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It seems if Obama would only campaign in South and West Texas along with Bill Richardson he could put Texas into play.

For some time I have been wanting to speak to the issue of Sex in Brownsville. Over the last couple of months I have heard and seen things which are causing me to believe Brownsville is on the verge of an HIV epidemic. My decision to go forward with this piece in part is based on the recent revelations about HIV in the black community.

Ladies, the video at the end is for you - be informed and be safe

The truth behind the HIV story in the black community should cause everyone to pause for a minute and ask - is the press failing us by not keeping us informed? The answer is yes. The story about HIV/AIDS in the black community which we only heard about in the last week was originally released by the Center for Disease Control over a year ago. Here is the relevant excerpt.

"According to the 2000 census, blacks make up approximately 13% of the US population. However, in 2005, blacks accounted for 18,121 (49%) of the estimated 37,331 new HIV/AIDS diagnoses in the United States in the 33 states with long-term, confidential name-based HIV reporting "

Latinos also comprise about 13% of the population with 19% of the new HIV/AIDS cases being reported among Latinos. So what is going on with Sex in Brownsville?

Several months ago I just became overwhelmed with disbelief and walked away from a conversation with a friend when he disclosed he had sex with his girlfriend while she was cycling. HIV spreads through blood. In earlier conversations I learned he was not using condoms because she is on the pill. I explained to him that if she was having sex with him without a condom, she had sex in the past with other men without a condom. I asked how do you know she does not have HIV of Hep C? His answer - "she is not that type of girl." The yelling was very loud.

I am going to say something which is going to make a lot of women mad - but better mad at me than dead. Women who have sex without a condom are idiots and whores, unless you are married and trying to have children. Whores is kind of harsh - no it is not. If you are so desperate for the sex that you are willing to forego the condom just to get a man, you are a whore. Oh, please do not give me this crap "what about the man’s responsibility?" It is her body, it is her responsibility. And yes the man is an idiot.

Now that was the "G" stuff. The other day I was at a post Dolly barbeque - the idea was to cook everything before it spoils. This person did not have electricity. He lives in the county. It was all adults and he had invited people I would not normally hang with, but it was his home. Two different married women were openly talking about how happy they are they agreed to allow their husbands to bring another woman into their bed. They are 20 somethings. They were very open about how the other women are better at the oral sex than their husbands, and they were surprised to learn they like having sex with women. I have no problem with any of this. Their bodies, their choice. It did not end their.

So I responded to the guys, "what would you say if your wife brought another man into the bed?" One of the women laughed and said "we already have." I was shocked. She went on to say that ever since her husband was rimmed by the other man and received oral sex from the man while have is prostate massaged by the man’s fingers, she now has to do it to him all of the time. I know of another couple which has twice invited me into their bed. It is not my style. Besides, from what I have surmised condoms are not being used, which make for the transmission of a whole lot of STDs.

In many ways this is not new. In 1953, my parents were invited to what they thought was a welcome to the neighborhood party in Levittown, New York. It was a swingers party. My mother was horrified and my parents left. One of the networks has a summer show called "Swingers." The difference is HIV was not an issue in 1953.

HBO and MTV have done shows on sexual trends in the US. The most shocking HBO show I saw was women learning how to perform anal intercourse on their husbands. The concept does not shock me. I know enough to know that just because a man enjoys being on the receiving end of anal intercourse does not mean he is gay. It is so much more complex than sex. In fact sex has very little to do with whether or not you are gay, bi, or straight. What shocked me was the openness of the discussion.

MTV has had shows on the free for all sexual antics going on in college dorms. It has become normal for two straight men to have sex as a way to avoid the drama of dating while in college. Among younger men and women sex with members of the same gender does not mean you are gay - it means you are horny and want some. The nerve endings in the anus which give pleasure during sex, or the impact on the prostate are not any different between straight and gay men.

The only difference is the sense of taboo which straight men feel over the issue. I believe that within 10 years the norm in the US for the current up and coming generation will be regular sexual encounters between members of the same gender without any concern as to it meaning one is gay. Sexual orientation is about an emotional and spiritual connection with your partner, and not sex.

For all of this sexual experimentation I have no problem. Sexuality is a great part of being human. I do believe that if people were more liberated about their bodies they would be more relaxed and in fact better people. My issue is safety. The sexual norms are changing. Trust me ladies once a man has been rimmed, he will want it all of the time. One day he will realize that going all the way with the anal intercourse is even better than the pleasure he gets from rimming. Will it make him gay? - no - it will make him liberated about his body.

Again my issue is safety. We need to begin to have honest conversations with each other on this subject and to educate our children, family and friends about safety. If these trends continue and people do not come to accept the need for condoms an HIV epidemic will be inevitable.
Ladies, this is happening all over Brownsville. The following video tells the story, albeit in a funny, funny way.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


SPI is open for business. MZ will be maintaining a list of open businesses on SPI. They can be found at

Last night I noticed Lifetime was not working on Time Warner Cable. Then I realized "Tori and Dean" is on Oxygen. Sorry guys if you missed the program because I originally said it was on Lifetime.



Originally I was a big advocate of Charter Schools, based on the concept. Anytime public policy allows for experimentation in education or any other issue it is a good thing, unless it becomes a back door for elitism and exclusion. The new Charter School for Brownsville is such an example. It is an elitist school based on exclusion which will be paid for by the taxpayers. This is not good.

Before I get to the new charter school I want to speak to Premier Highschool. As a concept Premier Highschool is a good school. It allows students to move forward at their own pace by using modules. For some students this is the only way they can learn. It is also a closed campus. It also has a rule of no cell phones. All of this is good. So why would I object? An omnipotent principal gets to play god and decide who gets in and who does not. This should not be an option in a public school.

In my experience with Premier Highschool the child never got to the point of being rejected because the principal discouraged the parents during the interview. The parents gave up any hope for their child before the interview was even over. I know this child and she would have succeeded at Premier Highschool. What the principal failed to understand is sometimes the learning challenges of the child are the learning challenges of the parents. This type mistake comes from a lack of education when it comes to dealing with parents, or an arrogance which informs the principal they are god. Either way it is bad.

Charter Highschools are funded with public dollars. The idea that a principal can be a god in deciding who gets into a publically funded highschool should shock the conscience of every one of my readers. "But you do not understand the purpose of Charter schools" is the retort. I do. This is why I prefer clusters similar to Charter Schools within the highschools. The size of the cluster should be based on the demand of the students and parents wanting into the program, and not some Nazilike selective process as to who is good enough to get in. It is really easy to create an UBER-student when you get to leave the unclean to shower in fake showers.

In 1980, UTEP was considering an Honors College for those exceptional students. They would be given the best teachers and smaller class sizes. I wrote a letter to the editor opposing such a college - there’s a shocker. 28 years later I have yet to change my mind.

The College-Highschool Charter School set to open this Fall in Brownsville is an example of why Charter Schools are bad. This is basically a back-door, at public expense, attempt to cleanse the classroom of undesirables from the children of the elite few. It is a high quality public school at the expense of the public, except the public cannot send their children unless their children are UBER-students or the politically connected.

A long time ago it was decided to end the segregation of disabled students from the public schools and put them into the public schools with non-disabled children. The idea was to provide them the full experience of a public education and to expose them to children who may challenge them.

A long time ago it was decided to end segregation based on race. It was really based on economic status. These poor children simply did not have the resources to compete with wealthy white children. They held the white children behind. How can the poor child in Southmost with nothing compete with the computer literacy of the country-club children? Do these children really have an equal opportunity at access to this new Charter school?

What is the need for a College-Highschool Charter School if the same courses are being offered at BISD? The problem is they are not. The BISD Board and Superintendent Gonzales have decided to ignore the mandates of No Child Left Behind to the detriment of our children.

In order to teach a course for college credit the teacher must have a Masters in their teaching field. For example if you want to teach economics for college credit you must have a Masters in Economics. Under NCLB Congress had the foresight to understand that anyone with a Masters in their teaching field should be allowed to teach. Congress deemed anyone with a Masters in their teaching field who has passed the state’s content examination to be highly qualified and ready to enter the classroom to teach. BISD has responded to Congress by refusing to hire anyone deemed highly qualified under NCLB.

