Saturday, May 31, 2008

The following is an excerpt from a post of one of my readers.

"Minority" is a bureaucratic term, however, used to assignate non-Anglos on a more political and social vein. Hispanics, BTW, are of the Caucasian race. Any first-year ethno-biologist will tell you that. I also believe that no one can make you a "minority" without your permission. Because pundits and bureaucrats use it does not make it a badge, real or true. End of lecture.


As we all know I love anything which makes one think. "I also believe that no one can make you a "minority" without your permission. Because pundits and bureaucrats use it does not make it a badge, real or true."

So who am I, me or the person people want to make me out to be? Who are you - are you Latina, and a self-made businesswoman (ha! - inside joke)? Back in the late 70's Hollywood made a film depicting gay men as out of control sex machines. This film promoted an image, which many gay men mimicked. When AIDS became known it caused for the spread of AIDS and a public image which hurt the gay community. The film was "Cruising."

The AIDS epidemic caused the gay community to fight back as to both image and for their survival. Today the debate is no longer about having sex, but about marriage and monogamy. I am a huge advocate of abstinence until you are ready for a committed relationship.
Labels are bad for everyone. I am who I am - I am not a label - I have character (good and bad) - a just society sees me, and every other individual for who they are, and not based on some made up label.

Oh, the picture - just wanted to post it - 1974, Managua, Nicaragua - every morning my abuelita would send me for the day’s tortillas - best tortillas ever in the history of humanity.

Friday, May 30, 2008


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Bobby WC

The City of Brownsville has a residency requirement that you live within the continental US if you work for the City of Brownsville. My question is, why then are the Mexican nationals who are allowed to work in the US and work for the city allowed to live Matamoros? Personally, I think it is a stupid rule, but why have it if you are not going to enforce it?

BISD like every other school district in the US has a residency requirement. This is particularly important in athletics if you want to compete. Anyone who has driven past Porter in the morning has seen the $50,000.00 SUV’s lined up with Mexican nationals dropping off their kids. Now, this one I care about. These are wealthy Mexican nationals using our schools while paying not a penny in property taxes.

The US Supreme Court has upheld the right of school districts to require the child live within the school district as a condition of attending school. This is how they are doing it. In many cases from the time the child is born in the US, no real problem there, the parent gives the social security number of the child to a single mother or father on the US side of the board.

This American citizen then claims the child for child tax credit purposes. This is in effect their payment. This also allows the child to claim Brownsville as their residence even though they live in Matamoros. So not only will these Mexican nationals not pay property taxes, the American taxpayer is forced to pay fraudulent returns to Americans who illegally claim these children. This is a financial fraud on the city, state and federal governments. UTB/TSC is guilty of the same fraud on the taxpayers.

As a Board Member I will force a public debate on this issue so that everyone in Brownsville will be able to see which Board Members support the continuation of the fraud.
Now people - tell me about my ideas - good or bad - also it is up to my readers to help connect me with the right people to make this happen.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


We need to start thinking about the up and coming BISD election. I am very tempted to run, but I can see the ads now - you have read my writings right? If I do run, I would run against Susan Galvan - she is the easiest target. The unions would immediately oppose me because I believe the unions are part of the problem. The teachers would support me because I would be the biggest advocate for innovative teachers and any teacher who is the object of retaliation. I am thinking about it - I would need experienced people to help with the campaign and raise money. I think I can overcome the nuclear war which would be launched against me, if I had enough money and the right people behind my candidacy. What should I do?

I want to begin to talk about issues. I would love to hear from my readers about things which they believe are important to the school district.

Montoya the other day published a great piece on BISD - if you are like me and do not read all of the blogs everyday, and missed this one, I suggest you read it.

The Herald like the good anti-education ignorant bastards they are repeated the same old news about some national news magazine heralding BISD as this great school district. What they did not tell you is the entire selection process is bogus. They basically look to how many students you have taking AP courses versus the number of students who are graduating. They do not look at the pass rate in the AP courses in terms of college credit, or the fact that half of the students dropout before they graduate. There is a truth the Herald seems to not want the people to know.

