Thursday, May 29, 2008


We need to start thinking about the up and coming BISD election. I am very tempted to run, but I can see the ads now - you have read my writings right? If I do run, I would run against Susan Galvan - she is the easiest target. The unions would immediately oppose me because I believe the unions are part of the problem. The teachers would support me because I would be the biggest advocate for innovative teachers and any teacher who is the object of retaliation. I am thinking about it - I would need experienced people to help with the campaign and raise money. I think I can overcome the nuclear war which would be launched against me, if I had enough money and the right people behind my candidacy. What should I do?

I want to begin to talk about issues. I would love to hear from my readers about things which they believe are important to the school district.

Montoya the other day published a great piece on BISD - if you are like me and do not read all of the blogs everyday, and missed this one, I suggest you read it.

The Herald like the good anti-education ignorant bastards they are repeated the same old news about some national news magazine heralding BISD as this great school district. What they did not tell you is the entire selection process is bogus. They basically look to how many students you have taking AP courses versus the number of students who are graduating. They do not look at the pass rate in the AP courses in terms of college credit, or the fact that half of the students dropout before they graduate. There is a truth the Herald seems to not want the people to know.

BISD gets an "F" in its training of principals and vice-principals. The cause for the incompetence is most of these people are politically protected so following the rules does not seem to matter. The other day a middle school principal violated the due process rights of a special education student. The father learned of the incident by accident - someone called him anonymously from the school. This just goes to prove the teachers do really care. They just want competent leaders.

The child was suspended after an incident with a substitute teacher. The substitute called the child NEGRO. The father made it clear to the principal that no teacher was going to get away with disrespecting his child that way. Conversely, the child was disciplined for reacting in a bad way to the bad behavior of the teacher. Well, after the father made it clear he was going to appeal the decision to someone higher than the principal the principal caved and gave the child in school suspension. In the end this was probably a good and responsible compromise, especially since the substitute has been barred from subbing at this middle school. But, in school suspension under these facts the second to last week of school just does not help the child.

Taking a special education student out of his special education classes as they are getting ready for finals is evidence of the lack of focus on education. Yes, the child needs to know there are consequences, but yes commonsense should also govern some part of the decision making.

As a Board Member I would push for reeducation of all principals and vice-principals on issues of due process, discipline, and special education. I would demand the immediate firing of Art Rendon and Superintendent Gonzales.

I would push for a local policy of banning all gifts to Board Members - even something as small as a Stripes taco.

I would mandate an aggressive recruitment policy which targets people with a Master’s in their teaching field. Under NCLB anyone with a Masters in their teaching field and who has passed the state’s competency test in their field is deemed highly qualified and does not need a teaching certificate to teach.

I would mandate creating clusters within the highschools wherein students based on special needs are clustered under one vice-principal and groups of teachers so that all of their concerns can be addressed. Parents and students would have the option of opting out of such a cluster. I am not talking about special education students.

I would mandate the closing of all highschool campuses, unless the child has earned the privilege of leaving campus for lunch. I would ban the use of all cell phones on campus. If the child has an emergency they can go to the office and call their parent. Parents would have to come to campus to retrieve all cell phones confiscated from the children. A second infringement would mean the cell phone not being returned for a month. I have seen phone bills which prove students are texting each other during class instead of learning.

I would mandate self-paced clusters within each highschool, under one vice principal and one set of teachers. The Premier highschool in Brownsville is self-paced and they are doing miracles with the children BISD throws out as garbage. I did self-paced in highschool for two courses. I loved it and learned a lot more than I would have in a regular classroom.

I would mandate a cluster at one of the highschools, maybe two depending how many parents opt for the option, wherein the focus is classical training. We need to get back to a strong curriculum of four years of Latin along with the other subjects, and reading and studying of the classics. This is how you develop critical thinking skills. Believe it or not I would also mandate gym class alternated with industrial arts such as wood shop, metal shop, plumbing, electric, automotive repair. There is more to developing the mind than book learning.

I would promote the idea of a live on campus for children whose home life make learning impossible. Why is it we have money to house them in the country jail or juvee, but not to help them get an education? This is being done in cities all over the US. All of these suggestions of mine would promote learning while decreasing the dropout rate.

