org was just one place we the people were able to go to express our opinion on the Bailout. You still can by the way. This web link is so easy. Just type in your identifying information along with your zip code and it ID’s your two US Senators and House Member. Boom the e-mail is sent.


Could you imagine the Brownsville City Commission creating a similar link wherein we could e-mail with such easy our position on Impact Fees or Charter Amendments. It is certainly a free and easy way for the Commission to measure the will of the people.

In time I see City Commissions and State Governments joining the ranks of Congress.org and creating such links. This electronic warfare by the people demanding they are heard could revolutionize how government is conducted. I do believe if people can spend two minutes on the internet to be able to express their views they will. I do believe in the long-run the use of electronic warfare e-mails will cause the people to be more engaged. Regardless of how you feel about Monday’s outcome, you must admit the people were heard. I have to believe the more people believe they are heard they more involved they will become.

The question is, does greater involvement by the people mean better government? Could a well organized e-mail campaign by a political group lead to bad government? I think American Representative government is about to embark on a Renaissance. How do we make sure it does not devolve into rule my tyranny? Is the e-mail the new referendum? Can we trust the courts to turn back tyranny? Can we trust Congress to sacrifice themselves in defense of the Constitution?

I just find all of these questions fascinating. I find that there is less danger in bad government if the people can force Congress to vote no. The real danger will come when electronic warfare is used to force Congress to put legislation to a vote. I am not too worried about the latter happening anytime soon. For now I will trust in the people to do the right thing.

I have delayed making this post for some time because I understand that regardless of someone’s actions they are exempt from accountability. This is the essence of everything wrong with the US. We as Americans love our excuses and find accountability for those we like to be unacceptable.

The Iraq war has cost 500 billion. The proposed bailout cost will be 700 billion. In national poll after national poll the American people make clear their contempt for Congress. These same people when asked about their own Congressperson say they are doing a great job.

Lance Armstrong is a cancer survivor. About 5 years ago a friend of mine in a matter of six months went from feel tired to being dead. It was lung cancer. His only symptom was fatigue.

Lance Armstrong at his web page speaks to the issue of identifying the source of your fatigue. http://www.livestrong.org/site/c.khLXK1PxHmF/b.2660667/k.6260/Physical_Effects_Fatigue.htm
Lance Armstrong knows when you experience fatigue you need to see a doctor. But yet, because money rules Lance Armstrong he promotes an energy drink as an alternative to seeing a doctor. http://www.frs.com/ Is he telling you to not see a doctor. No - but he knows how people are - most people will just try and fight the fatigue with a quick fix. In this case it is FRS. I do hope sooner than later someone brings a class action against FRS and Lance Armstrong to stop this product. While FRS may not kill directly, it kills indirectly by allowing the user to avoid seeing a doctor to determine the source of the fatigue.

Here is some basic information about Sleep Apnea. http://sleepdisorders.about.com/cs/sleepapnea/a/apneaheart.htm People die from Sleep Apnea. I am not saying FRS will not relieve the feeling of fatigue. What I am saying is the Sleep Apnea will continue to damage your heart or the cancer will continue to spread in your body. Lance Armstrong knows this, but such as the people at Wall Street through greed have caused the collapse of our financial markets, Lance Armstrong seeks to kill you for a buck.

Friday, September 26, 2008

If you understand the following line you will understand the film. This is a paraphrase. "I feel like I am finally free here in Italy. I never felt that at home." Home refers to the US.
This is a film about 4 black soldiers who end-up behind enemy lines in Italy. You should know a good part of the film is in Italian and German. Sometimes the subtitles move quite fast.
The film can be appreciated from two perspectives. It is of incredible historical value. This is the first film I have even seen which deals with how the Germans dealt with Italian partisans and blacks. It also addresses how bigotry by white officers lead to the needless deaths of black soldiers. The bigotry and historical relevance goes all the way to the soda shop in Louisiana wherein the owner will serve German prisoners of war, but not blacks in uniform.
The film begins with the main black character, Hector, shooting dead a customer at the post office. The question becomes why. This is the second perspective in the film, and the perspective I suspect Spike Lee felt to be most important.
Sant'Anna di Stazzema massacre creates a parallel to the injustices against black soldiers and the justice which finally comes to the main black soldier, Hector, and Sant'Anna di Stazzema. In the spirit of justice Spike Lee showed how inhumanity is not limited to whites, blacks, Germans, or Italians. He presents bad and good forces in each group. I particularly liked how the Germans twice were presented as saviors. My mentor was a Polish partisan who was being walked to a German firing squad when a German private moved his head to indicate to my mentor to run. He ran and survived. Two acts of humanity by German soldiers bring the story together.
This film unfortunately has a limited audience. While I loved it, it is not for people who are bored with history or get bored with complex questions of justice and compassion. I would be curious to know if the near empty theater is a result of the overwhelming bigotry the Latino community of Brownsville feels towards blacks. If this is true then it is sad.
I will say I was taken aback the first night "Broke Back Mountain" played in Brownsville. The theater was packed with straight couples. Brownsville will go to a film about gay cowboys, but not black WWII soldiers. I guess much has not changed since black soldiers were denied entry into white only establishments. To anyone who thinks I am being too hard, think - BISD does not celebrate the Martin Luther King Day Holiday, but does give a day off to celebrate the Board Members.
On the issue of bigotry, its openness in Brownsville rivals the days of linchings in East Texas. It is not that there is more in Brownsville, it is that in Brownsville people wear their bigotry and homophobia as badges of honor. They rationalize it with some level of psychotic intellectualism learned in a school for members of the KKK or SS officiers. What is worse are the people who look for leaders of this psychotic intellectualism and then honor it as if it makes them better than anyone else.


BISD'S PERSONNEL NEEDS to contact DISD with a list of opendings. I am certain qualified Dallas teachers will head down to Brownsville at the speed of light.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This is about twice the length of what I wanted. If you are patient and read the entire thing you will see how an artificially low impact fee is bad for all of Brownsville and the economy.)


There is no debate at this time as to its purpose. The taxpayers are to buy up the bad debt so that the financial institutions who through mismanagement created this mess can afford to extend more credit to more people - people who cannot afford it. I do not care where you are in the US - just click here - fill in the blanks - and an e-mail will be sent to your representatives opposing the bailout.


Key to the revitalization of any downtown or old city area is a willingness of new home buyers to buy older homes in need of revitalization. In Brownsville there is no desire by new home buyers to invest in and remodel older homes. A high impact fee will force a market change from new construction to old construction. Until people have an incentive to buy existing housing, neighborhoods such as old Brownsville will grow slum-like because remodeling is not the goal of the community. Those with money will always simply choose to buy into a new neighborhood.

Revitalization of old neighborhoods is as important to the tax base and image of the community as new construction homes. As a shortage of old construction homes develops the appraised value of these homes will increase. This in term grows the tax base. The end effect of a high impact fee is to force a revitalization of older neighborhoods, while increasing the value of older homes which in turn increases the tax base.

This is indirectly related to the financial crisis. It was artificial public policies which got us into the financial crisis. An artificially low impact fee discourages revitalization of older neighborhoods. This is never good for a community.

At the core of the financial crisis is a need for Americans to consume. Consumption is the energy source of any economy. The primary purpose of the FED is to keep the economy going. You do that by regulating interest rates which in turn either speeds up or slows down consumption, depending on the needs of the economy.

You cannot consume without money or credit. By the time Bill Clinton became President it was clear there was insufficient money held by consumers to keep the consumption going at a level which would drive a healthy economy. Everyone who could truly afford the credit needed for a new car owned a new car. Everyone who could truly afford a credit card had a credit card, and in many cases those people had maxed out their cards. Everyone who could afford a mortgage was in a house.

There was no where to go for more consumers. Those who could afford to consume cars and houses owned both. The economy needed new consumers or it would falter. The government under Bill Clinton began programs which expanded opportunities for people who could not traditionally afford a mortgage to buy a home. This in turn sent housing costs up as demand increased. Low income people could not afford the price of housing, so the government made it easier with sub-prime mortgages.