BISD gets an "F" in its training of principals and vice-principals. The cause for the incompetence is most of these people are politically protected so following the rules does not seem to matter. The other day a middle school principal violated the due process rights of a special education student. The father learned of the incident by accident - someone called him anonymously from the school. This just goes to prove the teachers do really care. They just want competent leaders.

The child was suspended after an incident with a substitute teacher. The substitute called the child NEGRO. The father made it clear to the principal that no teacher was going to get away with disrespecting his child that way. Conversely, the child was disciplined for reacting in a bad way to the bad behavior of the teacher. Well, after the father made it clear he was going to appeal the decision to someone higher than the principal the principal caved and gave the child in school suspension. In the end this was probably a good and responsible compromise, especially since the substitute has been barred from subbing at this middle school. But, in school suspension under these facts the second to last week of school just does not help the child.

Taking a special education student out of his special education classes as they are getting ready for finals is evidence of the lack of focus on education. Yes, the child needs to know there are consequences, but yes commonsense should also govern some part of the decision making.

As a Board Member I would push for reeducation of all principals and vice-principals on issues of due process, discipline, and special education. I would demand the immediate firing of Art Rendon and Superintendent Gonzales.

I would push for a local policy of banning all gifts to Board Members - even something as small as a Stripes taco.

I would mandate an aggressive recruitment policy which targets people with a Master’s in their teaching field. Under NCLB anyone with a Masters in their teaching field and who has passed the state’s competency test in their field is deemed highly qualified and does not need a teaching certificate to teach.

I would mandate creating clusters within the highschools wherein students based on special needs are clustered under one vice-principal and groups of teachers so that all of their concerns can be addressed. Parents and students would have the option of opting out of such a cluster. I am not talking about special education students.

I would mandate the closing of all highschool campuses, unless the child has earned the privilege of leaving campus for lunch. I would ban the use of all cell phones on campus. If the child has an emergency they can go to the office and call their parent. Parents would have to come to campus to retrieve all cell phones confiscated from the children. A second infringement would mean the cell phone not being returned for a month. I have seen phone bills which prove students are texting each other during class instead of learning.

I would mandate self-paced clusters within each highschool, under one vice principal and one set of teachers. The Premier highschool in Brownsville is self-paced and they are doing miracles with the children BISD throws out as garbage. I did self-paced in highschool for two courses. I loved it and learned a lot more than I would have in a regular classroom.

I would mandate a cluster at one of the highschools, maybe two depending how many parents opt for the option, wherein the focus is classical training. We need to get back to a strong curriculum of four years of Latin along with the other subjects, and reading and studying of the classics. This is how you develop critical thinking skills. Believe it or not I would also mandate gym class alternated with industrial arts such as wood shop, metal shop, plumbing, electric, automotive repair. There is more to developing the mind than book learning.

I would promote the idea of a live on campus for children whose home life make learning impossible. Why is it we have money to house them in the country jail or juvee, but not to help them get an education? This is being done in cities all over the US. All of these suggestions of mine would promote learning while decreasing the dropout rate.

I would meet with teachers on a regular basis to hear what they think needs to get done to improve academics. These are the people who are on the front lines - they are the ones with first hand knowledge.

I would push for abolishing the school holiday of praising the Board Members and replacing it with a school holiday for MLK day or Memorial day.

People, it is possible to argue on facts why someone is either serving the public or not. Montoya published a great piece outlining the factual reasons why Longoria is not serving the people. My only caution on the piece is, while Longoria should not have voted on the taxi issue, given the cost of fuel the Commission really had no choice but to raise rates. Longoria’s participation in the vote tainted an otherwise legitimate vote.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I was not sure what to talk about today, and then I thought about why I enjoyed yesterday’s piece so much. I really do not like doing pure opinion pieces. I much prefer when I can write something which is analytical. So what is the difference?

When I sought out to write my Master’s thesis, 105 pages, I intended to show how a 1986, ruling from the United States Supreme Court ,which upheld a law which criminalized oral or anal sex between members of the same or opposite gender, was contrary to the historical direction of the court. I instead ended up writing a thesis which found the ruling was consistent with how the Court had previously ruled in such matters. One of my advisors is a regular guest on the Davis Rankin show, Dr. Allan Saxe, of UT Arlington.

