Sunday, May 4, 2008


Dear White Brother,

When I was born, I was black,
When I grew up, I was black,
When I am ill, I am black,
When I die, I shall be black,

Whereas you, white man,
When you are born, you are pink,
When you grow up, you are white,
When you are cold, you are blue,
When you are frightened, you are green,
When you are ill, you are yellow,
When you die, you are grey,

So, of the two of us,
Which is the man of color?

Origins, African Wisdom for Every Day, by Danielle and Oliver Follmi


Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC,

I am in a funny mood. Do not take offense to what I am about to say.

Aren't black babies a bit pink or off-black when they are born? I am not a OB-GYN so I do not know.

When a black man is beaten up by gang violence, he is not blue or purple?

If the poet is going to bring up scared and sad, why not bring up the gang violence which saddens me.


BobbyWC said...

You completely missed the point - White people are people of color- it is about debunking the myth related to color - in Western culture color is all too often associated in the negative - hence your gang violence reference -

the point was to simply point out the concept of color is a myth - a myth which you proved people associate in the negative

Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC,

I know. I was just messin' with you!


Mas Triste said...


As a student of history, you are well aware that we tend to look at things in 250 year chunks.

Few western documents show the influence that the people of the African (the that time "the advanced civilizations") had on the Greek society.

Neither do we revere the contributions of the Arabic peoples in our advances in math and science.

A true revisionist fails to recognize that the innovative German people are just a couple centuries removed from being the Germanic -hunter gatherer tribes of Europe.

Truth be told, the fastest and most effecient evolution of a peoples in the history of man comes from the tine island of Japan.

From fuedalism to global domination in roughly 50 years.

In fact, that is also why the British people get upset with their former "Muriel Boat lift" penal colonists. We live in the last 250 years, not the last 1,000.


BobbyWC said...


hence we use Arabic numbers 1, 2, 3, and not Roman number IVXL - I would dispute the West views history in terms of the last 250 years - here in the US we view it in terms of the last 24 hours at best -

We ill not admit to our mistakes from yesterday nor acknowledge the contributions of people outside our circle of limited intellect -

sorry for no post today - something is coming - I am just really fed-up with incompetence and I've decide to hit it hard - the post is coming

BObby WC