I would meet with teachers on a regular basis to hear what they think needs to get done to improve academics. These are the people who are on the front lines - they are the ones with first hand knowledge.

I would push for abolishing the school holiday of praising the Board Members and replacing it with a school holiday for MLK day or Memorial day.

People, it is possible to argue on facts why someone is either serving the public or not. Montoya published a great piece outlining the factual reasons why Longoria is not serving the people. My only caution on the piece is, while Longoria should not have voted on the taxi issue, given the cost of fuel the Commission really had no choice but to raise rates. Longoria’s participation in the vote tainted an otherwise legitimate vote.


Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC,

You may not have wanted to announce who you would run against and given that reason.

But I say go for it. Just make sure you have a little bit of money to donate to the Herald because from what I can tell it is pretty expensive to run.

You have the ideas but can you promote them without people think you are an oddball. Cause you know that is that is what people think of us bloggers. We are just odd.

Good luck, and I would support you! I don't think there are many people out there that have as much passion and knowledge of BISD.

Run, Forest, Run!

(And this better not be one of your little joke posts trying to elicit comments, you better be serious dammit! *stern look*)


BobbyWC said...

I am dead serious about wanting to run - but I need to know I will have seasoned people helping me with the process.

The Herald is important, but I do believe grassroots is more important - A well organized grassroots campaign along with a well placed Internet Campaign can do more than the Herald -

ALso I did not say why Galvan is an easy target - there are several - If I were to run, I would hit hard from square one on the substantive issues.

I would keep her private life out of it because that would be a distraction. I do believe on substantive issues she would be left at the troff with the horses.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I would vote for you if you can assure me you're not going to engage in outregeous behavior when you don't get your way, expressing yourself in overdramatic hyperbole and yelling.

We don't need a Pat Ahumada--a lot of ideas and no self control-- at BISD.

Patricia A.

Anonymous said...

Hey, whatever happened to The Herald shutting down? Update please.

BobbyWC said...


I think you and I share the same frustations with Pat - how you conduct yourself in the meetings, and even behind the scenes is how you build a power base and move people to yourside.

I attended one meeting of Image Brownsville - this is the one time I met MZ - Roman Perez was also there, Sally Arroyo, her daughter, and several other people

The first thing I noticed was a non-welcoming tone to ideas - my response was to push the merits of each idea while pushing my own -

I am a trained mediator - I am trained to listen.

Once I go from being a policy wonk to a Board Member my job becomes building coalitions. I may even have to go to a bar and have a beer = ugh

There are good people on the BISD Board who would agree with most of my ideas if they felt comfortable with my leadership on the issues - this is why professionalism - and giving a bit on issues which will turn my stomach is so important.

Patricia, I am grateful for your question - no antics on the Board -my biggest frustration with Pat is some of his ideas, although not my priorities, would have been good for Brownsville -

This does not excuse the City Commission from looking beyond the trees (meaning Pat) and into the woods (meaning his ideas) and voting for them.

You know Sanchez is so mad at me he will not even take a compliment. I like the pictures of Brownsville which he promotes - I think this promotes Brownsville is a nice way. I have said so - but he will not post them through -my point being - I do not obsess about one aspect of people - I much prefer to find what I like in a person and when I can to move on that.

Now what about my ideas? - If I do this people will find that during forums if you want to see me really engaged - challenege me on an idea by adding to make it better - or come forward and say "how about this idea for solving this problem"

All over the state they are now opening schools for girls only and boys only - how would feel like at Lopez a small cluster of classes for boys only, and at the new highschool a small custer for girls only?

These clusters I speak of would be like mini highschools within the highschools with vice-principals and deans over each cluster and a team of teachers who only teach within the cluster.

Patricia, you have been reading my dribble long enough to know I am about ideas. So can you add or substract

Now how are you going to feel when your friends come to you and say - you are supporting that nut job who goes to the clothing optional beach on SPI?

I will tell you my response when it is raised. As a candidate and Board Member I will no longer be able to treat myself to such liberties. Further, I raised the issue on my blog because it is happening and it needs to be regulated.

Parents need to know when they enter the area that their children may see a naked person. An informed parent can then make a decision to keep on driving (remember this is 10 miles past access 6) or just set their picnic up before the nude beach.

I understand I will have to make sacrifices if I really care to make a difference with the kids - but I will also make clear to people that we cannot live in a society wherein we get to impose our values on each other.

