Monday, June 9, 2008


I decided to go light today and with positives. I do ask that you consider my piece from Sunday on the issue of the flag. As with me, we all know the double entendre of issues. While it is true there are no great leaps forward coming from this city commission there are some things worth mentioning.

In the midst of everyone being at their limits with the antics of Pat Almighty and other city commissioners, we seem to be missing certain things which are happening and which are important. The primary responsibility for the mess belongs with Pat Almighty and the city commission. But the bloggers and the Herald are also responsible for some of what is happening. We need to do a better job in covering what is going right, lest we come to believe our own propaganda that the world is coming to an end. The BV is fully prepared to publish any and all news releases from the COB which promote Brownsville in an honest way.

A lot of people have given Sanchez a hard time over all of the beautiful pictures he has posted of Brownsville. I love them because they promote Brownsville as an amazingly beautiful place. Why should our political differences, which really are not many, keep me from commenting on something good?

The Herald did what I would call a desperate piece on Commissioner Atkinson. The issue was a badge and access to the city airport. If I understand the story in the light most favorable to Mr. Atkinson Mr. Brown offered him a security badge, which according to Mr. Atkinson, he did not need. It may have been poor judgment on the part of Mr. Atkinson to accept the badge when in fact he did not need it, but really where the hell is the story? If his DHS badge already gave him access to the airport, and he is working part-time at the airport, what exactly is the story? There was none. This is the type frenzy which makes it difficult to promote discussion on the issues which really matter. We all know I hate distractions. The entire article was an example of a distraction.

As everyone knows, I am about issues, and not jumping on a man, well at least not Atkinson - (I only like manly men- come on dude laugh - you deserve it for that comment). I do not believe it serves the people when as bloggers or reporters we obsess over one person. It may appear I am obsessed with Pat Almighty, but the reality is, I have been a huge supporter of Pat Ahumada on the Weir Dam, and on his vision of Brownsville/ Matamoros being a metroplex. Again I am about issues.

I may have personal differences at a major level with Commissioner Camarillo and how he came to be elected, but that does not cause me to dismiss what appears to be his leadership role on the issue of recycling. His comments at the last City Commission meeting were important. Why should the people cooperate with the city when the city does not pay for recycled items and other companies do? I recycle my cans, along with a lot of other people, to a man who is on a fixed income. There are enough of us doing this that this man makes a couple of hundred dollars a month from the donors.

Various churches recycle plastic, paper, and cardboard - I typically recycle the rest of my recyclables at different churches. I would prefer to take them to the city’s libraries and have the money used for books and children’s programs. My point is, Commissioner Camarillo has raised the issue of why are we promoting this free ride for one company, when other companies are paying for recyclables? I hope he succeeds in getting something done wherein we can use our recyclables for education at the libraries or BISD. This should be front page news in the Herald.
Brownsville is an interesting place in terms of growth - in spite of itself it seems to be growing. Commissioner Garza’s announcement about the amount of money in new construction both commercially and residentially was amazing. This should be front page headlines on the COB web page. It should have been front page headlines in the Herald, but the editors instead chose a story about a duplicate security badge held by Commissioner Atkinson.

I hate pettiness and score settling. It is unseemly, and has this City Commission looking stupid and childish. It is time they stop the game playing and get back to business. Now I am a blogger - it is my job to raise Cane and speak my mind. I do not have a need to build coalitions.

Unfortunately, this City Commission is faced with the reality of a mayor who has made up his mind to keep the flames of anger alive even if it means the city not moving forward. He is a petty two bit Banana Republic Dictator incapable of leadership and moving this city forward. What kind of Mayor who knows he has to build coalitions creates the following web page?

Mr. Mayor - you want respect, prove to the people you can lead. Your web page proves you cannot lead. For now I ask that the City Commissioners do what they can to ignore the mayor and promote the free speech of the people and a true respect for the flag - okay put three flags so the US flag is the highest. I can assure this City Commission, once they just ignore Pat Almighty, the people will begin to hear what they are saying. In this piece I did note some important things which were said, but lost in the tyranny of Pat Almighty.

What truly angers me is the Weir project would have been tremendous for Brownsville, but now we may not have it because the mayor is incapable of cooperating with anyone. It would be sad if the mayor's own antics destroy hope for what could have been his greatest accomplishment as mayor.

I hope with the BPUB moving forward on this issue, the mayor can see the importance of changing his tune. It would be sad for the project to loose support over the mayor's antics. It seems our city commission has been willing to put differences aside for the benefit of Brownsville - let's see how the mayor reacts. I just hope his antics and apparent inability to get along has not caused the Mexicans to believe Brownsville will never get its act together on this one. This is where the leadership of the City Comission is so important - they and the BPUB must show the Mexicans Brownsville is serious about the Weir project and will not allow petty differences with the mayor to get in the way of what could be Brownsville's greatest leap forward in terms of economic development in a long time.

