Monday, July 21, 2008


Keeping track of Dolly:

I spent the weekend on Boca Chica. We got there early Saturday for the children’s fishing tournament, and stayed until about 3:30 on Sunday. Everyone in my group knows my rule about garbage. I have zero tolerance for people who throw any garbage on the beach. Well when you mix heavy drinking with the beach it means pigs everywhere. On Saturday night I had to come back into town to check on the dogs, and get ice. By the time I got back there was garbage all over the camp ground. I was royally pissed. I was told it was from someone’s cousin who showed up with his friends. Who knows. I told everyone sleeping in one of my tents - no sleep until all of the garbage was picked up - or they sleep outside.

Things were better on Sunday. My breakfast put everyone in a good mood. The parents were very happy to have fresh coffee. The day went great until it was time to leave. I brought our garbage back to my home. Every garbage container on the beach was overflowing. Now the county will pay overtime to someone to go clean the beach. This is sad.

When I was driving away, about half-way between the entrance and the mouth of the river, I was in near tears over the amount of garbage on the beach. Garbage was just left everywhere on the beach. I saw plastic bags by the dozens blowing into the dunes. It was so sad because when I got to the beach on Saturday morning the county workers were just finishing the raking of the beach. It was spotless.

True to form most of the people who trash the beach are the same people who complain endlessly about the high taxes. In my opinion these people are the garbage which really needs to be dumped at the city’s land fill.

HELLOOOOOOOOOO DOLLY. More garbage. I am told the county is busy cleaning the garbage off of SPI. I hope they take the time to clean Boca Chica. All of those grocery bags up in the sand dunes are not good for the wild life.

Here is the kicker for me - bulk garbage. The City of Brownsville needs to double its efforts at picking up bulk trash. The City of Brownsville like everything else it does, has no real organized policy on bulk trash pick-up. As a consequence bulk trash can sit out in front of someone’s home for weeks. I have no hope of my neighbor’s bulk trash being picked up before Wednesday. I have complained endlessly to BFI about the branches and tree trunks they left in front of my driveway several weeks ago when they picked up another neighbor’s bulk trash. Please do not bother calling Santana Torres’ office - they will tell you it is not their problem - it is contracted out to BFI. I can assure you BFI will just ignore all of your complaints.

People - all of your bulk trash is going to blow somewhere. If you have a truck or a friend with a truck - take it to the landfill today or tomorrow. You will have no one to blame but yourself when that branch blows through your car or house windows.

People - we all know this City Commission and Public Works, which is headed up by a highschool graduate, will never get their act together in preparing Brownsville for a hurricane. It is up to WE THE PEOPLE to secure our own homes and get our garbage to the landfill. Like I said, I have no hopes of the city picking up my neighbor’s bulk trash which has been there for two weeks. You know, in real cities where intelligent people are in charge you are given a 3 day window to put out your bulk trash. If you put it out before then you get a $500.00 fine. Not in Brownsville - you are allowed to put your bulk trash out when ever you damn please - and to hell with the safety issues with bulk trash blowing all over the city.


Unknown said...

I was also at the beach early and was amazed to see it clean. I knew by Sunday evening the place would be full of trash. Will they ever pass out trash bags, provide dumpsters or even have someone patroling giving out warnings that could lead to a citation during this event? This event has been around 23 years and they still haven't got it together.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bobby, I agree that people should not throw trash. I grew up during 60’s and 70’s, my late dad always told us too throw the trash in the trash cans. I am so happy my late dad show me the right way about garbage.

Herman Otis Powers Jr.