Friday, May 30, 2008


The City of Brownsville has a residency requirement that you live within the continental US if you work for the City of Brownsville. My question is, why then are the Mexican nationals who are allowed to work in the US and work for the city allowed to live Matamoros? Personally, I think it is a stupid rule, but why have it if you are not going to enforce it?

BISD like every other school district in the US has a residency requirement. This is particularly important in athletics if you want to compete. Anyone who has driven past Porter in the morning has seen the $50,000.00 SUV’s lined up with Mexican nationals dropping off their kids. Now, this one I care about. These are wealthy Mexican nationals using our schools while paying not a penny in property taxes.

The US Supreme Court has upheld the right of school districts to require the child live within the school district as a condition of attending school. This is how they are doing it. In many cases from the time the child is born in the US, no real problem there, the parent gives the social security number of the child to a single mother or father on the US side of the board.

This American citizen then claims the child for child tax credit purposes. This is in effect their payment. This also allows the child to claim Brownsville as their residence even though they live in Matamoros. So not only will these Mexican nationals not pay property taxes, the American taxpayer is forced to pay fraudulent returns to Americans who illegally claim these children. This is a financial fraud on the city, state and federal governments. UTB/TSC is guilty of the same fraud on the taxpayers.

As a Board Member I will force a public debate on this issue so that everyone in Brownsville will be able to see which Board Members support the continuation of the fraud.
Now people - tell me about my ideas - good or bad - also it is up to my readers to help connect me with the right people to make this happen.


Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC,

I agree with you on every point in this piece. It is a shame to see such obvious fraud.

It isn't just the rich Mexicans doing it, didn't the Brownsville Herald do a piece of border education last year as it attempted to fight the wall/fence?

Except of focusing on the rich Mexicans, they used the poor to urge the masses in their readership to feel compassion for these kids and not see them and their families as residency requirement/law breakers.

The Herald is guilty of conspiring to commit fraud by not pointing out who these people are and how they are abusing the American system and short-changing the education of citizens and residents of our school district.

The problem lies in the management of the system to enforce residency requirements. Who is going to be in charge because it can't just be anyone in the system. It could be a nice cushy job for a relative or a promotion of a tool.

What if the child is star soccer player (because we all know that is about the only sport Brownsville ISD can excel) lives in Mexico? Will BISD administration have the balls to say no to this kid? You already have the BISD Athletic department wanting some 50% success rate.


Anonymous said...

It's a bad idea for you to make this an issue. This has been talked to deaTh, and the State of Texas is okay with it. Children must be educated and a border does not a wall make. They are Hispanic kids and so what if they live in Mexico? I'd say these people who live next door come to Brownsville daily, buy lotsa goods, including their expensive cars, and so they pay taxes. They get their gasoline here, if, in fact, these are "expensive" vehicles, as you claim. You would be on better ground on the issue of whether a tuition should be charged of these non-citizen children. Are they paying it? Answer me that. But, no, I'd not back you on such a provincialistic stand. Why not tackle issues that affect the U.S. kids - like better teachers, perhaps a teacher-grading system evaluated at the end of every schoolyear, with bad teachers getting the unceremonial hook, or maybe a Citizen's Review Committee empowered with walking-in on teachers to see what they are doing on any given day. School people are self-serving bureaucrats, and they hate being looked-at by anyone outside their fiefdoms. Do this and see immediate results. Bad Teachers, and bad schoolboard members, are the larger problem with the country's public school system. A few, or a hundred foreign kids, is not.


Anonymous said...

there is a lot of other and bigger fish to fry right now.

for examlple the war.

now tell me that is not illegal.

thats were a big bulk of our tax dollars go to.

Anonymous said...

Buena Suerte and tu Candidatura para el BISD Board.

Anonymous said...

What is the beef between you and Mr. Shrimp????
He bashed you in El Roci today.

BobbyWC said...

