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(This is Wednesday's post)

I liked it. Yes there were a few moments of drama, but they did a good job. It was a hard night. I actually have a lot of respect for the conduct of the commission. There was honest and frank debate. I give all of them an A+ for their overall conduct. Open and frank debate is never easy. Open and frank debate was the big winner last night. (Changed my mind at the end)

On the merits of the issue I will only say, I do not believe Judge Hanen will allow DHS to retaliate against Brownsville if it fights. Judge Hanen will not allow DHS to destroy Brownsville’s opportunity for development of downtown and the river. DHS has already stipulated that the removable wall is workable. They cannot turn around and go to court and say otherwise. Troiani made fools of the commissioners on this one.

Given what we have seen of this commission in the past, I was very proud of their service last night. This does not mean I agree or disagree with any given opinion. I just think last night was good government on a very, very difficult issue.

Charlie Atkinson’s plea to the President of Mexico by and through the Mexican news media was on the mark. I hope he is heard.

As to the speakers, most made me feel very inadequate. John Moore, regardless of how you feel about the wall, was very eloquent. Most speakers and the exposure they gave to the issue last night, only served to remind me how irrelevant the blogosphere is in Brownsville. Yes our audience reads our words. Every so often we may get lucky and people may push our ideas. But these speakers held an audience far superior to anything we as bloggers hold on any given day.

To MZ you were great last night - thanks for your work on the live blog.

I am amending my words. I am keeping my original words because they were true until Troiani played a game which I believe shamed the city. Troiani lacked the courage of his convictions to just tell the truth that he supports the wall, so he came up with this tabling idea. Tabling is tantamount to no, but leaving the issue on the table. DHS is still free to sue. So what was accomplished? Nothing but Troiani making fools of the city commission. You turkeys are truly a bunch of Nancy Boys.

Oh, on the wier, Merov is correct in his concerns for this bottomless money pit. Before any future expeditures are made we must have a real commitment from Mexico.


I have given this post a lot of thought because I do not want to open old wounds. What happened to Cisnersos with someone following him and videotaping him was wrong. It was more than wrong - such actions can have the potential of discouraging people from running for public office. As it is, many good people are unwilling to run for office. Those responsible for the acts against Cisneros must be exposed.

It does not end there, the Adela Garza/Dr. Silva mess must be fully exposed. I am not talking about bloggers. All bloggers make mistakes, even me, so on that issue it is time to move on. I am talking about anyone who made money on the event or anyone in the Silva campaign who knew about what happened. If it can be shown Dr. Silva knew what was going on, then he needs to be taken to task publically. He needs to be taken to task publically because if he knew about what was happening he needs to suffer public humiliation. The reason for this is simple - it will send a clear message to potential candidates that this type conduct will not be tolerated. This is in Brownsville’s and Cameron County’s best interest.

Roman Perez is no longer accessible through e-mail, so I must communicate to him through the BV. I do not believe he will accept the certified mail. Roman, you will provide me all e-mails from Dr. Silva and a detailed statement as to what he knew and when he knew it. You will also provide me the e-mails from the attorney who helped you write the hack piece on me which brought down your web page. You will provide me a detailed statement which informs me who contacted whom first, and of all phone conversations.

Roman, me suing you will only further serve to hurt your wife. She has suffered more than any woman should have to suffer because of your conduct. But, if the only way I can secure this information is to sue you, then so be it. The lawsuit is ready to go - do not force my hand. I have Roman and everyone else in his little enterprise on defamation per se - which means damages are presumed. Roman only you have the power to keep a lawsuit from hurting your wife. While I would never sue your wife or even call her as a witness, your decision to not cooperate will only serve to bring needless stress to her life. The power is in your hands. Do not allow this attorney to further manipulate you.

By later this week I fully expect Dr. Silva to have his attorneys reviewing my requests. Suing Dr. Silva as part of the Roman Perez enterprise, along with this unknown attorney is no sweat off my back. There is a truth here which needs to be learned. I intend to learn it. Some type letter from Dr. Silva apologizing to the people of Brownsville might be what it takes to keep him out of this. I suspect Roman will remain silent because the attorney who helped him will threaten him. What Roman failed to understand was, he was outmaneuvered by an attorney who in my opinion proved too much of a manipulator for even Roman.

This is not going to end soon. I suspect if litigation becomes necessary other defendants who can be tied to this enterprise of deceit orchestrated by Roman will be added one at a time. But when it does end, I promise a truth and an exposure of those who hate Brownsville so much they will partake in these type con jobs and distractions. The distractions are only going to get worse. I am a big boy, I can defend myself. I will survive. Roman was a small fry in terms of my detractors and those who oppose open and transparent government.

My goal is simply to bring out the truth. If the truth will keep just one dishonest person from running for office, then it will be worth it. The greater my voice becomes in this matter, the greater the pressure from those who oppose open and transparent government will become. It is the nature of the beast. In the end, if I can expose this matter, it will help all sides equally. The more diverse opinions we have in our community the better for the community. People who seek to silence debate fear it because they know they have nothing to offer but contempt for the people and corrupt government.

Those who believe in open government and diversity of opinion have the courage of their convictions to debate point by point. People who oppose diversity of opinion tend to subscribe to the elitist notion that the people are too dumb to form their own opinions so they must be told what to think. I will leave it on that note. I do not know if I will post on this Silva Garza mess again. It depends on what I learn. If I learn Dr. Silva was a victim I will probably not post on this again. I think my readers understand my purpose.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying my words were eloquent. The true test of whether they were useful is whether anyone was motivated to find his/her own voice because I was willing to find mine.

The heroine of the night was the homeowner from La Moria, addressing the City Commission in Spanish. The courageous Dr. Tamez made her case and declared her courage. Mr. Paz from Sabal Palms also provided necessary support. Mr. and Mrs. Lucio from Ft. Brown made their persuasive and calm argument. Others of us less prominent Brownsvillians made valuable input, speaking truth to power. And we will never know who influenced whom, or what the meeting (or the outcome of the vote) would have been like without any of these people acting together. But like the widow and her mites in Jesus' parable, by finding the courage to plead with the commissioners, she cast in more than us all.