People were shocked to learn I was defending the decision of the Court as being consistent with the previous decisions of the Court. I had a reputation of being a strong advocate for gay rights. I left my job as an industrial engineer on the B1B Bomber over my right to be out of the closet without being harassed on a daily basis. So how did I arrive at a decision so contrary to what everyone expected?

As a Political Scientist (I hate that label - I prefer Political Analyst) it was my job to apply the facts to a specific model of analysis, and not to form an opinion. I needed a focus so I coined the term juridical methodology as the process used by the courts in their decision making process. Once I surveyed some 200 years of decisions by the Supreme Court I was able to create a model of analysis to which I could apply the Bowers v. Hardwick decision. What I found was the decision making process used in Bowers was no different than that used by the court over a near two hundred year history.

An example of how it works- this is in its simplest form. A single women wants birth control such as a condom - the law says it is illegal to sell condoms. Historically the Supreme Court would not take such a case. Eventually it did take such a case, but limited the right to one protected by marital privacy. Years later it extended the ruling to unmarried couples.

In the context of sodomy, in 1986, the issue was not ripe for such a leap forward in civil liberties. In 1991, I argued in an Application for Stay before the United State Supreme Court that the right to engage in sodomy was protected as incident to the right to marry - marital privacy. The protected right was marriage - sodomy was implied in the privacy which is incident to marriage. Associate Justice Antonin Scalia presented the Application for Stay to the entire Supreme Court and it was held for 25 hours - unheard of. I along with an entire military court waited anxiously in San Angelo for the Supreme Court to allow the court martial of my client to go forward. We came close.

Back to my point - my role as a political analyst when writing my thesis required I limit my analysis to a verifiable model of analysis without regard for where the axe fell. As an advocate for my client, it was my job to argue on behalf of my client, which may not have been totally free of personal bias.

I hope my readers got something out of this piece. When you read any blog, or letter to the editor - look for evidence of objectivity and inclusiveness of contrary facts. This is the difference between biased opinion and objective analysis. One manipulates and the other educates- the former manipulates and should be taken with a grain of salt. The latter can aide in education and should be studied for its objectivity and educational value.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The Reagan Bush war on Central America created an exodus from Central America of political and economic refugees. Most of those refugees are US Citizens now, and will vote in November for Obama. Originally they were Republicans and Independents, but the Republican move to deport millions of Latinos has cost the Republican Party the support of Central Americans. Many of these Central Americans have seen their family members rounded-up, homes foreclosed on and the American dream lost because of the Republican Party.

The failure of Bush II to address the immigration issue, and the oil issue is creating a second waive of economic refugees from Central America. These people are waiting for the changing of the guard in Washington to make their move. The situation in Central America is dismal. Most cities, including the capitals are seeing electricity turned off for several hours a day. Truckers have stopped moving food and other commerce because there is no money for diesel. In many of the old markets rooting food is all that is available.

The US and other international aid organizations spent millions on providing Central American farmers with small tractors to increase food production These tractors now sit idol because there is no money for fuel or repairs. Production at factories is decreasing because electricity is being shut down to the factories for several hours a day.

With the economies collapsing because of the price of oil, economic disaster is around the corner. For everything Hugo Chavez is, he is not a savior and cannot fix the problems being created by the high price of oil, and food shortages in Central America.

The flood of economic refugees from Central America is going to hit Mexico sooner than later. With Chernoff and Bush gone from Washington they are going to flood across the Rio Grande in droves. The US will not turn them away because to do so will create more civil wars in Central America. This time anti-US governments will be bought with oil. Oil has become the new weapon for enslaving people. The people of Central America will get in bed with the devil if that is what is need to survive. When Bush refused to help Nicaragua, they turned to Iran and Venezuela for oil. They had no choice. It was either cut a deal with the devil or starve.

The US along with most of the industrialized world has only one option. It is time to make it a criminal act to speculate on the price of oil. The US government, along with other industrialized governments have the ability to set the price of crude at $50.00 a barrel for all domestically traded oil. They can also make it a criminal act to trade in oil based on speculation. This will end the crisis tomorrow.

