Thursday, May 22, 2008


I personally prefer if you only read one thing from my blog today that you actually watch the video which is attached to the post which follows this one. The superbug has hit San Antonio schools - you may no longer think I am panicking when you see what it did to this highschool kid. Just keep your eyes closed BISD Board of morons.

This Saturday I will have a special post. There is potentially bad news coming to Brownsville’s airport. Aviation experts are predicting its closure, with all services moving to Harlingen.

So Wednesday I had to drive to the VA in SA to see an alleged doctor known as a cardiologist. He was pissed because after the Chief of Staff ordered him to review my records and exam me, he decided to assign me to a doctor in training - I forced his hand and made him mad. At this point a patient in a coma would have known better. Push came to shove and he had to leave his office and come down to the clinic. When he was done with me he left the clinic. We traveled in the elevator together. You know what this means people - he allowed the doctors in training to be left unsupervised all day while seeing veterans in the cardiology clinic.

I knew his sole purpose was to cover for his quack peer Oliveros after he tried to link my problems to either marijuana or cocaine use. He insisted I was lying after I said no and he responded with "are you sure?," in a very nasty tone. You may not believe this about me, but if I do not have an informed response to a claim I simply repeat the claim to the doctor to make sure I understand it, so that I can then check it out before responding. You can bet there will be a detailed response to the lawyers.

Basically his response to all of the reports from Valley Baptist was the same - they are wrong - their technicians do not know how to conduct the tests. He actually stated that the doctors do not know how to read the test results. I got it, he was covering for his quack peer Oliveros.

Here is the good news. By chance next Thursday I had an appointment with my sleep apnea doctor - it is a once a year thing. By chance he had clinic today in the same area as cardiology. I asked the clerk to ask him if he could fit me in so as to save me a trip. He was very accommodating. I was his last patient, but better than another 9 hour trip. Anyway he looked at the same reports, while considering my medical history, and ordered a top priority test which will give him a complete look at my upper cardiovascular system. Top priority means 3 a.m. early next week - but better than nothing. A regular appointment is a month out - so I am grateful for a 3 am appointment.

My sleep apnea doctor, a neurologist, was not at all happy with the way things were handled in cardiology. The cardiologist was such a jerk that when I told him that my sleep apnea doctor had told me several weeks earlier to tell my primary care physician to refer me to him instead of cardiology (he is a neurologist), rather than simply ask neurology to take my case he sent a note back to my PCP to refer me to neurology if she felt it necessary. (By chance several weeks ago I ran into my sleep apnea doctor in the hall and told him about the subclavian steal) My sleep apnea doctor saw the note and said - no - we are going to do this today.

I am all too willing to complain about the bad, so I thought I should commend my neurologist for being my advocate and standing up for me today. We shall see what happens with this advanced testing. Of note, the cardiologist released me for carpal tunnel surgery even though the orthopedic doctor insisted that the subclavian steal issue be resolved first. The neurologist has put me back on hold until they decide how they are going to fix the subclavian steal. This is the surgery Kennedy had last October. His was caused by plaque - in my case they believe it just never really developed properly and is now too small to handle the blood flow. A simple day surgery of placing a stent is all it takes to repair my subclavian steal. In some cases it cannot be repaired without a transplant - which then becomes a balancing act of the dangers versus the benefits.

Anyway, it was nice to finally have a specialist at the VA stand up for me.

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Anonymous said...

What aviation experts? I was concerned with the whole Continental merger, but I think that has passed.

On your medical conditions, I think we're going to need a chart of doctors and conditions to be able to follow your posts.

Patricia A.