Saturday, June 21, 2008


Today I will review "Get Smart." But first, try checking out the link to Brownsville Art. There is a lot more to do in Brownsville than to just go see movies. If anyone knows of a link which provides a directory to the various events in Brownsville please let me know so that I can post it.

The BV cannot be the BV if it does not promote other voices and links. I know who I am willing to promote at this time is a bit controversial, but no one can say it is based on how the editors of the links promote the BV or speak of me. For the most part the links I provide do not promote the BV and many of them hardly have a kind word when they speak of the BV or me personally. I am confident in my voice and do not feel threatened by competing voices. It is the diversity of voices and ideas which make us strong as a nation and people.


When I first got there I thought jeeze - only a bunch of old fogies like me - no young kids to appreciate Maxwell Smart or Agent 99. But then by the time the movie started most of the audience was probably under 30. The younger audience seemed to enjoy the movie a lot. I liked the fact they appreciated a lot of the jokes. Oh, the new standard for summer comedies is at least one male butt scene.

If you are looking for something which does not require use of your brain cells, and you liked the original "Get Smart" I say it is worth the $8.50. Overall, I enjoyed it - I think you will too.


Anonymous said...

Bubba, that is not a "review". If that is how you will serve if elected, then we're in for some slim pickins with you. I didn't get anything that would tell me whether to bother with this movie or not! Do you know the meaning of the word "review"? Appears not. You get a "F" today. Crime: Failure to come through with a promise.

BobbyWC said...

yea it was short - I guess I just wanted to communicate it was a mindless comedy and that if you are a Get Smart fan you will like it-

I promise in the future to add mindless dribble to my reviews to make them appear more than they are - simple reviews without fan faire

come again

Bobby WC