The same occurred with cars and trucks. The manufacturers were desperate for new buyers. They developed every new financing scheme they could think of. People who could not afford the payments found themselfs now saddled with new cars and a new home.

The states and federal government effectively deregulated credit card interest rates. It was not too long ago the maximum interest rate in Texas was 18%. I am not sure but is it now somewhere in the low 30%. The deal was, if these extortionist rates could be charged, the credit card companies and banks would agree to expand credit. Now these same people had a mortgage they could not afford, a car they could not afford, and maxed out credit cards.

The banks always looking for new ways to make money sought and obtained the right at the State level to do equity mortgages. I remember the fight in Texas when we amended the State Constitution to allow for equity mortgages. These became key to keeping consumption going.

With the demand for new housing on the increase as we expanded the number of people who could afford a home, the value of homes increased. This allowed people to borrow against their equity. Every couple of years people would go to the bank and borrow against their equity so that they could pay off their credit cards, maybe have some money left over for home repairs or even a down payment on a new car.

Over time the economy hit a dead end again. There was no one left who could afford to be consumers of houses, cars and other big ticket items. For years we counted in part on undocumented workers to help feed the economy through consumption. They bought new trucks, and homes using sub-prime mortgages. We then told them to get out. They stopped consuming as they lost their jobs or out of fear of losing their jobs.. The government’s failure to legalize these 10 million people helped to create the mess we are in. You cannot reduce the consumption of 10 million people and expect nothing to happen to the economy.

Far too many people in homes owe more on their home than it is worth. This is a consequence of too many equity loans and a downturn in the housing market. Once we ran out of buyers, the demand for housing had to go down, which in turn decreased the value of everyones home. This in turn made it impossible for people who could no longer afford to pay their mortgage to sell their homes. This lead to an increase in foreclosures. An increase in foreclosures means a further decrease in the value of homes. This meant no more equity loans to pay off credit cards, repair homes, or buy new cars. Collapse was all that was left.

This is why a high impact fee will help the housing market. It will make existing homes more marketable thereby increasing their demand. As demand goes up, values go up. As demand goes up it will be easier for people in financial crisis to sell their homes before foreclosure. With a decrease in foreclosures the value of housing begins to recover. The increased value of existing homes causes an increase in appraised value which in turn causes an increase in the tax base which is good for Brownsville.

In the end, once we revitalize our old neighborhoods, the price of existing housing will rise to the point that people will begin to consider new construction. We have to allow the market forces to guide the process. An artificially low impact fee creates a false market for new construction and tends to drag down the prices of existing homes. These leads to dilapidated neighborhoods and foreclosures.

The artificial markets created during the Clinton and Bush I and II years lead to today’s financial crisis. Nothing in the bailout addresses the fundamental problem -consumption the fuel which drives the economy. The bailout saves the financial institutions, but does nothing to promote consumption. Far too many people are broke. Their credit cards are maxed out. No one will extend credit. Credit which they cannot afford. Consumption is not an option for these people.

With the exception of allowing bankruptcy judges to remake mortgage loans to a payment the homeowner can afford, I say we let the system collapse. In time as people are relieved of their debt, they will be able to consume again. The new found ability to consume will feed the economy and in time it will recover.

Financing a bailout for those who sold the people the snake oil medicine which created artificial consumption is not an option.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I really do not want to talk impact fees because it seems to illicit irrationality and anger from all sides. Really, all I am asking for is information. Can someone in clear terms tell me to which entity the impact fee is paid? I am assuming it is the PUB. Once this happens - how specifically can the money be spent? Last, I want to know how the money impacts the people. Does it increase the profits at the PUB thereby impacting the amount of money the PUB pays annually to the City of Brownsville? Will or can it lower our utility bills?

Now remember, if you were to raise the impact fee to $6,000.00 per unit, it will also raise the appraised value of existing homes. This means a backdoor property tax increase on existing homes. The increased value of existing homes will also go up as demand goes up because of reduced construction of new homes. This again increases property taxes. Further, while it is great for the seller, it is bad for the buyer.

We just saw how Cisneros and Camarillo coward at the idea of raising property taxes by a few hamburgers, and found it easier to expose the people to greater crime and compromised emergency services. Are they going to put their reelection ahead of he people again, or protect the interests of the people?


I was at the library yesterday renewing a book for a friend. I went about 6 p.m. I am use to the parking lot of this newly constructed library being flooded. No one will ever be held accountable for the failed parking lot. Incompetence seems to be the only thing ever rewarded in Brownsville.

One’s dismay over the condition of the library goes away once you enter the library. The first thing you notice is the used books bookstore. A lot of people in the community donate books to the library which the library decides it cannot use. These books are sold as used books. The money is used to fund projects at the library.


You can donate new books. I periodically buy books on Amazon.com with the express intent of donating them to Southmost branch. Go on line and check to see if they have a full collection of your favorite author. If they do not buy a few books by your favorite author and donate them to the library. I wish the library maintained a wish list. I think it would make it easier for people to choose books for donation.

Once you get in the library you notice the Café. In the mornings you are most likely to see adults drinking coffee and having a muffin. In the afternoon, such as yesterday you are likely to see kids eating hotdogs while reading books or magazines.

Now that you have entered the main part of the library you will see the best part. Parents and grandparents with their kids and grand kids doing homework and or reading books. This is where the library is at its best.

Many of these kids have no educational resources at home. The public libraries are the great equalizers in education between the haves and have nots. Dirt poor children who will never know the benefit of a home computer are all of a sudden thrown into the world of the internet. These children who will never know what it is like to drive outside of Cameron county, are all of a sudden dropped into a remote area of the world while they surf the internet for their social studies project.

If you have not visited a public library lately, try going about 6 p.m. when parents are doing what parents need to do, getting involved in their children’s education.

Also consider donating several books a year. A library is nothing without books. Everyone can afford a few fewer meals out to buy a book or three.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008



City Commissioners say - "hey what is so wrong with people rolling their wheelchairs in the street? We have political cronies willing and ready to create wheelchair towing services when they get stuck in the potholes."

$900.00 is being paid to Imagine Brownsville to tell the City Commissioners the people want their potholes fixed. Nearly a mile of roads could have been fixed for that $900.00. Why is it that politicos need a private organization to bill the City of Brownsville to tell the City Commissions the wishes of the people? Could it be the City Commissioners are out of tune with the people? Nah.

With every day the potholes are getting bigger. If potholes have fertilizer it is all forms of increment weather which includes rain. Our city commission has no game plan to address the rapidly deteriorating infrastructure of Brownsville. To compound this is the moronic state officials who are overseeing 802. Has anyone else noticed that the State of Texas chose to put speed bumps around the drainage entries on 802. When you hit them while driving everyone and everything in the car goes flying. Does anyone know if this is permanent or just a temporary measure?

Our city commission has declared it will never admit to the mistake of hiring of Santana Torres as the Director of Public Works, a high school graduate, while turning away engineers as unqualified. The potholes will continue to grow because Brownsville has no one on staff who understands the repair of potholes. They have no one on staff who understands you do not dig up Morningside and leave dirt in place of a road for a month at a time. This happens over and over again. Morningside sooner than later is going to become the one extended pothole Iowa has become.

If Brownsville cannot afford to address the increasing demands for law enforcement, emergency services, and infrastructure repair, how in hell is it going to afford to address any of the recommendations of Imagine Brownsville? On simple things like mandating sidewalks, which adults and children alike demanded at the Imagine Brownsville public forums, our esteemed City Commissioners say - "hey what is so wrong with people rolling their wheelchairs in the street? We have political cronies willing and ready to create wheelchair towing services when they get stuck in the potholes."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008



In an election which should have been over weeks ago in terms of the polls, Obama remains in a neck and neck race with McCain. Yesterday oil skyrocketed because of the speculators. It recovered downward and continues to drop this morning. With oil being a major issue in this election, Pelosi continues to block the will of the people to allow for offshore drilling. The fact I personally oppose it is meaningless. Polls show 3/4rds of the American people support offshore drilling. Because of Pelosi’s incompetence McCain owns this issue and Obama finds himself having to defend the indefensible, at least in the eyes of the people.