I know people do not understand - but the nude beach is 100% non-sexual except for the pervs who go out their to look - those of us on the beach just see it as liberating - I am fat and hairy and do not care - I am who I am

So would my response be a good response or a bad response? Do we allow the issue to be a distraction or respond with hey - what about his proposals as compared to his opponents?

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Other than Rachel leaving I have heard nothing - I had been pushing with Freedom Communications her discharge for months -

As for my problems with my ATM - Freedom Communications was dumb enough to send me a letter stating I authorized the charges - I have the original subscription form the box checked was a for a very limited period of time.

I guess suing is my next option - I mention this because it tells me something about what is happening- they are in a mess.

YOu know today their new printing system failed which is why we did not get our papers until this afternoon.

If I were Freedom Communications I would close the Herald - add a page to the Valley Morning News for Brownsville news, a page for Brownsville's letter, and a couple of pages for Brownsville based advertising.

Freedom Communications chose to ignore the incompetent leadership at the Herald for too long at a time newspapers all over the country were facing the same problems - people no longer turn to the newspapers for news - they are not trustworthy sources for the news -

It is sad because I will miss the day when I can hold a paper in my hand at 6 a.m. with my cup of Joe

Hey and besides, the next generation of readers are BISD graduates - with 1/2 dropping and and not being able to read and those who can read reading on the internet who is left to read the Herald - no one.

very very sad indead.

Bobby WC

The Merovingian said...

You may be as weird as a snake's suspenders, but I'll vote for you. I'll champaign for you, hell I'll even write for you if you don't think I am too far out of line.

Might I suggest you make your theme music "We're not gonna take it.", coupled with "Another brick in the wall" for the negative side of the champaign?

You will need a manager, Lincoln's advice applies to candidates as well as lawyers.


BobbyWC said...

Merov, you will note I said a condition of me getting involved would be experienced people helping me - that would include a campaign manager with experience in grassroot campaigns.

Now how about my ideas - this is where I care about input

On the issue of a holiday for memorial day or MLK day how about using the current day used for celebrating the Board Members and changing it to Liberation Day in honor of everyone who has ever given their life in service to this country, including law enforcement or just anyone in any position, and to everyone since the first shot was fired in the American Revolution who has engaged in protest or civil disobediance in the name of extended freedoms - the anti-slavery groups, the women's groups at the turn of the 20th century, those who sought to defend the Japenese during the internment period, MLK, Chavez, gay leaders - one big holiday in support of Freedom

Bobby WC

Mas Triste said...


As a former campaign manager (Okay, I am not, I am just a blowhard), I will tll you that you have several hurdles.

1. Every person (with rare exceptions) are elected to these municipal positions for pesonal enrichment, in some form or another. People who are to motivated by this will be looked upon with disdain and mistrust.

2. Your previous postings will come back to haunt you.

3. Style is important, Patricia A. told you this and you resoponded to her request about using the economy of words by posting two posts of almost 1,000 words.

4. You said "if I had enough money and the right people behind my candidacy."

You will receive neither unless you can show tangible and realistic goals with attached meausres and alternative plans if your first initiatives fail.

Good luck.

Should be an exciting race.


Anonymous said...

I actually would vote for you..and I'm scared I just said that out loud. Galvan would be easy, she at LFISD, so if she wont' be a part of BISD does she want to be a part of the BISD board? Sometimes less is more. Get the word out, I would campaign for you, but remember you are in a stupid city that talks about change..but really doesn't open it's self to it. Live with the motto....100 words or less! Don't show all your cards, and honey sticks someting??? don't recall the phrase. Play nice, and then move in for the kill!

100 words or less..
BWC for BISD! It could happen!

BobbyWC said...

You should know points on the campaign web page would be short and sweat - a lot less than a 100 words - blogging is different.

Kurgan and I had a discussion the other day because I did not explain the historical evidence which support a generalized statement I made about Reagan - the statement was really of no real value to the bigger issue so I saw no reason for clarification.

So you see sometimes being to short can be as bad as being too long

I would certainly take a lot input on how best to approach the issues - people get bored real fast - I have been in the classroom long enough to know you have to shock them every 3 minutes to keep them awake.

