Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I wonder how long any of our esteemed members of the Brownsville City Commission would last in a meeting of the House of Commons in the UK. About three seconds. I am deeply bothered by the adoption of the Roberts Rules of Order as a straight jacket on the antics of the commissioners.

Adults should be able to conduct themselves like adults. The need to adopt all of these rules and to ban direct attacks on fellow commissioners or from the people is an insult to every American who has ever died in service to this country. Guys, get a pair of aguacates and learn to take a hit. Pretend for 5 seconds that you actually are man enough to take an insult. Maybe teach the children watching how an adult deals with a personal insult - ignore it and move on.

I am very concerned that because our city commission consists of nothing more than a group of Nancy boys with thin skin true and honest debate will suffer. You know what, if I as a resident of the City of Brownsville choose to appear to speak to the incompetence of this city commission and start my address to the city commission as "To the most pathetic dishonorable Nancy Boys," do you pathetic weasels actually believe you can regulate how the people feel about this city commission by silencing my voice?

After I wrote that last sentence I stopped for about 10 minutes to think - should I? Then I thought, okay if I am arrested for disorderly conduct I will need to have my CPAP with me, my pharmacy, and a lawyer in toe to post bail. I also need to have my house sitter in place to watch the house and attend to the dogs. Then I thought I am too old and tired for this. I guess this makes me full of crap then, huh?

I take a lot or pride in the many times I have spent in jail for contempt - my first sentence was after a judge told me I had to stop all investigations against a child molester. I told him he could shove his ruling up his ass and walked out. No one was going to stop me from investigating a child molester. I got lucky - the Texas Supreme Court intervened and issued my first mandamus against a judge - Grigsby v. Coker. Judge Coker was removed from the case.

My second time, a judge who had no authority in the case order my client to answer his questions. I directed my client to not answer the questions. I was arrested, illegally. The administrative judge heard about it on the news and ran down to the county jail to have me released. The Texas Supreme Court again intervened and we won. Judge Baird was removed from the case. That was Flores v. Baird.

I did not win the final case I fought - I learned that when the Chief Pro Bono Attorney to the Texas Supreme Court is caught obstructing justice and seeks to protect child molesting priests, you cannot win. But I would fight that battle again and again and again - Daryl Jordon and Tom Phillips may think priests molesting children is a right they are to defend, but civilized people know better. In Dallas politics it is known as the Tower Meeting. It cost Pat McDowell the regional administrative judge his job. In a meeting presided over by the Bishop a plan was devised to have Pat McDowell recuse the trial judge and appoint a new judge who would void the judgment against the Dallas Diocese.

The Texas Supreme Court and State Bar immediately intervened to protect the judges and lawyers who were at the meeting. Daryl Jordon had to be protected. They then systematically went after everyone who blew the whistle. Anyway I digress.

So what is my point - I am in a weird position. I really want to go disrupt the city commission meeting on this one, (speech matters) but I guess as we get older our fight begins to die. How sad and pathetic. Or maybe I am just tired - my CPAP went to max last night - this means so much air is being forced into me that the mask actually pushes off the face. The mask has a sensor - when I completely stop breathing it goes to max - which means I wake up choking and then the noise keeps me awake. I guess getting old sucks - Maybe if I take a nap I will say - boink it and find a babysitter for the house.

In the end my point is, the city commission seems to care more about regulating speech than doing the people’s business. It is time to stop the nonsense and learn to get along like responsible adults. This sudden need for regulation of the meetings is a consequence of the failed leadership of all the members of the city commission.


Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC,

You should go and cause a problem. But you should wait until next meeting since that is when the ordinance may be enforced.

Oh, and as part of the conduct, they should add, "Charlie Atkinson will not be allowed to make stupid comments." But wait, that would probably silence him permanently, no?

Any judge who would side with GTC in a case against DHS should be ordered to have his/her mental capacities checked. I don't care if the Brownsville Barrister represents him, he should not win. Through Atkinson's involvement, he lowers DHS's public image, and it isn't like DHS's local image is all that special for starters.


Anonymous said...

RRO seems better suited for large legislative bodies where the chair simply serves as moderator. People don't run for moderator, they run for mayor, a position that includes presenting ideas and initiatives to the Commission and defending them. RRO hinders that, and in the case of our Commission, that seems to have been the purpose for implementing it.

Patricia A.

BobbyWC said...

Two issues, the law does not look to the person, but to the law - a judge should not care who the plaintiff or defendant is, but how to properly apply the law to the facts.

The axe falls where it falls, regardless of who the parties may be.

As to the meeting - I am very close to making the decision to go tonight - if I do I should be there about 5:30

My issue is focus - with me, there has to be a point to me being there - merely to cause a problem is not a reason to go - I think I have fashioned a purpose which gets to the bigger issue - the commission getting beyond all the child like conduct and getting to the people's business.

If I speak it will be to this issue - I can promise some controvertial words - but not for the purpose of causing problems but to make the point

My point will be based on my thesis that the people's business will never go forward until this commission can learn to ignore the child like antics each of them bring to the table in their own way.

The day they learn to shrug it off, is the day it will stop - all the rules in the world will never force this commission to get back to the people's business.

It will take measured leadership which begins with polite smiles and silence every time someone feels like they have been dished by a fellow commissioner or speaker.

So, I actually have never been - god this means wearing long pants and shoes - is it on the second floor of the building with the downtown post office?

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Patricia A.,

It scares me when we agree a lot - your point about RRO is my big issue -

so what do you think about my thesis if I choose to go - which I think I will

actually what does everyone think of my thesis?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC,

You do mean dissed not dished, right?

About the law and judges, you are right about that, but I truly feel that the law is on DHS's side. They can always say that CA was unstable officer, just look at how he writes to people on various sites, and that is why they fired him.

He is a bad image and the judge will have to see that. The law is on DHS's side. But then again, I am not a lawyer, but I do play one on TV.

As to your attendance, you need to go. You can set the tone for it. Look at my site and see what my arguments were on the ordinance. It may help.


Anonymous said...

You had me until you said "adults should be able to conduct themselves as adults". Have you been to a live meeting? It's better than HBO. There is not one adult on that commission. They might as well whip out their private parts and break out a ruler. They are inmature at best. My 3 year old has more sense and understands when I tell him to hush and let someone else speak. Maybe all the commissioners need to go back to 1st grade and learn how to play well with others. Until that happens we are stuck with what we voted in until we stand up and send them packing. Unfortunately Brownsville is what it is..a pit! In gott the shovel out, I'm definitely going to dig myself out of this pit we call Brownsville. Moving away!

100 words or less

BobbyWC said...

"They might as well whip out their private parts and break out a ruler"

Proof positive you can say a million words with a 100 words or less. Oh yes I was at the meeting tonight - I had so much fun - I cannot wait for the next meeting

I will post before going to bed about my antics and Pat Almighty's willingess to take the bait - boy I had fun

Bobby WC