I am just throwing something out there. Omar Lucio’s opponent is Joe Cisneros. Four years ago he ran as a Democrat. This time he is running as a Republican. Can he win? This is one race I am not sure off. I think Brownsville will be well served by either man. I have met both men and truly like both of them. Joe does drive a motorcycle and we all know how I like motorcycles.

Anyway, Brownsville has the potential to vote Republican. It voted for Bush twice. You couple this with the fact Cameron County voted for a Republican County Judge just two years ago, the dynamic needed for a Republican win at the sheriff’s level is there.

Another factor is, racism against blacks is a real problem in Cameron County. A lot of voters who have never voted Republican in their life will be voting for McCain because they refuse to vote for Obama, who they see as black. Could this racism against Obama translate into extra votes for other Republicans on the ballot?

Just something to think about. Could Joe Cisneros actually win the race for sheriff? Maybe.

Monday, September 22, 2008


For those of you new to the story you need to read my post from April 14, 2008.


BISD was found to be in violation of federal and state law when dealing with children with special educational needs. BISD was already under Performance Based Monitoring, when the TEA made the above findings. BISD has been designated a "Dropout Factory."

I can tell you no one, I mean no one was held accountable for the sanctions TEA issued against BISD. So exactly what is Otis Powers talking about when he says he holds people accountable? There is yet another case which is developing fast, which will get BISD sanctioned yet again. I am not going to repeat the background on this new case. Readers new to the discussion can read my previous discussions on the issue, which include e-mails from Superintendent Hector Gonzales.



According to Otis Powers, who claims he holds people accountable, his hands are tied. If they are tied then you cannot hold people accountable. The following e-mail was a deliberate attempt by Hector Gonzales to mislead Otis Powers. How is it possible that Otis Powers cannot initiate an investigation into Hector Gonzales for deliberately misleading him? Why is he not publically demanding accountability? Remember his bullshit campaign slogan is, he holds people accountable.

Here is Hector Gonzales’ e-mail to Dr. Montoya which was copied to Otis Powers.

Dr. Montoya,

Please give me a complete report on this issue. Dr. Montoya I know that you and campus staff have already addressed the issue ;but, I need a full written report to insure Mr. Powers and any other persons with concerns that this issue was properly addressed.
H Gonzales

The parents involved had no knowledge of what Dr. Montoya allegedly did to resolve the problem. The administrators at Oliveira had no knowledge of what Dr. Montoya had done to resolve the problem. Otis will you hold Dr. Montoya accountable? No - so please stop lying to the people that you hold people accountable.

Remember this entire thing began with the parent begging for help. It was the parent who informed Hector Gonzales that he received a semi-anonymous call from Oliveira that his son’s teachers were ready to toss him from the classroom. Oliveira administrators never contacted the parents. It was the parents who weeks before went to the Oliveira administration begging for help. It was the parents who took action to enroll the child with a private therapy group.

Once the story broke on the BV about Gonzales yet again ignoring the problems related to special needs children, the Oliveira administrators called the mother and told her they were ready to call the police to just have the child forcibly removed from campus. This was black and white retaliation for the complaints. The TEA will be investigating. Otis Powers, will there be accountability or will it be covered up yet again, such as last April?

The update is, the subject child two days after seeing a therapist at a private therapy group, some how had the courage to finally say the magic words which allow him to get emergency care. He will not be returning to Oliveira. The parents will be demanding he be put in another middle school.

Children 11-13 years of age are at the prime age group to develop biologically based mental illnesses This child’s problems are biologically based and have been caught early enough to be successfully treated. This child is doing fine and is being very cooperative with the professionals.
This morning the Herald has an article on adolescent drug addiction.


Unfortunately for many of these children the school districts were ill equipt to deal with their developing mental health problems as they were manifesting themselves at ages 11-13. The children were labeled as trouble makers with bad parents. Biologically based mental illness is no different than any other biologically based disease.

Children who are mislabeled at ages 11 -13 are hurting. Some low-life will offer them pot. The pot gives them the relief they need. They are now on their way to drug addiction. All because of neglect. There must be accountability at BISD.

The Herald also had an article an the possibility of a future pediatric psychiatric facility in Brownsville. This is desperately needed.


On this issue we must proceed with caution. Valley Baptist must insure competent people are running the show. The administrators at the facility where this child currently is are a nightmare. I just spent 40 minutes on the phone with the parent and the facility. It took 40 minutes for them to confirm the parents have an appointment at noon to meet with the therapist. He was transferred over and over again into endless voice mail. He was told there is no one in charge who could help him. I heard this myself.

The nurse for the psychiatrist who is allegedly writing the prescriptions for this child actually told the parent that there is no record of the child being treated by the psychiatrist. This is a very dangerous system. It should not take a threat of moving the child to another facility to finally get someone on the phone who will help.

The children have no hope if [1] their parents are not very proactive and willing to get their child help, [2] BISD continues to refuse to hold those administrators who are responsible for helping the children accountable, and [3] the parents do not demand competency from the healthcare facilities. For my critics - note - I put the primary responsibility where it belongs - on the parents - but the parents cannot do it alone.

As to the BISD election - no candidate is even willing to acknowledge the incompetence at BISD when it relates to the special needs children. On this note the children are screwed. I believe in accountability.

Otis Powers is unwilling to publically demand accountability. He can tell people in private all he wants Gonzales must be fired, but this is not enough. He needs to raise the issue with the Herald and at the candidate forums. This is how you hold the superintendent accountable.

I have no expectations that Presas-Garcia will be any better - she may actually be worse. But if we do not hold elected officials accountable they will have no reason to hold BISD administrators accountable. I would prefer to have an incompetent Presas-Garcia on the Board, then an unpunished Otis Powers.

The same goes for Pat Lehmann. I have no expectations Rick Zayas even knows children attend BISD. Some moron advised him to place what has to be the dumbest ad. "I want to help children read." Are you on drugs Rick or did you just hire a moron to help you with your campaign?

Let there be no mistake Rick Zayas is running to have control over the money, and not to help the children. But Pat Lehmann is responsible for the incompetence of Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon. He must be held accountable for his actions. At the end of the day Zayas cronies will benefit from the changing of Board Members, wherein Lehmann’s cronies will find themselves on the street. Neither cares about the children. But at least we will send a message of accountability.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

There are two storms in the Caribbean with Gulf potential. Just something worth watching.



Let me begin by warning you the price of this film in $10.50 -$2.00 extra to cover the glasses. It really should have been named Return to Journey of the Center of the Earth. The return part is actually an interesting part of the film.

Everyone from 3 to 93 enjoyed the 3D. The young adults appeared to really have enjoyed it. It is a far superior film to the latest Raiders film. It is the basic story. The acting of the three main characters is believable. Brendan Fraser was excellent in the part.

Basically, Brendan’s nephew notices something about a sensor on top of a volcano which causes Brendan to decide to check it out. He notices in the brother’s copy of Journey to the Center of the Earth, notes which might be a clue to how his brother disappeared 10 years earlier. The book in time becomes almost a map to their journey.

I realize this is a short review, but all I can say is wow. The audience’s reaction to the 3D made the film worth every penny. The bonus was, the acting is good, and the story line is great. Sometimes a simple story makes a film easier for the audience to enjoy. It is a family fun film, not some doctoral dissertation on the center of the earth.

I made that last comment because critics are morons. Films are made for people not critics. When will they learn to view films through the eyes of the people?

