Monday, August 11, 2008


I grow bored beyond comprehension with the comments of the self-hating Latinos and White Supremacists who place Brownsville’s and Cameron County’s incompetence and corruption on its Mexican history. It is racism at its core. Jack Abramoff, as a Republican, took down as many corrupt pasty white men as he could fit in his greedy little hands. I know of no argument which sources Abramoff’s and his pasty white boys’ corruption with Mexico or Mexican American Heritage. (To refresh your memory:

While it is important that we confront head on these self-loathing Latinos and White Supremacists, the more important issue is the why, in terms of the incompetence and corruption, and what we can do about it.

On July 30, a local business woman arrived at work to find out her landlord had locked her and her clients out of her business. A local long time gym known to all of Brownsville’s gym-rats officially was now out of business. It was only a formality as to when the Powerhouse Gym would close. After the DEA raided the place and the owner’s husband found himself going to federal prison, his wife took the position of screw the customers. She really believed that people would put up with such an anti-customer mentality. She ran her business exactly the way politicians run the government, with the only difference being, the people, such as her landlord, cannot lock out the politicians from their offices. As we all know, it is a lot (note two words not one) easier to lock someone out than to vote them out.

The second challenge we face, and perhaps the bigger problem, is when we do vote bad politicians out of office we seem to only vote in another group of bad politicians. Brownsville and Cameron County are actually very good at voting bad politicians out of office. One only has to look at the new crop of bad politicians at the BND to learn we accomplished nothing with the turn-over. The same goes for the Brownsville City Commission and BISD. For the Livingston matter, Judge Limas had to be voted out of office. If Cornejo-Lopez chooses to conduct herself in a similar manner as Judge Limas, she too will find herself voted out of office.

What we know for sure is that the Democratic process may work in terms of voting bad politicians out of office, but it fails in terms of putting honorable politicians in office. In large measure the people are to blame for this. Good people are not going to put themselves through the process. The people are all too willing to believe every psychotically induced rumor put out there is true and then salivate at the chance to use it against the candidate. The people are the primary reason good people simply choose to not run for office.

The people love a pretty face who presents a slick campaign. The relevance concerning the latest revelations about John Edwards has nothing to do per se with the sex. It has to do with this attitude of no accountability or above the fray. It is odd to me that you can make-up a war, send thousands of American’s to their death and still get reelected, but if you cheat on your wife, you are dead politically. The people are screwballs.

What is relevant about John Edwards is the revelation that he actually believed that the damage which befell Bill Clinton would not befall him. He actually believed that he could go on to be president while lying to the American people about an affair. Image had Edwards won the nomination, we would now be facing an open convention and a near sure win for the Republicans.

Such as the owner of the Powerhouse Gym, the people were and are irrelevant to Edwards. His actions were not for money, but for power for the sake of power. So while I do not care one iota with whom he is having sex, I do care what his actions tell me about his attitude towards accountability and power.

On the surface there appears to be no solution - we simply seem to replace one corrupt bad politician with another. The people who simply bad mouthed Zavaletta endlessly regardless of what facts came out about Villalobos are a major part of the problem. The people who bad mouthed Villalobos endlessly regardless of what facts came out about Zavaletta are a major part of the problem. Good people look to these morons and ask, "why should I put myself on the line and run for office when I will be up against such an ignorant electorate?" The people who are part of this ignorant electorate tend to also be part of the political machines. And this is the heart of the problem.

To solve this problem we must form a new political machine. If we can create an informed electorate, who are not mere lemmings following a leader, we can turn that electorate into a new political machine which can and will rival the Democratic Party of Cameron County. We can, if we choose, take down, the Democratic Party of Cameron County.

Such a machine is not created over night. It must stand on its own platform of ideas. It must educate the people as to those ideas and why those ideas are in the people’s best interests. It cannot simply exist on the notion that the Democratic Party of Cameron County is corrupt. A new political entity or party must believe in something with which the people can associate. It must be an entity of ideas and principles which will not be compromised.

In the weeks which follow I will discuss this even further. I am hoping to be able to finally meet with the lawyers at the Office of the Secretary of State who can and will guide me in forming a new political party at the state level, which will have its first official county office in Cameron County. It is a long-shot - a very, very long, long shot. But if you are not willing to roll the dice you should not be in the casino. I have grown bored with the blogosphere. It is basically endless whining by people who have nothing to offer but their complaints, and who cut and run the second they are expected to act on their beliefs. If you are unwilling to stand and take the bullet, then you have nothing to say worth reading.

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