Thursday, July 17, 2008


The Democrats are using the oil crisis to play Russian Roulette with the well-being of the American people. The other day I called to a family member in NY to get his take on the issue of 18 year olds after 3 months training in Oklahoma being allowed to move on to on the job training as air traffic controllers. The conversation quickly moved to anger towards the Democrats over the oil crisis. This person is a long time Democrat.

Today the Democrats can introduce legislation which freezes the price of US originated crude at $70.00 a barrel. According to the experts at $70.00 a barrel, shale oil, the most expensive to produce, would still be profitable to produce. The issue of whether the President would veto such a bill, or the courts would hold such a law unconstitutional is separate and distinct from the impact such a law would have on the world market. With the US being the 3rd largest producer of oil in the world, the impact on the price of oil would be immediate.

We now know that unions have invested billions in pension money into oil speculation. We know the unions have a disproportionate influence on the Democrats. But this is just one reason why the Democrats are failing to act. The second is in hopes the American people will be so mad come November they will blame the Republicans. The Democrats assume that the people associate the Republicans with big oil and not the Democrats. Come November, in the northern states they may learn just how wrong they are.

My brother raised the question that people are already not spending money this summer because they are scrambling to raise money to be able to pay for their winter oil bill. My readers may not know, but in northern states, most people still use an oil drip method to heat their houses. Every month heating oil is delivered into an underground tank at every home. The oil is pumped into a furnace. Like firewood would keep a fireplace going, the dripping oil keeps the furnace going so as to heat the house.

The average Joe in the northern states have already come to accept they will not be able to pay for the heating oil this winter. That first bill will come at the end of September just before the election. People will be mad. The Democrats are counting on the people blaming the Republicans. According to my family member people who are long term Democrats are already blaming the Democrats for doing nothing. The people are not stupid.

So what we have is, the Democrats turning a blind eye while auto workers are being laid off because the American people will no longer buy the gas guzzling SUV’s being made, and while airline industry workers are being laid off because flying has now become a luxury for the rich only.

The Democrats through their inaction are needlessly creating unemployed auto and airline industry workers. Here in Brownsville for the second time a local manufacturer is laying off workers who make windshield wipers. The inaction of the Democrats can be blamed for these layoffs. Come September, when the people who depend on heating oil to heat their homes find they have no money to pay for heating oil, they will be pissed. They will have no choice but to charge it to their credit cards.

What happens come November when people start to buy consumer products for Christmas, if they cannot use their credit cards because they are already maxed out for heating oil already charged, or needed for heating oil to get through the rest of the winter months? It means a collapse of retail. November and December are the bread and butter months of retail.

We are already seeing a decline in the number of people eating out. I would hate to be a restauranteur. Business is about to get real bad.

When a political party plays Russian Roulette with the future of the American people, in hopes of securing power, it is fair to say they are evil. The Democrats have somehow actually become more evil than the Republicans. Now to be fair, the Republicans, afforded the opportunity would do the same thing.

An editor’s note - do not post a comment that the speculators in oil are not to blame for the problem. The journalists in the country have proven just how immoral they have become. Every time I hear a journalist, particularly on Fox News, interviewing these so called experts, the journalist never ask these so called experts, who claim the speculators are not to blame, whether these experts are invested in oil futures. The American people have turned a deaf ear to journalist because they have become the face of immorality in American politics.

On the issue of more drilling - yes I support more drilling off the coast - but only if Congress includes in the authorization a doubling of fuel efficiency in our cars, and a cap on how much can be paid for the new oil being drilled for off-shore.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Stapleton,

When the inevitable strikes upon us, and the questions arise how could this happen in our community, it's more than likely too late.

We shift priorities quicker than soapbox or next weeks chisme.

Will Rothgery wait till june-teenth?


July 17, 2008 8:55 PM