Sunday, August 31, 2008


The misogynistic dimwits going after Sarah Palin are just that misogynistic dimwits. These are men who without the sex factor, would not give the time of day to women. They are probably manic-depressive closeted gay men who blame women for their inability to be intimate with women. I guess one or three are just dim-witted straight men who hate women, except for the sex. Watching the commentary on MSNBC reminded me why I find American liberal men to be so pathetic.

Remember you need a good lead in to catch the readers’ eye. Although I am coming to Governor Palin’s defense in part, I still conclude she is a myth and is like Obama, Biden, and McCain when it comes to power - she lives for it.

Governor Palin actually has foreign policy experience, unlike Senator Obama. Moreover, when she makes a decision it matters. She does not have the option of effeminate (remember 1612 -"cowardly") Obama of abstaining from a decision, for purposes of political expediency.

Governor Palin deals on a daily basis with Alaskan/Canadian relations. Such as the governor of Texas meets and deals with Mexican officials on a regular basis, so too does Governor Palin in terms of Canada. And unlike any other governor she deals with Russia.

In the simplest form there is the migration of the Inuit people. "Twenty years ago Inuit in Chukotka were not allowed out of the Soviet Union. Two empty chairs at ICC meetings were a reminder that national boundaries kept us apart. With the collapse of the former Soviet Union ideological confrontation in the Arctic has been replaced by co-operation. Inuit can travel visa-free between Provideniya in Chukotka and Nome in Alaska."

Alaska must also deal with natural resource disputes with Canada and Russia. In terms of foreign relations experience Senator Obama does not even place at the finish line. Further he has never made an executive decision. Being one vote out of a 100, when you are not too effeminate to actually cast a vote, does not equate to experience.

I’m not saying she was the best choice. I think the best choice would have been Michael Steele. But here is a fact. Sarah Palin went from being the mayor of a backwater Alaskan town to being governor. And she did it by running against the Republican machine. You have to give her some leadership and organizational skills for this accomplishment. Compare this to Senator Obama - he got elected with the help of one of the most corrupt political machines in the country - Chicago Democrats.

I believe the abortion question is going to help Governor Palin. Moderates all over the U.S. are going to be reminded Governor Palin chose to keep her special needs son instead of opting for an abortion. Reputrican talk radio will remind the moderates Senator Obama supports partial birth abortion. He also voted against the Born Alive Act. If Obama gets his way women who choose to abort their down-syndrome babies will be allowed to let them die in hospital closets if somehow they are born alive during a botched abortion.

When women are trying to feed, clothe, and provide shelter for their children, they are going to be more inclined to vote for the person they better trust on the economy. They will not care one iota about the abortion issue. This simple fact takes a person’s opposition to abortion off of the table for a lot of moderate to liberal women. Further, I saw her speak today on CSPAN. Biden is knowledgeable and would do a great job on the foreign policy front, but Sarah Palin is a star speaker in terms of connecting with the people. Joe Biden is not.

So as not to get all wish-washy, Sarah Palin is no different than McCain, Obama, or Biden when it comes to the mental illness of power. I do not care if you are the father or the mother, when you have a special needs infant in the home you do not take on the job of vice-president. It is inevitable the older siblings, especially her daughter, will feel a need to fill the role of mother when Vice-president Palin is unable to meet that role because of long hours. I would be saying the same thing if Mr. Palin were vying for the position of veep. Children should never have to take on the role of parents, unless absolutely necessary. I have seen this in my own family and it is cruel, and the emotional effects are long lasting.

There is no doubt the Palins are remarkable parents. They chose to keep their special needs son rather than murder him in the womb. I do not question that Governor Palin will be a loving, caring or remarkable mother. She has already proven she will be the best. My only issue is, she is blinded by her need for power and is failing to see the bigger impact her decision will have on her older children as they instinctively prematurely take on responsibility for their special needs brother. If she were not blinded by power, I believe her natural instincts as an incredible mother would allow her to see this. I do want to stress, however, being blinded for power does not mean you do not have a good heart.

I was equally critical of Tony Snow when he left Fox and went to go work in the White House. People with cancer who have a family do not take a pay cut for a job which will only needlessly add stress to their lives. No doctor in their right mind would have agreed to Tony Snow taking the White House job. Tony Snow, such as Sarah Palin needed power to feel complete. I fear this in any politician, which is why I think in the end Sarah Palin is just more of the same old thing, albeit eminently more experienced than Senator Obama.

On July 22, Kos declared Governor Palin out of the race. Like I said there is more to being an analyst than the ability to type and subject verb agreement.

Tomorrow, the BISD election story you have not heard.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I loved this film. There were only about 20 of us in the theater, but the laughter was that of a thousand. The actual performance of the play at the end was worth the wait.

You have a failed actor trying to teach drama in a bankrupt school district. He is guided by a kid critic who seems to know more about art than most critics. The parents try to shut down the play, but it goes on when the students find a venue for the performance. The actual play was great.

The story is simple, what if Hamlet and the cast of characters all had received therapy? How would things have different? It is a very interesting spin on forgiveness.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


This is Friday's post. I am looking for ideas on the Charter Review issue.

The community seemed to be in an uproar over the news of Atkinson’s DUI being dismissed. In Dallas I can tell you that when you refuse to blow the jury is told that, and unless there is something on the tape you will walk free. Anything on the tape though and they assume you refused to blow because you are guilty. I cannot speak to the merits of the dismissal because I did not review the tape. All I can say is that in Dallas I tried cases wherein my client refused to blow, and the tape was clean and my client was found not guilty.

I can also say DUI cases were never dismissed. I can also say the MADD chapter here has to be corrupt as hell because everyone in Dallas who pleaded no contest to a DUI got two years probation, tons of fines, and all sorts of classes. Noone ever got deferred adjudication. MADD seems all too willing to close its eyes to the way DUIs are handled here. People concerned with this issue should contact the national office for MADD and put pressure on the national office.

This brings me to my main point for today. Cameron county, compared to Hidalgo county seems immune to oversight by the US Attorneys Office. The US Attorney deals with federal law whereas, the District Attorney deals with state law. Unlike District Attorneys who are elected, US Attorneys are hired and fired by the president. If the president is unhappy with how you are treating his friends, he can fire you without cause.

Texas has 4 U.S. Attorneys. We are in what is known as the Southern District of Texas. The U.S. Attorney who oversees the Southern District is based in Houston, with sub-offices all over the Southern District. Everyone in the Houston office knows and understands that Dannenbaum is friends with the Bush machine. Every U.S. Attorney knows that when Alberto Gonzales was in charge if you crossed a friend of the Bush machine, you would be fired. We are waiting to find out if Carl Rove will be going to jail for refusing to testify before Congress on this issue.

The conspiracy is constructive in nature. This means people simply have an understanding of the rules, although there is no official agreement among the parties. Bush being a fool is probably unaware of how his so called friends are playing this game.

This brings us back to Villalobos. He knows how it works. He protects Dannenbaum, and the U.S Attorney becomes too busy to care about Cameron County. This does not mean there are no Assistant U.S. Attorneys ready and willing to indict and prosecute Cameron county politicos.

If Obama wins he will appoint the next U.S Attorney for the Southern District of Texas. We all know that the Democrats in the RGV are going to push for someone who will continue the game of cover-up. Unless we can find a way to take the corruption issue national Obama will remain oblivious to the problem and seek the advice of the Lucios and others who are part of the problem.

The Dannenbaum mess should have gone national, but it did not because both the Dems and Repubs had something to loose. So in the end, unless we the people can get Obama to meet with the people, instead of the Lucios and others like the Lucios, nothing will change come January when Obama takes office.

To be fair nothing will change under McCain either. The Republican machine will remain in place under McCain.

For the next 10 days my posts should be short. Yesterday, after a years delay I finally had my carpal tunnel surgery. I am down to one hand. The highlight of the surgery was my reaction to the anesthesia. I was in recovery for nearly 5 hours. The nurse was a nightmare and looked at me as if I were nuts every time I told her something was wrong.

I ended up in the emergency room there at the VA for an additional 2 hours. It turned out I was dehydrated. Compounding everything my blood pressure shot through they ceiling causing a hemorrhage in my eye. But I must say, I have no pain in my hand or wrist. No need for the painkillers.


I have not been watching the news because the conventions bore me. Every pundit is basically reading off a pre-prepared script. Here is a fact. Lieberman was never an option. If McCain were to pick Lieberman, Lieberman would have to start voting with the Republicans in the Senate. This would mean the Senate would be controlled by the Republicans for the next 4 months. This would mean war in the Senate. The Republicans would have ended up in worse shape after the election than they are now.