Friday, September 19, 2008


Picture Il Duce on the battlefield leading his Nancy Boys - Before the battle they play lip service to the flag and Constitution, but the second a shot is fired he yells retreat, "save your ass boys, you’re no use to me dead." What Il Duce failed to realize is, the people were watching as the effeminate Il Duce and his Nancy Boys cut and ran on the people to fend for themselves. (Remember guys in 1612 it meant cowardly)

Matters of emergency in government do not wait for leaders, such matters demand leaders at the time the emergency develops. With every day that passes and the demands of the Brownsville police, fire and emergency services go unaddressed, the worse they will get. By the time of next years budget things will only be worse than they are now. It never gets better without money, which unfortunately means taxes.

The idea that Il Duce and his Nancy Boys find it acceptable that Brownsville has to call on other cities for ambulance assistance should shock the conscience of every person in Brownsville. Within the last week the Herald reported crime is up in Brownsville. This does not bode well for the safety and welfare of the people.

Years ago the people in Dallas bought into the idea that you can have law enforcement without police officers. Budget after budget failed to address the shortage of police officers. It reached the point that the police no longer provided patrols of neighborhoods. This only served to increase the amount of crime in the city. When I left Dallas, more like fled for my only safety, 4 years ago police only responded to emergency calls. There were simply not enough police on the street for anything else. Not a police patrol in sight - ever.

I lived in a neighborhood which by all rights should have been the type place where you leave your doors unlocked. They tore the chains and burglar bars off of my shed and emptied it. They were known as the Russian gang which specialized in garden equipment. My friend was in my house for less then 5 minutes when we saw a kid driving off in her car. He only got caught because he chose to stop at the 7-11 to rob it. When interviewed as part of the plea bargain he explained how the members of his gang targeted my neighborhood because it was mostly senior citizens. In a very matter of fact way, he explained how they would all get on the bus from South East Dallas, shoot up Buckner, get off in the White Rock area, and then go shopping for a car. Shopping of course being a code word for steal.

The people were powerless because there are no police patrolling the neighborhoods. When you call them to report the theft they tell you, you have to drive or take the bus to the local police substation to report the crime. This is all the consequence of a Dallas City Council, which is paid by the way, ignoring the problems related to the shortage of police officers in budget after budget. And with each budget it only got worse.

Il Duce and his Nancy Boys, whose asses remain pristine clean and unscarred from war, turned and cut an ran on the people. When it came time to take the bullet for the people each in order dutifully said. "I am saving my own ass - I will not sacrifice my political career by raising taxes for use by Brownsville, police, fire and emergency services. The people are on their own."

This is not leadership - this is a bunch of self-serving politicos ignoring the health and welfare of the people to serve their own needs.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yesterday Juliet Garcia participated in the reading of the Constitution. I hate lip service - there is nothing more disingenuous than lip service.

No one in their right mind believes that a university is a bad thing for the community. The problem with UTB/TSC is in its partnership arraignment. It is not a partnership arraignment in any true sense of the word. It is a myth. You can say the slave was in partnership with the slave owner, but it will not change the substance of the relationship.

Brownsville was basically told, if you want a university you will have to fund it yourself, with financial scraps coming from UT and accreditation being offered by UT so long as UT does not have to pay its fair share. Basically, such as the slave owner offered the slave a last name for the privilege of being a slave in the US instead of being a bushman in Africa, UT offered Brownsville the UT name so long as Brownsville did all of the work, and UT got the naming rights.

The racially motivated discrimination the people of Brownsville are suffering by having to fund UTB is unlike anything we have seen since the US Supreme Court declared separate but equal is constitutional in the case of Plessy v. Ferguson. So when Juliet Garcia pretends to honor the Constitution it is in lip service and no more. It is a dog and pony show for those who do not know better.

Well, now the good - I have been pushing for over a year two ideas. One, assistance from the Dean of Academic Affairs in better training the professors in how to be instructors. Two, a new position wherein the task of the assistant to the Dean of Academic Affairs would be to identify the problem courses wherein the failure rate is too high, and determine the source of the problem. I can now say UTB/TSC has adopted the first of my two calls for reform. Professors will now be receiving specialized training in classroom instruction. I hope this helps. Hopefully sooner than later Juliet Garcia will see the merits in my second reform.

I have conceded in the past a lot of the problem is the students. We push too hard to force students into college before they are ready. Many students just think college is a social event where studying is optional. Many students have special needs which UTB/TSC is not addressing.
I am going to give an example of a bad course. I know of several students taking Computer Literacy. This should not be a hard course. I am told the teacher is caring. The problem is he should not be a teacher. These students basically need to learn how to use Word, Access, Power Point and Excel - it will be a challenge for some regardless of who the instructor is.

Far too many instructors have bought into the idea they are helping their students by having them buy textbooks which provide the instructor test banks with hundreds of test questions. The problem is no one checks to see if mistakes exists within the test bank questions. The students take these online quizzes and unless they are willing to inform the instructor of the problem everyone gets the question wrong although they put the correct answer.

In one take home quiz a friend told me he could not understand the questions. I asked if it was a vocabulary issue. He said no, the words as put together did not make any sense. After he took the quiz I headed out to the library at UTB to look at the ones he got wrong. As God is my witness, the questions contained English language words, but did not form any coherent question. It almost appeared as if someone maybe wrote the questions in Chinese and then used an online translator to translate the questions into English.

The instructor never checked any of this before he chose to use the program and make the students pay for it. Further, anyone who has ever had to teach themselves a computer program knows you do not even try and read the manual which comes along with the program. You read, "Power Point for Dummies." Why is this? It is because we all know computer programers lack the intellect to write the manuals at a level which makes sense to the learners.

Naturally, the Computer Science Department at UTB/TSC decided it is better to use test bank questions which have incorrect answers and questions written in an incoherent English, than require their instructors prepare their own exams. Naturally the Computer Science Department at UTB/TSC decided to use the program manuals written by Microsoft which no one understands, rather than have the students buy the Power Point, Word, Excel for Dummies books which would have been about ½ the price of the Microsoft book.

Until an outside source demands that the computer science department change they will not. This is why UTB/TSC needs someone who works with the Dean of Academic Affairs to address these problems - preferably in a diplomatic way.

Oh I nearly forgot I spend about 5 hours yesterday under one of the gazebos at UTB/TSC helping a friend study for anatomy. It was an incredible day - the breeze, the quite, the fresh air. What a great way to study. Now all they need is a hotdog vendor during the day around the three gazebos and life would have meaning again.

I wanted to post a picture, but UTB/TSC does not have a photo tour of campus on its web page.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


McCain 57 Obama 36

The most interesting is among the Independents - the voters who so may analysts claim will decide the election. While I agree Texas Independents are a tad bit more conservative than New York Independents, the numbers are still amazingly in favor of McCain.

McCain 61 Obama 29

The poll was conducted just this week



Salvataje para el sponsor del Manchester United de Tevez
En una medida inédita, la Fed destinó 85 mil millones de dólares para frenar la caída de la compañía de seguros AIG a cambio del 80 por ciento del capital. Se constituyó en otra meganacionalización de Bush. Existe pánico en el sistema financiero global.

