Friday, May 2, 2008

The ongoing Säuberung within US American universities is a direct attack on our freedoms and the people need to stand up and demand freedom

Ben Stein’s film "Expelled" addresses the Säuberung in academia concerning the debate between Intelligent Design and Evolution. In a point of clarification ID has many advocates who view it differently. For purposes of my commentary I am only referring to that arm of ID which believes in the spontaneous creation of some higher being which in turn created life through some form of ID. Some ID people believe that aliens from outer space seeded the Earth with their ID. I have no interest in the latter part of ID.

To take the debate off the table I will say there is no scientific evidence period to prove the theory of evolution which maintains there was a spontaneous self-replicating molecule which began the process of creating life. There is also no scientific evidence to support the notion in the spontaneous creation of a higher being which in turn through ID created life. Both theories are equally highly improbable. While in many ways Stein did a great job in balancing the debate, he gets an "F" when it comes to admitting both theories are highly improbable, but nonetheless possible. He only challenged the improbability of evolution.

My issue here is the part of the story which showed how those simply trying to promote ID in discussion are being fired from universities, government jobs, and the press. With the exception of one or two interviewees, these people promoting ID are very well educated in the higher sciences. My issue is simple - why silence the debate?

Stein did try and link Darwinism to Nazi Germany. He is going to take some hits for this. But he does point out that the part of Darwinism used by the Nazis to justify the extermination of millions of people, was in place before the formation of the Nazi Party. He does point out that some 50 thousand Americans beginning in the 20's were sterilized to keep them from procreating.

I did not like the link between Darwinism and the dehumanizing of man. I found the argument to be totally without merit and evidence of the dogmatism which is entering the debate. I did not like the suggestion that people who believe in evolution are pro abortion and pro euthanasia. I do not believe in scientific evolution. I do not believe we all evolved from one self replicating molecule. But I do believe that if I decide based on my faith it is time for me to move on, I should be allowed to self-inject a medication which will stop my heart. I am also incredibly anti-abortion.

My issue here is the Säuberung related to the debate. Clearly any theory in the wrong hands can be used for evil. We saw this in social policy in the US from the 20's to the early 60's with how we treated the mentally handicapped. In my view anyone who supports embryotic stem cell research is using the same rationale which evolved from a bastardized interpretation of Darwinism which supported the worst abuses in Nazi Germany.

I guess if I believed death was anything more than a man made myth, I might believe in taking life to preserve my life. You should know I do not see my physical being as anything more than a vehicle which holds my person until I move on to another vehicle when my current vehicle putters out. While my vehicle may experience death, my person does not. Hence I do not fear death, because death of my person is an unreal man made myth.

Again any theory can be bastardized to do evil or wrong. This simple fact does not mean we should not discuss it or teach it. The ongoing Säuberung within US American universities is a direct attack on our freedoms and the people need to stand up and demand freedom. If not, all academia will eventually be controlled by a hand few of people espousing a hand full of ideas. This will be the demise of our freedoms.

I do not intend to make publishing on the weekends a regular thing - but Sunday I will publish a poem on race which comes out of Africa. On Monday a few nice words about the improvements in UTB/TSC’s math department

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