Raise your hand if you believe the American people are ready for another Texan in the White House? Now put your hands down because I was not talking to the morons. If you remember San Diego, she was initially barred from the convention by the Right because of her position on abortion. Exactly how does nominating a Texas Senator help McCain overcome the image that he will be a Bush third term? There is more to political analysis than the ability to type, and verb subject agreement.

Now, I am not saying McCain is not an idiot. He may choose Kay Hutchison. My money is on Michael Steele. He is loved in the Republican Party. Independents love the guy. 25% of the black vote will automatically switch to the Republican vote. People if he is going to go with a moderate female Senator he might as well go with Susan Collins and put part of New England into play.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Picture it, somewhere in Lynn, Texas circa 1930's, a smoked filled room filled with a group of South Texas familiars. The whisky is running thin, and so too are tempers. Raul Tijerina, Judge Garza, Prieto Guerra, and others are in a heated game of poker. Guerra determined not to walk away empty handed puts his ranch on the table. Tijerina calls his bluff and meets the bet. Judge Garza pleads that Guerra not put his ranch up for gamble. Judge Garza’s words land on deaf ears.

When the night comes to a end Tijerina owns the Guerra ranch. Years later it is discovered there is gas on the property. A disputes erupts as to who owned the mineral rights. Judge Garza suggests that the parties Guerras and Tijerina basically share in the mineral rights.

The scene is set for a young strapping man by the name of Cardenas to befriend the son of the ‘older Tijerina. The legend has it that Cardenas and Tijerina were inseparable. According to those who perpetuate the legend money flowed freely from Tijerina to Cardenas during their many trips together.

Such as all good legends there is a grieving widow. Some say Cardenas appeared as the grieving friend of Tijerina on his death bed with a new will. Who knows what the truth may be. As the story goes the grieving widow hired lawyers to sue her late husband’s young strapping male companion of many years to restore the original will. It seems the final result was some type settlement which kept the grieving widow financially well off.

Who knows how much of this story is real and how much is local folklore. What makes it interesting is it speaks to politics South Texas style. Center stage at the poker game was the late Judge Garza - a power broker in the community. This story tells us how power is gained and fortunes are made. It is an insight into the politics of South Texas.

Today’s post was inspired by Sorry Charlie Atkinson. You would think as a so called law enforcement officer he would get it when you tell him "everything you say can and will be used against you." He does not.

The following is an except from a post he made on the Sanchez/Montoya blog.

"A lot people out there are tired of incompetent commissioners so why not attract better qualified candidates by offering a salary. ... I think salaries should be provided to commissioners. 35k to commissioners and 40k to the Mayor not counting benefits. Benefits should be allowed though. County commissioners get paid and nobody cares about that. "

He raises three issues. I want to deal with the second and third ones first. Commissioner Atkinson has a full time job with CBP, and runs a family business. In addition he has a family to take care of, and a disabled brother. Exactly how many hours are left in a day for him to perform his duties as a city commissioner? For this less than part-time job he wants benefits, which he already receives from CBP, and $35, 000.00 a year. This is more than the average full-time city employee earns. Is this guy delusional with greed? Most people in Brownsville would consider themselves to be lottery winners if they earned $35,000.00, let alone for a part-time position. Sorry Charlie Atkinson’s moronic words will certainly be used in any campaign to defeat such a Charter Amendment.

Let’s go further. At a time he is asking for a 3rd paycheck for a position he knew to be a volunteer position when he took it, he wants to raise the premiums paid by city employees for their insurance, and raise the property taxes on the people. Can one human being possibly be this ignorant and disconnected from reality? The people are hurting because of the price of gas and struggle to just put $10.00 in their tank at a time, and Sorry Charlie Atkinson wants a 3rd paycheck on the public’s back. Have I entered the twilight zone where delusional morons have taken control of the planet?

He complains that County Commissioners get paid. In the context of County Judge Cascos, he actually manages the county. The mayor manages nothing. As to the other county commissioners the solution is to remove them from the payroll, not to add the city commissioners to the payroll. Just because one group is getting unjustified welfare does not mean another group should be put on the welfare rolls.

Sorry Charlie Atkinson’s first issue is the one which gets me the most. "A lot people out there are tired of incompetent commissioners so why not attract better qualified candidates by offering a salary." I am the people - I believe my commissioners are incompetent. I then should trust their opinion on the issue of paying commissioners. Have we already not established they are incompetent? Why would I trust the opinion of someone I believe to be incompetent?

This is the same argument they urged in Dallas. Anyone who lives in Dallas will tell you it did not work. Things are worse than ever. Good people will seek public office without compensation.

Compensation is not the problem. The problem is competing against city commissioners who are owned lock stock and barrel by special interests. We need to make it easier for the good people to win. They will run if they can win. The question is, how do we overcome the special interests who own the current city commissioners?

Monday, August 25, 2008


Women's Ass Size Study:

There is a new study just released by the American Psychiatric Association about women & how they feel about their asses.

The results are pretty shocking:

1. Only 5% of women surveyed feel their ass is too big.
2. 10% of women surveyed feel their ass is too small.
3. The remaining 85% say they don't care; they love him, he's a good man and they would have married him anyway.

The other day I was on campus helping a student register for class when someone recognized me and asked me the following question. How come Ben Medina is not investigated for taking bribes? I responded with, do you have any proof? They said - no. I then asked, why would you investigate anyone for taking a bribe without so much as a vague allegation as to some specific event? He said, everyone knows he is in the back pocket of the developers. First and foremost, I do not think Ben Medina is loyal to anyone but Ben Medina.

People seem to think that every politico is in it for money and bribes. Money is not the real problem. If the city commission were not beholden to the developers, Ben Medina would have been fired a long time ago. Anyone who has watched the city commission meetings for at least 6 months knows that the commissioners routinely get frustrated with Ben because he is winging it.
Cardenas Development is besides itself because Ben has been unable to push through this new trailer park within city limits. The votes are not there and this is why it was taken off of the agenda. The winds may be shifting, but maybe not.

This is how politics works. Charlie Cabler is not the city manager because he is competent. He is the city manager because he basically keeps the handlers of the city commissioners happy. The day the city commissioners’ handlers decide they are no longer getting what they want from Charlie Cabler is the day Charlie Cabler is fired. Charlie understands this simple rule.

The head of personnel knows that so long as she keeps the commissioners happy by hiring all the right people, she will be allowed to keep her job. This is no great secret. This is how city government works, when honor has no meaning to the city commissioners.

So if money is not what keeps Ben Medina in his job, what does? The city commissioners need for perceived power is what keeps Ben Medina in power. In my opinion a very dangerous mental illness keeps the city commissioners in power. Somehow power is the drug of choice of politicos, not money, not snort. John Edwards did not run for the White House because he needs money. He did it for power. The mental illness of power so overcame Edwards that he actually thought he could get away with cheating on his sick wife, while running for the White House. This is a very dangerous mental illness.

Everyone who has ever run for public office and lost, understands you must have a political machine behind you in order to win. If you do not have a political machine behind you, you better have the resources to create a new political machine. Every so often a grassroots campaign may squeeze through and win in a low interest campaign.

The money of the developers keeps a possible majority of the city commission in power. I think the winds are changing on this, but it is too early too tell. If the winds do change, the new majority will demand that Cabler fire Medina. And from what I heard about yelling after last weeks’ city commission meeting, the pressure is on Cabler to fire Medina. Cabler simply needs to know for sure the developers are out. When and if the city commission ever votes on the new Cardenas trailer park, we will learn just how much influence the developers continue to have over the city commission. If Cardenas is smart he will drop his request, before everyone is forced to show their hands. If Cardenas loses on this one it could mean the signal to the commissioners that the votes are finally there for a major impact fee increase.

The Herald has done a great job in keeping the people in the dark over the issue of impact fees. But then the Herald needs the advertising dollars from the developers to survive. What Freedom Communications and its president Jon Segal fail to understand is, the people know the Herald is covering for the corruption and as a consequence of same are refusing to subscribe to the paper. Jon Segal fails to understand the most fundamental rule to the success of a newspaper - readers.

The absolute silence on the issue of impact fees tells me that commissioners have been told that if they raise the issue, there will be no money forthcoming for their next campaign, and worse, the developers will run candidates against any commissioner who raises the issue of impact fees. You see it is easier to just tax the people.

