Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Halloween UTEP 1978


I was just getting ready to put a rib eye on the grill, my cardiologist is loving me, when the phone rang. "Can you come over and help repair the broken sewer line from the house to the street." I will always jump at a chance to dig for shit in Brownsville. Not really, I just love handyman work and jump at every chance I get.

So I was off to old downtown Brownsville to dig for a break in a sewer line which has not been seen since 1947 when my brother-in-law and sister built the house. I wish I could say I was helpful, but I was not. I brought some cold bottled water, gloves (my hands are delicate you know) and a few ideas. I am more the wife who hands the husband the hot chocolate when he is outside in the snow working on the car in the winter.

Although I am still very active at the gym, while I have pulled back on the weight I bench, my arms are quite weak and I cannot breath well. So, I took the shovel and moved the dirt from the pile near the hole to the side away from the hole. I handed out water. I am like the nurse who gets things out of the way when the doctor is operating.

I do have some experience in this matter - I watched them repair the pipe on my new home in Arlington back in 1986. First day in the house and it flooded while I was taking a shower and doing laundry. A worker had stepped on the sewer pipe and covered it up in hopes no one would notice.

My second experience was with the house in Dallas, which I have not been able to sell for 3 years. That house has cast iron pipes, whereas Arlington had pvc pipes. Well this house I sort of worked on last night has clay pipes. It will make for an interesting repair.

Anyway the problem with finding the exact location was a matter of math - sort of. They took my advice before I got there and measured the distance the snake fed into the pipe and then measured that distance on the surface. Only one problem, they did not subtract the two feet the snake dropped into the ground before feeding into the pipe - just an example of commonsense, or experience.

I am actually quite good at these things - in this same house I build a huge closet for my friend - a gay designer closet - designed and hand built with my delicate hands. In 1947 people only had one pair of pants, one shirt, no underwear and one sock - not much need for closets.

Anyway - what is the point of my piece? And I owe you a point because??????? - I just wanted something light and easy for today and to show a different side of me.

So as I suspected, I found the shit and tomorrow a new pvc pipe will replace the broken clay pipe All is well and there will be just a little less shit seeping into the ground in Brownsville.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bobby! A week of binge drinking can't repair the damage caused by your pube pic and post.