Sunday, August 17, 2008


This is Monday’s post. I want people to focus on this post and the previous post related to Pat Almighty’s outrageous statements concerning HIV awareness.

I received the following from Mr. Camarillo via e-mail on Sunday. This was a direct response to my demand that the City Commissioners issue a rebuke against Sorry Charlie Atkinson.

Good Morning Mr. Wightman,

I don’t condone negative comments made by individuals who target gays and lesbians. This was very inappropriate and a formal apology should be made.

Thank you,

Edward C. Camarillo Commissioner District 4 City of Brownsville

To Bring everyone up to snuff.

Sorry Charlie Atkinson made the following comments:

"And a follow-up:

Where is my comment faggot? Post it! For someone who comes across like a know it all, you sure lack balls boy. Its alright, I saved it and I'll show it to Joe Rod. He has to feel somehow your blog has caused damage to his legacy. Dumbass!!!! If I were your wife, I would leave your ass!!!!!charles atkinson08.13.08 - 12:05 pm"

"Robert, (Sanchez)
this was a response to a message Chris put on his website regarding my brother and a possible conflict of interest. Rest assured, there isn't a conflict of interest or nepotism. Chrissy Davis removed his message to spin the issue that I am just attacking him. This is not true and is typical of how Chrissy Davis works. The city charter states that an elected official should refrain from conflicts of interests that result in appointing, hiring, or offering a service to a family member that offers compensation. Chris is just interpreting the sentence the way he wants to and it holds no merit because my brother is not benefitting from being placed on this advisory committee. It doesn't pay. There are no perks, and definitely no monetary compensation. Chris knows this but insists on attacking me. His obcession with me is freaky. I hope he doesn't like boys. It is like he is cyberstalking me. Isn't there a law that keeps creeps from harassing friendly internet users.

Charlie Atkinson

"Hey Roman,

what proof do you have that I initiated anything? You sound so gay pretending to be Patricia A. Be a man boy and write your words using your real name. God you are such a putts. Then you wonder why you cant find a job. Take your head out of Ernie's ass and grow some.
charles Atkinson 06.02.08 - 10:29 pm

Can you begin to see the picture. Combine this with Pat Almighty’s comments on HIV. Because of these two men people in Brownsville living with HIV/AIDS are afraid to come forward and speak the truth. Children sufferer in their closets. This is a city without shame to its ignorance.


Melissa Zamora said...

I'm glad to see that Commissioner Camarillo has stepped up to the plate. I hope he does the same on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Camarillo is just mad because he hates it when I try to pinch his chubby cheeks. Also it is election year for him so he has to be vocal. understandable.


BobbyWC said...

I actually ran into Camarillo on campus after he e-mailed me on this issue. I believe he was truly outraged. Look in Brownsville the LGBT community cannot organize 3 votes. There is no political pressure on the issue.

Bobby WC