So in the end Ben Medina stays at his job because he keeps the masters of the commissioners happy - namely the developers. I can assure you the day Medina realizes the winds have changed, he will move faster than a speeding bullet when he makes known his new found opposition to the developers, and support for sidewalks.

Ben Medina and all the other city directors stay in power because they do the bidding of the dirty and corrupt. No one is buying Ben Medina or any of the other directors. Their payoff is they get to keep their job. The source of their incompetence is not the developers and other money sources buying influence with the directors, but a city commission determined to keep the most incompetent people they can find in positions as directors, so as to blackmail them into submission. They will do as the handlers who own the city commissioners tell them, or they will be fired.

Of course, Pete Gonzales would be the exception. This city would be royally screwed and bankrupt without Pete. Now I will say this, Pete does not call for cleaning out all of the deadwood within city hall because he knows that would cost him his job. We have to accept this negative if we are to benefit from his otherwise competence as a public official.

Nothing will change until we can find a way to educate qualified candidates for city commission in how to run, and how to build a new political machine. It may come down to first building a new political machine, and then the new machine recruiting good people to run for public office.

Friday, August 22, 2008


"We have a handicap child confined to a wheelchair. Part of his recommended therapy for independent living is to travel on his own. Unfortunately, but to no avail,we've been trying to get the BUS service out to Rio Del Sol ever since annexation over ten years ago.Same ole run a round. I hear a different excuse every year.

signed,instant karma"

Issue centrism is when a politico only sees issues which relate directly to them or the handlers who keep them in power. It can be so bad that a politico can be calling for a sidewalk for their kid in a wheelchair, while ignoring the same needs of the kid around the block.

I think this is exactly what we have in this case.

The City Commission has set up an advisory committee to research and develop ideas related to special needs citizens of Brownsville. If there is one place for sure the city gets an "F" it is sidewalks. People who are wheelchair bound are basically forced to put their lives on the line by using their wheelchairs in the streets. Does anyone know if the city even requires the developers who own our City Commission to put in sidewalks?

There are so many issues related to special needs citizens of Brownsville. I am going to limit my discussion to only one group - a group I believe most people do not even know exists. Learning Challenged adults. Somewhere between 30-40% of our highschool students drop out of school. Many drop out of school, such as a young lady I know who is now doing most of the 9th grade for the 3rd time, because BISD has absolutely no use for its special needs students. For my regular readers, your remember BISD was already under state oversight for special education students when it was hit with violations related to a Hanna student.

BISD simply refuses to test the students in need. Autism is so much more complex that you see on TV. ACES, the Autism Council for Educational Support and Scientific Studies, is sponsoring the South Texas Autism Symposium Saturday, September 6, 2008 at the McAllen Convention Center.

You may be working next to someone with autism and not even know it.

ADHD and ADD are other common learning challenges facing many of these adults in our community. It is not too late for these adults to go back to school and become professionals. UTB/TSC provides special accommodations for students who can prove they have such learning challenges.

The problem is, these adults were never diagnosed with the problems by the neglectful BISD. Today in Brownsville there is no place where an adult can go to be tested for his/her learning challenges. These tests can be expensive. For someone earning minimum wage, even if they could find someone who can perform the necessary testing, they cannot afford it.

Here is where the city can make a difference. It needs to take the lead and join forces with BISD, and UTB/TSC to provide free testing for adults interested in attending UTB/TSC. The city must take the lead on the issue. BISD and UTB/TSC have already made it clear they will have nothing to do with helping these adults.

UTB/TSC actually trains people to administer the tests. Its College of Education will not make part of that training free testing of local adults. This is shameful and evidence of UTB’s College of Education lack of connection to the community. One would hope the City of Brownsville could shame UTB to get involved with such a project.

This is a simple area wherein the city could make a big difference for a large portion of its citizenry, while increasing its tax base in the long run as these citizens eventually enter higher paying jobs as a result of their education. Just an idea folks, just an idea.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It is time to put the controversy related to the start-up of the Charter Review Committee behind us. If more problems develop in the future, the BV will be there to cover them. For now I am more concerned with the citizenry being able to get their ideas heard. Not everyone can take time off from work and go to meetings. Along these lines I have created a new blog.


The purpose of this new blog is to promote ideas related to making the City Charter a better document. I will not allow for comments which attack City Commissioners, the Mayor, a poster, or anyone else. I am not a governmental entity so you have no free speech rights when it comes to me.

I want this blog to be a safe harbor for all citizens of Brownsville, who include the Mayor and the City Commissioners. I will only deal with one issue a day. If you have an idea post it as a comment and then I will copy and past it as an original post the following day. I want every idea to have a full day for viewing. If I get too many ideas, I will generally list them so you know they are coming and can estimate which day your idea will be posted. It will not help the process if we have people talking about 6 different ideas at a time. The ideas will be posted in the order received. I will not post on weekends because fewer people read the blogs on the weekend, and I want to make sure all ideas get equally booking.

This blog is not for arguing personalities. This blog is not for posting comments "I know anony is really so and so." I want people to feel like they can post an idea for a change in the City Charter, and get a fair response from the readers as to why the change will benefit the city or will not benefit the city.

I would prefer to not have to post any of my ideas other than starting the discussion about education. I would much prefer if someone comes up with a new idea every day. After a while I may repeat the ideas, in their original order, because there will always be new readers to the blog. The reality is, there are only so many ideas. After time, people may have new views about old ideas and seek to put forth new angles to old ideas.

I hope people will understand why this blog has to be limited to ideas and why the idea is good or bad.

I hope someone will post a comment in favor of wages for the Commissioners and Mayor. I personally oppose wages. I oppose wages not because of the current Commission or Mayor, but because I oppose wages. There will always be good and bad. The good will serve regardless, so why reward the bad. You can see I gave a general argument. It will not help the discussion if someone posts a comment which says - "so and so is owned by so and so." At that point it gets personal and the discussion will devolve into personal insults without any real substantiative discussion as to the merits of paying the Commissioners or Mayor.

Okay - I hope everyone will participate. For each idea I will create a poll.

OH I FORGOT - it may take a day or two for me to work out the quirks. If your comment is not going through let me know on the BV so I can fix any problems on the new blog. Also you will note I am not providing links from the new blog to even the BV. People will find them on their own. I want to try and keep Brownsville Charter Review Blogspot as neutral as possible. It is my understanding the meetings will be recorded. If I can find a way to post the recordings without them being linked elsewhere I will. I am sorry for having to do it this way, but I want the Brownsville Charter Review Blogspot to be as neutral as humanly possible.

On the merits of any argument for change or against change I will do my best to stay neutral. I may comment on how the post could have been better presented or try and clarify what I think the poster is saying. I will not ever state whether or not I agree or disagree with the poster. As the moderator I truly want to try and stay neutral.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


My frustration with the American press is actually quite well documented. My anger comes from the fact the press seems to not understand its role in preserving our democracy and freedoms. Bad politicians only get away with bad conduct when the press fails to do its job. The Herald jumped on the story related to the Charter Review Committee. For those who watched Tuesday’s City Commission meeting you saw a city commission squirm to make people believe they had nothing to do with the Agenda item of setting parameters for the Charter Review Committee. This victory for the people came to the people because the Herald did its job.

There are always at least two parts to a successful rebellion - A press willing to cover the story, and someone willing to lead the cause. MZ after learning of the Agenda item to set parameters posted the news on BATB. She communicated with Ben Medina who told her the following:
"Medina explained that it was the decision of the City Secretary, City Attorney and Commissioners to place the item on the agenda so to provide our committee with "some direction" and to let us know what "their expectations" are. " According to Jim Goza at Tuesday meeting the request came from the Committee members. Who is lying? Medina or Goza?

According to all of the Commissioners who spoke on the issue, they were surprised to see the item on the Agenda and felt like things should be left to the Committee. Again who is lying Goza or Medina or the City Commissioners?

Either Goza or Medina is lying. The liar should step forward and resign from city government. Yea I am on the floor laughing too. If we know one of the two is lying, how can we trust them to be an advisor on the Charter Review Committee? We cannot.

MZ is 100% correct in seeking a Chair. Goza and Medina cannot be trusted to lead this effort. We saw the proof at Tuesday’s meeting. It is clear to me that the City Commission coward in front of MZ Tuesday night because they had no choice. They got caught trying to make the Charter Review Committee a rubber stamp of their wishes. Garza was the most pathetic member of the Commission for going after MZ personally. This is how tyrants work. Before MZ spoke SS Officer Lawyer Goza reminder MZ no personal statements or direct comments to the Commissioners allowed. You would think we were in Goza’s Nazi Germany. Did you see Goza stand up and challenge Garza when he went after MZ personally?