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Por Cristian Carrillo
Ayer se escribió un nuevo capítulo del socialismo al revés de los Estados Unidos. Después de la estatización de los bancos hipotecarios Freddie Mac y Fannie Mae, la intervención del sector público de la administración Bush se dirigió a una de las tres más grandes compañía de seguro del mundo: American International Group (AIG). La Reserva Federal, la Secretaría del Tesoro, la gobernación de Nueva York, los gobiernos europeos y asiáticos y los banqueros de las entidades aún en pie estaban convencidos de que AIG no debía caer, porque en ese caso estimaban que provocaría un descalabro de proporciones. Frente a ese temor, la banca central estadounidense implementó una medida sin precedentes: prestó 85.000 millones de dólares al gigante AIG a cambio de una participación cercana a 80 por ciento de su capital. De esta manera, se trata de la tercera estatización estadounidense desde que estalló en toda su dimensión la crisis financiera. El salvataje alivia la situación de la aseguradora, que luchaba contrarreloj por conseguir 75.000 millones de dólares para no quebrar. La firma brinda cobertura de riesgo al mercado financiero internacional y su estado patrimonial era de insolvencia. La intervención de las potencias económicas en jaque financiero no se circunscribió a ese rescate. La falta de liquidez del sistema obligó a las bancas centrales de Estados Unidos, Europa y Japón a volcar al mercado unos 200.000 millones de dólares en total. A la vez, la Fed decidió mantener la tasa de interés en el 2 por ciento. De esta manera, la entidad que conduce Ben Bernanke no convalidó el recorte de un cuarto de punto que el mercado descontaba.
La desaparición de AIG podía desencadenar un sismo en el sistema ya que la gran mayoría de las entidades estaban resguardadas por la supuesta espalda financiera de la aseguradora. Por ese motivo, hasta última hora de anoche trabajaban la Fed en el rescate, como lo hicieran infructuosamente para salvar a Lehman Brothers. La operación involucró al JP Morgan y Goldman Sachs. Por su parte, el titular del Tesoro estadounidense, Henry Paulson, había adelantado que no habría ayuda directa por parte de la administración Bush, sino que se buscaría los fondos en el sector privado. Sin embargo, no tuvo alternativa: la solución fue poner a la mayor aseguradora del mundo en manos del Estado previo desembolso de 85.000 millones de dólares. El plan fue divulgado al cierre de las operaciones bursátiles luego de que Paulson y el titular de la Fed, Ben Bernanke, se presentaran ante el Congreso para informar esa decisión a los líderes de la Cámara de Representantes y del Senado.
Los directivos de AIG deslizaron que la actividad de los seguros de vida o contra daños estaba funcionando bien. Sin embargo, los problemas que amenazan la supervivencia de la aseguradora se originan en los negocios financieros riesgosos que había encarado, que funcionaba como un banco de inversión. “Si el gobierno repetía la jugada temeraria que llevó a cabo con Lehman y dejaba caer a AIG, el mercado se iba a convertir en una ruleta rusa”, explicó a PáginaI12 el director de iDeAS de la Universidad de San Martín, Guillermo Rozenwurcel.
El gobernador de Nueva York, David Paterson, clave en la negociación con la Fed, buscó desesperadamente 75.000 millones de dólares para AIG. Si los fondos no aparecían, la compañía buscaría, al igual que Lehman, ampararse en el Capítulo 11 de la Ley de Quiebras de Estados Unidos. Según informó Paterson, el Tesoro neoyorquino liberó 20.000 millones de dólares, pero no fue suficiente, debido que el capital de la compañía seguía derrumbándose y las necesidades financieras se incrementaban hora a hora. Hasta el domingo último, requería de 40.000 millones de dólares. Ayer, 85.000.
La situación de la aseguradora se deterioró con la declaración de insolvencia del banco de inversión Lehman Brothers. Pero además, se sumó, como siempre en este tipo de debacles, el coro afinado de calificadoras que siempre llegan tarde y rebajaron la nota crediticia de la entidad, cuando hasta la semana pasada era una compañía triple A, de máxima seguridad.
No obstante, la especulación de que podía ser salvada surgió ya desde el cierre de la operaciones bursátiles, y condujo a una leve recuperación en Wall Street y algunas plazas de América latina. El Dow Jones terminó con un saldo positivo de 1,3 por ciento, mientras que el indicador general Standard and Poor’s subió 1,8 por ciento. En la región, las plazas de Argentina y Brasil fueron las únicos que operaron en alza, con un leve avance de 0,6 y 1,7 por ciento, respectivamente. De todos modos, el balance mundial fue negativo y, como en días previos, los valores más afectados fueron los petroleros y en menor medida los bancarios. Las bolsas europeas operaron con pérdidas. La mayor caída la registró Londres, que bajó 3,4 por ciento. El recinto asiático también fue castigado: la Bolsa de Tokio terminó la sesión con una caída de 5 por ciento, a su nivel más bajo en más de tres años. Para Rusia, la jornada fue particularmente difícil. El índice bursátil de Moscú cerró con una baja de 17,5 por ciento luego de que su cotización fuera suspendida una hora.
La contracción del crédito derivó además en una nueva inyección de parte de las bancas centrales del mundo. En la madrugada, el BC de Japón inyectó 25.000 millones de dólares, y luego se sucedían en la misma tarea la banca europea, con unos 130.000 millones, y la Reserva Federal, que aportó otros 50.000 millones. El Comité de la Fed, en tanto, decidió no bajar la tasa de interés rectora y la dejó en 2 por ciento. Los especialistas sostienen que un nuevo recorte no habría “cambiado” la situación actual. “Todos los analistas esperaban que hubiera un suerte de piso en la crisis y, evidentemente, esto no es así. Lo que hay, en cambio, es un contexto de extrema volatilidad”, opinó, en diálogo con este diario, el economista Ricardo Delgado. El analista agregó que “todos los indicadores de la economía real son malos”, y que Estados Unidos “está en la puerta de una recesión económica” de la que no va poder escapar. Por lo pronto, AIG no verá publicados, como Lehman, sus artículos en eBay, como recuerdos del “capitalismo”, gracias a la “política de socialización de las pérdidas”, que impulsa el gobierno “populista” de Estados Unidos.
El gigante del seguro
La compañía aseguradora American International Group (AIG) fue uno de los sponsors del último Council of Americas que se realizó en la Argentina, con la presencia del secretario de Estado, Thomas Shannon. Los papeles de la compañía tenían calificación de “grado de inversión”, mientras que las agencias medidoras de riesgo le bajaron la nota de “buena-muy buena” a “buena a satisfactoria”. En el país, la multinacional respalda las operaciones de La Meridional. El gigante AIG emplea a 116.000 personas y cubre a 74 millones de clientes en todo el planeta, en su mayoría en Estados Unidos. Fue fundado en Shanghai por un estadounidense de origen holandés, Cornelius Vander Starr, el primer extranjero que vendiera seguros a los chinos. Starr trasladó la sede del grupo a Nueva York después de la toma del poder por los comunistas en Pekín en 1949 y lo dirigió hasta su muerte. El grupo se ubica en el puesto 18 a nivel mundial, según la clasificación anual de la revista estadounidense Forbes. Durante largo tiempo fue número uno en seguros, pero ahora se ubica tercero en el sector luego del holandés ING y el alemán Allianz, y delante del francés Axa. El grupo opera seguros por daños, de vida y fondos jubilatorios, servicios financieros y administración de inversiones. Esta última división dirige la filial de seguro de crédito aeronáutico International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC), el mayor cliente de Airbus y Boeing. ILFC administra una flota de más de 900 aviones, por un valor de 50.000 millones de dólares.

Before anyone comes at me, yes I agree that to spend more money on the Weir would be a waste of time and money, unless and until we have a firm commitment from the Mexican government.
But first, some updates



The child I spoke of last week at BISD - finally was seen by a professional. The preliminary diagnosis is a problem with develops when a child has undiagnosed ADD or ADHD. The organization the father is using for his child is incredible. They provided him with a ton of information about the preliminary diagnosis, and how he as a parent can help his child through the process of healing.

BISD - still nothing. Hector Gonzales has made it clear it has been handled, although no one at Oliveira or the parent knows anything about what ever it is Dr. Montoya has done. Even after the posting on the BV, the assigned social worker claimed to have no knowledge the child was expelled. It is sad that Dr. Gonzales has decided he will only allow for ADD or ADHD testing of this child upon being ordered to test the child by the TEA. What a great pick for Super Mr. Lehmann. One can only hope the assigned social worker is sufficiently trained to understand he will only hurt the child and confuse the child by interfering with the therapy. The last thing this child needs is a social worker and therapist hitting him at the same time from two different angles.


This morning the Herald has an article addressing how gasoline speculators, separate from the oil speculators, drove up the price of gas in advance of Ike. I want to thank everyone who posted comments on the issue. They were all very helpful in promoting discussion and thinking about the issue.