This is why BISD does not have enough teachers with a Masters in their teaching fields to accommodate all of the students who may be willing to take college level courses while in highschool. If BISD would simply comply with NCLB and mandate that all new hires at the highschool level have a Masters in their teaching fields, for college credit subjects, there would be no need for a College-Highschool Charter school. BISD could fill every math and science opening in a matter of weeks by simply advertising at any college with Masters level programs.

The idea behind NCLB was someone with a Masters in their teaching field would have a higher understanding of the material than someone with a mere BA or BS. This would translate into better instruction for all students. I have my Masters in Education from UT Arlington. If they taught me anything about instruction I missed it. In the field of secondary education, there is no real instruction for educators. It is time to abolish the recruitment of education majors for highschool instruction and to only higher graduates with a Masters or higher in their teaching fields.

In the end I guess the handful of teachers with a Masters in their teaching field will end-up at this new Charter school, thereby lowering the education level of the teachers left remaining to teach the non-privileged children. Who among my loyal readers believe there will be no politics in deciding who does and does not get into the new Charter school?

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Today is going to be a bit lighthearted with a serious note first on SPI. MZ will be maintaining a list of open businesses on SPI. They can be found at For now the island is not open to people, or businesses outside of the island. Highway 48 is expected reopen on Wednesday. Let’s hope we can all party on SPI this weekend. My bum is getting way too white - so I need to get out their soon.


After years of abstinence, I have been concerned I am losing my interest in GAYDOM.. Well I have discovered a great program on Lifetime TV, and I no longer have those concerns. It is called "Tori and Dean" It is about the life of Tori Spelling and her husband and child, Dean and Liam. There is another on the way any day. You can see a new episode tonight at 9 p.m
At times, like when she complains about not enough room for her hundred pairs of shoes, she can be a bit bitchy and princess like. Also when she complains about the hardship she faces because her mother will not share her father’s millions with her and her husband, she comes across as a bit spoiled. But on balance she is funny and real. So ladies if you find your husband enjoys watching "Tori and Dean" - you know he is really pining for another man in his bed - sorry ladies.

Lifetime TV is also showing a great movie called "Saved!" It is not what you think. The central character is a girl who decides Jesus wants her to have sex with her gay boyfriend so as to change him. The movie ends 9 months later - get it. Also, the central "Christian" character forces people to question whether or not you are a Christian based on what you tell people about yourself or how you treat others. It is actually a very good film.
For immediate release: July 28, 2008 (1:30 p.m.)


Island still open to residents, employees and those with specific Island business. Thank you for your patience.This will be updated often.
Restaurants: Zeste Gourmet 3805 Padre Boulevard
Amberjack’s 209 W Amberjack Palm Street Pier 204
West Palm Fishbones 1 Padre Boulevard
Wanna Wanna 5100 Gulf Boulevard Palms on the Beach 3616
Gulf Boulevard Dairy Queen 2401
Padre Boulevard Sunset Café and Deli 1004 Padre Blvd Ste F-1
Grapevine Café 2800 Padre Blvd
Blackbeard’s Restaurant (Tuesday) 103 E. Saturn
Blue Marlin Supermarket 2912 Padre Blvd
Convenience Stores Stripes Padre and Polaris 331 Padre Boulevard Gas included
Speedy Pac 3012 Padre Boulevard Gas included
Island Market 5312 Padre Boulevard Gas Included
First National Bank 709 Padre Blvd
Wells Fargo Bank 1800 W. Highway 100
Lodging Properties
La Quinta Inn and Suites 7000 Padre Blvd.
La Copa Resort 350 Padre Blvd.
Comfort Suites 912 Padre Blvd Travelodge 6200 Padre Blvd.
Padre Insurance 3401 Padre Blvd.

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There are crews from all of the State of Texas helping with the clean-up. In my case they are trimming a tree which interferes with the wires. I noticed they were having a problem with mosquitoes so I gave them a can of off. I also gave them cold bottled water. It is not much, but everything helps. They also told me they prefer working neighborhoods like Southmost because the people are more likely to give them water and such. They said in the wealthier neighborhoods they get nothing. Go Southmost

Some things are out of the control of Cabler and Santana. For example my trash pickup which is normally on Saturday occurred on Sunday. There is a lot of trash. The city can only do so much. Along these lines, on Saturday I took three truck loads of palm branches to the landfill. The more of us who take our own brush to the landfill the faster Public Works can get the city clean. At some point we the people need to help with the process instead of getting in the way.

This is where Cabler and Torres failed the city. I notice people were dumping their brush along Robindale and Old Port Isabel road. I am thinking all they have to do is shoot down 802 to the landfill, what is the problem? The problem is, City Manager Cabler and Public Works Director Torres decided it is better that the people in the county dump their brush on city or county roads or in drainage ditches than waive the fee to dump their brush in the city land fill.

I can hear it now, "they are not part of the city so why should they be permitted to dump their brush for free?" Fine, now the city will pay BFI to collect all of this extra brush illegally dumped on the side of the road and in the drainage ditches. It is only your tax dollars being wasted. Are you happy now? Further the county is going to have to pay to have the brush illegally dumped on the side of roads in the county.

Cabler and Torres have failed to create a policy for efficient pick-up of bulk trash within the city before hurricanes. In real cities wherein you have a city manager with a Masters in Public Administration and a director over Public Works who is more than a highschool graduate the policy is, everyone is given a week of the month when their bulk trash will be picked up. You are allowed to put your bulk trash out 3 days early. This way the bulk trash in never out more than a total of 10 days, and in most cases no more than 6 days.

But as we all know, education is a sin in Brownsville. This is why BISD as a matter of policy forces 50% of its students to dropout. Something as simple as closing all campuses so the students cannot just get up and leave school whenever they want to, is beyond the capacity of the BISD Board and its inept superintendent.

This lack of meaningful and effective policy is the primary cause for the plight of SPI. We know that the county and county inspectors failed us when they approved the engineering on the leaning tower of SPI. A 30 story building which in all likelihood will need to be torn down. With full disclosure of its history, who is going to buy the condos?

In January I was watching a Dallas game at the bar in the Radisson. Two drunk builders were telling my brother how they get the city inspectors to sign off on any piece of garbage they present to them. They stated that there is an understanding of trust between the city inspectors and regular developers. This is not how you run a resort town subject to hurricanes. It is my position that the city needs to review its policies concerning new construction which should include hiring qualified structural engineers to approve all new construction.

The City of SPI has run on a policy of neglect for far too long. I hope the residents of SPI will hold their leaders accountable on election day. What happened on SPI is what happens when city leaders turn a blind eye to poor planning and development. While I feel sorry for the people who are suffering, I do not feel sorry for the business community. They are part of the problem. They are the ones who buy and sell city leaders like slaves at a slave auction.

Friday, July 25, 2008


This is the first X-Files film I have seen. I was a big fan of the original series, but in the end lost interest. The story line is creative. It is drawn out. There is one part of the story which is never told. All I will say so as not to give the story away is, they never tell you the why or background to the secret which they reveal towards the last half hour of the film.

There is a salvation component to the film which is kind of interesting. I think the slap at Bush and gay marriage cheapened the film. I would not be surprised if GLAD - Gays and Lesbians Against Defamation come out against the film. The more I think about it, the comment was not only anti-gay marriage it was extremely anti-gay. The implication of the statement in terms of gays is tantamount to using the N word when referring to black people.

The bad guys are a recovering pedophile priest, a gay couple, and Russian doctors. You learn this in the first 20 minutes or so. How they eventually link the pedophile priest to the Russian doctors is somewhat interesting.

Something I did not like about the film is, the FBI agents leading the investigation play off of the original characters wherein Mulder is a believer and Scully is not. In the movie the female agent is the believer and the male agent is not.

All I can say is if you are an original fan you will probably like it. I would give it a C+, based on how original fans may receive the film. It certainly will not bring in new converts. The X-Files have lost their edge.

(UPDATE TO ORIGINAL POST: At about 4:45 pm I started to receive phone calls from residents at Palm Resaca. Their electricity was restored at about 4:30 pm. They were originally told it would be Saturday. Throughout the day I received several phone calls from both local and national news stations, in response to my press release. I do not know if their phone calls to the BPUB forced anyone's hand. I am glad these people have air conditioning and electricity for their medical devices.)

A measure of a community’s moral compass is how it treats its children and senior citizens. We all know that BISD treats the children as yesterday’s trash, and we the people find this to be acceptable. I am now sad to report the City of Brownsville has intentionally abandoned thousands of senior citizens, many of whom cannot power their medical devices.