You see, in Goza’s little world of no free speech we the people cannot directly address the Commission as it relates to their failures, but Commissioner Garza can attack any citizen he wants. SS Officer Lawyer Goza is truly an embarrassment to the legal profession. I guess Goza and Guerra can get away with silencing all dissenting speech when you have the financial backing and political support of SS Officer Lawyer Gamez.

In my view the Charter Review Committee needs to learn the lesson from last time around. Too many changes can result in a complete failure. We clearly need a change as to Recall. The way it is currently written Recall is not an option for the citizens of Brownsville. The compadre system in regards to employment is costing this city a fortune in incompetent leadership.

The Charter Review Committee should recommend that the City Manager have a Masters in Public Administration, such as in every major city in Texas. They should recommend that the head of personnel have a Masters in Personnel Management or Administration. They should mandate that all Directors have either a Masters in their field or a professional license in the alternative.

These simple changes will bring about significant improvement to the City of Brownsville. Empowering the people to remove incompetent Commissioners or an incompetent Mayor would bring about meaningful change to Brownsville City government. Mandating minimum educational levels for key positions within the City of Brownsville would end the compadre system in hiring, and make competence the first rule of thumb when directors are hired.

If this City Commission expects the people to give them anything in this process, they better accept that they are going to have to give the people something. If the Commissioners are willing to support these basic changes, which are non-political as to any one person on the commission, I would support health insurance benefits for the Commissioners as a compromise.

To sum it up - good job ladies - Emma Perez-Trevino and MZ did a great job in bringing this matter forward. Because the press did its job this time, MZ was heard and the people won.

Monday, August 18, 2008

"One of the major dead zones is in the Gulf of Mexico. It is 8,000 square miles, nearly the size of New Jersey, according to the marine consortium's annual measurement completed in July."

The one thing I know about politicians is, Rome will burn before they care. They suffer from issue-centrism. If it is not their issue it does not exist. I have been warning about this for years. When if ever will our politicians demand something be done about Iowa. We can significantly reduce the size of the dead zone by reducing corn production. Hemp does not require fertilizers. Hemp is a gold mine waiting for the LRGV to discover. Hemp is the future of US biofuel.

Here are my comments on Red-Tide from June. It is in the second half of the post.

Does anyone doubt that our politicos will continue to remain silent and do nothing in protest? Governor Perry demanded that the government cut back on corn for biofuel to help the cattle industry in Texas. But he refuses to promote hemp as an alternative to corn for biofuel. He is willing to help the cattlemen and the oil industry. He is not willing to help the people of the LRGV

Highlights from the CNN article:

"Farmers in Iowa and across the Midwest use tons of nitrogen and phosphorous to make their cornfields more productive, which allows the farmers to take advantage of high corn prices resulting from growing demand from ethanol factories and developing countries.
Rain always causes some fertilizer to run off farmland, but this summer's historic flooding caused even more runoff into rivers that flow into the Mississippi.
"That's the primary source of the nutrients that go to the Gulf of Mexico," said Rabalais. "And so the size of the low-oxygen zone has increased in proportion to these nutrients reaching the Gulf."
Fertilizer flowing into the Gulf of Mexico triggers an overgrowth of microscopic algae, which eventually die and fall to the bottom."

Sunday, August 17, 2008


This is Monday’s post. I want people to focus on this post and the previous post related to Pat Almighty’s outrageous statements concerning HIV awareness.

I received the following from Mr. Camarillo via e-mail on Sunday. This was a direct response to my demand that the City Commissioners issue a rebuke against Sorry Charlie Atkinson.

Good Morning Mr. Wightman,

I don’t condone negative comments made by individuals who target gays and lesbians. This was very inappropriate and a formal apology should be made.

Thank you,

Edward C. Camarillo Commissioner District 4 City of Brownsville

To Bring everyone up to snuff.

Sorry Charlie Atkinson made the following comments:

"And a follow-up:

Where is my comment faggot? Post it! For someone who comes across like a know it all, you sure lack balls boy. Its alright, I saved it and I'll show it to Joe Rod. He has to feel somehow your blog has caused damage to his legacy. Dumbass!!!! If I were your wife, I would leave your ass!!!!!charles atkinson08.13.08 - 12:05 pm"

"Robert, (Sanchez)
this was a response to a message Chris put on his website regarding my brother and a possible conflict of interest. Rest assured, there isn't a conflict of interest or nepotism. Chrissy Davis removed his message to spin the issue that I am just attacking him. This is not true and is typical of how Chrissy Davis works. The city charter states that an elected official should refrain from conflicts of interests that result in appointing, hiring, or offering a service to a family member that offers compensation. Chris is just interpreting the sentence the way he wants to and it holds no merit because my brother is not benefitting from being placed on this advisory committee. It doesn't pay. There are no perks, and definitely no monetary compensation. Chris knows this but insists on attacking me. His obcession with me is freaky. I hope he doesn't like boys. It is like he is cyberstalking me. Isn't there a law that keeps creeps from harassing friendly internet users.

Charlie Atkinson

"Hey Roman,

what proof do you have that I initiated anything? You sound so gay pretending to be Patricia A. Be a man boy and write your words using your real name. God you are such a putts. Then you wonder why you cant find a job. Take your head out of Ernie's ass and grow some.
charles Atkinson 06.02.08 - 10:29 pm

Can you begin to see the picture. Combine this with Pat Almighty’s comments on HIV. Because of these two men people in Brownsville living with HIV/AIDS are afraid to come forward and speak the truth. Children sufferer in their closets. This is a city without shame to its ignorance.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


On August 28, 2008 Pat Almighty will be meeting with the local LGBT group to discuss Pat Almighty’s statement that "No one gives a crap about HIV awareness." It has been 27 years since the HIV virus has been identified, and this moron Pat Almighty still remains as ignorant about HIV as any human being can possibly be. Approximately 13% of the US population is Latino. Currently 19% of all new HIV/AIDS cases are within the Latino population. We have a problem.

65% of all women who contract HIV in the US contract it through heterosexual sex. Any woman who has sex without a condom is playing Russian Roulette with their lives. Children are born every day with HIV because of the ignorance possessed by Pat Almighty. How you can be the mayor of a city the size of Brownsville and be so poorly educated about HIV is more than mind numbing, it is evidence of willful ignorance based on hate and bigotry.

In the late 80's or early 90's, I saw the AIDS Quilt in Houston. When you first walk in the first thing you notice is all of the boxes of tissues sitting on columns. You think to yourself, I can walk this in a half hour. 5 hours later you are more emotionally drained than you ever could have imagined. You also understand why so many boxes of tissues were put out.

Quilt after quilt is not just the names and lives of gay men, they are the short lived lives of children, and mothers, and fathers, and sons, and daughters, and best friends. While I was overwhelmed with the size of the exhibit what shocked me most were the endless quilts which contained the names of children who died of AIDS, or the names of the children left behind after the mother died of AIDS.

According to Pat Almighty no one in Brownsville "gives a crap" about educating people about how they contract HIV and how pregnant women give it to their innocent children. But according to this same Pat Almighty, Brownsville is demanding action on better care for dogs.

While the sharing of needles is a major cause for the spread of HIV, closeted gay men are the greatest threat to heterosexual women and their children. My honesty on this issue has cost me a lot of connections with the LGBT community. I have no use for all of the excuses people give for not simply admitting to who they are. If you cannot be yourself, then who can you be? I also have zero tolerance for sex in public places. Independent of the morality and legal issues, it is always a very high risk for for spreading HIV.

I remember 1982 as clear as a bell. My wrist in the tub, the knife cutting the skin and in one split second I all of a sudden knew and understood, I was not the problem - the problem is and remains people like Sorry Charlie Atkinson and Pat Almighty. It is their bigotry and ignorance which kills innocent children every day, and spreads HIV to innocent children and women every day.

Sorry Charlie Atkinson claims to have gay friends who are comfortable with his use of the word faggot. I will submit these people either do not exist, other than in his alternate personality, or they are as ignorant of reality as Sorry Charlie Atkinson. Their opinion is that of morons lacking in the most fundamental education about the spread of HIV and the impact such statements have on the lives of young LGBT.

