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Although I made it clear in my previous posts I will not attend the City Commission meetings until after the city has repealed its prior restraint ordinance, or a court has declared it unconstitutional, one is still asking if I will be there. I have no desire to fuel the fire. Also once the matter is resolved I will attend meetings and speak generally to issues I feel like are important to the community. You will not hear me mention my victory on the issue. Gloating is for little people - the issue here is simple - allow the people to speak for the 15 minutes and just smile.

Now I hope Jim Goza explains to Pat Almighty that if he interrupts the wrong person he may just find there is an attorney in waiting to sue Pat Almighty and the city for violating the speaker’s First Amendment right, as incorporated through the Fourteenth Amendment (to be technical). I am not sure about damages, but § 1983 certainly applies to this case. I just hope calmer minds will prevail and we can all move on.


John Ritter died at age 54 from sudden death due to heart failure. Both my mother and Tim Russert died at age 58 from sudden death due to heart failure. While I cannot speak to Ritter’s or Russert’s medical history, the week before my mother died she had the most complete cardio work up available in 1977.

John Ritter and Tim Russert had access to the best healthcare money could buy, and more than enough money to afford it. I do believe Ritter’s wife sued the doctors for failure to diagnose. I do fault the doctors in part because of their arrogance. I understand that sometimes the tests miss things. The tests are only as good as the technicians performing the tests. My problem is with the doctors who are not even willing to consider the idea that the tests were not done properly or they just are not accurate. What I tell people is, if youR doctor tells you are okay when you know you are not, see another doctor. Doctors could save lives if they would just learn to say - "I don’t know."

I also believe the medical community contributes to the failure of so many people at the gym. When I meet a new doctor and he tells me to loose weight the first thing I say is, "can I see a competent doctor?" My medical records say why I cannot loose weight. My liver was damaged by a medication I received from the VA. I also tell them to look at my blood work - my cholesterol and triglycerides are incredible now that I am back on all the proper medications and supplements.

At my gym I always tell people they will fail if they are at the gym to loose weight or look like a model. The most important benefit the gym gives you is what it does for your cardiovascular system. You cannot see this from the outside. I see people at my gym who do an hour or longer on the treadmill and remain obese after months of trying. This is who they are. I always tell them, if you know you are eating healthy just keep on doing what you are doing - you are doing fine. I also tell people to make sure they belong to a gym with a strong steam room. It is very relaxing and has to help lower your blood pressure. It is a nice little reward after the work out.

I hear it all of the time - "but my doctor says if I drop to a 1000 calories a day I will loose the weight. I eat on average 1500 to 1800 calories a day. Weight loss is not in my future. I do on average 3-4 hours of cardio a week and 3-4 hours of free weights a week. My body is what it is.

This is where doctors drive me nuts. I see people at the gym give up all of the time because they are not losing weight. Doctors need to stop telling people that diet and exercise will make you loose weight. There are no scientific studies to support this myth. Unless you are shoving pizza, fried chicken, and hamburgers down your throat everyday and then all of a sudden start eating healthy, you are not going to loose any real weight.

My advice is, if you know you are eating healthy, and you know you are exercising for real - be happy with the little extra plump in your step - it is natural - the doctors are morons. I control my triglycerides with 6 fish oil capsules a day. I went from having my triglycerides at 3000 down to 180 on fish oil.

I do not know why these two men died at such young ages. I do know the doctors completely missed in the case of my mother. I do know I exercise almost everyday - even when my arms and legs are in incredible pain. I may now have confirmed blockage in key arteries, but I know I exercise my cardiovascular system almost everyday. I cannot image how much worse it would be had I given up just because I could not loose the weight the doctor insisted I loose. In spite of the doctors I did not give up - and I am all the better for it.

So to everyone out there who is overweight - first get on fish oil for the triglycerides. Have a full lipid panel done on your blood so you know where you stand in terms of your cholesterol and triglycerides. Most of all never give up because you are not losing weight. 15 minutes on the treadmill is not much, but it is better than 0 minutes. My gym has individual TV’s for each treadmill - I put in my earphones and 60 minutes and 3 miles later I am done. Just do not give up and you will get to the 60 minutes. Your heart is counting on you. It is not about losing weight, it is about having a strong cardiovascular system. This is what doctors should be stressing and not weight loss.


Anonymous said...

what gym has individual TV's? I need to get on a treadmill...

Desperately Overweight Housewife :)

BobbyWC said...

World Gym on 802 just next to the BISD pool - between Old Port Isabel Rd and Paredes Line Road

Bobby WC