Within the City of Brownsville are numerous senior citizen trailer parks. Palm Resaca and Winter Haven are two about which I have knowledge. Neither of these trailer parks receive electricity through the BPUB. This means neither has electricity.

If you go to these communities at this moment you will learn that they do not have electricity. You will learn that the houses, churches, and homes around these trailer parks all have electricity. You will learn there are no down lines. The only reason these trailer parks do not have electricity is because the Brownsville Public Utility is blocking the electricity into the parks because the companies which actually provide the electricity are not currently feeding into the system. Many of these companies are resellers so the electricity is really just discounted BPUB electricity resold to these residents.

Yesterday I was at Palm Resaca hanging in their pool. These people are miserable with the heat. They cannot run their medical devices. They cannot run/charge their wheelchairs.
Now some people will say "why should the customers of the BPUB give these people electricity?" I have no answer, because I do not know how to reason with evil at its core. These people are at risk, medically and emotionally. These people are residents of Brownsville. These people pay property taxes to the City of Brownsville. These people are senior citizens.

For those of you who only understand money - they are money. Brownsville as a retirement community brings in senior citizens from all over the world, Canada, US, and Mexico. These people spend millions of dollars every year in support of the Brownsville community. Many people do not realize the reason why the LRGV has so much high quality healthcare is because of the demand for quality doctors these seniors bring to our communities.

I do not know who the city commissioners are for Palm Resaca and Winter Haven, but they should resign. But only after they go into these communities and apologize to these human beings for their criminal neglect. Where has Pat Almighty been for these senior citizens? No where - absolutely nowhere. What is the emotional disturbance which forms Pat Almighty? First he tells people to ignore the warnings about the possible failure of the levees, and then he refuses electricity to some of the most fragile people within the City of Brownsville.

What a pathetic lot Pat Almighy, Il Duce Troiani, and the Nancy Boys.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I am thinking do I call it as I see it or do I simply play the colors dude the colors and try and go positive. Have we met?

I will start with two positives - unlike the people in McAllen, at least we in Brownsville can flush our toilets and take showers. Also, it appears not all of Brownsville lost electricity. For those of us who did lose electricity it appears the city has been pretty fast in getting it back on.


A big issue for the people of Brownsville is the wall. Related to the wall is the issue of the levees. As most people know by this point Pat Almighty got in a spitting match with county and other officials as to the safety of the levees. Apparently the mistakes made by the mayor of New Orleans are lost on Pat Almighty. When it comes to levees, if any credible source says they may fail, you warn the people to get out. On this one, better to be wrong and the levees not fail, than be wrong and the levees fail. From what I understand we are not in the clear yet as to the levees.

The lost opportunity is in (he can still do it) Pat Almighty using the claims that the levees may fail to access the various national news services to push the issue of the Weir as opposed to the wall. This was a perfect opportunity to make the point, but Pat Almighty, feeling left out about the decision related to the levees, decided to be difficult and simply be a contrarian. How sad, how very, very sad.


Rick Noriega is not even elected and he is already disconnected from the people. Dolly presented an opportunity for Noriega to show his leadership skills and he chose to be a no show for Dolly. While it is bad enough that he himself failed to see the opportunity to show leadership and get free news coverage, where were the morons running his campaign?

The river is a state and national issue. He could have used the opportunity to highlight Dolly as a way to show why DHS is not building the wall on the river - flooding problems - and to argue for why it is time the federal government step in and fix the levees on the river. He could have related this back to Katrina and embarrassed Cornyn for a lack of leadership on the issue. All of this would have presented an opportunity for Rick Noriega to demonstrate leadership and an interest in the LRGV. Apparently the lessons of Katrina have been lost on Rick Noriega.


If there is an award for the single worst hurricane coverage in the history of radio, Davis Rankin should receive that award. Because I did not know how long the power would be out, I chose to only listen to the radio for an hour at a time.

This is what I wanted to know: Where was Brownsville in terms of Dolly at any given moment? Was it north, south, or west of Brownsville? Telling me coordinates tell me nothing. What was going on with the BPUB in terms of restoring power? Were the crews out? If not when might they get out? Was the BPUB predicting when power would be restored.

By 4 p.m. I decided I needed to start thinking about leaving. The heat was unbearable and I could not breath. I sat in my car with the air on for a while, and decided to stay.

While listening to Rankin I heard branches were breaking off of trees at the Dancy building. You see, I am a moron. I am too stupid to think branches will break off of trees during a hurricane, so I needed a reporter to tell me about the branches. You see I am too stupid to open my front door and see branches breaking off the trees.

Several hours later in hopes of more information I turned back on the radio. The highlight of the discussion was a conversation with a farmer talking about how the wind was knocking down his sugarcane.

During the total of three hours I listened to 710 am, not once did I hear any information related to my questions or concerns. Apparently wanting a status as to restoration of power was simply not high on the priority list of Davis Rankin.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Tracking Dolly:

The following are excerpts from an AP article:

Texas officials urged residents to move away from the Rio Grande levees because if Dolly continues to follow the same path as 1967's Hurricane Beulah, "the levees are not going to hold that much water," said Cameron County Emergency Management Coordinator Johnny Cavazos.

The storm, combined with levees that have deteriorated in the 41 years since Beulah swept up the Rio Grande, pose a major flooding threat to low-lying counties along the border. Beulah spawned more than 100 tornadoes across Texas and dumped 36 inches of rain in some parts of South Texas, killing 58 people and causing more than $1 billion damage.

"We could have a triple-decker problem here," Cavazos told a meeting of more than 100 county and local officials Tuesday. "We believe that those (levees) will be breached if it continues on the same track. So please stay away from those levees."

People - this is my 4th post today - 3 are related to Dolly and are short - make sure you scroll down to my political commentary for something more thought provoking

Tracking Dolly:

You know if Brownsville/SPI had a real gay community we would be on the beach in drag welcoming Dolly as only a bunch of drag dressing queers can. This would be a sight for CNN and Fox news.

Tropical Storm Dolly Will Affect Flights Throughout Texas Southern Gulf Coast
Customers may re-schedule without penalty; provides latest
flight information and operations summary

HOUSTON, July 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL) announced travel options for customers whose flight plans may be affected by Tropical Storm Dolly.
Weather conditions are expected to make air travel difficult throughout the Texas Southern Gulf Coast and certain cities in Mexico. This forecast will force some delays and cancellations of flights at airports in the region through Friday.

To avoid inconvenience, travelers scheduled on flights through July 25 may wish to delay commencement of their trip.

Customers ticketed for travel through July 25 to or from certain affected airports in the region (see for applicable airports), are permitted a one-time date or time change to their flights without penalty for rescheduled travel originating by Aug. 1. If a flight has been canceled, a refund in the original form of payment can be requested.

The fastest and most convenient way to change travel plans is via Customers should enter their confirmation number and last name in "Manage Reservations." Customers may also call Continental Airlines reservations at 800-525-0280 or their travel agent. provides an overview of Continental operations as well as up-to-date information regarding the status of specific flights. Automated flight status information is also available at 800-784-4444.

There is a real possibility we will loose electricity. For under $40 you can but an inverter which allows you to draw electricity from your car battery to run just about any emergency device you may have. I cannot sleep without my CPAP machine. It is forced air which keeps me from suffocating due to my sleep apnea. I used this inverter camping. It plugs into the charger in your car. The opposite end has a regular plug. I used a long industrial sized extension cord to run from my car to the tent. I had electricity for my CPAP.

Today is a little lesson in American Government. Think of it as the band playing on while the ship sinks. When a city government cannot address something as simple as bulk trash pickup while a hurricane is approaching, it is fair to say the ship is sinking.

During the Bush/Gore election debacle people complained about how they hate the Electoral College. If you remember the Electoral College is the body which in fact votes for president. Every state based on the number in their congressional delegation gets so many electoral votes. Whichever candidate earns the most electoral votes wins the election. Because of the Electoral College the candidate with the most votes nationally could actually loose the election. We saw this in the Bush/Gore election. While it is not good for the people’s perception of the system when the candidate who wins the popular vote loses the election, the Electoral College is nonetheless an important component of our decentralized system of government.