When a 15 year old gets on a blog and reads an elected official has no problem using the word faggot, it reinforces in them their own sense of worthlessness. It facilitates the continued crisis we face with LGBT youth suicide. It facilitates the continued crisis we face with LGBT youth dropping out of school. It facilitates the continued crisis we face with parents throwing their 15 year old son or daughter on the street only to become prostitutes to survive. It facilitates closeted gay men staying in the closet, having high risk sex while drunk, and then going home to their wives and having sex without a condom. This is how HIV is spread among heterosexual women.

This city commission is living in the dark ages. The sum total IQ of the lot cannot be higher than 7. Their unwillingness to denounce Sorry Charlie Atkinson for his words, and unwilling to denounce Pat Almighty for his words speaks volumes of the ignorance which overwhelms this city commission. May God save this city from these pigs.

Yesterday after I e-mailed the President of Freedom Newspapers Division, his office responded with assurances my complaints would be addressed. Based on current and previous communications with Mr. Segal, I am certain the Herald's new editor Marcia Caltabiano-Ponce understands she will either address the incompetence at the Herald or she will find herself working at Walmart. I do believe change is coming.
This morning by 7:15 a.m I had received not one but two Heralds. I think my message was received loud and clear. It is amazing how you can get a positive response when you use evidence and a reasonable argument.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Because of the PC police and the call for a boycott of this film because of its use of the word retard, I almost did not go see this film. I knew something was wrong with the news coverage - after all it was coming from journalists. Then I read the reviews and thought - something is not right - this smells like over reacting by the PC police - The PC police over reacted and in a disgraceful way lined up intellectually challenged individuals to protest the film. Shame on the PC police.
The film is funny, but it is also intellectual. I was initially offended during the routine when they used the word retard. But about half way through ,I realized what in fact they were doing was critizing Hollywood for how they depict intellectually challenged people, and in particular how the Academy discriminates during awards time. When the woman behind me realized it wasn't really funny after all she said "oh, they are right Hollywood does discriminate against the mentally retarded."
The film is a satire on Hollywood and the Academy. The film is highly critical of how Hollywood has treated gays, intellectually challenged people, blacks, and Asians to name a few.
The film is actually quite enjoyable for the laughs and the intellectual challenges. I will say I found the first 15 minutes to be offensive, but the audience seemed to enjoy it. In time you realize they were just making fun of prissy Hollywood types. I guess I was not astute enough to realize what they were doing, until near the end of the film. It then hit me what the first 15 minutes was about.
About 28 percent of gay youth drop out of high school, usually to escape the harassment, violence and alienation they face. This is why we need a PFLAG Chapter in Brownsville.


Fighting gay youth dropout rates
By John Wright - News EditorAug 14, 2008 - 9:04:05 PM

(Editor's Note - LGBT means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/transexual) - PFLAG - means Parents and Friends of Gays and Lesbians)

Youth First Texas offers new GED program for LGBT teens
Eighteen-year-old Scott Moriarty, right, is tutored by Judith Dumont, Youth First Texas’ director of administration, on Tuesday, Aug. 12. - JOHN WRIGHT/Dallas VoiceJimmy Bounthavy says he came out in middle school, but it wasn’t until his freshman year at North Dallas High School that he ran into problems. Bounthavy, now 20, said in addition to being threatened, teased and called names, he was stuffed inside a locker and thrown in a Dumpster.
“Students, teachers, security — they all harassed me for being gay,” Bounthavy said. “I didn’t feel safe to go to that school.” When Bounthavy decided to drop out, it was a disappointment to his family. Since then, he’s spent most of his time caring for his mother, who raised him on her own but is now disabled from diabetes. Bounthavy also works in landscaping and frequently goes to Youth First Texas, which is just a few blocks from his house. For a while, it didn’t appear as though Bounthavy would ever get an education. His mother emigrated to the U.S. from Laos, and English is his second language. Then, earlier this year, Bounthavy became the first student to enroll in a new GED program at YFT, Dallas’ nonprofit organization serving LGBT youth. Bounthavy said after taking the GED test in October, he plans to enroll at Richland College in the spring and major in computers. He said he’ll be the first person from his family to attend college. “Now I can tell people that I’m in GED class,” Bounthavy said. “I’m not disappointing them anymore.” The GED program, which began with only Bounthavy, since has grown to include about seven students who meet every Tuesday and Thursday evening in a makeshift classroom at YFT, near Maple Avenue and Inwood Road. Judith Dumont, the agency’s director of administration, said thus far the 12-week program has relied on word of mouth, volunteer tutors and a donor who’s agreed to pay the GED testing fees. But statistics suggest that it will only continue to grow. About 28 percent of gay youth drop out of high school, usually to escape the harassment, violence and alienation they face. The goal of YFT’s program is to provide them with a safe place to prepare for the future. “If you don’t have a high school degree, you’re going to be working minimum wage jobs for the rest of your life,” said Dumont, who launched the program shortly after joining YFT. “It’s one of those things — if you build it, they will come.” Dumont said for many of the youth in the program — some of whom dropped out of school as early as the seventh grade — the biggest obstacle is low self-esteem. “When society is calling you a bad person, sooner or later you start to believe that you’re a bad person,” Dumont said. “That’s the thought process we have to go in and disrupt.” While many of the students in the program were victims of harassment at school, some also faced difficulties at home. Scott Moriarty, 18, formerly of Grapevine, said he was kicked out by his Southern Baptist parents earlier this year. “They told me I needed to get out of their house if I wasn’t going to at least try to be a heterosexual,” Moriarty said. Now, Moriarty is staying with friends and brushing up on his math skills in preparation for the GED test. Moriarty said he plans to eventually go into nursing. “I recommend this program to everybody,” said Moriarty, who was sporting rainbow-striped, long-sleeved gloves in the GED class this week. “You could be an 82-year-old black lady in a wheelchair with one eye and they’re not going to discriminate against you. It’s completely open, and I like that.” Indeed, the program is open even to straight youth. Jessica Montelongo, 21, said she heard about the GED classes from her gay brother, 17-year-old Jesus, who attends YFT. Jessica Montelongo, a high school dropout with an 18-month-old son, said she’s tried other GED programs but didn’t find them as helpful. At YFT, the students get one-on-one tutoring in each of the five subjects covered by the test. “They really motivate us,” Montelongo said. “You have a lot more support.” Even the volunteer tutors say they’re learning from the program. Kenny Schreiber, 22, who was tutoring Bounthavy in reading and writing this week, said he recently graduated from Southwestern University in Georgetown with a degree in English. “I’m looking at going into teaching as a profession,” Schreiber said. Although the program is currently staffed by volunteers, Dumont said once it has more than 15 students, it will be eligible for assistance from the Dallas Independent School District. In the meantime, YFT is seeking donations and more supplies, including computer software, graphing calculators, GED books and study materials. “We’ve got a lot of marketing to do, but it’s all just a matter of time,” Dumont said.

8. Consideration and ACTION to set parameters for the Charter Review Committee. (Ben Medina, Jr. – Planning)

This sounds a bit like controlling the voices unwilling to play along.

11. Consideration and ACTION on Resolution Number 2008-072 expressing continued opposition to the construction of a border wall and consenting to joining the Texas Border Coalition presently in litigation over the border wall. (Mayor Pat M. Ahumada, Jr.)

We can watch Il Duce and his Nancy Boys turn this into an unnecessary fight. Did you notice how at the last meeting Il Duce was opposed to approving the insurance changes and all of the commissioners went along with him like star struck silly girls watching the Monkeys, but the second he changed his mind they all chimed in at once to indicate their change of position. It was truly pathetic. These turkeys have no shame. Garza better be careful. Gamez will turn the second he understands this Commission is the scum of Brownsville. Garza could find himself out of a job and benefactor if he continues to be Il Duce's boy. Gamez does not fancy to sharing his boys with anyone.

12. Consideration and ACTION to approve an application for a class "B" Mobile Home Park Permit. (Ben Medina, Jr. – Planning)

I do not know for sure but this appears to be a revisit of the Cardenas plan to build a joint trailer-park/regular construction development. A city subject to hurricanes does not need another trailer park.

The following is an e-mail I sent Jonathan Segal, President of Freedom Communications Newspapers Division.


I deeply and profoundly care about my community. The Founding Fathers knew and understood a competent press is essential to our freedoms. I do not understand Freedom's near psychotic obsession with only hiring the bottom of the barrel when it comes to reporters and editors.

Here is the story

Here is the problem - "The felony conviction will lead the state to remove Barnhart from office pending his appeal to the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.."

