Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I decided on this post for two reasons - one, today at the post office someone recognized me and ask "why are you so mean?" I said - "why is it a twin brother and sister got married and produced an assholes like you?" and two the shutting down of Bloggin.

I’ve been very honest in the past about how I feel about most people - I really dislike them. We love to bitch like it is a matter of life or death, and then bitch because we are bitching. When Pat Almighty was running for office over a year ago - I complained that he was running a Reagan campaign of "smile and be happy." I noted that every time Jimmy Carter tried to tell the truth about the oil problem Reagan would say "there he goes again." Everyone complained about Jimmy Carter for being so negative, but now we complain about the price of oil. The American people are like trying to reason with a two year old.

So why did Bloggin go down - don’t know - don’t care. I am not saying it to be mean. I have respect for anyone who can keep a blog going that long. We all know I know the feeling of burn out. By saying I don’t care all I mean is, I do not want to speculate. It is a private matter as to Bloggin. I hate speculation and peanut size avocado men posting anonymously as to why anything is the way it is.

Blogging as a profession or hobby is not like writing editorial pieces in the day - when ever that was. Blogging is tantamount to a man with a 5 year old’s winky posting his picture on the internet in all its smallness. You are totally exposed. I could post a picture of me in my B-Day suit on the BV, and after everyone got done suing me for intentional infliction of emotional distress, I would still feel exposed. (Of course if we all remember my butt looks good on camera)

There are a lot of readers out there who cannot argue substance. Zipper is one of them. Zipper’s response to every time he/she (Is Zipper a Pat) cannot respond to the substance of something, which is always, is to resort to insults, allegations the poster suffers from endless conspiracy theories, or to racially insensitive comments. This is very taxing on the blogger. When someone takes me to task on substance I always thank them. This is when blogging is at its best.

As bloggers we are exposed to endless rumors, unsubstantiated comments, half-truths which cannot be refuted without a long boring story, and threats. I enjoy a level of financial independence which makes it easier for me to offend everyone. (I do not make a lot, I just do not need a lot. So long as I have food on the table for my friends and family, I have all I need) Anyone who knows me knows, I will allow you to post the most vicious lies about me on the internet before I pay a penny or be influenced. People who have been head to head with me know, a bulldog eventually lets go, but I never let go - if I believe I am right I will bite down until you bleed to death.

I never judge people by my sense of freedom. You may not understand this, but when you can play catch on SPI’s nude beach with a bunch of your friends and all of you are in your B-Day suits, you begin to understand freedom. I always say you can never be liberated in your soul until you liberate your body. I truly believe straight men would be more comfortable in their bodies if they had just mutual full body nude massage with another man once - same for you ladies - oh - but wait "most of you ladies already have." Which is why women (yes I mean women - LOL) you are more emotionally stable than most men. Come on people - laugh - otherwise they win.

Most bloggers are prisoners to their privacy and livelihood. Of those among us, who is going to give up their privacy to be a blogger? There comes a point you say enough is enough. In 1991, after 6 months of international, national, and local TV interviews, I swore I would never do that again. I truly hated the notoriety. I cannot tell you how many people in the grocery store would walk up to me after seeing me on the nightly news night after night and say "you are only doing this for your 15 minutes of fame." There were times I just wanted to slug them. There was nothing good about it. If I could wave a magic wand I would live in a sexless nudist colony on some island where we all worked together to raise fruits and vegetables, and we were all named Sam.

So in the end, I do not give a damn why MZ shut down, but not because I am cruel, but because I believe in respecting her privacy. So stop the speculation you pathetic pukes, and get a life. As bloggers we give up a lot. Obviously my many opinions can and would be used against me if I ever ran for public office. "Christianity is the anti-Christ." Boy that will get me votes. But I do draw the line on some things - like I would never talk about how someone as a joke gave me a bottle of Semen RX for my 50th. I have now recommended it to every man I know, go figure.

Just trying to feed the pathetic ones in the audience. If you do not give them raw meat, they feel like they are not very Christian like. (Remember guys I do not associate the teachings of Joshua (aka Jesus) with Christianity.)

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