Very few people realize that had the majority of the people in New Hampshire voted for Gore, Bush never would have been president. All of New England voted for Gore. In fact all of the North East, save New Hampshire, voted for Gore. This is the power the Founding Fathers intended each individual state to have. Without this power by each individual state, the Founding Fathers never would have been able to unite the 13 colonies. Without the power the Electoral College gives each individual state and in particular small states, states like California, New York, Texas and Florida, would be able to decide every election without the will of the people mattering in States like Montana or New Hampshire. The Electoral College actually makes the United States stronger by making every state relevant to the process.

Where decentralized government actually makes government stronger is in the power of the individual states to have their own public policy, within the constraints of the Constitution. The states, and in fact individual communities, get to experiment within their own states or communities with public policy.

Right now locally there has been discussion about the county or the city going to a four day work week. The entire state government of Utah is now experimenting with the four day work week. Utah will either succeed or fail at this experiment. If they succeed, other states or communities like Cameron County will look to the Utah model and duplicate it with some limited modifications for their own communities. The innovation in government which will come out the Utah experiment, will become possible policy in Cameron County.

Small communities all over the US are now experimenting with new forms of electricity. I was reading how a small community invested in wind energy. Their windmills not only generate enough energy for their community, but also enough for surrounding communities. This small community is actually selling their windmill generating energy to electric companies which then in turn sells it to other communities. In time other communities will look at this model for public energy and duplicate it. This is yet another example of how an experiment in one community can become public policy in many communities. The examples are endless.

Brownsville actually has an example of such an experiment. The Weir Project is an example of a community experimenting with a solution to border security. If Brownsville succeeds, other communities like El Paso may consider making the border a commercialized river walk.
Nothing but a lack of vision prevents the BPUB from seeking a federal licence to grow hemp in the LRGV and then converting it into biofuel for the electric plants which feed our electrical needs. Unfortunately, I doubt very much anyone on the BPUB understands well enough how government operates to be able to make these type decisions.

The hypocrisy of many Republicans who claim to be conservatives who favor limited government can be seen in their crusade to nationalize the issue of gay marriage so as to deny states like California and Massachusetts the ability to experiment with it. When so called conservatives seek to destroy the greatest strength we have in our political system (state’s rights which promote innovative public policy) so as to accomplish a social policy, you know they do not have the best interests of the American people at heart.

This balance in power between the states and federal government is probably the most important check the people have on both the state and federal governments. It saddens me that government instructors at both the highschool level and college level rarely teach this part of the constitution. The American liberal, who we all know I call apologists for the failed capitalist system, gets jittery when having to even accept this balance of power exists. In their mind they can only accomplish their goals with an all powerful central government. Inasmuch as the American liberal remains the dominant voice of instruction at our universities, it is no wonder this balance of power is not taught to our children, or our children’s teachers.

When I taught at Houston Community College, I spent a lot of time on this subject. To keep the subject relevant to my students I would use car insurance, drinking, or renting a car, as examples of where states were actually affording 18 year olds equal rights. They understood that if the policy of lower insurance rates worked in Minnesota it could mean lower insurance rates for them in Texas. It kept their interest. Whenever possible I always tried to make what I was teaching relevant to the 18 year olds.

I know these little lessons bore people, but my goal is to try and get people to start thinking. This balance of power does not end with the battle between the states and federal government. T. Boone Pickens has raised the prospect that the government may now have to start competing with benevolent billionaires trying to do for our communities what the government has failed to do. Fortunately our system of government promotes this kind of private sector innovation. If T. Boone Pickens succeeds, without the mythical checks and balances allegedly found in the democratic process, he will have accomplished more for the people in public policy in terms of energy independence than the Congress or any state government.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Keeping track of Dolly:

I spent the weekend on Boca Chica. We got there early Saturday for the children’s fishing tournament, and stayed until about 3:30 on Sunday. Everyone in my group knows my rule about garbage. I have zero tolerance for people who throw any garbage on the beach. Well when you mix heavy drinking with the beach it means pigs everywhere. On Saturday night I had to come back into town to check on the dogs, and get ice. By the time I got back there was garbage all over the camp ground. I was royally pissed. I was told it was from someone’s cousin who showed up with his friends. Who knows. I told everyone sleeping in one of my tents - no sleep until all of the garbage was picked up - or they sleep outside.

Things were better on Sunday. My breakfast put everyone in a good mood. The parents were very happy to have fresh coffee. The day went great until it was time to leave. I brought our garbage back to my home. Every garbage container on the beach was overflowing. Now the county will pay overtime to someone to go clean the beach. This is sad.

When I was driving away, about half-way between the entrance and the mouth of the river, I was in near tears over the amount of garbage on the beach. Garbage was just left everywhere on the beach. I saw plastic bags by the dozens blowing into the dunes. It was so sad because when I got to the beach on Saturday morning the county workers were just finishing the raking of the beach. It was spotless.

True to form most of the people who trash the beach are the same people who complain endlessly about the high taxes. In my opinion these people are the garbage which really needs to be dumped at the city’s land fill.

HELLOOOOOOOOOO DOLLY. More garbage. I am told the county is busy cleaning the garbage off of SPI. I hope they take the time to clean Boca Chica. All of those grocery bags up in the sand dunes are not good for the wild life.

Here is the kicker for me - bulk garbage. The City of Brownsville needs to double its efforts at picking up bulk trash. The City of Brownsville like everything else it does, has no real organized policy on bulk trash pick-up. As a consequence bulk trash can sit out in front of someone’s home for weeks. I have no hope of my neighbor’s bulk trash being picked up before Wednesday. I have complained endlessly to BFI about the branches and tree trunks they left in front of my driveway several weeks ago when they picked up another neighbor’s bulk trash. Please do not bother calling Santana Torres’ office - they will tell you it is not their problem - it is contracted out to BFI. I can assure you BFI will just ignore all of your complaints.

People - all of your bulk trash is going to blow somewhere. If you have a truck or a friend with a truck - take it to the landfill today or tomorrow. You will have no one to blame but yourself when that branch blows through your car or house windows.

People - we all know this City Commission and Public Works, which is headed up by a highschool graduate, will never get their act together in preparing Brownsville for a hurricane. It is up to WE THE PEOPLE to secure our own homes and get our garbage to the landfill. Like I said, I have no hopes of the city picking up my neighbor’s bulk trash which has been there for two weeks. You know, in real cities where intelligent people are in charge you are given a 3 day window to put out your bulk trash. If you put it out before then you get a $500.00 fine. Not in Brownsville - you are allowed to put your bulk trash out when ever you damn please - and to hell with the safety issues with bulk trash blowing all over the city.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Saturday, July 19, 2008


No movie review this morning - I had a family obligation. For dinner we had stuffed jalapenos and pablanos. This matters because of an article in this morning's Herald.
Salmonella has caused a recall of peppers and avocados in the LRGV. Naturally, as a consumer who ate peppers and avocado last night from HEB, I want to know if the recall includes HEB. Naturally, the reporter at the Monitor where the article originated did not think of asking which stores are impacted.

How did journalism become this bad?

Friday, July 18, 2008


In the past I have discussed the importance of the local business community moving Brownsville forward without waiting for the Cameron County Commissioners’ Court or the Brownsville City Commission. In the case of both Commissions they are hopeless. County Judge Cascos is focused on pleasing his Republican masters in Washington and Austin in hopes of a high profile appointment from McCain or Perry. Il Duce Troiani has declared war on the people of Brownsville as a necessary evil to his own empowerment. Unfortunately for Brownsville the Nancy Boys are fools too stupid to think for themselves and are begging Il Duce for the privilege of being part of his team.

One of the greatest businessmen in the history of Texas has decided to move Texas forward rather than wait for Texas to move itself forward. T. Boone Pickens has announced his plans for wind energy for Texas. This is good. With any luck another Texas billionaire will take the lead on bringing hemp to south Texas as an alternative to corn for biofuel. In the end our hope is in the business community.

But it is not enough to rely on the business community. We must be careful of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Once the business community realizes that they can shape our community, many will only have their own interests at hand, and not the true interests of the community. We must be on guard against such business interests. The business group trying to develop downtown does not have my trust. They demanded that we give surrender to DHS and accept a movable wall. This business group had only their own interests in mind and not those of the people.

Another great example of a billionaire putting the community first is Bill Gates, of Microsoft. Bill Gates realized that the government is incapable of delivering a quality education to our children. He put his money into new schools all over the US.

You will find no bigger advocate of school vouchers than me. This week I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the NAACP favors school vouchers. Rather than simply repeat like dumb lemmings the position of the Democratic Party against school vouchers they looked to the inner-city schools which have failed black America and decided these children need a choice other than a public school.