I expect if I announce the response will be nuclear - I will need to respond to a lot of garbage - everything has a full story - the problem is getting people to take the time to know the full story.

I will approach it like racquetball, I will take control of the center court and take my hits but never allow the otherside to do anything but run around me -

I think I can have a major impact on her ability to raise funds from square one - this could help

Again - I will not do this unless I know I have experience people on board to make it happen - I know little about fund raising - and will hate asking for money - I know a lot about sitting down with people in a backyard cookout and listening.

Again - it will be up to my readers to help me find the right people to make this happen.

And yes, my words will be used against me - but really how many can she publish in the Herald without looking like she is anti-speach and lacks substance

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I would find it easy to vote for you. You actually think new unused thoughts mny I agree with perhaps a goodly number I don't or just don't like. I do blieve you to be honest and have the community at heart. You have my vote.

BobbyWC said...

I do appreciate all of the support. I want people to understand how I view ideas - they are ideas - they give the listener a clue to the heart and sole of the speaker.

No one with a half of brain expects to be able to implement all of their ideas - you hope you can inspire people to build on your ideas or recognize the value of ideas and come up with more ideas.

Basically a candidate with strong ideas can force a discussion of ideas - this is good - right now when it comes to BISD there are no ideas.

So again - I would love comment on my ideas - how would you change them? what am I missing?

Also, will you change your mind about my willingness to bring new discussion and ideas to the table once the campaign goes nuclear?

They forces which want to keep Galvan in office are going to spend good money to attack me on being gay, going nude on the beach, believing Christianity does nor reflect the teachings of Joshua - hell they will raise Cain over my preference to refer to him by his hebrew name over his Roman name- you get my idea.

Let's take it one step further, I have discussion that I have suffered from depression - I have never stated it is related to an oxygen problem - does that disqualify me?

I actually have an extraordinary insight into depression and how to control it and live with it in a healthy way - is that not an asset when dealing with children who also have problems with depression?

I cannot comeback with explanations - that is easy - but will my supporter cut and run and forget it is about ideas and not distractions?

You see if you are the type person to cut and run on a distraction then you are the problem.

I will admit, if the right people approach me, and it is up to my readers to get out the word I am looking for the right people, I will run and my first ad will be strong on ideas, but also why Galvan has to go. The goal would to be to put into issue the motivation of anyone who would give her a nickle after reading the facts related not to her personal life, but to her service on the Board.

So are we now feeling a bit nervous?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It is Art Rendon you want to fire!
Just a quick note: All the hubbub about the $500 thousand Broad Award is crazy. The BISD administration has been so focused on sucking up to the Broad people that they forgot to sign the authorization papers for the completion of a $750 Thousand grant we had allready been awarded. So that grant was lost!

El Coyote

BobbyWC said...

Coyote - thanks for the correction - what is the name of the grant so I can do an open records request on information related to the grant

I can assure you as a Board member I will encourage employees to blow the whistle on these things- I will investigate every screwup - I will also push for reducing the number of administrators as recommended by the state

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC,

Are you afraid of the image of micromanaging? I agree we need questioning and oversight but this was a huge problem for Eliceo Munoz and he could not excape it in re-election and in the BND race.

Just concerned buddy.


Anonymous said...

The Herald like the good anti-education ignorant bastards they are

I guess that's okay because you're not applying for a reporter's job. When you weren't thinking about running for BISD, you called the board child molesters. Now, you say that [t]here are good people on the BISD Board. My concern is that you'll go from your current choice of words to your previous language when you become frustrated.

Moving on...

On your ideas:

As a Board Member I would push for reeducation of all principals and vice-principals on issues of due process, discipline, and special education.

This is a good idea, but I would go further. After Bloomberg took over NYC School District, they created a leadership academy. I know that to be principal you have to have a graduate degree, but this would be additional leadership training to existing principals. They could house it at the new administration offices (Central Middle School) and have the seminars during the summer. Of course, the critical part would be getting professional instructors and not promoting someone from within to simply rally the troops.

I would demand the immediate firing of Ed Rendon and Superintendent Gonzales

You might want to lower the tone because forceful demands might backfire, and because once you're on the inside, you might have a different perspective on why they make the decisions they make. Also, if the legal relationship between the board and staff is akin to that of City Commission and city staff, you may be out of bounds in demanding staff be fired—the superintendent, yes, but staff, probably not.

