Saturday, June 14, 2008


This morning's Herald lists the early voting locations as the regular voting locations. I am posting the correct list.

I went to Christ the King and knocked on the doors of the various locations where they are normally located and nothing - no signs nothing to indicate where to vote. I then decided I would vote later at the library. On my way home I saw they were voting at Morningside. This is when I learned the Herald had it all wrong.

Not that it matters at this point but I did vote for Adela Garza. I was leaning towards her from the beginning. Then Silva had an interesting ad. Then I noticed an almost manipulative child like crayola form to Silva's ad. Then I learned several things which brought his character into question. So in the end the decision was easy.

Based on something Joe Zavaletta posted to one of the blogs I am convinced Juliet Garcia prefers Silva. Why would Joe invite the most anti-Adela Garza voice out there to participate in a university project if Juliet Garcia was counting on Adela Garza to be her lapdog? Answer because Juliet Garcia is backing Dr. Silva. This would not be the first time Joe Zavaletta tries to manipulate the bloggers to Juliet Garcias' advantage. I found this to be very odd, but then I found out other things which then put everything into place. I hope I am wrong, in the event he wins.

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Anonymous said...


If you would have checked out my blog in the morning before you went to vote, you would have saved gas! I posted on it at 12:15 AM.

I don't know what to make about your Joe comment. He has known me for months. He could have been focusing on my civic engagement like my attending city commmission meetings and not just the blog. That is why he had nominated me for an Imagine Brownsville subcommittee. The same one you and met for the first time.

Over the past months, my blog has grown into something more than just attacking Adela. I wish you would acknowledge that as a potential reason for his desire to work on a mutual project.

But I do congratulate you on voting. And I do hope you are wrong if Dr. Silva wins. Let's meet up sometime.