Brownsville’s future is in part tied to its children. BISD is a complete and total failure. There is more than enough money in Brownsville and Matamoros to start a real private school which can compete with the best private schools anywhere in the country. For such a school to serve Brownsville’s poor 25% of all the seats must be reserved for the poor. The school must be a private school and not a charter school, because its financial support must in part come from wealthy Mexican nationals who live in Matamoros. They will pay and pay a lot for a real private school which prepares their children for a top notch American university. With their money we can give the poorest of the poor in Brownsville a chance at a real education, and scholarships to the best universities in the United States.

So my question is, does Brownsville have a T. Boone Pickens, who believes in education? We will never solve our educational needs until BISD has real competition. The BISD Board does not even consider the children relevant. Something as simple as closing all highschool campuses so as to force the children to stay in the classroom is beyond the competence level of the BISD Board. Brownsville Texas needs its own T. Boone Pickens if it is to move forward.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


The Democrats are using the oil crisis to play Russian Roulette with the well-being of the American people. The other day I called to a family member in NY to get his take on the issue of 18 year olds after 3 months training in Oklahoma being allowed to move on to on the job training as air traffic controllers. The conversation quickly moved to anger towards the Democrats over the oil crisis. This person is a long time Democrat.

Today the Democrats can introduce legislation which freezes the price of US originated crude at $70.00 a barrel. According to the experts at $70.00 a barrel, shale oil, the most expensive to produce, would still be profitable to produce. The issue of whether the President would veto such a bill, or the courts would hold such a law unconstitutional is separate and distinct from the impact such a law would have on the world market. With the US being the 3rd largest producer of oil in the world, the impact on the price of oil would be immediate.

We now know that unions have invested billions in pension money into oil speculation. We know the unions have a disproportionate influence on the Democrats. But this is just one reason why the Democrats are failing to act. The second is in hopes the American people will be so mad come November they will blame the Republicans. The Democrats assume that the people associate the Republicans with big oil and not the Democrats. Come November, in the northern states they may learn just how wrong they are.

My brother raised the question that people are already not spending money this summer because they are scrambling to raise money to be able to pay for their winter oil bill. My readers may not know, but in northern states, most people still use an oil drip method to heat their houses. Every month heating oil is delivered into an underground tank at every home. The oil is pumped into a furnace. Like firewood would keep a fireplace going, the dripping oil keeps the furnace going so as to heat the house.

The average Joe in the northern states have already come to accept they will not be able to pay for the heating oil this winter. That first bill will come at the end of September just before the election. People will be mad. The Democrats are counting on the people blaming the Republicans. According to my family member people who are long term Democrats are already blaming the Democrats for doing nothing. The people are not stupid.

So what we have is, the Democrats turning a blind eye while auto workers are being laid off because the American people will no longer buy the gas guzzling SUV’s being made, and while airline industry workers are being laid off because flying has now become a luxury for the rich only.

The Democrats through their inaction are needlessly creating unemployed auto and airline industry workers. Here in Brownsville for the second time a local manufacturer is laying off workers who make windshield wipers. The inaction of the Democrats can be blamed for these layoffs. Come September, when the people who depend on heating oil to heat their homes find they have no money to pay for heating oil, they will be pissed. They will have no choice but to charge it to their credit cards.

What happens come November when people start to buy consumer products for Christmas, if they cannot use their credit cards because they are already maxed out for heating oil already charged, or needed for heating oil to get through the rest of the winter months? It means a collapse of retail. November and December are the bread and butter months of retail.

We are already seeing a decline in the number of people eating out. I would hate to be a restauranteur. Business is about to get real bad.

When a political party plays Russian Roulette with the future of the American people, in hopes of securing power, it is fair to say they are evil. The Democrats have somehow actually become more evil than the Republicans. Now to be fair, the Republicans, afforded the opportunity would do the same thing.

An editor’s note - do not post a comment that the speculators in oil are not to blame for the problem. The journalists in the country have proven just how immoral they have become. Every time I hear a journalist, particularly on Fox News, interviewing these so called experts, the journalist never ask these so called experts, who claim the speculators are not to blame, whether these experts are invested in oil futures. The American people have turned a deaf ear to journalist because they have become the face of immorality in American politics.

On the issue of more drilling - yes I support more drilling off the coast - but only if Congress includes in the authorization a doubling of fuel efficiency in our cars, and a cap on how much can be paid for the new oil being drilled for off-shore.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Since the July 1 City Commission meeting I have been discussing the issue of Il Duce Phony Tony Troiani using a power play to destroy the mayor to the detriment of the entire City of Brownsville. A letter from Pat Almighty to the Herald published this morning is very telling of this war between Troiani and Ahumada.

Here are some of my words from past posts since July 1:

"I am amending my words. I am keeping my original words because they were true until Troiani played a game which I believe shamed the city. Troiani lacked the courage of his convictions to just tell the truth that he supports the wall, so he came up with this tabling idea. Tabling is tantamount to no, but leaving the issue on the table. DHS is still free to sue. So what was accomplished? Nothing but Troiani making fools of the city commission. You turkeys are truly a bunch of Nancy Boys"

"Phony Tony Troiani. This guy is a two-bit master manipulator who is prepared to sink Brownsville into the bowels of hell for his own power. Unfortunately, we have 5 other City Commissioners all too willing to get in bed with Phony Tony Troiani"

I summarized the events at the July 1 meeting as follows:

"What the Commission then saw was Troiani go looking for his acuacates and penis only to learn he had neither, and Garza left holding the bag, or if you will Troiani’s empty scrotum. Garza was manipulated by Troiani into making a fool of himself, only to see Troiani sit there like a manipulative coward"

What we learn this morning is, Il Duce Troiani threatened Pat Almighty with a criminal complaint for allegedly discussing outside of executive session matters related to negotiations with DHS. Il Duce Troiani intends to revive Mussolini’s Säuberung on the people.

The Nancy Boys, who so love holding Il Duce Troiani’s scrotum, last night refused to allow Executive Sessions to be recorded. Even Tricky Dicky Nixon recorded his Executive Sessions. Grand Juries all over the US record their secret negotiations. So why not the Nancy Boys? What do they seek to hide? According to the Herald, Il Duce Troiani’s SS Officer in tow Cabler recordings are not as trustworthy as hand written notes. SS Officer Cabler clearly believes the people of Brownsville are morons. I would admonish SS Officer Cabler, "do not impose your complete and total lack of education on the good people of Brownsville."

People, after the Dannenbaum mess, do we really want no recorded record of these meetings? They may be confidential, but they are subject to subpoena upon credible evidence of illegal conduct. Would recordings of BND Executive Sessions not have been helpful in the Dannenbaum investigation?

By my tone you can tell I am mad. Il Duce along with his fellow Nancy Boys have taken me from the position of being the loudest outspoken blogger against Pat Almighty since before his election, to defending him against Il Duce Troiani and his scrotum holding loving Nancy Boys.
Someone has to lead this city and for now my choice is Pat Almighty or a bunch of two-bit Nancy Boys who get joy out of holding Il Duce Phony Tony Troiani’s empty scrotum and foreskin. The fact I choose Pat Almighty tells you just how screwed we have become as a city.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Dannenbaum will never go away because the corruption continues. For the life of me I cannot figure out why the Department of Justice has yet to bring indictments. Based on what I know I remain convinced Villalobos will never see the commencement of his second term as DA. This fact does not relieve me of my concerns related to the delay in indictments. It could simply be a matter of the Department of Justice officials waiting on Bush to leave the White House, out of fear of retaliation by the Bush Administration. If this is the case, then Villalobos may be allowed to serve a month or two of his new term.

When we first learned of this forfeiture settlement I asked the following question? "According to Mattingly, Dannenbaum was "instrumental" in locating the million dollars which has been made the subject of the forfeiture. He then goes on to say he does not know where the money came from, and inquiries should be made directly to Dannenbaum. How in the hell does a judge order forfeiture of money from an entity which cannot be identified?"

The law, which is relevant provides strict oversight by the judge.