How can a reporter not know that an appeal of a State District Court conviction goes to a state appellate court, and not a federal appellate court? How did the editor let this slip? How is a story about the criminal conviction of a state district court judge not checked for accuracy?

Jon, Freedom either needs to hire competent editors and reporters or face the reality its operations in the LRGV are dead. Please stop with the pretending and face the reality that Freedom's News services in the LRGV is run by a bunch middle school aspiring journalists.

I can tell you - it is nearly a sure thing that each and every story coming out of a court has mistakes. This level of incompetence is a major lawsuit waiting to happen.

Further, I receive my Sunday paper between 10:30 and 11:00 a.m. During the week I receive my paper between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. Every day the paper goes right into the recycle bin. Who is going to wait until 11 a.m to read their paper? By 8:30 a.m. during the week most people are gone and off to work. If the paper cannot be delivered in time to read it before going to work, what is the point of subscribing to the paper?

This is a fundamental failure of management, which goes directly to your office. When are you going to get that the managment of your papers in the LRGV bring new meaning to the concept of incompetence?

Bobby Wightman-Cervantes

I’ve come to the conclusion that this City Commission all bedded down with the same prostitute carrying syphilis. Their incredible stupidity can only be explained by syphilis on the brain. At the last Commission meeting the Commission was informed by their attorney representing them against the BPOA that he filed an appeal in the case wherein the court had issued a 2 million dollar judgment against the city. This attorney had at least 2 City Commission meetings to seek the permission of the City Commission to file the notice of appeal. He did not - he dropped the ball.

What bothered me most about his words at the meeting was that he recommended allowing his unauthorized appeal of the judgment to stand because it can be used as leverage in the contract negotiations with the BPOA. This is unethical and a sanctionable act. The lawyers for the BPOA have his words and need to use the tape or a transcript thereof to seek immediate sanctions. I will go further and say that the BPOA should delay any meaningful negotiations with the city until the city pays the judgment. Knowing what I know about Il Duce and his Nancy Boys they will allow the judgment to collect interest until it doubles rather than simply admit they authorized the breach of the previous contract with the BPOA. It is not their money - it is the money of the taxpayers.

This City Commission wasted taxpayers money defending the suit by the BPOA, and are now paying interest on the judgment with the taxpayers money. This City Commission wasted the taxpayers money defending the lawsuit related to their theft of health insurance benefits at the expense of the taxpayers. This City Commission is now wasting money defending a black and white lawsuit related to the prior restraint of speech. The Texas Constitution is black and white, the city cannot prohibit any type speech before it occurs. The City Commission has passed an ordinance banning all personal statements against the City Commissioners. They simply do not care because it is not their money. It is the taxpayers’ money they seek to waste. To be able to afford their addiction to defending the indefensible they now seek to raise our property taxes.

I will be the first to go after a bad cop. Our police officers although overstretched are doing an incredible job. They put their lives on the line everyday for our safety and welfare. Instead of trying to make the other city employees believe that their health insurance contributions will be increased because of the contract with the BPOA, why not just refund to the program all of the money the city commissioners stole from the city’s self insured health insurance program. This City Commission has no shame and appears to be incredibly mentally deficient.

Come the next election the people will remember all of the money they wasted on needless litigation. They will remember the theft of health insurance benefits. They will remember how the people got caught with interest on a 2 million dollar judgment because this City Commission authorized an unethical delay in payment of the judgment. The unions will remember the game playing by this city commission. It is simply inconceivable to me that any sitting commissioner can or will be reelected.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


To the Brownsville City Commission and Mayor Pat Ahumada:

I am calling on the Brownsville City Commission to issue a public rebuke of Commissioner Atkinson for the following remarks made on

"And a follow-up: Where is my comment faggot? Post it! For someone who comes across like a know it all, you sure lack balls boy. Its alright, I saved it and I'll show it to Joe Rod. He has to feel somehow your blog has caused damage to his legacy. Dumbass!!!! If I were your wife, I would leave your ass!!!!!charles atkinson08.13.08 - 12:05 pm
Guess I hit a nerve. Huh. Who knew?

If he did not make the comments then I suggest he take immediate action against Chris Davis for alleging otherwise. Brownsville has an emerging gay and lesbian community which for years has feared discrimination by public officials. I am particularly concerned with the impact these type comments have on young gays and lesbians dealing with all of the emotional issues associated with coming out of the closet. Gay and lesbian youth suicide remains a problem in the US.

I have filed a formal complaint with Adriana Gonzalez with Customs and Border Patrol - my concern is with whether or not Mr. Atkinson is mistreating men and or women he considers to be gay as they cross the Gateway Bridge back into the US. I am also concerned with whether or not he was on the job at the time he posted these comments to Brownsville cannot move forward as a city which welcomes a diversity of people with open arms if it is unwilling to take action against such comments made by a City Commissioner. How the City Commission responds to my request will speak volumes about how this City Commission views its gay and lesbian taxpayers and residents.

For the record - I do not believe there is any legal basis for Chris Davis' complaint concerning Atkinson's appointment of his brother to the Charter Review Committee. Nepotism has always been about money and wages. Any rule which would prohibit commissioner family members from serving on Citizen Committees would be highly suspect as being unconstitutional. These are participatory committees wherein every citizen afforded an opportunity to participate has a right to serve. If they were receiving any compensation or making policy not subject to Commissioners review then I would be concerned - but they are not. Further, the so called Nepotism policy is so vague no judge would be so dumb as to interpret it to prohibit public volunteer service by an entire class of Brownsville residents.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008



Jerome Corsi is best known for leading the Swift Boat Veterans against John Kerry. It is no great secret that his benefactor which made it all possible was none other than Texan Bob Perry. It is also no great secret that Bob Perry is a heavy contributor to the campaigns of key Texas Democrats such as Eddie Lucio III, and Eddie Lucio II.

We now learn that Jerome Corsi has published a hatchet book against Obama entitled "Obama Nation" The publisher is none other than Mary Matalin, wife to Democratic strategist and Clinton hatchet man James Carville. Are you still waiting on the Clinton surprise to destroy Obama? As the husband to Mary Matalin, James Carville is making money on this hatchet book trashing Obama. This is fact. Anything less than the Clintons denouncing Carville and Howard Dean declaring him a persona non grata within the Democratic Party is unacceptable. This is the first shot over the Obama bow by the Clintons as part of their preconvention strategy to steal the nomination.

It does not end here. Eddie Lucio the III claims to be a Democrat. He is not. He is the scum we sift off the sewage after it has been processed. If he has an ounce of integrity, which he does not, he will return every penny Bob Perry has given to him over the years. He will demand that his father likewise also return all of the money received from Bob Perry. He will not. How with a straight face can he claim to be an Obama supporter?

Mary Matalin, James Carville, and the Lucios are everything evil in America.

Condi Rice should be fired and fired now. I previously discussed her miscalculations related to Russia. She was trained to believe Russia is evil. I was trained to understand you never step on mother-Russia. It is actually more complex than this, but I am trying to reduce it to simple terms. Among Cold War historians the Finnish model for living side by side with Russia is well understood. For some 63 years more or less, Finland lived next door to the former Soviet Union without incident. Just to the south of Finland are the Baltic states. Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia were all puppet communist states of the Soviet Union.

People always asked why Finland did not suffer the same fate as the Baltic States. Finland chose to play by the rules which have historically kept the peace between Russian and Finland. You keep the western powers out, never criticize Russia, and you can become a thriving democracy with a prosperous economy. This is known as the Finnish model.

Condi Rice because of her poor training never understood the Finnish model for peaceful coexistence with the Soviets and Russia. She fundamentally failed to understand the mother-Russia component of Soviet and Russian politics. The Russians will always take a Russian tyrant over a foreign overlord. Peter the Great proved this when Charles the XII of Sweden tried to take on Russia, and Stalin proved this after Hitler invaded the Soviet Union.

Condi failed in her advice to Bush regarding the Russian’s tolerance of NATO forces and defensive missiles in Eastern Europe. Poland knows all too well how Western Europe sat impotent to Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland. They also know how Western Europe sold Poland into Soviet slavery after WWII. With the US now being powerless to stop the Russian invasion of Georgia, Poland and Hungary know all too well they stand alone. No one, other than Condi Rice and Bush believe Western Europe is prepared to freeze this winter to save Poland or Georgia. Europe gets 50% of their natural gas from Russia.

