Friday, July 25, 2008


(UPDATE TO ORIGINAL POST: At about 4:45 pm I started to receive phone calls from residents at Palm Resaca. Their electricity was restored at about 4:30 pm. They were originally told it would be Saturday. Throughout the day I received several phone calls from both local and national news stations, in response to my press release. I do not know if their phone calls to the BPUB forced anyone's hand. I am glad these people have air conditioning and electricity for their medical devices.)

A measure of a community’s moral compass is how it treats its children and senior citizens. We all know that BISD treats the children as yesterday’s trash, and we the people find this to be acceptable. I am now sad to report the City of Brownsville has intentionally abandoned thousands of senior citizens, many of whom cannot power their medical devices.

Within the City of Brownsville are numerous senior citizen trailer parks. Palm Resaca and Winter Haven are two about which I have knowledge. Neither of these trailer parks receive electricity through the BPUB. This means neither has electricity.

If you go to these communities at this moment you will learn that they do not have electricity. You will learn that the houses, churches, and homes around these trailer parks all have electricity. You will learn there are no down lines. The only reason these trailer parks do not have electricity is because the Brownsville Public Utility is blocking the electricity into the parks because the companies which actually provide the electricity are not currently feeding into the system. Many of these companies are resellers so the electricity is really just discounted BPUB electricity resold to these residents.

Yesterday I was at Palm Resaca hanging in their pool. These people are miserable with the heat. They cannot run their medical devices. They cannot run/charge their wheelchairs.
Now some people will say "why should the customers of the BPUB give these people electricity?" I have no answer, because I do not know how to reason with evil at its core. These people are at risk, medically and emotionally. These people are residents of Brownsville. These people pay property taxes to the City of Brownsville. These people are senior citizens.

For those of you who only understand money - they are money. Brownsville as a retirement community brings in senior citizens from all over the world, Canada, US, and Mexico. These people spend millions of dollars every year in support of the Brownsville community. Many people do not realize the reason why the LRGV has so much high quality healthcare is because of the demand for quality doctors these seniors bring to our communities.

I do not know who the city commissioners are for Palm Resaca and Winter Haven, but they should resign. But only after they go into these communities and apologize to these human beings for their criminal neglect. Where has Pat Almighty been for these senior citizens? No where - absolutely nowhere. What is the emotional disturbance which forms Pat Almighty? First he tells people to ignore the warnings about the possible failure of the levees, and then he refuses electricity to some of the most fragile people within the City of Brownsville.

What a pathetic lot Pat Almighy, Il Duce Troiani, and the Nancy Boys.

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