Monday, May 19, 2008


The sooner the people realize the political disconnect between the politicos and the people, the sooner the people will take back their government. The people do not hang at the Vermillion and other two-bit bars where wannabees hang and pretend to be important. The people do not hang in fancy restaurants or golf courses. The people hang at work and at home trying to hold their families together.

The people cannot communicate with the politicos because the politicos never ever hang with the people. Trying to communicate with an administrative assistant of a politico is even more challenging than communicating with the politico in the first instance. Elected officials tend to strive to hire administrative assistants who think they are god and get to decide who gets heard and who does not. It is always a dead end.

I am going to give another example of a problem facing veterans as a way to demonstrate just how futile it is to try and communicate a problem to a politician. Bob Filner is the Chair of the Veteran Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives. A group I am consulting with has sued the Department of Education over a policy which is having a disproportionate impact on disabled Iraqi veterans. Our group put a complete packet before Bob Filner outlining the problem. Today our group received a form letter, written by a highschool intern - if it was a college intern then the writing level of college students has dropped to the level of a ninth grader. The letter was standard - thanks for being veterans - I appreciate hearing from you. That is it.

So what is the problem? The Department of Education upon realizing that a large number of Iraqi war veterans were applying to have their student loans discharged due to disability, changed the rules. D of Ed to save money changed the rules so that they could deny most of the applications for discharge. They created a rule which basically says if as an Iraqi war veteran you are left permanently disabled on the day of the year wherein your income has past the poverty level you can never have your student loans discharged based on that disability.

The effect is, about 2/3rd of all applications for discharge of student loans based on disability are now being denied. The student loans are then put in a hardship deferment wherein interest piles up year after year after year. It is put on their credit reports. Surprise, surprise because of the unpaid student loans the Veterans Administration will not approve them for a VA mortgage. The Texas Veteran’s Land Board will not approve them for a home improvement load needed to modify their home to accommodate their disability.

What is so vile about the policy is, had the soldier had the good sense to become a paraplegic one day earlier they would have qualified for discharge of their student loans. There is no Congressional authorization for this policy. The policy was created by the Bush administration to save money.

Every politician in this country claims to be in favor of the veterans. Here is a simple issue which Congress can fix and the Chair over the Veterans’ Affairs Committee responds to the problem with a form letter written by a highschool intern. Bob Filner is as worthless as used toilet paper. (Trust me I wanted to say something a lot worse)

If veterans are being so summarily dismissed by the Democratic Chair of the Veterans Committee in the House of Representatives, what chance does any other American have to have their grievances heard by Congress?

Another example is, the military is discharging disabled veterans with no financial benefits in place. Paraplegics are being told to go find a job while the VA takes a year to process the claim for disability. The worthless piece of shits known as Congress tomorrow can pass a law which forces the military to continue to pay these veterans until the VA benefits kick in - but they will not because they are too busy at places like the Vermillion, or fancy restaurants, or golf courses to be bothered with the people.

Again if paraplegic Iraqi war veterans are being treated this way, what chance does the average Joe have to be heard?

A new problem which has developed locally is, the price of gas has many veterans in Brownsville no longer using the VA clinic in Harlingen. They simply cannot afford the $10.00 needed for gas round-trip. That pathetic shit Villalobos tried to get the veterans’ vote on the idea that although he was a two-bit coward who ran from service, he had relatives who are veterans so veterans should vote for him. (Side note - I do not judge people who chose not to serve. I judge two-bit cowards who chose not to serve, who take advantage of veterans - big difference)

So to all of you two-bit cowards who chose not to serve and who always seek out the veterans’ vote, how about raising the money so that BUS can provide bus service between Brownsville and the VA clinic in Harlingen? There can be a morning run and afternoon run. The morning bus can return for the afternoon run, and the afternoon run can be the late afternoon run back to Brownsville. Oh, that’s right these veterans cannot afford to play golf or drink or eat at fancy restaurants, so how would any of you worthless two-bit cowards even know about their plight?


Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC,

I don't know if it is the tequila that taste better or your pissed off writing that has improved, but gosh darn it if I didn't agree with you in today's redition of who do I plan on ticking off today.

Bravo, good man, bravo!

Oh, except you can't really complain about Villalobos unless you voted in the race or at least voted for both of them as an overvote. ;)


Anonymous said...

May 20, 2008

To whom it may concern:

Interesting how Democrat supporters are not scrutinized for supporting presidential candidates that voted for the Secure Fence Act. What has Clinton and Obama done? At least Cornyn and Hutchison have been actively engaged in their attempts to try to amend the act by forcing DHS to communicate with local leaders and property owners. Early on in Judge Cascos’ administration, he went to Washington, D.C. to speak with Cornyn to propose a levee as an alternative to the fence. He even has the picture to prove it and it’s posted on his webpage! Thanks to those efforts Hidalgo County will have a levee/wall combo and Cameron County better hope that they are extended the same courtesy because if Hidalgo County fixes its levees the water will run downstream to Cameron County. Which leaves one question; Can Cameron County’s levees handle that?

Mayor Ahumada’s (Brownsville) comments in the Rio Grande Guardian (May 15, 2008 Foster: Filing the border fence lawsuit was a last resort) regarding his disappointment that Cameron County did not join Texas Border Coalition’s lawsuit against the federal government are misguided. He alludes that Cameron County did not join the lawsuit because of a Republican County Judge and a Republican administration in Washington??? What??? This is coming from a man that in the past ran as a Republican against Congressman Solomon Ortiz. Cameron County’s predominantly Democrat County Commission did not support it. The Brownsville City Commission that is all Democrat did not support it. Hidalgo County’s all Democrat County Commission did not support it. Republicans have crossed party lines regarding the fence issue because it is not a partisan issue but why do Democrats insist on making it one.


Valentina P. Bazan

Anonymous said...


Thank you for writing in this medium. This note in particular shows the hypocrisy of the government at all levels when it comes to Veterans. Politicians claim to be patriotic because they send other peoples' children to war, and when the wars are over they throw them away like refuse. The only time they remember veterans is during elections.

One thing in particular that astounds me is why the Veterans Administration and the Brownsville Urban System don't finance a shuttle system together, from several points in Brownsville to the VA facility in Harlingen. BUS can put the vehicles (specifically designed to accomodate for disabled people) and the VA could pay for the gasoline and certain maintenance costs.