Friday, June 27, 2008


Even though I am going to give "Wanted" a really bad review, I have to say 90% of you will probably like it - so just ignore everything I have to say. The best line of the movie was the last line, and not because the film was over. Oh, again, the standard for this summer’s films appears to be a male butt scene.

I really hate when critics use terms like predictable or improbable. It is a movie you stupid morons, it is suppose to be improbable. But when improbable is the only thing keeping the film going, it becomes a distraction. In this film the direction of the film, and the so called surprise is so predictable you are forced to ask yourself if the writers had ever read a good murder mystery.

I guess they figured the mind numbing endless pointless violence being demanded by the audience which would love this film is such that maybe the audience would be too stupid to figure out the twist even though they all but tell you the twist in the first ½ hour. If you are surprised by the twist in the film, then you really have no skills of observation.

I love Angelina. I have never seen a film of hers I did not like. The mind numbing violence in the film was such I nearly walked out about a ½ into the film. Use of mindless violence, cheap mimicking of the "Matrix", and endless extended car chases, leaves the viewer wondering if the film has a point. The reality is, if the film ever did have a point I never saw it, unless blind loyalty to an unknown was the point. If this was the point, then I understand why they had to use endless mind numbing violence to keep the audience’s attention.

But like I said, ignore everything I said and just go see the film - you will probably like it. I am not the type guy won over by fancy words and painted pictures. Sometimes substance is more important then a well placed comma. Those who measure substance by a well placed comma, rarely have any substance to add to the discussion and use the well place comma as a distraction from their own failures. This film may have a lot of well placed commas, such as Angelina’s final bullet shot, but there was just no substance behind the shot. A bad script cannot hide behind cheap theatrics, or well placed commas.


BobbyWC said...

I rejected a comment not because of anything offensive, but because the very nature of the comment was inherenty contradictory. It identifies the problem and then sought to promote the problem.

My regular readers know that every so often I get lucky, real lucky, and can find a venue for creating a double entendre.

The poster at one level seemed to identify the double entendre but then went astray by suggesting I did not.

Words are to be read through the eyes of their author and not the reader.

If the comment was truly a legitimate concern, I will say I concur with the exception, we know.

If you are confused - it is like a well placed code in a clothe. But remember the code is only valid if it was written by the person authorized to write such a code.

In the world of bloggers and journalists, their reality extends from their world of delusions of grandeur. We all must be careful, lest we come to believe our own propaganda.

Such as a bad movie script, journalism in America has been reduced to pleasing the simplest senses in the people. What script writers and journlist alike have failed to undertand is, the people actually want to think - they just do not want the failed journalistic community to tell them what to think or what is important.

If there is any merit to the blogosphere it is, it allows people to search for what is important to them instead of having an editor or journalist dictate to the them that which is relevant.

In the process of insisting only journalists know what is relevant, they have made themselves irrelevant to the readers.

Rathergate was and remains endemic of the failed profession of journalism.

Rathergates are a dime a dozen - journalists simply no longer cover them because they realized Rathergate opened the door to the soul of journalists - they are souls wondering in the desolate eternity of irrelevancy - so they drink and fantasize about women.

They know find themselves in some old hotel room filled with smoke and a portable Royal typewriter fantasizing about their next 30 second encounter with a call girl.

Nothing is ever as it appears - life is never easy for those who have been relegated to the irrelevant. People who need to appear to be relevant are rarely relevant or appear to be relevant. People who are relevant rarely know they are relevant.

The average Joe is neither relevant nor needs to be relevant. It is their comfort. I like to think of myself as an average Joe. But then again, nothing ever as it appears.

Bobby WC

Unknown said...

I love love love Angelina. Have you seen Gia? Whoa.

On another note, I like what you wrote in your last graf. Very clever.

BobbyWC said...

I think I have seen everything she has ever done - there is and old film she may have done at age 19 which may have been her first - not so good.

If God were to say to me - one dying wish but it must be for your personal pleasure I would say Angelina - women underestimate the sexiness is a strong, intelligent and independent woman -

Think about it, even I would take Angelina over Brad - but I certainly would not throw him out of bed.

Bobby WC