Wednesday, May 14, 2008


(This is Thursday's post)


For reasons which can only be explained by mental illness, the Brownsville Herald turned over my credit card information to the Valley Morning News. The Valley Morning News is now using my credit card as their own personal ATM. Today I will hand deliver a sworn criminal complaint to Villalobos for theft by credit card. My bank told me they are fairly certain it is also criminal to disclose private financial information. I am filing a separate criminal complaint with the Department of Justice.

I will also be suing Freedom Communications, the Brownsville Herald, and Valley Morning News. It is not about the $26.25 - I could care less. It is about the idea of two separate legal entities sharing my financial information. It is this type conduct which leads to identify theft and other financial crimes. These three entities need to be taught a lesson. I will never tie the suit to the criminal proceedings. I fully intend to settle for what lawyers call a token settlement. I want to be clear - they could offer me a billion dollars to drop the criminal charges and I would not. It is not about money - it is about sending a message to corporations that this type conduct is not acceptable. Hopefully the criminal charges will finally force Freedom Communications to fire the top management at the Herald.

For the record, the Herald actually over paid me when they refunded the first illegal use of my financial information. This, however, does not authorize them to then give my financial information to the Valley Morning News so that the Valley Morning News can recover the overpayment. I just learned of the overpayment today. I certainly would have sent them a check had they called me.


While driving to VA-SA on Wednesday my primary care physician called me to tell me I was correct about the beta-blockers. She sent a strong note to cardiology to review their actions and recommendations. I met later in the afternoon with the Chief of Staff at VA-SA He agreed that beta-blockers were not a smart thing under the circumstances. All of my medical records which detailed the story were taken and will be addressed with the head of cardiology. Everyone is fully aware I will be going after Dr. Oliveros medical license. His arrogance is the type medical malpractice which kills people.

Well it was a year ago when I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel surgery. The specialist today told me I have no hope of resolving the pain and numbness in my arms until after the surgery. Naturally, the surgery is to be cancelled until after cardiology completes its additional procedures, including repair of the subclavian steal. It is almost too surreal to believe.

Remember had I not caught Valley Baptist’s failure to send the reports to VA -Harlingen, my doctor would have followed the advice of the quack cardiologist and prescribed the beta-blocker. At a minimum I would have had a major heart attack. Even worse it could have killed me. I am working with the VA lawyers to have all contracts cancelled with Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen. While I doubt they will cancel the contracts, I do expect that there will be a very costly review of all medical records generated for the VA over the last three years. If all my bitching saves one other veteran it is worth it.


Today I saved about $25.00 in gas by removing my tailgate from the truck before heading out to SA - cool huh? Also as a public service - check to see when your driver's license expires - on Monday I realized my expired in March - It took me an entire 7 minutes to renew it on Tuesday.


Unknown said...

I wish I could remove a tailgate, too. Driving to the Island daily in my PT Cruiser is costing me a fortune!

BobbyWC said...

MZ , buy a trike - I am so so close to making the decision - my truck will be reserved for the beach and long distance - but B-town will be on my trike

Bobby WC

Unknown said...

Ohhhh, those are cute. But, I don't think my two kiddos will fit. ;-)