Sunday, May 11, 2008


(This is Monday's post)

On Saturday I finally got to see most of the last City Commission meeting. I say most because, I actually fell asleep. I woke up just as Sorry Charlie Atkinson was demanding that a vote be taken to remove Pat Almighty from the meeting. While I did not hear exactly what Pat Almighty said to get under Sorry Charlie Atkinson’s skin, Sorry Charlie failed to discern that his fellow commissioners were not going to go along with his childish temper tantrum in response to the same old garbage from Pat Almighty.

I would not tolerate Sorry Charlie’s conduct from my child, so I will not tolerate it from a city commissioner. You have problems dude - I know what I know - you were rushed to the emergency room due to your diabetes. You responded to the event by going out and drinking the following night. I would not trust your judgment to properly wipe my butt. I am not defending Pat Almighty - I just expect adults not to play out child like playground score settling in an open meeting of the Brownsville City Commission.

As I have said in the past I believe in redemption. I will say on balance the meeting was not too bad. I do believe most of the commissioners are sincere when they say they are for openness and transparency. This is good. I do not have to agree with anyone. I just want professionalism and leadership.

I do believe this City Commission could move forward if they would just learn to dismiss Pat Almighty. Guys, just pretend he is not there. I will say this though, I thought that Pat Almighty was very patient and very helpful in how he handled the people’s voice "Ruiz". (Editor's note - I learned today that Mr. Ruiz has an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies - [Gov. Finance]) In fact I believe Ruiz proved his point that the Commission really did not understand what was happening with the refunding of the old PUB bonds. Troiani did an excellent job in proving just how little the Commission really understood. Through his questions, he helped to educate everyone. I personally believe it is smart to refund the bonds at this time, but I can understand why others would not. Troiani and Pat Almighty were actually both very helpful.

I defy anyone to tell me or my readers any game plan laid out by Oliviera, Lucio III, or Lucio II which has as its object economic development for the LRGV. While people may not like my idea on hemp, at least it is an idea which can be debated. Be honest people, have any of these three people proposed any long term or short term plan which has as its object economic development for the LRGV?

The City Commissioners or County Commissioners have any of them come forward with any plan for economic development of the LRGV? Maybe my idea about turning Brownsville Matamoros into an international metroplex with over a million people which share a joint International Airport and Convention Center is not agreeable to everyone, but at least it is an idea. The airport is important for the development of both tourism and trade. We are desperate for a discount airline. My last two trips I was forced to fly SW because Continental was twice the price. I have three trips planned this summer and all will be on SW. I will not pay twice the price for the convenience of flying out of Brownsville.

I am adding this to the original post. I must say, Pat Almighty's Weir project could result in economic development downtown. I guess on this note, I answered my own question.

A convention center allows Brownsville and Matamoros to profile the maquiladoras. Bringing conventions to Brownsville/Matamoros benefits tourism and industry on both sides of the border. The economic benefits will certainly pay for the cost of both.

Right now money is cheap. A smart City Commission would vote now to sell the bonds needed to build a new airport and convention center on the corner of East and 77. But no, as has been the history of Brownsville when it comes to its airport, nothing will be done and all the development will go elsewhere. In the time it takes to elect a new City Commission interest rates on bonds will probably double. Knowing the way our politicians work, that is when they will vote to float bonds for a new airport and conventions center.

The BND is a welfare machine which must be sold now. Did any of the candidates outline any vision for the port which could eventually lead to it being a money maker instead a tax burden? No - the election was about protecting the cash cow for the politicos’ friends and families. I could not find it, but does anyone know how much the BND brings in annually in property tax revenues? If we redirect this money, without a net tax increase on the people, to Brownsville’s roads, how long would it take Brownsville to complete the road repairs?

The two Lucio’s and Oliviera can introduce the necessary legislation to force the sale of the Port of Brownsville for no less than its outstanding debt. If this can be done, how is it bad for the people? The debt is paid off, the port becomes a professionally run port with a profit as it purpose, and the taxpayers no longer have to subsidize this cash cow for every corrupt politico in the LRGV. The tax savings can and should be redirected to fix Brownsville’s roads. Again, maybe people do not like my idea, but its something. Has anyone else proposed any way to raise money for Brownsville’s roads without having to charge it to our grandchildren?

BISD - I defy anyone to tell me or my readers what any BISD Board Member has proposed for fixing our schools. The first thing I would do is make all the campuses closed. Once the kids are on campus there is no leaving campus, not even for lunch, unless you have earned the privilege of same. I would band the use of cell phones on campus during class hours. I have seen the phone bills to show these kids are texting each other during class and not learning. I would fire the entire staff in special services. I would fire the entire administration at Hanna. I would fire the Superintendent. Again you may not like my ideas, but at least they are something we can begin to debate.

