Wednesday, May 14, 2008


But first, DANNENBAUM AGAIN - This morning we learn the DA is refusing to disclose the deal it made with Dannenbaum. $21.4 million dollars missing and the DA claims the deal is can be kept secret by law. You will never hear me say Zavaletta was qualified to be DA or would have made a good DA, but just how humiliated do all you supporters of Villalobos feel this morning? Can you at least say you were wrong when you suggested there is anything honorable about this thing?

Why would a highly qualified and honorable person run for DA, when he or she knew so many people would just turn a blind eye to Villalobos' open and direct contempt for the people and the law? This is why we are always screwed. Everyone's answer is always the same - Ernie's a thief so vote for Pat Almighty - Zavaletta is (well you fill in the blank) so for vote for one of the most corrupt DA's in the history of Cameron County.

Okay Mr. Cowen, the election is over - I said a six month honeymoon - your failure to denounce the DA on this one in my book will mean craziness. Are you going to protect the people by publicly demanding the release of this deal, or are you going to protect Dannenbaum? No one except a moron or someone on the take would claim "judicial exception" to public disclosure of what was effectively a plea bargain. So Mr. Cowen - this one is a test of your character. If you know anything about local politics it will define your character until the day you die. Everything which came before will now be for naught and forgotten.

On this "judicial exception" in the past things like briefs have been held to be part of the judicial exception, but in the end it did not matter because they were part of the official record which could be discovered by requesting access to the case file or the court reporter's record. The game being played here is, without the proper filings, this backdoor plea bargain appears to have been kept out of the public record, thereby making public scrutiny impossible. This is further evidence of the fraud on the people by Dannenbaum and Villalobos. This is further reason why the BND needs to sue Dannenbaum and Villalobos to get to the bottom of this deal. With punitives the settlement could easily reach 21.4 million dollars.

Several years ago the Dallas DA claimed a list of assigned court reporters on any given day was subject to the judicial exception. The AG found that it was not because it was public information which should have been readily available and which the DA was concealing to prevent the defendant from requesting a reporters' record in his appeal. You are not the first to think of this con job Villalobos - you will loose.

To be fair my request to Mr. Cowen goes to the entire BND Board.


This may sound odd from someone who advocates for the socialist model, but we really need to rethink taxes. Some taxes are necessary. Whether we like the management of the city, county, state or federal government we still need to pay for the services they provide. If I were to say the government should go into business to make money instead of taking money as taxes, the conservatives would yell communism and the end the world.

If our only example of a government run business were the BND, then I too would be opposed to government run businesses. The fact the BND district is a disaster, and I support its immediate sale, does not mean a government owned business could not succeed.

We all know the source the problem. It is politics. We all know that there is no hope for the City of Brownsville - the only requirement to be a director over just about anything within the City of Brownsville is being a high school graduate.

Tomorrow the State of Texas could create a state owned company which refines oil. Nothing prevents the state from mandating the same professional standards used at Exxon/Mobil - well, actually higher standards. What would be wrong with the State of Texas refining the oil which will eventually be used by our law enforcement, state agencies, and school districts. If such a company could break even, while selling highly discounted fuel to each of the aforementioned entities, what is wrong with the idea?

It should not end there. The State of Texas should mandate in all future contracts for lease of state lands that the oil be sold for no more than a set price per barrel of oil - maybe let’s say $50.00. The State can go further and simply start drilling for oil on all state owned lands, and offshore sites. The State legislature can mandate that the oil be processed and sold at no more than a 10% profit. Obviously you want a profit which will allow for reinvestment in future drilling.

This above model is readily available to the State of Texas. The only reason the State of Texas does not create such an oil company is our politicians are owned lock stock and barrel by oil industry. So next time a Republican tells you, you are paying too much on taxes, ask him or her, why they oppose the State of Texas running their own oil company so that the profits can be used to help lower property taxes?


Anonymous said...

Bobby - The Bridge deal is over...Let the new regime move on. Let all of us move on. I'm sick of hearing about it. It is people like you and Jerry that won't let us move forward. By the way...just paid my $60.00 in taxes to the BND for the year. That is $5.00 per month. I don't want to hear about the public having to bear the burden on the BND for this minimal amount of $$$ that employs so many of us.

Anonymous said...

Environmentalists would not support more drilling, especially if it was from the same government they're trying to lobby to stop private oil companies from drilling.

It would also mean that the workers would be state employees; they would form a union, and pretty soon, reaching the 10% profit margin which you suggest (I think this is more than private companies), and providing cheap oil to public entities would not be the primary goals.

So, the Republicans you so despised would not be the only obstacles to your idea working.

However, I do think that since the state and federal government already subsidize a lot of what it purchased by school districts, your idea wouldn't be as much of a stretch in logic, as long as it was only public entities that could purchase the cheap fuel. I think if school districts and law enforcement agencies were emphasized, even some conservative Texans would go along with the idea.

Patricia A.

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Anonymous said...

I may not be the Mr. Cowen to whom you referred, but I agree that Mando should release all details of any deals with Dannenbaum. I still think he is a better DA than Peter would have been, and I don't necessarily think it was a bad deal if the evidence wasn't there to get a conviction, but the public has a right to know the details.

Michael Cowen

BobbyWC said...

First, I am sorry for the late appraoval of the posts - I got in from SA at 8:00 p.m.

To anon 1: It is not over until we have full disclosure. As to the assumption that pursuing this will hurt the workers - you are wrong - If you really want to help with jobs you will support sale of the port - a privately run port will be run based on making profits - which means more leases - the port as it is currently run is about lining the pockets of the local politicos and not making money . so as to jobs the sale of the port is the best option

Patricia, I am going to go one further than you on the Democrats - I have never defended the Democrats - I have equally accused Obama and Clinton of being part of the problem when it comes to oil.

A bigger problem we have now is the Unions are investing their retirement money into oil commodities - the Unions now have an incentive to keep the price of oil high - along with everyone else who has investments in oil.

Michael - thanks for being independent on the issue about disclosure - I hope your dad sees why you are correct on this -

As to PZ, you will not I never said he would have been better - my point was - because so many people were praising Villalobos real honest candidates chose not to run - there had to have been another choice other than Villalobos and Zavaletta

Tomorrow - the adventures of BobbyWC's ongoing nightmares continues - Oh and I am filing criminal chages for theft and conspiracy to commit theft against Freedom Communications, Brownsville Herald and the Valley Morning News - more to come - tune in to the same Bobby the Drama Queen channel

Bobby WC