There is only one solution to the problem. It is the solution Condi Rice and Bush have rejected for nearly 8 years. It is the solution everyone with minimal knowledge of Russian and Soviet history have been proposing for nearly 8 years. The US and NATO must accept the Finnish model of peaceful coexistence with Russian for all of the former Soviet Republics which are now independent States. A similar model must be accepted for Poland, and Hungary. While it may not be a pure Finnish model, the US and NATO must accept that NATO can never have troops in Poland or Hungary, and certainly no missiles.

We are now entering a new Cold War. The blame is squarely on the backs of Condi Rice and President Bush. While we cannot fire Bush, we can demand the immediate dismissal of Condi Rice.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


(Editor's Note: This is Wednesday's post - just getting a head start - I have a busy day on Wednesday and my brain only functions for three hours a day so I got this done tonight. Also because this piece has multiple purposes, I had to be tamed with some of my nicknames - the nicknames shall return because what is a blog without school yard naming calling?)

Both Cameron County and the City of Brownsville are proposing a property tax increase. Mayor Ahumada, while not taking an official position on the issue, at Tuesday’s Special Commission meeting did state in an intelligent way the reasons why the city needs more money. There is a difference between more money, and higher taxes. Raising taxes to meet budgetary demands, especially during a time of economic hard times, is never a smart thing.

Commissioners Camarillo and Atkinson did suggest that before the city moves for higher taxes, it should first look for budgetary savings. In addition to the things suggested by Commissioner Camarillo, I would suggest that the city manager conduct a full audit of personnel efficiency.

There is no doubt in my mind, given the compadre system which governs Brownsville, that an audit related to personnel would result in the recommendation of eliminating a whole lot of positions. A second place where the city can find savings is by doing an audit of city credit cards. I have personally seen COB employees outside of Office Depot selling printer cartridges to their friends and families.

It is my position that this city cannot and should not support any tax increase until the above referenced audits have been conducted. Similar audits should be conducted at the PUB.

Commissioner Atkinson suggested that there are a lot of places where savings can be had at the PUB. Government should tighten its belt before it asks the taxpayers for more money. The reality is, Brownsville is currently within the reappraisal cycle of the Cameron County Appraisal District. The timing could not have been any worse. The citizens of Brownsville are already rebelling over the increased taxes they are paying because of the new appraisals. A tax increase will only serve to further alienate the people from this City Commission. Their voices will be heard on election day.

It does not end here - as Commissioner Atkinson has suggested, sometimes it is about a zero sum game. If the City Commission can find a way to increase property taxes on the people without any real overall increase, then what is the big deal? This brings us back to my old dog - it is time to sell the Port of Brownsville. I currently pay $320.31 per year in property taxes to the City of Brownsville. When I tell people about this in NY they tell me I am lying. My new taxes will be $336.37. This will be an increase of $16.06 per year. As to senior citizens, their tax rate is frozen in time. They will not pay a penny extra.

My tax to the BND is $26.40 per year. If we sell the Port of Brownsville and relieve ourselves of this tax burden, I will have a net savings of $10.34. The BND is a cash cow for the local politicos and their compadres. The BND Board will never recommend selling the Port of Brownsville to pay off its debt and relieve the people of the tax burden because their real clients, their compadres, need the BND Board to keep the cash flowing. Under the direction of a private company the compadres of the local politicians could find themselves high and dry.

Another place to find money is to finally address the issue of Impact Fees. This City Commission lied without a conscience when they campaigned with a promise to address Impact Fees. The people continue to cover this subsidy to the developers. Why? Maybe it is time to look at campaign finance reports.

Finally, this City Commission can help relieve some of the budget problems by returning the money they stole from the people by and through their illegal insurance claims on the city. Judge Janet Leal had to issue a court order to stop this illegal taking of taxpayers money.

I have outlined numerous options to avoiding a tax increase. Personally, for an additional $16.06 of my money I say pass the tax increase, but also order an audit of personnel to see where the city can get rid of unnecessary personnel, order an audit of city credit cards and prosecute those who are abusing the city credit cards, audit overtime being paid to city employees, pass a resolution asking Governor Perry to put into issue the sale of the Port of Brownsville (our local representatives to Austin will never do this on their own, this is why we must ask Governor Perry to put it on the Legislative Agenda), and last finally take action on Impact Fees.

Oh, as to my net savings of $10.34, Cameron County can have some of that for their tax increase. In the end my taxes will still go down. It is time the Brownsville City Commission pass a resolution demanding Governor Perry take the necessary action to allow for the sale of the Port of Brownsville. And for the record, Cameron County Commissioners should take the same action on the Port.


In the past I have pushed for the sale of the Port of Brownsville. The BND exists for one reason and one reason only - to keep the compadres of the local politicians in money. It is an unnecessary tax burden on the people. If we can demand that Oliveira and the 2 Lucios seek permission for the people to sell the Port of Brownsville to pay off the debt, we can be relieved of the tax burden. This will off-set most if not all of the tax increases which are about to be made by the city and county. But we all know, the politicos will never put the people over their compadres.


At tonight’s special Commission meeting the Commission will decide what to do about the lawsuit by the Brownsville Police Department regarding the "Me Too Clause." Basically and in simple terms the police are to be on pay parity with the Fire Department. Here is the kicker- according my sources within the PD, Charlie Cabler is pushing to make the police officers to punch in and punch out of work.

You should know, all police officers are required to show up for their shift roll call. They already know if the police officers are on time for work. I do not know if this is a good or bad idea. All I know is it smells like retaliation for the "Me Too Clause" lawsuit and a bargaining chip for the up and coming contract negotiations.

I will be the first to go after a bad police officer who is corrupt. But we must begin with the premise these men and women are serving our community with honor. This is not how you treat those who keep you safe in your home and businesses. The only good thing which will come from this is, the union will favor throwing all sitting Commissioners out of office. This is going to make it a lot easier for the people of Brownsville to get rid of Pat Almighty, Il Duce Troiani and his Nancy Boys.


The readers of the blogs and in fact most people who read the Herald know that Judge Leal found that certain city Commissioners were illegally receiving health insurance coverage from the City of Brownsville. While I do not know the particulars of Brownsville’s health insurance program, or how one files a claim, it seems reasonable to me that if the Commissioners were not entitled to the benefits as a matter of law, and they filed claims anyway, they have committed insurance fraud. In law, ignorance nor bad legal advice is a defense to criminal conduct.
I am not saying anyone has committed insurance fraud or a crime. I just think it merits investigation. The relevant penal code on the issue can be found here.

Anyone who wants to file a complaint they can do so by clicking on the following link.

I am not going to go link by link, but here are other relevant links related to the issue. You should know this is outside the investigatory authority of DA Villalobos. He cannot take any action to block a direct complaint to the Texas Department of Insurance. Although I will say, it will only serve to further discredit Villalobos if the Texas Department of Insurance were to find criminal wrongdoing and pursue a criminal complaint against the subject commissioners. It seems to me he can certainly recover all of the paid claims through a civil forfeiture action.

As I said yesterday, I grow hopelessly bored with all of the complainers who do nothing but complain. Here is your chance to take action. The complaint process is simple. Simply take a copy of the original lawsuit and the final judgment and send same to the Texas Department of Insurance along with the above complaint form. Do not allege specific wrongdoing. Simply ask that they investigate for wrongdoing and fraudulent claims.

The provider for Brownsville’s Health Insurance, including whomever oversees the self-insured part of the program would have a legal duty to pursue such an investigation, or at least a legal opinion on the matter. Their failure to do same could result in the Texas Department of Insurance taking action against them for breach of their fiduciary duties.

I am not going to go down to the court house to retrieve these documents. The exercise here is to see if anyone who constantly is complaining about this issue is willing to take action. If someone were to mail me the documents or post them on the internet so I can download them as a PDF I will file the complaint. Again this is an exercise to see if just one person is willing to do more than complain endlessly.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I grow bored beyond comprehension with the comments of the self-hating Latinos and White Supremacists who place Brownsville’s and Cameron County’s incompetence and corruption on its Mexican history. It is racism at its core. Jack Abramoff, as a Republican, took down as many corrupt pasty white men as he could fit in his greedy little hands. I know of no argument which sources Abramoff’s and his pasty white boys’ corruption with Mexico or Mexican American Heritage. (To refresh your memory:

While it is important that we confront head on these self-loathing Latinos and White Supremacists, the more important issue is the why, in terms of the incompetence and corruption, and what we can do about it.