Tonight the BPUB will address the Weir project - lets hope for the best. It is essential people put their differences aside with the mayor and allow him to have this one if for no other reason it is good for Brownsville.


Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC,

But Atkinson did ask for the badge. He told Mr. Brown that he may be working at the airport sometime in the future and that is why he needed the security badge. He was not even working at the airport part-time or full-time.

Some of that is according to Larry Brown's interpretation in the Herald piece.

Do you not find some fault in a city commissioner being the only with an airport badge. Remember, it was a city issued badge, not a DHS badge. Yes, of course, he was getting it because he worked for DHS. But if he was working for them, why didn't he just get his boss to get it for him? Why did he have to use his political connections to get the City Airport Director to show him the way towards the badge.

I agree it could be a distraction, which is why I felt sorry the guy getting beat up all the time. But I have seen the error in my ways. He brings it on himself!

There are a lot of positives coming from the City inspite of some of the failings in leadership. Here is something positive: tearing down old houses that house the criminal element. From what I can tell, this is something Commissioner Camarillo has been working on in his district. We should post positive pieces. But sometimes, those positive pieces don't come around. And the one's that do are covered by other mediums.


BobbyWC said...


In debate there is a process whereby you concede certain points so you can avoid the distraction which will come with debating a certain point - this is why I prefaced it with

"If I understand the story in the light most favorable to Mr. Atkinson Mr. Brown offered him a security badge"

The point of the Atkinson discussion was to raise the issue - if nothing changed substantively with him having the badge or not having the badge - then what is the story - it matters not how he got it - which is why I took the issue off the table -

without the badge he would still have access to the airport - so in effect he gained nothing which he did not already have -

I also did say "It may have been poor judgment on the part of Mr. Atkinson to accept the badge when in fact he did not need it, but really where the hell is the story?"

Now if he did need the badge - then when he responds to my piece, not that he will, he cannot say - "I did not ask for the badge." he has to go right to the issue - if there is no substantive difference in terms of access to the airport - why did he accept the badge?

As we speak I am referring the CEO of Freedom Communications to your pieces on the Loop - my issue is this is just one example of how the blogosphere is undoing the press by covering the stories which should be in the Herald.

There is good, bad, and ugly in the press and blogosphere - but we all need to be on guard about making things seem worse than they are.

If what you say about Camarillo is true about demolishing homes, this should be a big ongoing story in the Herald and its positive impact on the community. Actually I do believe I did read on article on the issue.

Does this mean I will not speak out against Camarillo when he votes the wrong way, from my perspective? No, professionals should be able to agree to disagree when they differ and work towards the better good when they can agree without allowing petty differences to get in the way.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


I grant the Camarillo stuff. He knows I would criticize me as he is free to criticize me.

Really, you talked to the Herald about my Loop stuff? Thanks buddy.

Oh, and, yes, the demolition stuff was in the Herald which is why I did not see a need to cover it. Plus, I don't know if I was blogging when I saw.

I could be speaking out of turn, but I believe Atkinson did not have access to the airport without the badge, which is why he was asking for it. He even told Brown he could be working at the airport in the future which is why he needed the badge. Him having the badge changed things for his benefit.

Here is the quote directly from the story:

Brown said badges are issued to airport employees, contractors and U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspectors stationed at the Brownsville-South Padre Island International Airport. It allows them access to secure areas.

Brown said he issued Atkinson a badge because he is a U.S. Customs inspector. Although Atkinson is not stationed at the airport, Brown said Atkinson told him that he could be stationed there at some point.

Everything else, I think you are on the money especially Atkinson's poor judgement. Is this becoming his M.O.?


BobbyWC said...

Roman I put before the president of Freedom Newpapers your articles on the Loop as evidence of what the Herald is not effectively covering - I actually gave them several examples from several blogs.

On Atkinson - you have tunnel vision - you are still completely missing the point.

If we eliminate the issue of how he got the badge he still has to explain if it did not make a difference why did he take it? His failure to answer the question here or on CD's page raises the question - maybe it did make a difference. I do not know - this is a definite major flaw in the original Herald article - which is why I question its accuracy and usefulness

Atkinson denied the accuracy of the Herald article - it is my policy unless I have personal knowledge otherwise to not believe anything in print which someone has denied. It is very self serving to say "it is in the Herald so it must be true - especially because it serves my argument."

You and CD and Atkinson can go around in circles a billion times on how he came about to get the badge and it will change nothing - which is why I took the issue off of the table -

If the badge did not make a difference as he alleges, not the Herald - then why did he take it? If it did make a difference then maybe his denial of having asked for the badge is also suspect. Emma should have covered this issue and asked Brown if it made a difference - she did not - hence the article is worthless and designed as a distraction

This is just a technique for measuring the accuracy of one's words. A good reporter would have known this - but then there are no good reporters left that I know of -

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

He doesn't have a DHS badge because he works at the bridge and he will never be issued one from DHS. Also did anyone notice that he voted YES to everything Larry Brown requested from the commission. Qui pro quo.
What did he want a badge? What is there or on the way that he need to have access to?
go figure

BobbyWC said...

correlation does not prove causation - further your leap is tantamount to a flea jumping the grand canyon

Bobby WC

Mas Triste said...