We saw at last night’s meeting the most pathetic example of Il Duce’s childlike manipulation of the process. He got his boy Atkinson to put the issue on the table for the sole purpose of embarrassing the mayor. Do not get me wrong, the workshop was helpful. It was the motivation behind the workshop which was not helpful. I do believe putting the Mexicans on a time line is a responsible thing to do. Personally, based on my research I do not believe the Weir has a chance in hell until we have a new ambassador to Mexico. Hopefully the next president will appoint a new ambassador quickly, with an interest in promoting the Weir.

This is what bothered me about the workshop. Atkinson was attempting to engage Pat Almighty directly. This irritated Il Duce Troiani. Il Duce Troiani nudged Leo Garza to stop Atkinson. Garza then nudged Atkinson to stop. Like a dutiful follower of Il Duce, Atkinson pulled back from engaging Pat Almighty. It is clear these three morons met on the issue before the meeting.

What Il Duce and his boys never once mentioned at the meeting was the Weir is not only about water. Il Duce was pushing a desalination plant as an alternative. A desalination plant will not replace the wall being pushed by DHS. Il Duce has manipulated Sorry Charlie Atkinson into undermining Brownsville’s efforts at avoiding the wall. Il Duce lost the first round when the City Commission rejected his recommendation to accept the settlement from DHS. Now Il Duce wants to send a message to DHS there will be no Weir so you better get on board and build the wall.

A second thing Il Duce Troiani and his boys never mentioned is - economic development of downtown. A desalination plant will not bring economic development to downtown. A Weir will make downtown Brownsville a major tourist attraction.

But true to form with Il Duce and his boys Leo Garza and Sorry Charlie Atkinson, it is about destroying the mayor even if it means hurting Brownsville. This is the power play. When personal power becomes more important to Il Duce and his boys than the welfare of Brownsville, Il Duce and his boys become a threat to the people of Brownsville.

Again, I am not saying we should continue to spend money on the Weir - clearly we should not - until the Mexicans are clearly on board. But we must be careful to not allow power hungry politicos to use the problems associated with the Weir project as a back door to their own empowerment.

It is probably best to allow the Weir project to go dormant until we have a new ambassador to Mexico. Maybe the new ambassador can do for the Weir what Tony Garza has been unwilling to do for Brownsville.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The following are excerpts from an AP article on Troopergate. Remember McCain is calling it a partisan hatchet job by the Democrats. Note the composition of the investigatory committee.

By STEVE QUINN, Associated Press Writer

"JUNEAU, Alaska - Five Republican state lawmakers filed suit Tuesday to end the bipartisan investigation into Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's firing of the public safety commissioner even though the vice presidential candidate once said she welcomed the probe into allegations of abuse of power."

"The lawsuit called the investigation "unlawful, biased, partial and partisan." None of the lawmakers who filed the suit in Anchorage Superior Court serves on the bipartisan Legislative Council that unanimously approved the investigation."

"The lawsuit seeks to either delay the investigation until after the Nov. 4 general election or remove French and Elton."

"There is no nonpartisan reason to complete this investigation until after the election," said Anchorage attorney Kevin G. Clarkson. "We just want to take the politics out of it and bring fairness back into it."

Here is the kicker - the investigatory committee which is allegedly biased against Palin is control by the Republicans over the Democrats 2/1.

"The Legislative Council, made up of four Democrats and eight Republican, voted unanimously to investigate the circumstances of Monegan's dismissal."


It seems to me a psychosis has over come the United States. We seem to have lost our heart and soul. When we stand in defense of the United States, what are we defending? Corporate welfare - just how long we are going to continue to charge our mistakes to our grandchildren? We have Snollygosterism as the new political philosophy in this free for all political system. Again I ask what are we defending? Our obsession with material possession, or an ideal which has as its purpose the liberation of mankind?

If you read my Monday night late night post on Sarah Palin then you know that the McCain campaign is arguing that the last straw which got Former Alaskan Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan fired was his decision to go to Washington in search of federal funds in aid of prosecuting sexual predators. Even if this is true, what does it say about the people running the McCain campaign that they would admit to it? It is now permissible to fire law enforcement officials for seeking funds to prosecute sexual offenders? Can you honestly tell me there is not some type psychosis involved in this type thinking?

Can any conservative tell me what component of conservatism or Republicanism reaches the conclusion that you fire someone for seeking funding to prosecute sexual predators? Conservatism and Republicanism mean nothing. They are labels used to draw in people who hate Democrats.

As of this posting, the price of a barrel of oil rangers from $87.93 to $91.85. This is down from a high of $147.00. At $147.00 a barrel we in Brownsville were paying $3.99 a gallon. Today the price ranges from $3.55 to $3.65. How can a 1/3rd drop in the price of oil not lead to a similar drop at the pump? Where are our public officials? They were probably in the sky-box at the Cowboy game or Las Pampas last night with the oil executives who control Texas.

Rather than address this oil crisis, Democrats closed Congress so Nancy Pelosi could go on a book selling tour of her failed book. The failing economy had to wait while the queen with no clothes traveled the country selling her book. Please tell me there is no psychosis involved in how Pelosi manages the House of Representatives? The economy is in shambles and she is on a book tour.

I have been saying for sometime that if Congress would just do its job and pass a comprehensive Energy Bill, the price of oil would dropped to $70.00 a barrel. The speculators are fully expecting something to come out of this Session. This is why they are bidding down the price of oil. They do not want to get caught holding onto over priced oil. How much did the US and the world suffer because Nancy Pelosi needed time off sell her book? She needs to be voted out of the Speaker’s position.

I am also growing bored with this new double standard sexism in politics. Because Nancy Pelosi is a woman and Sarah Palin is a woman if we criticized them it is because we are sexist pigs trying to keep women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. No, we are holding them to account, the same way I would hold a man to account.

This little game being played by diehard Republicans and Democrats to protect their respective female representatives must stop. It demeans women. Female politicians are equal in all regards to male politicians. They need to be treated exactly as we treat the men. Like the Snollygoster pis they are

Monday, September 15, 2008


Former Alaskan Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan is claiming he was fired because he refused to fire Palin's former brother-in-law. The following quote is the McCain campaigns explanation as to why Monegan was fired.

"To that end, the campaign released a series of e-mails detailing the frustration several Palin administration officials experienced in dealing with Monegan. The "last straw," the campaign said, was a trip Monegan planned to Washington in July to seek federal money for investigating and prosecuting sexual assault cases."


Under what theory do yo fire someone for seeking money to be able to prosecute sexual offenders? If Bill O'Reilly had an ounce of integrity he would be fuming at the mouth demanding McCain drop her from the ticket.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Who should be the first line of defense against financial fraud against the City of Brownsville? Pete Gonzalez, the Financial Director. If the story I am about to tell is true, the only explanation is Pete Gonzalez is either incompetent or part of the problem. Either way he is not fit to be the Financial Director for the City of Brownsville.

Several weeks ago I rejected the story concerning the alleged accident and DWI involving Charlie Cabler. I found certain claims to be factually impossible, so I rejected the story in its entirety. The reason I have chosen to accept this story is, two of the three whistle blowers were given the option of retirement as opposed to being fired. When you have someone dead to right you do not offer retirement, you fire them. Further, on certain damaging claims one whistle blower repeatedly said he is prepared to take a lie detector test with the FBI. Moreover, one of the two forced into early retirement has been a reliable source of mine in the past. For reasons which are not important, Santana Torres clearly knew who my source has been and in my opinion retaliated against my source for providing me inside information about Public Works.

Anyone within the City of Brownsville with a city credit card is free to hire any family member or friend for any service, whether needed or not, so long as the charge is less than $500.00. No invoice is required. There is no oversight. Anyone with a credit card can ask that a friend charge $499.00 to the card for a $20.00 project. There is nothing in place to prevent this fraud on the taxpayers.