I would push for a local policy of banning all gifts to Board Members - even something as small as a Stripes taco.

I agree with this one, but at the risk of creating a loophole, I should add that you probably need to make exceptions for family members.

I would mandate an aggressive recruitment policy which targets people with a Master’s in their teaching field

This is a great idea, especially for high school teachers, though individuals with a master’s in their field might be in jobs that pay better than a school district. Also, I once heard Michelle Rhee(should watch), DC’s Chancellor under the new system, that we need to go beyond ‘highly qualified’ and learn to identify ‘highly effective’ teachers, so reviewing how teachers are evaluated might also be worth looking into.

I would mandate creating clusters within the highschools wherein students based on special needs are clustered under one vice-principal…

I’m not sure what you mean by special needs as opposed to special education. Also, do you mean adding a position of vice-principal for this group, or are you saying that one of the existing assistant principals would have the additional duties of looking after this group? Remember, personnel cost make up about half of the $500 million budget, and salaries accumulate quickly, so adding a new layer of administrators may not be the best thing.

I would mandate the closing of all highschool campuses, unless the child has earned the privilege of leaving campus for lunch.

I agree, but what would be the determining factors and how will they be verified, especially when grade averages can change every few weeks. I would say B avg mininum and no disciplinary complaints should earn you the right to leave campus for lunch. However, it might just be easier to have it open for all or closed for all.

I would ban the use of all cell phones on campus.

I think the USE of cell phones is already banned during instruction, but not the possession of cell phones on school property. In our new world of periodic school shootings, there are enough stories of students texting or calling their parents, so you might have trouble getting them banned completely.

I would mandate self-paced clusters within each highschool, under one vice principal and one set of teachers.

Are you talking about modules? I think some form of that is in place; not a whole cluster but a program for certain students.

I would mandate a cluster…wherein the focus is classical training.

You’re getting cluster-happy. I’m getting cluster-phobic. : )

I don’t know enough about classical training.

I would also mandate gym class alternated with industrial arts

Mandating gym for all four years of high school might create scheduling and space issues, and mandating industrial arts limits a student’s choice of electives. There are already some industrial arts electives for those who wish to take them.

I would promote the idea of a live on campus for children whose home life make learning impossible.

I would like to first read about those other places who are doing it and how they are funding it. Please provide links.

I would push for abolishing the school holiday of praising the Board Members and replacing it with a school holiday for MLK day or Memorial day.

Most kids are not going to spend their day off finding ways to honor MLK or fallen soldiers. I would prefer a policy of spending half of the school day learning and discussing why those two holidays are important.

Alright, this was a long response, but you wanted feedback, so there you go.

Patricia A.

Anonymous said...

BWC dice....
Let's take it one step further, I have discussion that I have suffered from depression - I have never stated it is related to an oxygen problem - does that disqualify me?

Beto dice.......
todos respiramos el oxigeno de Brownsville so that automatically could disqualify all of us...
El Coyote dice......
to sign the authorization papers for the completion of a $750 Thousand grant we had allready been awarded. So that grant was lost!

BWC puedes buscar o preguntar en Public Info por all the grant applications especialmente los de 100k-500k y los de 500k- 1 millon

Anonymous said...

I not only think you would be a great board member, I think you should be the Superintendent.
But alas, I am sorry to say you are unelectable. Your own honesty has sealed condemed you.
Regardless of what people say in public, once the curtain of the voting booth is closed, they will cast their ballot as they always have. Lead by emotion, fear and prejudice.
I'm afraid we will need another twenty or more years before the tide of public opinion changes.
Take heart in that you are not alone. BOB or HRC are in the same boat.

BobbyWC said...

Sorry for the late posts - about once a week I am helping a friend do a lot of work on his father's house - it needs a lot work - one challenge has been finding sewer pipes - well after a false start again today we found the real sewer line and replaced about 6 feet and added an overflow above ground link so that it can be snaked from the outside - as it turned out the bathroom sink pipe was going nowhere so we had to add another entry into the new six foot line for the bathroom sink.

I love working with my hands - yes it was a long 12 hour day - but every second was great - at the end before we put the dirt back I took a picture of the father, son and grandson over the new sewer line - how great is that three generations working and learning together - it made my week - I truly love this part of my life.