Now, if I were a betting man, I would say - by January of next year Brownsville and other border cities will be dealing with the crisis of economic refugees from Central America. I will also predict Congress will still be out playing golf, and taking trips while paying nothing more than lip service to the people. We are so screwed.

Monday, May 26, 2008


I will say this, there is a silent march today in Brownsville in honor of all the fallen soldiers. This is good. I am glad someone cares. What gets under my skin is, Christmas and Memorial Day holidays which are intended to honor personal sacrifice, have become holidays of commercialism. In effect, the holidays, instead of being about the sacrifices of Joshua and the veterans who have died in service our country, the holidays have become about money and buying things for ourselves.

BISD, in an ultimate act of disrespect for those who have died in service of this country, do not give the children the day off. I might not be so mad, except they have declared a holiday for the incompetent Board Members. The children are being taught to honor incompetence, while being taught nothing about honoring those who have died in defense of our limited freedoms. Is it any wonder veterans are treated with such disrespect.

If you truly want to honor a veteran today, sit down with your child and tell them why it is important that when they come of age they serve. People find this odd in me, that I am such a strong advocate of military service. If I am not willing to take a bullet for my own freedom, why should I ask someone else to take that bullet. Military service is not about whether the Iraqi war is just or unjust, it is about honoring those who have died before us by saying we will take up where they left off.

For those of you who never served, I suggest you look for a military family and donate your time as a tutor, a coach, a father, a mother. When these men and women are away from home their children still need the influence of a mother or father. The children still need tutoring. The children still need someone to take them to baseball games. The fact their parents are away in a war, or have died in a war, does not mean their needs go away.


Friday, May 23, 2008


The following is from USAToday, Wednesday May 22, 2008.

"Aircraft manufacturing analyst Richard Aboulafia of the Teal Group says that in smaller cities where a larger airport is within two to three hours by car, operating fewer flights a day — either on 50- or 70-seat RJs — could become economically unsupportable as business travelers and leisure fliers opt to make relatively short drives to save time or money."

Continental flies the Embraer RJ 145, out of Brownsville, which is a 50 seater.

As I have informed my readers, I no longer fly Continental out of Brownsville because I refuse to pay twice the price for the benefit of walking out my door and walking 8 minutes to the terminal. While I hate the 45 minute drive to Harlingen’s airport, for a 50% savings, I will make the drive. My long term readers remember when I use to post Continental’s specials to demonstrate Brownsville was a better deal than Southwest out of Harlingen.

I could not understand why Continental stopped competing with Southwest, until now. The price of fuel has made the operation of the Regional Jets almost impossible. Continental is losing money every day it flies out of Brownsville. The price of fuel has made competition with Southwest which flies 737's almost impossible.

My prediction is Continental sooner than later will consolidate all of its operations out of Harlingen. They will begin to fly 4-5 737 or 757 round-trips to Houston a day. This will be possible because it will abandon its regional jet service to both Harlingen and Brownsville.

The questions is, why Harlingen and not Brownsville? Harlingen’s airport can handle a large number of 737's, while Brownsville continues to struggle to be able to handle larger jet service. While Harlingen is a new and modern airport, Brownsville’s airport is like out of an old horror movie wherein a dysfunctional group of passengers are changing planes in some backwater airport before boarding a doomed flight over the Amazon and into a lost world.

If USAToday’s article is correct, the cost of flying the RJets is going to make it impossible for Continental to compete with Southwest. Imagine yourself Continental - you have to make a decision to go to 737's or 757's and half the flights to the region, are you going to choose Brownsville or Harlingen to consolidate your services? The money is on Harlingen.

Again, I am begging the business community to take the lead on this one. The City Commission is simply too ignorant to understand the issue. Depending on the source, the Greater Brownsville/Matamoros metropolitan area population now exceeds a million people. We are the largest metropolitan area in South Texas, but yet have the smallest airport. This can only be explained through a total and complete lack of leadership on the issue.

Time is certainly running out. If we do not give Continental a good reason to stay in Brownsville, they will consolidate all of their services into Harlingen. Money is cheap at this time. The local business community needs to come together and create a Greater Brownsville/Matamoros International Airport Board, and begin the planning of a new airport on SH 77 and East Blvd.

