Thursday, June 26, 2008



The coffee shop concession in the Cameron County court house is evidence of what happens when hopelessly corrupt and incompetent people take control over the county. Well, the last couple of days has seen me visiting the court house a lot. Yesterday I noticed something which shocked me beyond comprehension. I saw a man drinking a soda out of a glass bottle. According to the security people I asked, the source of the glass is the coffee shop. The security people along with the clerks I asked about it said that Commissioners Court is fully aware of the problem, but do not care.

Someone’s friend is running the coffee shop and the hand full of dollars they are making off of Mexican sodas which come in glass bottles is just too important to give up for the safety and welfare of the judges, district attorneys, and visitors. While the safety of the general citizenry is important, it are the judges and district attorneys who are most at risk for injury by a criminal defendant or litigant.

So what is the big deal. Oh, I don’t know. I am a criminal defendant. I know I am going to be arrested today after my conviction and send to jail. I am a Republican or lunatic if you will. I decide to attack the DA with a broken glass bottle. Where did the bottle come from - the coffee shop owned by a friend of a County Commissioner. Integrity eludes these morons. I may not like individual judges or DA’s, but that does not mean I do not respect the dangers they face every day because of their service to the community. As a community we owe it to them to demand that action be taken to protect them from the morons on Commissioners Court. We must demand that glass bottles be banned from the court house.


I have dealt with clerks in court houses all of the State of Texas. The most professional and nicest are those in the Cameron County court house. They are always friendly and helpful. One thing I like a lot is, if they do not know the answer they have no problem getting out of their chair and walking to whomever and get the help they need. This is professionalism and we should be grateful for their service.

When I work directly with people, I tend to find ways to make them laugh so as to remove any sense of anxiety. I am known to be quite demanding. Yesterday a supervisor who had been helping me with several matters at the court house said, when I make him laugh he goes home and makes his family laugh. It is true - how could he not go home and tell his family of the stories of his dealing with me and not get a good laugh. Try it some day people - Make every person you meet during the day laugh at least once - and see what happens.

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