Monday, July 28, 2008


Some things are out of the control of Cabler and Santana. For example my trash pickup which is normally on Saturday occurred on Sunday. There is a lot of trash. The city can only do so much. Along these lines, on Saturday I took three truck loads of palm branches to the landfill. The more of us who take our own brush to the landfill the faster Public Works can get the city clean. At some point we the people need to help with the process instead of getting in the way.

This is where Cabler and Torres failed the city. I notice people were dumping their brush along Robindale and Old Port Isabel road. I am thinking all they have to do is shoot down 802 to the landfill, what is the problem? The problem is, City Manager Cabler and Public Works Director Torres decided it is better that the people in the county dump their brush on city or county roads or in drainage ditches than waive the fee to dump their brush in the city land fill.

I can hear it now, "they are not part of the city so why should they be permitted to dump their brush for free?" Fine, now the city will pay BFI to collect all of this extra brush illegally dumped on the side of the road and in the drainage ditches. It is only your tax dollars being wasted. Are you happy now? Further the county is going to have to pay to have the brush illegally dumped on the side of roads in the county.

Cabler and Torres have failed to create a policy for efficient pick-up of bulk trash within the city before hurricanes. In real cities wherein you have a city manager with a Masters in Public Administration and a director over Public Works who is more than a highschool graduate the policy is, everyone is given a week of the month when their bulk trash will be picked up. You are allowed to put your bulk trash out 3 days early. This way the bulk trash in never out more than a total of 10 days, and in most cases no more than 6 days.

But as we all know, education is a sin in Brownsville. This is why BISD as a matter of policy forces 50% of its students to dropout. Something as simple as closing all campuses so the students cannot just get up and leave school whenever they want to, is beyond the capacity of the BISD Board and its inept superintendent.

This lack of meaningful and effective policy is the primary cause for the plight of SPI. We know that the county and county inspectors failed us when they approved the engineering on the leaning tower of SPI. A 30 story building which in all likelihood will need to be torn down. With full disclosure of its history, who is going to buy the condos?

In January I was watching a Dallas game at the bar in the Radisson. Two drunk builders were telling my brother how they get the city inspectors to sign off on any piece of garbage they present to them. They stated that there is an understanding of trust between the city inspectors and regular developers. This is not how you run a resort town subject to hurricanes. It is my position that the city needs to review its policies concerning new construction which should include hiring qualified structural engineers to approve all new construction.

The City of SPI has run on a policy of neglect for far too long. I hope the residents of SPI will hold their leaders accountable on election day. What happened on SPI is what happens when city leaders turn a blind eye to poor planning and development. While I feel sorry for the people who are suffering, I do not feel sorry for the business community. They are part of the problem. They are the ones who buy and sell city leaders like slaves at a slave auction.

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