Wednesday, May 21, 2008


On Wednesday we learned LULAC is suing the Texas Democratic Party for disproportionate discrimination against Latinos in the selection process of the presidential nominee. My views on the Texas Democratic Party being nothing more than a plantation run by a bunch racists Anglos, and LINOS, Latinos in Name Only, is well documented. At this point its is fair to say Latinos are body bags to the Democratic Party the same way gay soldiers have become the body bags for Bush in his made up war in Iraq. Neither are welcome. They both just have a useful purpose - to fill body bags - in the case of the Latinos - to vote.

When I first raised this issue 8 years ago in litigation against the Texas Democratic Party Rene Oliviera, as the good LINO he be, denounced me as being an Anglo just trying to make trouble. I must insist, just what have the Texas Democratic Party done for the LRGV other than help keep some of the most contemptible politicians in office in exchange for them submitting to the role of house servant to the Anglo bosses.

Rene Oliviera has played his role well in making sure any field hand uppity Latinos stay in their place. His reward for oppressing the Latinos of the LRGV, house servant. To be fair to Oliviera the problem is really national, and this is the Achilles heal of the Democratic Party.

Today I heard Geraldine Ferraro, the former veep candidate under Mondale call Obama a sexist. She went on to say Obama complaining about the 15 minutes he was under attack at one of the debates to Hillary’s two hours typical of a man not knowing the difference between 15 minutes and 2 hours. Ouch - and that is not sexist.

Adelfa Cajello was the Dallas civil rights lawyer who said past rifts between blacks and Latinos meant Latinos would not vote for a black man. Even the gays are fed up - early on when Hillary was confronted with the fact the only two anti-gay federal laws were written by and signed into law by Bill Clinton , she dismissed the complaints as those of a bunch of frustrated queens.

It seems the primary voices in the Democratic Party at this time are well educated Anglos voting for Obama, and poorly educated Anglos voting for Clinton. Again another divide in the party. It is axiomatic that a divided party is a weak party.

To be honest, I want McCain to win because the next president will be a one termer. I prefer the Republicans be the fall guy for the collapse of the economy, than the Democrats. There is no out to the Iraqi war, so why not let McCain be the fall guy? The other reason is, hopefully the Democrats will use the next two years to reflect on the fact they are so divided.

Someone needs to take the helm of the Democratic Party and confront the truth about the internal racism which remains throughout the party at all levels and among and between all groups. The homophobia being exhibit by Obama and Clinton for no other reason than political expediency is reason enough for both candidates to be sent home packing as losers. Bigotry for political expediency is vile and should never ever be acceptable from a Democrat.

I have to ask you Obama supporters - if he as a candidate cannot sit down with the Latino community and begin to heal the rift, how will he ever be able to sit down with Israel and Palestine and heal that rift?

I am of the opinion true long term Democrats need to begin to openly support McCain -not because he is our candidate but because he needs to be the fall guy, and the loss by Obama and Clinton maybe will force the Democratic Party to face the reality it is a highly segregated party of distinct groups unwilling to join forces and share power. Kind of sounds like Iraq - huh. If neither Clinton nor Obama can resolve the divide within the Democratic Party, how can they solve the divide in Iraq?


Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC,

Let's talk....

What of the argument that Democrat Party in Texas morphed into the Republican Party of Texas? Texas has always been a one-party state. LRGV Hispanics may have just lagged behind and are unable to cope that the Democrats that they had to support both locally and statewide are not their anymore.

I would agree with you that Old Guard people like Mr. Oliveira help supplant any movement from increasing voter apathy to making voters aware of their elected officials inability to secure them any thing except the expectation of low results or gains.

I find overall your argument to be well-reasoned. But I wish you would have spoken more on the point that Hispanics like those in LULAC are part of the problem. Had they urged more Hispanic vote or Hispanics on their own voted in greater numbers in years past, they would have had a hire amount of delegates and a greater say in the outcome of the presidential primary.

As for McCain taking the fall, I feel you have not taken into account the obvious increase in Democrat power in both Houses of Congress, which will occur this November. This fact will decrease the ability of "President" McCain and therefore he may not be the fall guy. McCain has demonstrated that he works well with Democrats and in particular liberal ones. This will create a dilemma for Democrat-leaning voters such as yourself expecting a one-term McCain.

If nothing is done in the first two years, one might expect Democrat stock start to erode and cause more success for the "Republican" McCain.


BobbyWC said...

My point was the general split within the Democratic Party - I did not limit the discussion to Latinos

Now on this issue of the disenfranchisement being alleged by the ACLU - there have been large efforts at voter registration in the LRGV and in Hispanic Communities around the state

In places like Dallas the numbers have been good because Central Americans who came here during the Reagan/Bush war against Central America are now US citizens

Historically, they have been independents or moderate Republicans - the Republican party has told them to go to hell so they are registering in record numbers to vote Democrat - hence Dallas county voted out every county wide Republican in the last election

The Central Americans are angry that they are being told that they cannot now bring their relatives to the US - they are blaming the Republicans.

Here in the Valley you have mostly Mexican American families which have been here since it was Mexico - they are not immigrants to the US - they have seen 40 years of abuse and unrelenting corruption by DINOLINOS and simply choose to not participate in the process.

It has nothing to do with a lack of effort to get them registered.

The war belongs to the Republicans - this is why McCaiin will be blamed - plain and simple - right or wrong the people blame the Republicans for the oil prices - this is hurting the people - they will blame big oil - meaning the Republicans - remember you have two Republican oil men in the WHite House.

Now the truth is the unions are alll over the Democrats to not go anything to cause the oil to drop - they are moving the retirement money into oil and will be in financial ruin if oil goes back to 50 dollars. This issue about the unions is too complex for the news media so they will not push the issue - it is easier to just blame the oil companies and Republicans

Anonymous said...

I understand you discussing the whole Democrat Party. But I truly believe your biggest points were on the local Democrats. I took it that way.

These former Central Americans now U.S. citizens should not complain about their families not being allowed in the country. They should blame all of the illegals in the country that have forced the federal government to cut down on their quota from their respective country and so and so forth.

I would like to see proof (percentage really) that many of these Mexican American families have been here since the area was Mexico. I would venture to guess that they are not direct decendants of families when the northern side of the physical/political border was Mexico.

The number may not be as high as one would think. I believe many of these families came across during the Mexican Revolution and had generally lived on the southern-side of the border. They may have also decided to cross over when the Border Patrol was first developed after the Mexican Revolution ended.

The others probably 10% have only been here since the 1970s. They have no long standing allegances to the Dem Party as they are probably not voters just permanent residents and that suits them fine.

I recall a time when many Mexican Americans just spoke English in public. Then about 10 to 15 years ago that just flipped around. People now look at me funny when I speak English in public like downtown, HEB, Wal-Mart, the mall, etc. Why did this change? I believe maybe it was this growth of recent immigrants and, in part, a fight back against possible perceived Anglo/White political and social control.

I didn't know about the Union stuff. Who are the Unions supporting in the up-coming elections?


Mas Triste said...

I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.

-Will Rogers

Anonymous said...

Mr. K,

I was waiting for that one!