I understand the unwillingness to accept the premise that: Atkinson did not have access to the airport without the badge, which is why he was asking for it. He even told Brown he could be working at the airport in the future which is why he needed the badge. Him having the badge changed things for his benefit.

I cannot tell you what the motivation is, that intent can only be answered by him. However, the events as they are descibed are accurate.


Anonymous said...

Finally, doesnt it feel good to use your name. You become a real player when you are truthful about who you really are. Dont be a hater. I knew you were Patricia A for a long time. I just waited until you felt you could judge me without knowing the truth. The herald distorts the truth. Emma chooses different sentences and comments and forms her own view as she changes the comments made. Believe half of what you read Roman. I have three badges if you want to be technical. I have more clearance than Larry Brown himself. He flaked in his interview with Emma. I cant blame him for bweing scared. Emma can be quite a bully.

Charlie A.

BobbyWC said...

Guys, I am closing this discussion on any further discussion of Charlie A. Charles addressing the issue head on helps you, but continuing with the claim Roman is Patricia A when you have no evidence of same only serves to continue the argument against you - you complain people make claims about you without direct evidence or personal knowledge - and then turn and go after Roman without any personal knowledge.

This entire discussion about Atkinson has drawn away from my main point - the distraction Pat Almighty has created away from the people being informed about what good things are in fact happening.

I will only take comments on that issue and that issue alone - no exceptions

Ladies, you can continue this one on the play ground

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


I don't buy your full argument that "the Mayor" is the one causing all the good in Brownsville to go unnoticed in the papers. And Charlie, I am not Patricia A.

The reason I don't buy your argument is because the good AND the bad Brownsville occurred long before "the Mayor". The article on Charlie, for example, was not because of Pat, rather it was because of Charlie.

Whatever good is happening, will continue to happen with or without political leaders. The good is when you see someone in need and you help them; when a young boy helps an seasoned citizen across the street; when you help your neighbor pay for some needed food; when your neighbor needs help mowing the lawn and you help.

People do good. Politics does good only through the vision of the people if that makes any sense. Politics can be useful but it can also be a detriment to the future of a community. It is a distraction I guess. But we can't blame it all on "the Mayor".

The good won't be reported because people deem it "unnewsworthy". But it is. I am guilty of only focusing on negative things. But then again, I am a biased person on various issues, and I don't try to pretend I am not. I do try to be honest and objective. I think I have done so in some issues. But that is just me.

The daily won't admit it, but that is fine. We know it in our hearts it is true. It isn't all of the reporters faults, it is on the one's above. I know in a couple of stories a reporter told me it wasn't their fault a story wasn't fully reported or why it was phrased a certain way. I took the reporter at their word the powers-that-be hurt a story they thought should have been told or told a certain way.

I, like the Herald, do sprinkle in good stories. I am sure the Herald will try and do more stories in a positive light. But then again, they don't cover all of the negative stories either.

And if they do all positive, they will be criticized for being too "pollyanna". We can expect more of the same. Let's enjoy what we have and criticize that. ;o)


BobbyWC said...


You can pretend I said "I don't buy your full argument that "the Mayor" is the one causing all the good in Brownsville to go unnoticed in the papers."

But I did not say it - which is why I never trust anyone when it comes to my words - because when it is right there for everyone to see - they still misrepresent the truth -

What did I say -

"The primary responsibility for the mess belongs with Pat Almighty and the city commission. But the bloggers and the Herald are also responsible for some of what is happening."

I went out of my way to include myself as part of the problem and then mentioned some of the positives bloggers and the Herald are not covering.

I do this in an attempt to make Brownsville better - along those lines I do believe in rewarding people when they do good - which is why I raised the entire issue in the first instance. Good makes Brownsville look good to the people and potential businesses looking to move to Brownsville

But you proved my point on why we cannot trust reporters - my clear and plain words prove I never said what you claim - but you made the claim anyway - reality did not seem to matter on how you represented my words.

People do not go back to the Herald or a blog to see if a 1001 corrections have been made - you do not get to come back and say well I guess I was lazy in how I said it - you said it - own it - and move on - I am bored to my limits with everyone and their brother having an excuse for getting things wrong

Reporters by nature are not trust worthy -

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


But you did say this:

"the distraction Pat Almighty has created away from the people being informed about what good things are in fact happening."

You placed blame on stories being left uncovered on the distraction of Pat Almighty. His behavior does not "cheat" those untold stories.

I used that latest premise to base my argument, which is why I said this:

"I don't buy your full argument that "the Mayor" is the one causing all the good in Brownsville to go unnoticed in the papers."

I should not have said "full". It was a distraction. :o)