"(l) Proceedings commenced under this chapter may not proceed to hearing unless the judge who is to conduct the hearing is satisfied that this article has been complied with and that the attorney representing the state will introduce into evidence at the hearing any answer received from an inquiry required by Subsections (c)-(h) of this article. "

Judge Banales like every other trained judicial monkey proved he would sign his own death warrant. Judge Banales’ willingness to sign anything without insuring strict compliance with the law is a major cause for the corruption which has Cameron County by the short hairs. It is time Governor Perry rethink Judge Banales’ appointment and demand his resignation. Oh, that is right, Governor Perry is in a permanent state of holding is knees at the command of Dannenbaum.

The law required that the BND be given notice of the lawsuit, and in fact served a copy of the lawsuit.

"Furthermore, Arambula didn't mind that District Attorney Armando Villalobos did not give BND notice of the intended forfeiture of $1 million from Dannenbaum's firm, perhaps stripping BND's right to claim the money for itself."

"This is cover-up Brownsville style - "we are so confident we can get away with it, we are going to announce it publicly." Any BND Board Member unwilling to demand a criminal investigation into how DA Villalobos secured the forfeiture without being able to name the source of the money, is not fit for public office. In my opinion a deal was cut to protect Dannenbaum from further exposure in exchange for 1 million dollars.

Had the DA simply indicted Dannebaum, any settlement agreement or final conviction could have resulted in Dannebaum being ordered to pay restitution to the BND. DA Villalobos used the forfeiture action as a way to protect Dannebaum from greater financial exposure, and to avoid a judge ordering restitution to the BND. People it could have been a lot more than a mere million dollars. This settlement agreement between the Dannebaum and Villalobos is void.

Nothing, but their own obsession with corruption and filling their own pockets with ill gotten gain or the pockets of their supporters prevents the BND from going into court today and demanding Judge Banales void his order on the forfeiture. With any luck, when the indictments come they will include the Board Members of the BND and Judge Banales.

Here are two key parts of the Forfeiture Statute which support my claim Dannenbaum paid the million dollars because they were afraid of further exposure: "(B) was without reasonable cause to believe that the property was contraband and did not purposefully avoid learning that the property was contraband." This provision addresses when the DA SHOULD NOT - bring an action. Key here is "did not purposefully avoid learning that the property was contraband." This means the action can be brought if the party subject to the forfeiture did purposefully avoid learning the property was contraband.

A second provision provides: (h)(1) An owner or interest holder's interest in property may not be forfeited under this chapter if at the forfeiture hearing the owner or interest holder proves by a preponderance of the evidence that the owner or interest holder was not a party to the offense giving rise to the forfeiture and that the contraband: To avoid paying this million dollars all Dannenbaum had to prove by a mere preponderance of the evidence was they were "not a party to the offense giving rise to the forfeiture and that the contraband"

Again, this was a coverup Brownsville style - we are so confident of our corruption we will announce it publically.

The DA did not notify the BND of the forfeiture as provided for by law. The DA tried to cover-up the effective plea agreement with Dannenbaum. Only because the Herald fought the DA do we even now know the contents of that agreement. If I remember correctly, it came out that the agreement was signed in Hidalgo County. This makes the agreement void. Villalobos himself used this argument just weeks ago to have the DeLeon TRO voided.

The Dannenbaum mess will never end until every sitting member of the BND is indicted for complicity in this criminal enterprise headed up by Dannenbaum and effectuated by Villalobos and the Board Members of the Brownsville Navigation District.

It is time to sell the Port of Brownsville. It is a criminal enterprise run by perhaps the most corrupt public board members in the history of Texas.

Monday, July 14, 2008


In the event you did not catch the article on Sunday, the Herald reported on an audit performed at the PUB.
The personnel problems are not limited to the PUB. There is very little doubt that a similar audit of personnel would yield shocking results from within the City of Brownsville.

I receive a lot of complaints about personnel problems within the City of Brownsville. One particular complaint I have received from people within the personnel department and the police department is, if you are the son of a high ranking city official you get to keep your job regardless of how many rules you break, and you can threaten the police when they come to your home on a complaint of noise. I have to believe given the compadre system which exists in Brownsville a real audit related to the efficient use of personnel would result in the firing of a lot of useless people.

Environmental controls are a big deal, as pointed out in the Herald article. Within Public Works the person hired to be the Compliance Officer has a GED and a green card to work in the US. Numerous city employees who have been for training in Austin, related to compliance with both federal and state regulations were not even allowed to apply for the job. Some shipbreakers continue to dump in the city dump without a manifest. We have no idea what kind of toxins are being dumped at the city dump.

There is going to come the day when the City of Brownsville gets hit with federal and state sanctions for environmental violations. Pat Almighty and the Nancy Boys will respond with the same retort - "but Santana Torres is such a nice guy, we do not need a qualified engineer as the director over Public Works." But then it will be the taxpayers money which will pay the fines, and not that of Pat Almighty and the Nancy Boys.

Now, Charlie Cabler wants the City Commission to approve the hiring of two assistant city managers. Here is the problem. In any real city where education and competency matters the City Manager would hold a Masters in Public Administration. Not in Brownsville - where education is of no value. Every major city in Texas would require that an assistant city manager hold a Masters in Public Administration. If the city manager does not hold an MPA, why would we require the assistant city manages hold an MPA?

Pat Almighty and the Nancy Boys should demand a full audit of personnel efficiency within the City of Brownsville before any more positions are approved. It is irresponsible for Pat Almighty and the Nancy Boys to expend one additional penny of taxpayers money for personnel while they refuse to take action related to the number of incompetent people already working within the city.

The personnel problems within the City of Brownsville will not be resolved until they fire the head of personnel. She is the one who has promoted the compadre system at the expense of the taxpayers of Brownsville. Reality check - yes dear - I know - the head of personnel keeps her job because she does as she is told by the City Commission and Pat Almighty. We all know the motto of Pat Almighty and the Nancy People - "boink the people - it is our right to use the people’s tax dollars to insure our compadres and family are hired by the city and subsequently promoted. It is time for a full and independent audit of city personnel efficiency before any more positions are approved by Pat Almighty and the Nancy Boys.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Let me begin by warning you the price of this film in $10.50 -$2.00 extra to cover the glasses. It really should have been named Return to Journey of the Center of the Earth. The return part is actually an interesting part of the film.

Everyone from 3 to 93 enjoyed the 3D. The young adults appeared to really have enjoyed it. It is a far superior film to the latest Raiders film. It is the basic story. The acting of the three main characters is believable. Brendan Fraser was excellent in the part.

Basically, Brendan’s nephew notices something about a sensor on top of a volcano which causes Brendan to decide to check it out. He notices in the brother’s copy of Journey to the Center of the Earth, notes which might be a clue to how his brother disappeared 10 years earlier. The book in time becomes almost a map to their journey.

I realize this is a short review, but all I can say is wow. The audience’s reaction to the 3D made the film worth every penny. The bonus was, the acting is good, and the story line is great. Sometimes a simple story makes a film easier for the audience to enjoy. It is a family fun film, not some doctoral dissertation on the center of the earth.
I made that last comment because critics are morons. Films are made for people not critics. When will they learn to view films through the eyes of the people?

But first - a shame for the Brownsville Herald. I am going to take with a grain of salt any factual allegations made in any newspaper. This is particularly true when I am reading letters to the editor. But is shameful when an editor allows a reader to get away with a point blank lie as to the facts. This morning in My Turn the following appears "Here's a tidbit that Obama won't tell you: American oil companies make 8 cents of profit for every $1 you pay at the pump, the federal government makes 18 cents of that same $1 you spend at the pump - so who's ripping whom off?"

First, tax on gasoline is per gallon not per dollar, such as regular sales tax. This means what you paid in taxes for 20 gallons of gas 10 years ago, is exactly what you are paying on 20 gallons of gas today. Second, oil companies are not making on average 8 cents of profit on every dollar of gas sold. The retailers are making about 15 cents per gallon, with as much as 10 cents going to the credit card companies. Think for a second, and pretend you were born alive with a brain - with oil now at 146 dollars per barrel and the oil companies only making 8 cents profit for every dollar sold, how much were they making when oil was 35 dollars a barrel? Sean Hannity was making this same claim when oil was at 70 dollars a barrel.


Long since before Pat Almighty was elected I was the one who coined the term calling him Pat Almighty. I warned everyone this guy would be a nightmare. I do not want to hear I am just one of his brain dead defenders. But there is actually someone worse on the City Commission than Pat Almighty, and that is Phony Tony Troiani. This guy is a two-bit master manipulator who is prepared to sink Brownsville into the bowels of hell for his own power. Unfortunately, we have 5 other City Commissioners all too willing to get in bed with Phony Tony Troiani.

