Friday, July 11, 2008


Let me begin by warning you the price of this film in $10.50 -$2.00 extra to cover the glasses. It really should have been named Return to Journey of the Center of the Earth. The return part is actually an interesting part of the film.

Everyone from 3 to 93 enjoyed the 3D. The young adults appeared to really have enjoyed it. It is a far superior film to the latest Raiders film. It is the basic story. The acting of the three main characters is believable. Brendan Fraser was excellent in the part.

Basically, Brendan’s nephew notices something about a sensor on top of a volcano which causes Brendan to decide to check it out. He notices in the brother’s copy of Journey to the Center of the Earth, notes which might be a clue to how his brother disappeared 10 years earlier. The book in time becomes almost a map to their journey.

I realize this is a short review, but all I can say is wow. The audience’s reaction to the 3D made the film worth every penny. The bonus was, the acting is good, and the story line is great. Sometimes a simple story makes a film easier for the audience to enjoy. It is a family fun film, not some doctoral dissertation on the center of the earth.
I made that last comment because critics are morons. Films are made for people not critics. When will they learn to view films through the eyes of the people?

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Anonymous said...

The movie was awesome!
Thanks for the review!

El Coyote