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(Editor's note: This is Wednesday post - I wanted a head start of Better RED than Honor the Dead" Also check out my Tuesday afternoon post on the Herald)

Those who watched it know it was pretty much uneventful other than they all got along fashionably and professionalism prevailed. My only frustration was the same I felt several commissioners felt - Ben Medina loves to wing it - sometimes he does not answer important questions directly - the commissioners need to do a better job to pin him down to a yes or no.
I cannot wait to hear what is up with the airport. I hope it is true that what ever it is will put Brownsville on the map.


This was our city commissions' response that the flag be flown higher than the Texas Flag. I had never heard of this before - The idea of a Red Shirt to honor the military in my view is insulting. Then I researched the issue and realized the entire idea is a political statement against the war and not a true means to honor the troops. I am a Cold War Veteran - I was a Russian Voice Intercept- I would listen in on the Soviets and transcribe whatever was being said by a tank commander for example. Had you told me you were going to honor me with a red shirt I would have slugged you. In my day the phrase was Better Dead than RED.

As it turns out the red is to represent blood from the war. http://getmyredshirt.com/history.html Soldiers are above the politics of war. We take orders - we do not give orders. To a soldier the merits of a war is not his/her concern. I cannot think of anything more insulting to the 4000 plus Americans who have died in this needless war than to designate a day to honor them which is in fact in protest to the war. Many of the dead died believing in the war. Many died opposing the war. You honor them by using a neutral shade like white or the colors yellow or blue- but RED is an insult.

US Military Dictionary: red

adj. redder, reddest 1. used to denote something forbidden, dangerous, or urgent: the force went on red alert.

2. Red informal, chiefly derogatory communist or socialist (used especially during the Cold War with reference to the Soviet Union): the Red Menace.

n. also Red informal, chiefly derogatory

a communist or socialist.

better dead than red or better red than dead


I realize that the City Commission did not want to give in on the issue of the flag, so in a cover for their contempt for the flag they insulted 4000 plus veterans who have died in this needless war. I will be damned if I wear red, because better DEAD THAN RED.

It is sad that this city commission chose to celebrate the color of the Red Menace instead of honoring our dead by elevating the flag to its rightful place. When this nation is at war, which it is, it is tradition to elevate the flag - but in the City of Brownsville it is BETTER RED THAN HONOR THE DEAD

Today the Red Menace is considered Communist China - they are actually manufacturing many of the weapons being used to kill our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan - How does Longoria as a teacher not know this?


This is going to sound a bit insensitive, I guess, but it is relevant nonetheless. A red-tide is coming to the Gulf of Mexico. When it will hit or whether it will hit South Texas I do not know. What if anything we can do about it, I do not know. What I do know is, red-tide is caused in part by the nitrates in fertilizers. In terms of the Gulf, it comes from the Mississippi. The fertilizers run into rivers which feed into the Mississippi. It all originates from the grain belt of the mid- west.

The mid-west is under water. The various local and state and federal government made no provisions for reducing the amount of nitrate which would eventually feed into the Gulf by mandating safe storage of fertilizers. Millions of pounds of fertilizer sitting in barns or storage facilities are now dissolved in the Mississippi and heading for the Gulf. In short order this will create the environment needed for red-tide. I know the science about how red-tide is created, I just do not know the science about how long it will take.

Experts certainly can predict this at this time. They should be able to predict how long it will take for the red-tide to be created, and based on that time frame and the predicted currents, where and when it will hit. This is a public health issue on which Cameron County should take the lead.


Unknown said...

Let's hope red tide doesn't come our way, because it's a definite issue for SPI. Many folks are affected, myself included.

However, the SPI CVB takes an active role in informing the public. During a red tide, I write many press releases updating the public during a red tide, and I even highlight area's of the Island with higher levels of the aerosol (the red tide irritant). There is also a team of "Red Tide Rangers" that works closely with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to take red tide counts at several Island locations at least twice a day. We see it as a health concern, and it's our job to address rather than avoid/ignore. Does it hurt tourism? You bet. But public health comes first.

I was even designated an "Honorary Red Tide Ranger" by TPWD. ;-)

Mas Triste said...


Thank you for your service.

You are one of us.