Friday, June 6, 2008


I loved this film. Before I tell you why I will say who should not go see it - people looking for a slasher film will be disappointed. When the film is about a couple it is kind of hard for me to imagine why anyone would think it is a slasher film - but then we all know people. Do not go if you are looking for a fast paced film. I believe it was about an hour and twenty minutes long, but felt like two hours or more.

The director tells you from the beginning that the story had to be pieced together from the limited evidence. Part of the suspense in the film is not knowing - this makes the film even more scary. I think I would think twice before staying the night alone in a country house out in the middle of no where. Some people in reviews have complained that the story line is thin. These people missed an important part of the film. The story line is thin because no one knows for sure what happened. This makes it very scary there is no apparent rhyme or reason for what happens.

The entire film is mostly about the psychological torture of this couple before they are killed. I did not reveal a surprise ending. The film begins with the murder scene and then goes backwards. It is a psychological torture thriller. This is why it feels like 2 hours when in fact it was only an hour and twenty minutes. You will be sitting their tortured waiting for something to happen. Just enough happens every so often to keep your attention. But you wait, and you wait, and you wait. You are almost relieved when they are killed at the end because the film is finally over. If you think about it though, it is the torture you hate, and not the film. It is like you are being tortured with the couple. I think the audience loved it.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the review! This is definitely one I want to see.

Unknown said...

I saw the movie tonight. I am so spooked. I screamed the whole time.