Saturday, May 31, 2008

The following is an excerpt from a post of one of my readers.

"Minority" is a bureaucratic term, however, used to assignate non-Anglos on a more political and social vein. Hispanics, BTW, are of the Caucasian race. Any first-year ethno-biologist will tell you that. I also believe that no one can make you a "minority" without your permission. Because pundits and bureaucrats use it does not make it a badge, real or true. End of lecture.


As we all know I love anything which makes one think. "I also believe that no one can make you a "minority" without your permission. Because pundits and bureaucrats use it does not make it a badge, real or true."

So who am I, me or the person people want to make me out to be? Who are you - are you Latina, and a self-made businesswoman (ha! - inside joke)? Back in the late 70's Hollywood made a film depicting gay men as out of control sex machines. This film promoted an image, which many gay men mimicked. When AIDS became known it caused for the spread of AIDS and a public image which hurt the gay community. The film was "Cruising."

The AIDS epidemic caused the gay community to fight back as to both image and for their survival. Today the debate is no longer about having sex, but about marriage and monogamy. I am a huge advocate of abstinence until you are ready for a committed relationship.
Labels are bad for everyone. I am who I am - I am not a label - I have character (good and bad) - a just society sees me, and every other individual for who they are, and not based on some made up label.

Oh, the picture - just wanted to post it - 1974, Managua, Nicaragua - every morning my abuelita would send me for the day’s tortillas - best tortillas ever in the history of humanity.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC, Because I don't know if Mr. El Diabolico will read the other section or just start here, I will post this twice here and there. V

Mr. El Diabolico,

Again, I do not want to sound like a turd with this. So do not take offense, agreed?

I never said that Hispanic refers to a race. In fact, I think I went out of my way not to make that mistake. The history of the Hispanic started in the 1970s when individuals wanted some classification for census purposes for Spanish-speakers of Latin American nations/origins.

The political word has this meaning only in the United States. The word has existed since the Roman times, but it generally refers to the roots of Spanish-speakers in the island known as Hispaniola.

The government defines "Hispanid or Latino" as "a person of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, South or Central American or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race."

Furthermore, Hispanics are not automatically Caucasians as you say. Is a black orgin Cuban Hispanic a "caucasian"? No! For census purposes they are not. For this reason, it is difficult to determine if blacks (African Americans) are the larger minority or Hispanics/Latinos are when the change occured a few years ago. Because Blacks could fit into both categories.

In conclusion, Caucasian is a race. Hispanic as you say is not a race. End of my lecture.


(Sources: Census Bureau and pretty much any Chicano text book)