There is more than enough money in both cities to make this happen. I can assure you, this city commission will still be looking to invest in the old airport as the first flights are landing at the new airport. If we lose our airport, Brownsville will be left behind at a time economic boom appears to be around the corner.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I personally prefer if you only read one thing from my blog today that you actually watch the video which is attached to the post which follows this one. The superbug has hit San Antonio schools - you may no longer think I am panicking when you see what it did to this highschool kid. Just keep your eyes closed BISD Board of morons.

This Saturday I will have a special post. There is potentially bad news coming to Brownsville’s airport. Aviation experts are predicting its closure, with all services moving to Harlingen.

So Wednesday I had to drive to the VA in SA to see an alleged doctor known as a cardiologist. He was pissed because after the Chief of Staff ordered him to review my records and exam me, he decided to assign me to a doctor in training - I forced his hand and made him mad. At this point a patient in a coma would have known better. Push came to shove and he had to leave his office and come down to the clinic. When he was done with me he left the clinic. We traveled in the elevator together. You know what this means people - he allowed the doctors in training to be left unsupervised all day while seeing veterans in the cardiology clinic.

I knew his sole purpose was to cover for his quack peer Oliveros after he tried to link my problems to either marijuana or cocaine use. He insisted I was lying after I said no and he responded with "are you sure?," in a very nasty tone. You may not believe this about me, but if I do not have an informed response to a claim I simply repeat the claim to the doctor to make sure I understand it, so that I can then check it out before responding. You can bet there will be a detailed response to the lawyers.

Basically his response to all of the reports from Valley Baptist was the same - they are wrong - their technicians do not know how to conduct the tests. He actually stated that the doctors do not know how to read the test results. I got it, he was covering for his quack peer Oliveros.

Here is the good news. By chance next Thursday I had an appointment with my sleep apnea doctor - it is a once a year thing. By chance he had clinic today in the same area as cardiology. I asked the clerk to ask him if he could fit me in so as to save me a trip. He was very accommodating. I was his last patient, but better than another 9 hour trip. Anyway he looked at the same reports, while considering my medical history, and ordered a top priority test which will give him a complete look at my upper cardiovascular system. Top priority means 3 a.m. early next week - but better than nothing. A regular appointment is a month out - so I am grateful for a 3 am appointment.

My sleep apnea doctor, a neurologist, was not at all happy with the way things were handled in cardiology. The cardiologist was such a jerk that when I told him that my sleep apnea doctor had told me several weeks earlier to tell my primary care physician to refer me to him instead of cardiology (he is a neurologist), rather than simply ask neurology to take my case he sent a note back to my PCP to refer me to neurology if she felt it necessary. (By chance several weeks ago I ran into my sleep apnea doctor in the hall and told him about the subclavian steal) My sleep apnea doctor saw the note and said - no - we are going to do this today.

I am all too willing to complain about the bad, so I thought I should commend my neurologist for being my advocate and standing up for me today. We shall see what happens with this advanced testing. Of note, the cardiologist released me for carpal tunnel surgery even though the orthopedic doctor insisted that the subclavian steal issue be resolved first. The neurologist has put me back on hold until they decide how they are going to fix the subclavian steal. This is the surgery Kennedy had last October. His was caused by plaque - in my case they believe it just never really developed properly and is now too small to handle the blood flow. A simple day surgery of placing a stent is all it takes to repair my subclavian steal. In some cases it cannot be repaired without a transplant - which then becomes a balancing act of the dangers versus the benefits.

Anyway, it was nice to finally have a specialist at the VA stand up for me.

I am willing to bet BISD will continue to do nothing - the lawsuit is coming - the children must take showers and bring clean clothes for each gym day - People I am very serious about this - everyone reading this needs to e-mail this link to everyone they know and then tell them to e-mail it to everyone they know - we can only stop this through education

I warn you the video is very revealing and what this looks like on the human body.

related link:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


On Wednesday we learned LULAC is suing the Texas Democratic Party for disproportionate discrimination against Latinos in the selection process of the presidential nominee. My views on the Texas Democratic Party being nothing more than a plantation run by a bunch racists Anglos, and LINOS, Latinos in Name Only, is well documented. At this point its is fair to say Latinos are body bags to the Democratic Party the same way gay soldiers have become the body bags for Bush in his made up war in Iraq. Neither are welcome. They both just have a useful purpose - to fill body bags - in the case of the Latinos - to vote.

