Friday, August 1, 2008

In terms of an archeological adventure film the new "Mummy" film is hands down the best I have seen in my lifetime. The writers did their homework. They managed to combine a lot of Chinese history and mysticism into a semi-fictional adventure film of amazing magnitude. In the beginning you get a sense of "Raiders" rip-off, but that sense fades fast.

The story line is so amazing. The Chinese government is probably shaking its head because it does not know if it should complain that the film falsely maligns one of China’s greatest Emperors, or be grateful for the tourism the film will generate. For a more historically accurate set of facts behind the film, the "Travel Channel" is currently running a special on China which tells part of the story.

A great film is more than a script and actors - it is also cinematography. There will be an Oscar nod for cinematography. The colors are amazing. The special effects rival anything you have seen in any film in your lifetime. They are a million times better than the cheap special effects you saw in "300." The fight scenes are just long enough to enjoy, but not to grow bored with.
Shanghai in 1946 is amazing. The costumes, the nightclub, the music the feel - just wow.

What an incredible film.

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