TSC - I have been highly critical of Juliet Garcia - but each time I have come forward with specific failings at the freshman and sophomore levels. Normally I also come forward with solutions. Can anyone tell me what will be the substantive difference between Garza and Silva on the issue of academics at TSC?

Okay I am done.

Later this week I will put forth what I know which allows me to say with 100% certainty Freedom Communications will be issuing pink slips to staff at the Brownsville Herald.


Mas Triste said...


I'll Bite - My thoughts and we both know what those are worth.

1- The City Commission is a joke. Rudderless ship. Entertainment value, with the exception of Troiani. Recent discussion spoke of paying people to serve and I do not disagree. Like any corruption, offset the need for personal gain and you may get objective work.

2 -Oliviera, Lucio III, or Lucio II - Yes and no, but mostly personal enrichment. O, not so much, but have yet to see anyone better, Lucio II (Hah!) and the III, we will see, jury still out.

The have yet to see that you can't milk the cow too long without proper feed.

3- BND is going to be okay. The need to vote or decide on a plan and move forward. The industry is too fluid to hold the standards of what is expected.

4 -BISD- You are asking? At the end, they are not getting the job done. Implode and rebuild.

5 - TSC -It is what it is and is much better than what you had. See BND notes.


BobbyWC said...

Kurgan, thanks for taking the time to read my words and making a post - but I must say - you could not name anything by any politico wherein they have outlined a plan for economic development in the LRGV - or a vision with plans for any of the other entities I mentioned.

I think you proved my point. Why do we elect people who do not even have a vision for our community?

Anonymous said...

Ahumada laid out an agenda in his State of the City editorial, including a public safety district, the weir, and several intiative to boost tourism. Check the Herald archives.

Atkinson wants to annex the Port and surrounding areas for the tax base, and wants GBIC to fund infrastructure improvements for the Port that would allow it to attract more businesses.

The rest of the Commission has been more engaged with city business and that's great, but they haven't show initiative to propose new ideas.

So, the one with the most ideas is the Mayor, but he is his worst enemy. He has turned the whole Commission against him, and as long as his initiatives require a vote, it's unlikely he'll be able to do anything.

Patricia A.

BobbyWC said...

Good post Patricia - I want to focus on one part - Pat Almighty has brought forth good ideas like the Weir project. Unfortunately our city commission is too petty with being mad at him for his antics to see how important the Weir is to Brownsville.

It seems to me that when the mayor or any commissioner brings forward a good idea, the commission should be able to put aside their pettiness and get behind the idea, even if the source of the idea is Pat Almighty

Mas Triste said...


I agree with Patricia.

The Mayor is your most likely candidate for leadership. At this point and that has not, shall we say, been going very well.

There is one other possibility: referendum.

I know that it is not in holding with representational government and California has certainly seen the extremes of it, but it may be the only way to settle in on a vision and plan and then bind yourselves to it.

At present, everyone is so concerned with who is doing what, that no one is doing anything.


Anonymous said...

What's the point of directing the money from the idea of selling the port to the streets. As long as they aren't maintained, they will go to potty prematurely anyways. Would you buy your teen a new car if he burned out the engine by never checking the oil? The City leaders have made it clear. They will not hire a qualified public works director. they had the opportunity and did nothing! it's not just the director either. a city the size of vatoville needs a team of professional public works officials. there are many laws and practices that must be observed when dealing with millions of $$ of public funds. our leaders still haven't figured that out yet. if you ask me, i wouldn't vote for any of them. they have failed miserably when it comes to the basics. good public works=good streets and minimal flooding. They just don't get it.
As for P.A.'s idea of the weir..., it will probably never happen for two reasons. first, many parts of matamoros, including their most prestigious neighborhood, colonia jardin, rely on the river for drainage. the levee has been cut so that the neighborhoods will drain. if you raise the water in the river too high, the old esteros that make up the area around 3rd and 4th streets will become permanent lakes again, and many will be out of a house. second, matamoros still utilizes combined sewers. that means that their caca water goes into the same pipe as their rain water...the storm sewer. it then heads directly, and untreated, into the river. that is why mata stinks like raw sewage after a brief rain. if we place the weir, we will be creating our own lake titicaca...or lake matacaca, mejor. it's time to get some people in the city who have the quality of leadership. time to get rid of the elementary school turf battles.