I am being told that the diesel tank at the city landfill is used by cronies tied to directors and entities doing business with the city for use in their private businesses. I am being assured that an audit of the amount of diesel being used at the city landfill will far exceed that which the city could possibly use. The audit should be over the last five years.

Four city employees had to be tested for asbestos exposure. I have been complaining for two years about how certain shipbreakers are allowed to dump at the city landfill without a manifest as to its contents. Basically the shipbreakers bring the garbage which they believe they cannot salvage to the city landfill wherein it is buried.

On a Sunday 4 city landfill employees were allowed to claim overtime so they would have access to the city landfill. They used city equipment to dig up the shipbreaking garbage. Without use of protective gear they removed some $1,000.00 of recyclable cooper left behind by the shipbreaking company. The garbage was left uncovered for some 3 weeks after the workers left the landfill. Contained within the garbage was friable asbestos. The 4 city workers were tested for exposure, but not fired. No one knows if city residents who may have taken their garbage to the landfill during this period were exposed to the asbestos.

The evidence of the event along with receipts for the cooper were shown to Charlie Cabler. The matter was covered-up. The residents who used the city landfill during this period were not warned or provided an opportunity to be tested for exposure to asbestos. Further city equipment used to process this asbestos laden shipbreaking garbage is not routinely cleaned after use.

A safe with $14,000.00 cash went missing from the city landfill. The claim is the safe was stolen by a city employee who is a relative of an Assistant Director. The claim is this now Assistant Director had keys to all of the buildings at the city landfill and routinely gave them to his relative to use. The investigation was stopped and no one was charged with the theft of $14,000.00 of taxpayers money.

Several years ago the city was duped into buying land behind the city landfill from a well known land owner in Cameron County. The city was to use the land to scrape dirt for use in covering the garbage at the city landfill. After buying the land, the city turned over the land to its original owner so that he could charge the city to remove the dirt, rather than the city having its own employees remove the dirt. My sources are saying that it is not unusual for the city to now be charged several times for the same dirt, dirt which belongs to the City of Brownsville.

If you are politically connected workers compensation fraud is permissible. The source is saying it was reported to the Director of Personnel, Lydia Gonzales, that a Public Works employee called in sick claiming he hurt his leg while in Matamoros over the weekend. Several days later when the man did report to work he put in a claim that he hurt his leg at work. Lydia Gonzales was reminded that the man just days earlier called in sick because he had hurt his leg in Matamoros. She took no action against this politically connected individual and authorized workers compensation for a year.

People come to me on a regular basis with stories of public corruption. I am certain many are true, but I reject them because of inconsistencies in the story. In the Cabler DWI case, the claim he lowered his liability insurance to avoid full liability was so stupid I knew it had to be made up.
Number one, the liability is what it is on the day of the accident, regardless of what he may have done the following day. Number two, a defendant’s liability has nothing to do with their liability insurance. If you cause $80,000.00 in damages you are liable for $80,000.00 in damages even though you only have insurance coverage for $20,000.00.

The City Commission needs to conduct a full independent investigation of the whistle blowers claims. If the claims are verified then Charlie Cabler, Pete Gonzalez, Lydia Gonzales, and Santa Torres need to be fire.

And before you naysayers claim they are making these claims up so they can sue, maybe you should know something about the judge made law made by the Republican controlled Texas Supreme Court. Although not in the whistle blower statute, the Republican Justices on the Texas Supreme Court found that even if you are fired as a whistle blower, you cannot sue if the city could have fired you anyway. Given what I know about City of Brownsville employees, it seems to me most if not all have done at least one thing would which justify their discharge. There is no lawsuit forthcoming. These are nearly impossible to win.

If you would like to express you outrage over these claims you can contact your city commissioners by e-mail. http://www.cob.us/commission.asp

MCCAIN on the Economy: He originally voted for Bush’s privatization of social security. Given the collapse of so many sectors within the financial community, where would millions of Americans be today had they invested their social security in Fannie Mae, WAMU etc? Second, Congress just approved an 8 billion dollar influx of our money into the Highway Trust Fund.

The Highway Trust Fund is normally funded with gasoline taxes. Remember how McCain was calling for suspending the gas tax for the summer for an average family savings of $30.00. The 8 billion it is now costing us to save the Highway Trust Fund would have been a lot more, had McCain had his way in suspending the gasoline tax.

I guess when McCain told us he is weak on the economy he was telling the truth. Go figure a politician telling the truth.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


(Editor’s Note - Monday I will post my interview with three COB Public Works whistle blowers)

"Burn After Reading" is a typical Coen brothers film. In the beginning their films were edgy because they were new and different. Today they are the same old same old. Compounding the trite nature of the film is Brad Pitt at 44 playing the ditzy kid. I think he has passed the age of being the dizty kid. The jokes are few and far in between.

The only redeeming nature of the film is in its social satire which ridicules the state of American politics and intellect. Basically it is a poor attempt at a comedy of errors carried out by an incompetent legal secretary, a ditzy gym trainer, a private investigator, spies, secret service, and US marshals.

The legal secretary loses at the gym a disk with ramblings from a former intelligence analyst who quit his job rather than take a demotion. The ramblings are the beginning of his memoirs. His wife downloads on the same disk family financial information for use in the divorce. Brad Pitt comes to possess the disk and believes it to be top secret information. The film goes from there. Coen basically depicts everyone as being incompetent, except the service processor.

I will say the very small audience seemed to enjoy the film. My review is ehhhhh.

For me the most interesting part of the film was its correlation to COB and BISD politics.

At the beginning of the week we heard COB Attorney Jim Goza explain the law. It will violate the law if we follow the law. This was his rationale for not complying with the city’s legal requirement to allow for public comment.

I then have Otis Powers telling my readers that BISD has a rule which prohibits him from following-up with Hector Gonzales to see if Hector Gonzales addressed a problem. At the same time he is insisting there is such a rule, he is forwarding to me his evidence he is in fact following up with Hector Gonzales.

Then Hector Gonzales creates the e-mail wherein he is telling Otis Powers that he knows Dr. Montoya and the staff at Olivera have addressed the problem and is asking for a full report to verify same. Indifferent to and aware of the reality the vice principal at Oliviera had just told the father he knows nothing about getting the child tested for ADD or ADHD, as requested by the father, Hector Gonzales insists the matter has been addressed.

It has come to the point I feel like I am living in the Twilight Zone. Either Dr. Montoya point blank lied to Hector Gonzales, or Hector Gonzales lied to Otis Powers. According to Otis Powers he is powerless to call for an investigation as to whether or not Hector Gonzales lied to him, or is simply covering for his incompetent staff.

Otis Powers has a good heart, and good intent - but he lacks the intellect to understand the games and politics related to being a bureaucrat. Hector Gonzales gets over on him because Otis simply does not possess the requisite intellect to be a BISD Board Member. This is the heart of the film "Burn After Reading"

Friday, September 12, 2008


Here is Hector Gonzales e-mail to a Dr. Montoya.

Dr. Montoya,

Please give me a complete report on this issue. Dr. Montoya I know that you and campus staff have already addressed the issue ;but, I need a full written report to insure Mr. Powers and any other persons with concerns that this issue was properly addressed.

H Gonzales

Here is the first clue Gonzales is clueless. If the father is saying no one at Oliveira has information about getting his son tested, as requested by the father, how then can it have been addressed by Mr. Montoya and the Oliveira staff as Hector Gonzales is claiming? Further, I came to learn this afternoon that the child was suspended at the request of the teachers, as alleged by the vice principal. Remember the father warned them two weeks ago this was coming and begged for help - to no avail.

Hector Gonzales - it is a violation of both the federal constitution and federal law to throw disabled chlidren on the street because the teachers are demanding same. His disabilities must be addressed. At this point Mr. Gonzales you will not do your job until ordered to by the state of Texas - such as you were ordered to by the TEA in another case after you refused to act on the parent's demands. That is a fact you child abuser.

Mr. Gonzales you are a joke. I beg you to redeem your reputation by admitting you are incompetent and only remain in your job because you are willing to do the dirty work for a school board which celebrates their role as child abusers.

