Tuesday, August 19, 2008


My frustration with the American press is actually quite well documented. My anger comes from the fact the press seems to not understand its role in preserving our democracy and freedoms. Bad politicians only get away with bad conduct when the press fails to do its job. The Herald jumped on the story related to the Charter Review Committee. For those who watched Tuesday’s City Commission meeting you saw a city commission squirm to make people believe they had nothing to do with the Agenda item of setting parameters for the Charter Review Committee. This victory for the people came to the people because the Herald did its job.

There are always at least two parts to a successful rebellion - A press willing to cover the story, and someone willing to lead the cause. MZ after learning of the Agenda item to set parameters posted the news on BATB. She communicated with Ben Medina who told her the following:
"Medina explained that it was the decision of the City Secretary, City Attorney and Commissioners to place the item on the agenda so to provide our committee with "some direction" and to let us know what "their expectations" are. " According to Jim Goza at Tuesday meeting the request came from the Committee members. Who is lying? Medina or Goza?

According to all of the Commissioners who spoke on the issue, they were surprised to see the item on the Agenda and felt like things should be left to the Committee. Again who is lying Goza or Medina or the City Commissioners?

Either Goza or Medina is lying. The liar should step forward and resign from city government. Yea I am on the floor laughing too. If we know one of the two is lying, how can we trust them to be an advisor on the Charter Review Committee? We cannot.

MZ is 100% correct in seeking a Chair. Goza and Medina cannot be trusted to lead this effort. We saw the proof at Tuesday’s meeting. It is clear to me that the City Commission coward in front of MZ Tuesday night because they had no choice. They got caught trying to make the Charter Review Committee a rubber stamp of their wishes. Garza was the most pathetic member of the Commission for going after MZ personally. This is how tyrants work. Before MZ spoke SS Officer Lawyer Goza reminder MZ no personal statements or direct comments to the Commissioners allowed. You would think we were in Goza’s Nazi Germany. Did you see Goza stand up and challenge Garza when he went after MZ personally?

You see, in Goza’s little world of no free speech we the people cannot directly address the Commission as it relates to their failures, but Commissioner Garza can attack any citizen he wants. SS Officer Lawyer Goza is truly an embarrassment to the legal profession. I guess Goza and Guerra can get away with silencing all dissenting speech when you have the financial backing and political support of SS Officer Lawyer Gamez.

In my view the Charter Review Committee needs to learn the lesson from last time around. Too many changes can result in a complete failure. We clearly need a change as to Recall. The way it is currently written Recall is not an option for the citizens of Brownsville. The compadre system in regards to employment is costing this city a fortune in incompetent leadership.

The Charter Review Committee should recommend that the City Manager have a Masters in Public Administration, such as in every major city in Texas. They should recommend that the head of personnel have a Masters in Personnel Management or Administration. They should mandate that all Directors have either a Masters in their field or a professional license in the alternative.

These simple changes will bring about significant improvement to the City of Brownsville. Empowering the people to remove incompetent Commissioners or an incompetent Mayor would bring about meaningful change to Brownsville City government. Mandating minimum educational levels for key positions within the City of Brownsville would end the compadre system in hiring, and make competence the first rule of thumb when directors are hired.

If this City Commission expects the people to give them anything in this process, they better accept that they are going to have to give the people something. If the Commissioners are willing to support these basic changes, which are non-political as to any one person on the commission, I would support health insurance benefits for the Commissioners as a compromise.

To sum it up - good job ladies - Emma Perez-Trevino and MZ did a great job in bringing this matter forward. Because the press did its job this time, MZ was heard and the people won.


Melissa Zamora said...

Did he really say it was the request of the committee members to place the item on the agenda? I must have missed that. Medina definitely didn't say that.

Yes, there were a few contradictions and some misinformation, but it's looking like this committee is getting back to where it needs to be.

Commissioner Garza did approach me after the meeting to stress that he meant nothing personal. He also stayed and gave me the time to clarify other items I didn't have an opportunity to discuss.

Thank you for your support, Bobby.

Anonymous said...

I checked. You haven't filed for a BISD slot. What gives?

Posted from a corn field in IOWA

Anonymous said...


to go along with untruths is just as bad as the person promoting the untruth. I do not see the meeting as reported here. Not that I need to defen anyone, but I do not know of anyone who has an agenda on any item or has tried to influence what should be put up to a referendum. As I told you before the meeting, I thought the commission would be supportive and that you would be heard. Both of why came to pass and we support the charter review in the process and work ahead to do. Everyone, including the city commisison should have input as to what we want our constitution to read and apply. This article is misrepresenting what actually took place and the spirit of what was discussed.

Pat Ahumada

BobbyWC said...

I am always hesitant to post comments by an elected official I cannot verify. So I will say this, if these are not your comments Mr. Ahumada simply inform me of same via your COB e-mail and I will remove them.

That said - lets deal with the underlying facts. Goza said the Agenda item request came from the Committee members - this is fact - Medina said it came from the City Secretary, Goza, and the City Commission.

This does not past the smell test. Mr. Ahumada - how should reasonable minds interpret these very clear conflicts in testimony as to how the agenda item came about?

I agree with you and I said as much, the Commission is going to give the Committee a free hand. Hence they coward.

Maybe the entire thing is really just about incompetence by Goza and Medina in how they have handled the matter hereto date as some have suggested. Fine - rather than say the facts here are not correct, (while not referencing one incorrect fact) why not put the blame on Goza and Medina for mismanaging the Committee.

Yes every Commissioner should have a voice in the process - they are residents of Brownsville too -

Explain to me how Medina could say the request came from the Commission and then the Commission acts like they knew nothing about it. Explain this conflict.

Now how about substance - do you support mandating minimal educational standards for the City Manager and all directors?

Do you support making Recall a real option for the people.

You and I can go back and forth for ever about the mistakes hereto date - but how about telling us your position on education and recall.

Maybe it is time we move this to a debate as to what needs to get changed - you say you and the commission have opinions - I believe you - now tell us what those positions are so we can either support you or argue against you.

Oh, and please - tell me which half-truth I stated - just one.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It has to be Ahuhada, he loves to use the word UNTRUTHS.

This guy cracks me up!

100 words or less.

Anonymous said...

A padrino, or "godfather", has both cultural and religious significance. All of us are convinced that faith, familial and cultural values are integral parts of who we are as persons. Plese do not use the word compadre to mean a corrupt politician, the word is cronism.