Monday, June 2, 2008


In politics a very controversial term has been developed known as house servant. Typically it is used for minorities who for the privilege of being a house servant do the master’s dirty work. In reality it can be used to describe any politico who agrees to do the power broker’s dirty work in exchange for support and perceived power. House servant is the only way to describe most of Cameron County’s and Brownsville’s politicos.

In terms of those who represent us in Austin, State Senator Eddie Lucio Jr., and State Representatives Eddie Lucio III and Rene Oliviera, can anyone think of any proposal by any of these men which would promote economic development within Cameron County? Nope not a thing. All over the US communities are moving forward on developing hemp as a biofuel. The LRGV was made for hemp. The economic development would be incredible. This has to begin at the state level because of federal laws. Where are the two Lucios and Oliviera on this issue? No where to be found - their clients do not have interest in hemp, so neither do they - Oh, goodness you are not so silly as to think the people are their clients?

In terms of county government, can anyone think of any great initiative put forward by any commissioner which will benefit the entire county? No. We are a poor community and public transportation is a must. It is almost impossible for poor people to get from Brownsville to Harlingen. This may sound radical, but it is time for Cameron County Commission to take the lead on a countywide public transportation system. My choice would be a light rail line from Brownsville to Raymondville. Of course, this would require cooperation from Willacy County.

TSTC is a far superior community college to TSC. Brownsville students are being forced to attend TSC for no better reason than a lack of public transportation. Brownsville veterans are foregoing their appointments at the Harlingen VA clinic because they cannot afford the gas.

Building more roads and highways will not solve the current and future transportation needs within Cameron county. A light rail line would make it easier for people who live in the northern part of the county to get to UTB, Sunrise Mall, the airport and so on.

In terms of the Brownsville city government - can anyone think of any great initiatives? No. Our greatest asset is the Brownsville/Matamoros metroplex. We must market the two cities as a metroplex. Depending on the source, the joint population of this metroplex is some one million people. A great leap forward at this time would be a new international airport and convention center on US 77 and East blvd. Brownsville cannot and will not move forward without a new airport and first rate convention center.

In terms of BISD- designated a dropout factory. Has anyone ever heard of any board member proposing anything to fix the problems at BISD? Major corporations in engineering and manufacturing will think twice before relocating to an area with a second rate school district.

Their top management will not move to a school district such as BISD. BISD is actually costing Brownsville jobs. Something as simple as closing the campuses so students cannot just walk out of class willy nilly and go off and do what ever they please would have a major impact on the graduation rate. Where is BISD’s board on this issue? - nowhere to be found.

How did Cameron county and Brownsville get to the point of mostly house servants serving the people. There is a history. This has in fact happened all over the country as one group replaces another group in terms of who holds the power. South Texas has always been rule by corrupt public officials. At the point the Latino community took power back from the Anglos, rather than show they were different, they chose to rule the same way as their former masters. The mordida rules South Texas politics. In most cases it is very subtle. As house servants under the former Anglo masters, the current leadership learned to survive you must abuse the people.

So why do we vote for them? Simple - we vote based on some hungry old soul standing in front of a polling place holding a sign which says VOTE FOR WHOMEVER. We never ask questions such as - what great initiative are you offering we the people? What is your vision? The politicos will not offer these things until we demand otherwise.

Every politico knows they can play the distraction game. I did not vote in the race for DA because I was sickened by the endless distraction game being played by both sides. Now clearly, DA Villalobos conduct while in office was fair game, but the endless tit for tat between the two of them over their pasts sickened me to the point I simply did not vote.

It is up to the people to say - "no we will not play the distraction game, tell us how you will be different - tell us your vision, tell us what great proposals you have and how you intend to accomplish those proposals. " People anyone can promise a chicken in every pot, but not everyone can deliver.

A man by the name of Juan Cortina decided that rather than use his family’s position to gain a place at the table with the Anglo oppressors of his time, he would fight them. Juan Cortina had the integrity take a stand. I would vote for Juan Cortina because when push came to shove he said "my dignity makes me more than a house servant." So who was Juan Cortina? You can read about him ay my blog spot.

In the end, I am asking the people of Cameron County and Brownsville to out of hand reject all future candidates for public office who do not have a vision for the county, city, or BISD. I am asking the people to reject the politics of distractions and demand the candidates stay with the issues and tell the people their specific proposals. I am asking the people to reject any politico whose history is that of a house servant for big money, developers, or the power brokers who serve themselves and not the people.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Are you writing about Juan Cortina or Juan Montoya? Clarify.

BobbyWC said...

the ANswer is:

"A man by the name of Juan Cortina decided that rather than use his family’s position to gain a place at the table with the Anglo oppressors of his time, he would fight them. Juan Cortina had the integrity take a stand. I would vote for Juan Cortina because when push came to shove he said "my dignity makes me more than a house servant." So who was Juan Cortina? You can read about him ay my blog spot."

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did you feel you were incriminating yourself in writing about what happened at the city commission meetin yesterday. You volunteered a lot of info and showed intent. Why did you discard your written statement? Its o.k. I scanned a copy of it and gave it to Cabler. Your display of aggression surely hurt your chances of running for school board. You hate the way Ahumada acts but you acted 10 times worse. You were shaking and looked like a serial killer. Anyone that wants to see that will have to get a copy from the City library. It was disturbing.
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