Pat Almighty is a major obstacle to Brownsville moving forward. But not because his idea of uniting Brownsville and Matamoros as one major metroplex is bad. This is one thing he has right, along with the Weir. The problem is, he has no management skills, and treats his fellow Commission members with nothing but contempt.

The problem here is, the Commission like some crybabies who are not getting their way are buying into Troiani’s manipulations to the detriment of Brownsville. Regardless of how I feel the mayor is the mayor. He leads the city in the eyes of the world outside of Brownsville. The actions of the crybaby Nancy Boys as led by Troiani is sending a message to Mexico, DHS, and businesses outside of Brownsville that Brownsville is in disarray. This is not good for Brownsville.

As I have said before, the Nancy Boys simply need to ignore the mayor when he is playing his games. Grow-up Nancy Boys - and at least pretend you are not crybabies. Garza’s pathetic attempt to remove the mayor at the last meeting was shameful. In the end the mayor won when he demanded that the Commission take action to silence the voice of the people. What the Commission then saw was Troiani go looking for his acuacates and penis only to learn he had neither, and Garza left holding the bag, or if you will Troiani’s empty scrotum. Garza was manipulated by Troiani into making a fool of himself, only to see Troiani sit there like a manipulative coward.

To the Nancy Boys and Pat Almighty: I am curious, once the fraud related to "Imagine Brownsville" is complete - if you turkeys cannot act like adults on the simple day to day operations of Brownsville, how are you going to deal with the recommendations which are forthcoming from "Imagine Brownsville?"

To the Nancy Boys save, Troiani: It is time you all unite against Pat Almighty by simply ignoring him when he is playing games, but not when he is promoting Brownsville. It is time you all unite against Troiani and his manipulations which only serve his own perverted goals related to his own empowerment. If you continue to play into Troiani’s manipulations each of you will come to learn what is like to hold his empty scrotum.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


The COB has hired Willette and Guerra to defend the lawsuit. The answer filed by the COB was a standard general denial, which is allowed under Texas law. I am only discussing this because I really just have a question. In the past I have seen on the City agenda under executive session, "authorization to hire counsel to defend the city in so and so vs the COB" I do not know the answer to this question. Was a vote required to hire Willette and Guerra?


I know this is old, but it is time to demand that our state representatives file the necessary paperwork in Austin to authorize the sale of the Port of Brownsville. By a fluke of nature the port is on the receiving side of a windfall from the oil crisis and devaluation of the dollar. It is now cheaper for Mexico to buy American steel than Chinese steel. It is also cheaper to ship the steel via barge on the intracoastal waterway, than by truck. The end result is a lot more business for the Port or Brownsville.

The Port of Brownsville has become a viable asset which can and should be sold to pay off its debt. Why are the people being taxed to keep a cash-cow for the politicos alive when a privately owned company may be willing to buy the port and turn it into a cash-cow for its stockholders. The people must demand that Rene Oliviera, Eddie Lucio III, and State Senator Eddie Lucio II file the necessary paperwork to allow for the sale of the Port of Brownsville.

Once the Port is sold for a price sufficient to pay off its debt, the people will be off the hook in terms of the property taxes paid to the Port. This money can and should be redirected to building of a new airport on US 77 and East just North of Veterans Bridge. This is the easiest way for the City of Brownsville to fund a new airport and possible convention center. If the Weir comes to be a reality, the location of the new airport will be a big part of downtown development. Visitors will be more than willing to shoot down university blvd to stay in a hotel on the river.
We cannot rely on the very politicos whose clients make money off of the Port of Brownsville to sell this cash-cow for the politicos and their clients. It will also be up to the City Commission to demand that Governor Perry put the issue on the next legislative agenda. Time is running short as to the agenda for the next legislative session.

The Board at the Brownsville Navigation District cannot be trusted to act for the people. They have remained silent about the million dollars Villalobos forced Dannenbaum to pay in exchange for no indictments. A non-corrupt Board would have taken this deal to the Department of Justice for criminal investigation.

It is fair the BND Board remains in the hands of the most corrupt politicos in Brownsville with their sole purpose to keep the money flowing to these politicos and their clients. Had Villalobos simply had Dannenbaum indicted, a judge could have ordered restitution directly to the BND of a lot more than million dollars. Instead, Villalobos did a forfeiture action to recover money for his office, which a judge could have ordered paid directly to the BND as restitution.
Other than to keep a criminal enterprise alive, the BND Board has no purpose. So my question is, why not sell the port to relieve the people of the debt they owe because of the criminal manner in which the BND has been historically run?

The Brownsville Navigation District is where politicos go the die from the death of shame.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Back in 1981, I was walking the streets of Mexico City in search of the Nicaraguan embassy. It was lunch time. The street traffic came to a complete standstill. It was the first and only time in my life I experienced human gridlock. We just stood their packed in like sardines. As I looked to my right I recognized a volcano in a picture in an office. I then looked up, it was the office of Lanica Airlines. The then national airline of Nicaragua. As it turned out they were able to fix my visa and change my date of departure to Managua.

On that day, the gridlock worked to my advantage. In today’s world the gridlock in Congress, local government, and the press, is such I see no solution or upside. Every time I hear Congress has a lower approval rating than the President, I shake my head in disbelieve. This morning most of us are waking up to dryer roads only to realize those potholes are bigger than ever. And as we all know, the City Commission has no game plan to address the deteriorating roads in Brownsville. The problems in Congress and at the local governmental level is in part the result of a press which long ago abandoned its part as the investigators and overseers of government. The Herald desperately needs a legal consultant to help report on legal proceedings.

It is anyone’s guess what will happen at the Herald. In my own dealings with the President of Freedom Newspapers, I was impressed he personally called me to apologize for the actions of the Brownsville Herald, and in the end sent a handwritten note along with a settlement check. (People it was small - but compensated me for my time fighting the Herald to get my money back) He seems to believe the people really matter. I thought I was the only one who still used handwritten notes. This truly impressed me. In terms of substance, to me the handwritten note is far more valuable than the check.

People matter - Congress, the Brownsville City Commission (actually most local governments in the US) and the press seem to believe the people do not matter. When the people who give you your reason for existence do not matter, it should then be no shocker the people will reject you.
Congress and local government will not change. The gridlock which has brought these institutions to a standstill is like a super glue of special interests which will not let go. Our representatives in these institutions, save one or two, are so controlled by lobbyists, there is no hope they will ever be able to see past the gridlock created by the lobbyists. The people are simply irrelevant.

The press, because they live off of profits instead of taxpayer money, are in a free fall of self destruction. Most journalists and news editors still live in their closets of delusions of grandeur and are in complete denial that the people are actually driving their future. "How dare the people not buy our dribble."

I am mind boggled that CNN remains in the air. Lou Dobbs has to be the most openly racists journalist in the history of nationally televised news. Yesterday in a matter of a minute or two during his news summary he went from admitting the FDA has no knowledge of the source of the salmonella outbreak, but then went on to say it is tied to Mexico, he then indicated his displeasure with a court ruling related to illegal aliens using social security cards, and then went to his displeasure with McCain’s and Obama’s respective positions on illegal immigration. All three stories are legitimate stories, but when you begin with blaming Mexico for a health crisis in the US, while agreeing the FDA has no evidence as to the source of the problem, and then immediately go into two other stories which many of your viewers will relate to Mexico, it is clear you are trying to inflame hate and bigotry towards Mexico and Latinos.

No legitimate journalist could possibly work for CNN, so long as Lou Dobbs has his own program on the network. CNN could not find it in itself to report news in a way mainstream American would watch, so they decided to use Lou Dobbs to bring in the audience of the most ignorant Americans they could find. This is not good. CNN’s solution to the collapse of American journalism is a threat to the very social fabric which hold our society together. Hopefully, sooner than later just one reporter while on live TV will denounce Lou Dobbs and CNN’s embracing of this racist. On that day CNN may have a chance at a new beginning.

Until the people take the position that they will vote all incumbents out of office, Congress and local governments will continue to ignore the people. The people of Brownsville are actually very good at voting incumbents out of office, when they are informed. As to the press, they only survive if we buy their product. So they have to change if they want to survive. I have no idea what is going to happen at the Herald, but the personal touch used with me by the President of Freedom Newspapers is encouraging. While I consider boycotts of advertisers wrong, I personally do not buy from any advertiser who advertises on CNN, unless I have no other choice.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Today what is taught as remedial math at UTB/TSC would have been two regular college math courses when I was an undergraduate. When I was in highschool, you were only required to take two years of math and two years of science. So what happened? It was decided that the US was behind the rest of the world in math and science, so a push was made to promote more math and science. This was a mistake.