Now to my favorite response - Patricia - first because she took me to task and a very very valid point and second because her point by point response to my ideas helps me to prove something.

First as to the apparent change of heart - no I have not changed how I feel about this board - neglect under Texas law is abuse - but I do know there are at least two board members who would follow my lead - they just do not believe at this time innovative ideas would go anywhere - their silence makes them abusers - but given the correct atmosphere they would be players for change - I hope this clarifies what was a very well founded complaint by Patricia A.

As to my ideas- none of them are in stone - the idea is to create dialogue - Patricia A. came up with some counter ideas - that is my goal - would it be terrible for the board to debate these ideas - hash then out - and other ideas - some presented by the other posters and then maybe the board could come up with some meaningful change.

My exchange with Patricia A is all I would ask of my fellow Board Members - lets talk - lets debate -let's see if we can make for some interesting change.

No I would not micromanage - always bad - my goal is to get the discussion going.

On hiring - I believe BISD has opted for the Board doing most of the hiring - Texas law allows for either the Board of Super - I personally believe the Board should allow the Super to do all of the hiring and then judge the Super on his or her competency as to hiring.

I was at a conference about two years ago wherein severla supers were saying they prefer the Board doing the hiring because too many supers have been fired over their refusal to hire political appointments.

This is yet another area - I would put the hiring and firing of Supers in the hands of Region 1 of TEA - that is another discussion for another day.

As to my idea of principals and clusters - they would come form existing principals - it would work out.

I will see if I can find a link to these live on campuses - they started in the Chicago ISD I believe

Anyway way too long

Thanks for taking the time Patricia

btw MZ and I talked and I did like she said and it does not seem to be working - I do prefer her format - I will keep on working on it

Bobby WC

Unknown said...

Your comments are opening in a new window, which is what I believe Patricia wanted. If you want my exact comment format, that's built into the design I selected for my blog off the Internet -- the diva banner and all. I could copy all the comment code and e-mail to you. Let me know.

BTW, I would vote for you, but I've made a commitment to at least one candidate already. If you run against that person, then I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

You might have some good ideas and Susan Galvan is not a good board member and she was not a good administrator in BISD either. You could run for BISD and win but not likely but you are wasting your time if you think that board members are there to demand the things you are advocating. Board members have a very limited scope of power. They are elected to hire and fire the superintendent, approve the budget and set a tax rate. All other votes must be to either approve or reject the recommedations of the administration. They can not change the agenda item to their liking just vote yea or nay. They approve the hiring recommendations of the administation but can not suggest any employees termination. Most of the other items you suggest are controlled by TEA. Just what and when is the board holiday you keep mentioning.

Anonymous said...

Sergio Zarate is running against Susan Galvan. Bobby, do you want to take on the Lucios as well?

BobbyWC said...

This is the second time I have heard this man's name in the last several weeks. I am not about running to run- I am about ideas and change. I need to see who he is - hey anyone who knows me knows GOD could be running against Galvan and I would be unimpressed who his supporter are.

I have been taking on the Lucios since before I moved to Brownsville - they mean nothing to me.

The people respond to a message - this is why a real grassroots campaign is very very important.

The people are tired of insiders and friends of insiders running for office - a properly handled grassroots campaign could easily turn the people away from any insider or insider's chrony.

I have a long and strong history of promoting education. I can take to the table 2 1/2 years of working with the adults BISD dismissed as garbage and turning them into successful TSC students.

I can tell you I will be demanding that the super completely dismantle and then rebuild the GED program - it is a complete and total waste of taxpayers money.

Galvan cannot speak to these issues - I do not know if Zarate can speak to these issues.

As to the middle school student who first got suspended and the in school suspension because of his reaction to being called a NEGRO by a sub - was put back into the classroom after my post - whomever at BISD or on the Board made this happen - thanks

People I really want to run - but again - I need support in terms of people who know how to run a Brownsville campaign and how to raise money in Brownsville.

A well run campaign is like raquetball- you must take control of center court. If run it will be because I know I will be able to raise the money - out of the box I will define the campaign and stay on message -

I know there will be distractions - I think I will be able to handle them while turning the distractions into assets while also staying on message

This is up to you people - I am waiting to hear from anyone who can help me get this started.

Bobby WC