On July 30, a local business woman arrived at work to find out her landlord had locked her and her clients out of her business. A local long time gym known to all of Brownsville’s gym-rats officially was now out of business. It was only a formality as to when the Powerhouse Gym would close. After the DEA raided the place and the owner’s husband found himself going to federal prison, his wife took the position of screw the customers. She really believed that people would put up with such an anti-customer mentality. She ran her business exactly the way politicians run the government, with the only difference being, the people, such as her landlord, cannot lock out the politicians from their offices. As we all know, it is a lot (note two words not one) easier to lock someone out than to vote them out.

The second challenge we face, and perhaps the bigger problem, is when we do vote bad politicians out of office we seem to only vote in another group of bad politicians. Brownsville and Cameron County are actually very good at voting bad politicians out of office. One only has to look at the new crop of bad politicians at the BND to learn we accomplished nothing with the turn-over. The same goes for the Brownsville City Commission and BISD. For the Livingston matter, Judge Limas had to be voted out of office. If Cornejo-Lopez chooses to conduct herself in a similar manner as Judge Limas, she too will find herself voted out of office.

What we know for sure is that the Democratic process may work in terms of voting bad politicians out of office, but it fails in terms of putting honorable politicians in office. In large measure the people are to blame for this. Good people are not going to put themselves through the process. The people are all too willing to believe every psychotically induced rumor put out there is true and then salivate at the chance to use it against the candidate. The people are the primary reason good people simply choose to not run for office.

The people love a pretty face who presents a slick campaign. The relevance concerning the latest revelations about John Edwards has nothing to do per se with the sex. It has to do with this attitude of no accountability or above the fray. It is odd to me that you can make-up a war, send thousands of American’s to their death and still get reelected, but if you cheat on your wife, you are dead politically. The people are screwballs.

What is relevant about John Edwards is the revelation that he actually believed that the damage which befell Bill Clinton would not befall him. He actually believed that he could go on to be president while lying to the American people about an affair. Image had Edwards won the nomination, we would now be facing an open convention and a near sure win for the Republicans.

Such as the owner of the Powerhouse Gym, the people were and are irrelevant to Edwards. His actions were not for money, but for power for the sake of power. So while I do not care one iota with whom he is having sex, I do care what his actions tell me about his attitude towards accountability and power.

On the surface there appears to be no solution - we simply seem to replace one corrupt bad politician with another. The people who simply bad mouthed Zavaletta endlessly regardless of what facts came out about Villalobos are a major part of the problem. The people who bad mouthed Villalobos endlessly regardless of what facts came out about Zavaletta are a major part of the problem. Good people look to these morons and ask, "why should I put myself on the line and run for office when I will be up against such an ignorant electorate?" The people who are part of this ignorant electorate tend to also be part of the political machines. And this is the heart of the problem.

To solve this problem we must form a new political machine. If we can create an informed electorate, who are not mere lemmings following a leader, we can turn that electorate into a new political machine which can and will rival the Democratic Party of Cameron County. We can, if we choose, take down, the Democratic Party of Cameron County.

Such a machine is not created over night. It must stand on its own platform of ideas. It must educate the people as to those ideas and why those ideas are in the people’s best interests. It cannot simply exist on the notion that the Democratic Party of Cameron County is corrupt. A new political entity or party must believe in something with which the people can associate. It must be an entity of ideas and principles which will not be compromised.

In the weeks which follow I will discuss this even further. I am hoping to be able to finally meet with the lawyers at the Office of the Secretary of State who can and will guide me in forming a new political party at the state level, which will have its first official county office in Cameron County. It is a long-shot - a very, very long, long shot. But if you are not willing to roll the dice you should not be in the casino. I have grown bored with the blogosphere. It is basically endless whining by people who have nothing to offer but their complaints, and who cut and run the second they are expected to act on their beliefs. If you are unwilling to stand and take the bullet, then you have nothing to say worth reading.

Friday, August 8, 2008

This is a modern day Cheech and Chong. Be prepared for strong language and lots of pot smoking. Apparently everyone in the theater but me knew Pineapple Express means pot. In this story Dale, middle man above, while serving a citation on a drug dealer witnesses a murder. One thing leads to another and he is eventually ID by the drug dealer. For 2/3rd of the film it is Dale and his dealer (skinny guy on your right) being paranoid as they run from the kingpin dealer. It is very, very funny. There is no drug use during the last 1/3rd of the film.
All I will say is the director made good use of the paranoia which comes along with pot smoking. If you think you can handle the subject matter you will enjoy this film.

This morning's Herald front page has an article on the TEA fraud related to accountability within our schools. It basically states what I said earlier in the week.

I am copying documents to this organization claiming BISD should be the recipient of some national award. I would admonish the BISD Board and Gonzales, if they falsified the application they could face criminal charges. This is a joke and Gonzales needs to be fired.

OIL DOWN TO $112.67

Now if the Democrats would just demand Pelosi reconvene Congress, we could get oil down to $70.00 a barrel, the benchmark to make shale oil exploration still profitable. Do we all remember the journalist experts claiming oil was going to hit $200.00 a barrel. What they did not tell you was, as they were giving their experts to the inept journalists at Fox, CNN, and MSNBC, they were using their Blackberry to force the price of oil up. Ethics in journalism is an oxymoron.

(Editor's note - titles mean nothing in a place like Russia - analysts basically agree Putin continues to run the military)

Today’s piece only relates to Brownsville in the context of an indirect impact on Brownsville. It is something you will not read in the local paper so I decided I needed to open the discussion. But first, I am trying a new Friday feature - Bobby WC’s Rules.

BOBBY WC’S RULE NUMBER ONE: When you go to Walmart, rather than take that basket and put it behind my truck how about rolling it back into the store. I am not talking about the people leaving Walmart, I am talking about the people arriving at Walmart. You need a basket anyway, so how about removing one from the parking lot. Besides, it will help hold up your lazy fat ass while walking through the parking lot.

This morning we learn that Russia has invaded its neighbor to the south, Georgia, under the guise of protecting its peacekeepers in South Ossetia, a region within Georgia. I say the US is being proven impotent because Georgia is a major ally of the US and the US can do nothing to help. The US over the protests of Russia continued to arm Georgia and train its military. Georgia this morning is now learning the lesson that the US is impotent against Russia.

Condoleezza Rice and I were trained at the same time, but by two different schools of thought. She was in a Russian Studies Program, I was in a Soviet East European Studies Program. Based solely on her training, I am very biased against Condoleeza Rice. Both of our mentors were from Eastern Europe. The difference is, my mentor harbored no malice towards the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, both of whom destroyed Poland. Condi’s mentor lived to bad mouth Russia.

In the same way Granada was a pawn in the greater Cold War between the former Soviet Union and the US, Georgia is now a pawn in the renewed Cold War between Russia and the US. To refresh your memory Reagan ordered the invasion of the island nation of Granada to save several US medical students. Granada was a pawn country of the Soviets at the time.

The real message Russia is sending this morning has nothing to do with Georgia. It has everything to do with the Eastern European countries contemplating allowing the US to place defensive missiles on their territory. This is the source of the new Cold War in its nascent state. Russia has made clear it will not tolerate the US aiding its neighbors militarily or the placement missiles in their backyard. You see Bush was asleep during the lesson on the Cuban missile crisis so he is taken aback by Russia’s response to the US decision to announce the placement of missiles in Eastern Europe.

Condi’s training forces her to always see Russia as hostile. This has resulted in her misguiding the President to see Russia as a permanent threat, rather than as a people who will defend their motherland. There is no faster way to unite the Russian people than to threaten their motherland. Bush has done more to unite the Russian people against the US, than Putin ever could have done on his own.

This morning our alleys in Eastern Europe are being reminded that Russia will not think twice about invading a neighbor if it feels threatened. Unlike Bush, and Condi, they know the Russian people. Although Stalin was brutal in his rule over the Soviet Union, he was still able to get the Russian people to unite and defeat Nazi Germany. A Russian will always take a dictator over a foreign overlord. In Russian the word for mute and foreigner is the same - nemitz. In their view foreigners cannot speak Russian so they are therefore mute. This is why it is important that you study a people’s language when you study their sociology.

We have six months before it leaves the White House. As a nation we are exposed. The world knows our military is overtaxed in Iraq. Now the world knows we cannot come to the aid of our alleys. Such as China has won the battle against the US by taking control of our economy, Russia has proven to the world we are impotent when it comes time to defend our alleys within Russia’s sphere of influence. Do you feel safer after nearly eight years of Bush in the White House?