I will pass on Bob Sanchez - I'm not sure it was even him who made the post

Anyway - on BISD Laredo and El Paso have started to expell the Mexican Nationals who are not legal residents in the school districts.

The poor kids parents cannot afford the gas and bridge fees - these are wealthy families - I see their SUV's alomost every day in front of Porter - be real where are poor people going to get the money to go back and forth twice a day of the bridge.

I had gym and industrial arts all the way through 12th grade - personally I would add an hour to the school day- we need 8 50 minute periods - Lunch and gym are 2 - that leaves six - math, science, English, Social Studies, Latin or Spanish, Elective -

My highschool had 6 week or half year electives - this allowed me to take a lot of electives

But again - I am into ideas -

as to the students who are not residents - I say send them packing or offer them a tuition based entry - you do know that if the BISD could be disqualified from athletics if these kids are discovered?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Mr. El Diabiolico,

Not to bust your balls, but they are not HISPANIC kids. They are Mexican kids. Hispanic is just a U.S. government term for a minority. Mexican kids determines their nationality and nothing to do with a minority.

You may be correct that Mr. BWC should not make it an issue. But that is what separates people like him and the typical smile and nod politicians like our state senator. Mr. BWC will make waves and ask questions. He will bring up topics that otherwise will not be brought up. Eso es algo bueno, no?


BobbyWC said...

okay, I've taken a long shower - got the smell of sewer off of me (see post in previous blog)

I do not get it - these children of Mexican nationals who live in Matamoros but attend BISD have to file falsified documents with BISD in order to attend BISD - many if not most have authorized single men and women in the US to use their child's SSN to commit income tax fraud on the American people as a way of securing a Brownsville address

Exactly under what reasoning is this acceptable -

What I am talking about will not apply to poor undocumented children living within BISD - they are entitled to an education - that is the law - but those living outside BISD are not - the rule would equally apply to some child living in Port Isabel trying to attend BISD -

Again people- remember with me it is about ideas - lets have the discussion and see where it takes us -

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

V wrote: "Not to bust your balls, but they are not HISPANIC kids. They are Mexican kids. Hispanic is just a U.S. government term for a minority. Mexican kids determines their nationality and nothing to do with a minority."

No, Hispanic speaks of a nationality, not a race. Mexicans are Hispanics - i.e. Spanish-speaking., as are Panamanians, Colombians, Spaniards, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, etc., etc., etc. And no, the U.S. Govt. does not use "Hispanic" to designate a minority - that would be discrimination, a no-no in the legal world. "Minority" is a bureaucratic term, however, used to assignate non-Anglos on a more political and social vein. Hispanics, BTW, are of the Caucasian race. Any first-year ethno-biologist will tell you that. I also believe that no one can make you a "minority" without your permission. Because pundits and bureaucrats use it does not make it a badge, real or true. End of lecture.


Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC will make waves and ask questions. He will bring up topics that otherwise will not be brought up. Eso es algo bueno, no?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mr. El Diabolico,

Again, I do not want to sound like a turd with this. So do not take offense, agreed?

I never said that Hispanic refers to a race. In fact, I think I went out of my way not to make that mistake. The history of the Hispanic started in the 1970s when individuals wanted some classification for census purposes for Spanish-speakers of Latin American nations/origins.

The political word has this meaning only in the United States. The word has existed since the Roman times, but it generally refers to the roots of Spanish-speakers in the island known as Hispaniola.

The government defines "Hispanid or Latino" as "a person of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, South or Central American or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race."

Furthermore, Hispanics are not automatically Caucasians as you say. Is a black orgin Cuban Hispanic a "caucasian"? No! For census purposes they are not. For this reason, it is difficult to determine if blacks (African Americans) are the larger minority or Hispanics/Latinos are when the change occured a few years ago. Because Blacks could fit into both categories.

In conclusion, Caucasian is a race. Hispanic as you say is not a race. End of my lecture.


(Sources: Census Bureau and pretty much any Chicano text book)