Friday, May 9, 2008



Before I get into my issue of the day, I want to speak to the city benefits lawsuit. First and foremost, thank you to Moises Sorola, Robert Sanchez, Eddie Padron, and William de la O, - job well done. I am particularly frustrated with Shorty Dick Longoria because he chose to renege on a campaign promise. Further as a BISD employee he had access to insurance. All he proved is, he is willing to steal from the people. Hopefully now, someone will take up the cause of suing each commissioner past and present for recovery of the moneys paid.


This morning the Herald has the audacity to admonish the people to go out and get to know the candidates and vote based on who will best manage their tax dollars. First, why am I paying taxes to support a port which should be making a profit? The question the Herald will never ask. Second, why am I paying taxes to support the construction of a state university when no other city in the United States is put under the same burden? Another question the Herald will never ask. If the Herald is not willing to hire reporters capable of interviewing the candidates with hard hitting questions, or even allow for the real issues to even be discussed, how are the people to make informed decisions? So long as the Herald is our main source of news, we the people are screwed on election day.


A small but adventurous company is opening a biofuel company in Rio Hondo. Somehow they are going to convert algae into biofuel. This is good. I am glad they are going to try and make a go of it in Rio Hondo.

While I am very happy that McAllen may get a car plant, our leaders need to stop thinking in terms of simple manufacturing. I would run naked through city hall if our leaders could land a car manufacturing plant. (Sorry you two - you know I do not date married men - you know who you are)

True leaders and visionaries go beyond the simple models of economic development currently being pushed by every city in the country. Eight years ago I was published throughout the state calling for the development of hemp biofuel in the LRGV. I called on making UTEP and UTPA major educational centers for MBA’s in International Trade related to Latin America. Both of these ideas, had they come to fruition, would have brought significant economic development to the LRGV and the Port of Brownsville.

Rene Oliviera, having never met me, denounced me as some uppity Anglo trying to play himself off as a Latino. The State Democratic Party feared me so they had to find a two-bit DINOLINO like Oliviera to denounce me. I equally embrace my Nicaraguan, English and Native American bloodlines. A community is about the contributions of all groups, and not just one group. The notion that we should only celebrate the heritage which comes through our father is sexist, and demeaning to the contributions of women. Rene Oliviera's dirty politics helped to keep important issues off the table of debate.

About a year ago the Herald published one of my letters wherein I outlined the dangers of using corn for biofuel. You do not use a food source for biofuel. Today we are all complaining about the cost of food and in particular milk. The food shortage caused by the use of corn as biofuel has caused food riots and political unrest in countries throughout the world. It is time to declare war on corn based biofuel.

Eddie Lucio III says he wants to be different. Where is his leadership on this issue? Hemp needs little to no rain and no fertilizers. TAMUK - Texas AM Kingsville - provides a natural resource for management of a hemp project in the LRGV. The first step, as I currently understand it, is the State needs to put in for a federal license. By this time next year the farmers of the LRGV could have 100's of thousands of acres of hemp planted for conversion into biofuel.

With the hemp comes refinery and manufacturing plants. Hemp makes for a great material for use in truck or car mats, clothe, paper, rope - This could bring extraordinary economic development to both sides of the border. It is all about leadership. Rick Noriega and Eddie Lucio III could join forces and make this the battle cry of the LRGV. The question is, do either of them have the avocados to cross the oil industry?

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