This mistake was an outgrowth of misguided American liberalism from the 1960's. American liberalism celebrates a form of educational elitism, which has created more dropouts and an overall lesser educated population. A highschool dropout in 1960 was probably as well versed in literature or better read than your typical university educated graduate today. As a result of mass university education we are teaching less, not more.

A simple example - To Kill a Mockingbird is probably one of the most poorly taught books in American literature. It has been reduced to the story of a lawyer who fights to save the life of a falsely accused black man. During the time of the story, a black man being accused of wrongdoing by a white woman was all it took to get convicted.

The reality is, the trial of the black man is really only one of several subparts of the greater theme of the book. The greater theme of the book is prejudice, and it comes in many forms. I can hear some of my readers now, "well duh falsely accusing a black man of rape because he is black is obviously prejudice." Scout, the female child in the story, who also narrates the story, experiences prejudice first hand when her teacher tells her she should not be teaching herself to read, or that her father should not be teaching her to read. Scout is also viewed as different because she is a tomboy. My point is, the story is filled with examples of all sorts of prejudice and not just that of southern whites towards blacks. This is the point which is so missed in how the book is taught in today’s classrooms, as a result of mass education.

Walter Cunningham, is a poor boy in the first grade with no shoes, hookworms, and no lunch. The teacher, through her ignorance, fails to understand Waleter and humiliates him for being poor. Her ignorance was a consequence of her refusal to take the time to know the children in her classroom and community. She came to the table with her preconceived ideas and was unwilling to consider the reality of her new surroundings.

Boo is the neighborhood boy who everyone fears as bad or slow. In the end he ends up being a hero who saves Scout and her brother Jem. There are several other characters who are misperceived as being bad or different based on their appearance or other factors.

Finally there is Tom, the black man wrongly accused of raping a white woman. While the trial of Tom is important to the theme of prejudice, it somehow over takes the greater issue of prejudice we see in gender, economic status, perceived character, and physical traits, all of which are discussed in the story. The important theme in the book is prejudice comes in many forms.

Back to my point. This intellectual elitism, which is part of American liberalism, created a system of mass education which in fact has probably diminished the quality of education in the social sciences, and increased the number of highschool dropouts threw its push of math and science. How To Kill a Mockingbird is taught is an example of the failure in literature.

The intellectual elitism of the American liberal presupposes that you are only smart and of value if you have a college education. This is a myth created by American liberals as apologists for the capitalist swindle. Somehow if everyone becomes a college graduate poverty will go away -. Again another myth. The American liberal fails to understand the basic failure within the capitalist swindle. In the capitalist model we do not value people based on their contributions, but on arbitrarily created labels as to worth.

I will submit, police officers, firefighters, and garbage collectors are the most underpaid public servants in America. Who does more to keep you safe in your home, and disease free, doctors or police officers, firefighters and garbage collectors? The answer is not doctors. But yet we pay doctors more. More people die around the world every day from poor sanitation conditions than from a lack of medical care. People do not contract staph infections from doctors, they contract them because of poor sanitation conditions in the operating rooms. But yet we are unwilling to pay a real wage to those responsible for keeping the operating rooms sanitary.

It will shock many of you to know it is the socialist model which holds "from each according to his ability to each according to his worth." Because American liberalism, as an apology for capitalism, assigns value based on the label of being college educated instead of based on the person’s real contribution to the community, we continue to push a college education over meaningful job training.

The social sciences have become a joke in the US. When I was an undergraduate at UTEP, 1976-1980, we had to write 30 page papers, on Royal portable typewriters, for every course in our major. We had to have a minimum of 3 different sources on each page. All sources had to be primary sources. We also had to have a minimum of 30 sources. You learned how to write and how to do research. Today students would burn down the campus before they would agree to write a 30 page paper. Tuition was $210.00 for 6 courses. Room and board in the dorms was $600.00 per semester. One of my favorite books, Political Thinking, by Glenn Tinder, was $5.00. Every couple of years I still reread it again and again.

I remember when I entered the program at UT Arlington for my Masters in Education, 2002. I asked the Department Chair which professional journals he recommended I read on a regular basis. He looked at me like I was from another planet. At UTEP we were given a list of professional journals we were expected to read on a regular basis. As late as 1991, I maintained my subscription to the journal "Problems of Communism."

Back to math and science - it is not for everyone. In many cases it simply needs to be taught in the context of the job training. In the field of education, the teaching of math is basically the great failure of our educational system. It is a failure in part because some people just will never get math. Rather than accept this fact, we as a society are creating an entire generation of highschool dropouts over math many of my readers, who are now professionals, never had to do. We tell our children you will take 3-4 years of math or you will not graduate highschool. Then we ask why they dropout of highschool.

Beyond the 10th grade we need to replace math and science and even foreign language with job training for those students who are willing to start their job training in highschool. There is no reason why we are not teaching the use of robotics in manufacturing. There is no reason why we are not teaching children to be certified electricians, plumbers, or automotive mechanics. In the LRGV we have a major shortage of physical therapists, and physical therapists technicians.

In the end my point is, the value we give one another should not be in whether we have graduated the university, but in our contributions to the community. If you think the police officer, firefighter, sanitation worker, electrician, plumber or automotive mechanic is not of value, trying living without them. It is time we stop wasting time and money by sending everyone to college, and start teaching our children the worth of the workers who keep us safe and healthy, and keep our lives running efficiently every day, day in and day out. The average college graduate with a BBA is worthless to our community. But the sanitation worker is indispensable to our community.

Monday, July 7, 2008


The futility in hope is best seen in how Congress functions. For some two years the Bush Administration has publically supported a change in how ERISA works. ERISA is a federal law which was passed to protect workers’ and their rights to various forms of insurance afforded them as workers.

The corrupt judiciary being what it is, interpreted the law as written by Congress to in fact protect the insurance companies and not the workers. You see to the activist Republican jurists, who worked for the insurance companies before becoming federal judges, decided congressional intent as to why ERISA was created meant nothing. They manipulated the words and intent of Congress to protect the insurance companies from suit.

It does not end with the radical activists judges. Once a judge ignores the will of Congress, Congress is free to overrule the judge by rewriting the law in a way which rejects the judiciary’s interpretation of same. In our system of government this is one of many checks Congress has on the judiciary. So why haven’t they?

The lobbyists own Congress, both Democrats and Republicans alike. The Bush Administration has taken the position that the activists Republican judges are wrong in interpreting the law to favor the insurance companies. Democrats who claim to support America’s working class are in control of both Houses of Congress. So why can they not just fix the problem? In the past, while cases have been pending before the Supreme Court, Congress has in fact passed amendments to laws which included rebukes of judicial interpretation of the then existing laws. Again, so what is the problem?

The insurance company lobbyists own too many Democrats and Republicans to make it an easy correction. The sooner the people realize the Democratic Party is a complete and total joke, the sooner they will begin the process of building a new political party which represents the people and not the lobbyists and their clients.

If you want to understand more about the tragedy ERISA brings on innocent families you can read the following story.

The oil crisis can be tied to the lobbyists. Proponents of these lobbyists will tell you they are needed to protect the automotive industry from the big old bad Congress. Since the first oil crisis (1973 - I still remember waiting on line at the BP for an hour with my mother for 10 gallons of gas ) the people have been demanding better fuel economy in their cars.

The auto manufacturers sent their lobbyists to Congress to tell Congress that if Congress mandated better fuel economy it would kill the industry. Congress bought the argument and did nothing. Now these same lobbyists are before Congress demanding bail-outs and tax breaks for these same manufacturers now that no one wants to buy their gas guzzling cars and trucks. Congress again will take their marching orders from the lobbyists and charge the bail-outs to our grandchildren.

The sooner the American people come to understand Democrats and Republicans alike serve only the masters of industry and not the people, the sooner the American people will elect a government which serves the people and only the people. Can anyone defend the automakers long held opposition to increased fuel economy? Can anyone find blame with anyone but the automakers for their own mess? Does anyone doubt that Congress will bail-out these failed executives while these failed executives continue to earn multimillion dollar salaries every year, year after year?