AGAIN YOU STUPID STUPID MORON MR. GONZALES, if it were taken care of, how come no one informed the parent? How come when the parent inquired yesterday he was told no one knows anything about testing?

Alonzo Barbosa is the principal at Oliveira Middle School. He was put there by Hector Gonzales after the teachers at Porter High School informed Mr Gonzalez, either Barbosa goes or the teachers go. Rather than fire Mr. Barbosa, Hector Gonzales did what he does best, reassigned a failed principal to another school so that he could screw over the kids at Oliveira Middle School.

Last year some of you may remember the special needs child who was suspended because of his reaction to being called a Negro by a substitute teacher. Since then the parent has begged BISD for help. The child is entering formal counseling with a private counselor. Because of a shortage of qualified counselors in Brownsville, it took two months for the parent to secure the first appointment for the child.

Several weeks ago this parent, after visiting with the child’s doctor requested BISD test the child for ADHD and ADD. The parent was given a form by someone at Oliveira and told he was on his own - there was no one available to help him complete the form.

After the parent informed me no one at Oliveira would help him, the parent authorized me to forward a complaint to Otis Powers. The following is the edited exchanges. I am leaving out the name of the child and parent.

Sent: 9/3/2008 11:11:12 A.M. Central Daylight TimeSubj: Help at Oliveira

I enjoyed our conversation this morning.

I was explaining to you the problem is a lack of organizational skills. Early last week (name redacted) spoke with the vice-principal at Oliveira about getting his son tested for ADHA. He was given some paperwork to complete and then told no one was available to help him complete the paperwork. He did his best and turned it in.

Today he received an anony phone caller from Oliveira informing him that the teachers are ready to toss (name redact) from the classroom because he cannot control himself. The football coach, has rightfully informed him he will not start this week.

I have known this kid for 4 years. I can take him to the library and get him to sit quietly and read a book. Any unmedicated ADHD kid will fail in a large classroom. He is not the same person when he is allowed to be in an environment with no distractions.

Anyway Oliveira is doing nothing to help this kid. At 13 he is changing.- I have seen him throw things in anger. The father is afraid he may throw something at a teacher or fellow student. The father took him to the doctor to request a referral for ADHD testing - he is going to follow-up today with the doctor.

We cannot wait for this kid to hurt himself or another when the solution is so simple.

On Monday he was in my home for 4 1/2 hours. I was helping his father with anatomy. (Name redacted) was very quiet. He walked my dogs, watched a movie, ask for bottled water and air popped popcorn. Not a complaint in the world.

He needs to get tested before it turns into a problem. The father is getting no follow-up from Oliveira.

bobby wc

Otis Powers forwarded the e-mail to Hector Gonzales ( it is on its way to be lost)

To: Hector Gonzales;Subject: Fwd: Help at Oliveira


I received a concern letter about a student at Oliverira. Please check into the issues in regards to (Name Redacted). See Attachment, A prompt remittance will be greatly appreciated.



Hector Gonzales responded to Powers.

CC: drcmontoya@bisd.us, drscavazos@bisd.us, bdgonzalez@bisd.usSent: 9/3/2008 1:07:41 P.M. Central Daylight TimeSubj: RE: Help at Oliveira

Dear Mr. Powers,

I will have staff address the concern.


H Gonzales

The final e-mail from Otis Powers:

Mr. Gonzales is checking it out...


At every level not one person made a note to follow-up. I have explained this problem to Otis Powers and he looks at you with a dead stare of dumbfoundedness. Whaaaaaaaaaat? I only understand numbers - but does follow-up mean? It means you did not follow-up you moron and now the child has been thrown out of school.

Nothing came of the complaint to Mr. Powers because everyone from Mr. Powers down the chain decided to forwarded it on to someone else. No one in the chain chose to follow-up to make sure something was being done.

A social worker did show up at the child’s home. When asked if anyone was making arraignments for testing, the social worker said he knew nothing about it.

Well today the child lost control. He has been suspended until Wednesday. The father has been begging for months for BISD to help with the child. It is always the same thing. Nothing - no follow-up nothing.

I spoke with a lawyer in the Civil Rights Enforcement Section of the Department of Education and I was told if we can document the story as I outlined, we have a black and white violation of the child’s rights. A formal complaint is being filed with the TEA and the Department of Education.

Until every sitting member of this Board, Hector Gonzales, and Art Rendon are removed the special needs children in BISD will be neglected. The policy of suspending special needs children rather than testing them and providing them the help they need, needs to end.

The father is not saying the child should be in a regular classroom. He is the one saying this is part of the problem. For now the child should have been given in school suspension so that he could continue to do his assignments. But no, this child who struggles every day to learn will sit at home for 3 school days watching TV. When they kicked the child off of football, the father stood with the coach.

The father always stands with discipline. Now, how about this Board firing Hector Gonzales posthaste, and sending a message to the children of BISD, that even the Superintendent can face consequences for incompetence. This will not happen because the Board needs Gonzales to do their dirty work.


Continuing with the saga of my left hand, I tore it up a second time. This time when I was changing the bandage. On Thursday I drove to the VA clinic in Harlingen. To my surprise some administrator somewhere decided that hurricane Ike presented a threat to VA employees in the LRGV and closed all VA clinics in South Texas until Monday. Either the Herald failed to print the press release on the closings, or the VA chose to not put out a press release. The people at Brownsville Valley Baptist were very nice. I am glad I went in because an infection had set in.


We know McCain will be Bush II, and now we know Palin will be Condi II. During last nights interview of Palin one thing and one thing only struck me as frightening. You see, her ignorance does not strike me as frightening. I had no expectations of her being ready to answer complex questions. What bothered me was her complete lack of knowledge of diplomatic considerations.

When asked about NATO (remember this is a military alliance wherein we agree to come to the aid of our fellow members), she said definitely the Ukraine should be allowed in NATO, and Georgia too. Once she made that announcement she had not choice but to agree a military option was on the table in terms of defending the Ukraine and Georgia.

Russian history begins with the Kievan State. Russian history begins in the Ukraine. While Russia has no choice but to allow the Ukraine to remain an independent State from Russia, for now, Russia will draw a very clear line against the Ukraine becoming part of NATO. It will be the modern day Cuban Missile Crisis.

Her complete lack of knowledge of diplomatic considerations was seen at this moment. Separate from the insult she leveled at Russia, she basically told our NATO allies that consultation with them is not necessary before announcing such a policy. The only acceptable answer to the question about Ukraine and Georgia entering NATO was, this is a matter for further consultation with our NATO allies. End of story.

My mentor use to tell me, when it was called the Soviet Union, "never call it Russia." There were some key differences. Today, however, it is a big mistake to assume Russia is the Soviet Union light. The Soviet Union was broke and had nothing to leverage to get its way. When Reagan so called won the Cold War, the Soviets had already abandoned the battle field. It just took Reagan a while to realize the Soviets had abandon the Cold War.

The Russians have money and, oil and gas. They can freeze and destroy the European economies without firing a shot. We will loose the Economic Cold War with Russia. At the moment Russia is certain that the US and Europe are on their knees it will take back the Ukraine. This is why you do not provoke Russia. You give them their zone of influence and move on. In time once things are calm none of this will matter anyway.

Sarah Palin is Condi II and if given the chance will lead us into an Economic Cold War with Russia - we will loose.


Well it appears that my complaining about Billy Mitchell got it cleaned sort of. There was a lot of mixed garbage. As we all should know they are only picking up the brush. It has been over a month since BFI has done regular bulk pick-up. All over Brownsville there is bulk trash which is not brush. When will Santana Torres, Director over Public Works, devise a plan for picking up regular bulk garbage? Guesses anyone?

Oh, while they picked up the brush on Billy Mitchell they left all of the brush on Boca Chica, just before getting to Billy Mitchell. I guess those residents are not entitled to bulk brush pick-up.