Friday, August 1, 2008


Juliet Garcia managed a great victory in her fight against DHS. The question is, how? Well when you are holding the gonads of the entire university staff hostage on your desk, you have a bit more power behind you when you are negotiating. It also did not hurt to have the UT legal system standing behind her. But in the end, it was her resolve to not have this fence divide the university and undermine the mission of the university which helped her to win the day.

You can see the story here.

There is an important lesson to be seen in the UTB victory. DHS is no longer using a heavy hand to get its way. I think they see the writing on the wall. They want something before the Bush Administration comes to an end. The wall as being recommended appears to bring a greater safety to UTB students, enhances the beauty of the campus, and limits the illegal crossings in the area. This appears to be a win, win for everyone.

Since Il Duce Troiani lost his battle to manipulate the City Commission into approving his behind the scene negotiated settlement with DHS, DHS has not sued the city. DHS understands that putting up a wall when the Weir appears to be a real possibility is just not a smart thing. What ever comes before the Weir has to be very, very temporary and limited to the levee on the river. Of course there are dangers with a wall on the levee. It potentially leaves our BP agents pinned up against the wall in the event of an attack by drug dealers.

Juliet Garcia did not have to contend with a group of power hungry city commissioners and BPUB Board Members trying to undermine her efforts at every turn. This certainly made it a lot easier for her to win in her battle against DHS. Pat Almighty appears to have not only the city commission doing everything in its power to undermine his efforts to bring about the Weir, but it appears that BPUB also has resolved to obstruct Pat Almighty’s efforts at bringing about the Weir. I caught just enough of the meeting to hear the discussion which effectively cut off funding for Pat Almighty to travel on the BPUB’s tab. Pat Almighty offered to pay for the trips out of his own money rather than allow the BPUB Board to stop the process.

I am a bit baffled as to why Mexico has not yet approved the Weir. It is a win, win for both sides of the border. Both the commercial and farming sectors on both sides of the border will be the big winners. Several people have suggested that Ambassador Tony Garza may be the problem. I have been told that when he was County Judge he opposed the Weir. Does anyone remember if this is true? Because if it is true, he could be undermining Brownsville’s efforts at securing Mexico’s approval of the Weir.

A second issue is, are the powers in Mexico City concerned that the division and infighting within the City of Brownsville is going to hurt the project, and they are simply delaying a decision until there is a change at City Hall? Pat Almighty, Il Duce Troiani, and the Nancy Boys certainly do not inspire confidence in those seeking to do business in Brownsville.

In the end, the biggest enemy for the wall against the people of Brownsville may be the incompetence of Pat Almighty, Il Duce Troiani, and the Nancy Boys. When you remain as divided as this troupe of clowns, even an army of children would have no problem running roughshod over Brownsville.

So while Juliet Garcia will be remembered for her leadership and drive in fighting DHS, Pat Almighty, Il Duce Troiani, and the Nancy Boys, will be remembered for their endless infighting and petty game playing.

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Mas Triste said...


You said "I am a bit baffled as to why Mexico has not yet approved the Weir."

I say: Give them enough time to figure out how to make money on the deal, ad it will get approved. Also, they will stall long enough until the US government pays for any infrastructure needs on their side.

Either way, the US wins because they give in to the communities complaints and whether or not it gets done, they have someone to blame.