When I first raised this issue 8 years ago in litigation against the Texas Democratic Party Rene Oliviera, as the good LINO he be, denounced me as being an Anglo just trying to make trouble. I must insist, just what have the Texas Democratic Party done for the LRGV other than help keep some of the most contemptible politicians in office in exchange for them submitting to the role of house servant to the Anglo bosses.

Rene Oliviera has played his role well in making sure any field hand uppity Latinos stay in their place. His reward for oppressing the Latinos of the LRGV, house servant. To be fair to Oliviera the problem is really national, and this is the Achilles heal of the Democratic Party.

Today I heard Geraldine Ferraro, the former veep candidate under Mondale call Obama a sexist. She went on to say Obama complaining about the 15 minutes he was under attack at one of the debates to Hillary’s two hours typical of a man not knowing the difference between 15 minutes and 2 hours. Ouch - and that is not sexist.

Adelfa Cajello was the Dallas civil rights lawyer who said past rifts between blacks and Latinos meant Latinos would not vote for a black man. Even the gays are fed up - early on when Hillary was confronted with the fact the only two anti-gay federal laws were written by and signed into law by Bill Clinton , she dismissed the complaints as those of a bunch of frustrated queens.

It seems the primary voices in the Democratic Party at this time are well educated Anglos voting for Obama, and poorly educated Anglos voting for Clinton. Again another divide in the party. It is axiomatic that a divided party is a weak party.

To be honest, I want McCain to win because the next president will be a one termer. I prefer the Republicans be the fall guy for the collapse of the economy, than the Democrats. There is no out to the Iraqi war, so why not let McCain be the fall guy? The other reason is, hopefully the Democrats will use the next two years to reflect on the fact they are so divided.

Someone needs to take the helm of the Democratic Party and confront the truth about the internal racism which remains throughout the party at all levels and among and between all groups. The homophobia being exhibit by Obama and Clinton for no other reason than political expediency is reason enough for both candidates to be sent home packing as losers. Bigotry for political expediency is vile and should never ever be acceptable from a Democrat.

I have to ask you Obama supporters - if he as a candidate cannot sit down with the Latino community and begin to heal the rift, how will he ever be able to sit down with Israel and Palestine and heal that rift?

I am of the opinion true long term Democrats need to begin to openly support McCain -not because he is our candidate but because he needs to be the fall guy, and the loss by Obama and Clinton maybe will force the Democratic Party to face the reality it is a highly segregated party of distinct groups unwilling to join forces and share power. Kind of sounds like Iraq - huh. If neither Clinton nor Obama can resolve the divide within the Democratic Party, how can they solve the divide in Iraq?

Bobby:Thank you for writing in this medium. This note in particular shows the hypocrisy of the government at all levels when it comes to Veterans. Politicians claim to be patriotic because they send other peoples' children to war, and when the wars are over they throw them away like refuse. The only time they remember veterans is during elections.One thing in particular that astounds me is why the Veterans Administration and the Brownsville Urban System don't finance a shuttle system together, from several points in Brownsville to the VA facility in Harlingen. BUS can put the vehicles (specifically designed to accomodate for disabled people) and the VA could pay for the gasoline and certain maintenance costs.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Halloween UTEP 1978


I was just getting ready to put a rib eye on the grill, my cardiologist is loving me, when the phone rang. "Can you come over and help repair the broken sewer line from the house to the street." I will always jump at a chance to dig for shit in Brownsville. Not really, I just love handyman work and jump at every chance I get.

So I was off to old downtown Brownsville to dig for a break in a sewer line which has not been seen since 1947 when my brother-in-law and sister built the house. I wish I could say I was helpful, but I was not. I brought some cold bottled water, gloves (my hands are delicate you know) and a few ideas. I am more the wife who hands the husband the hot chocolate when he is outside in the snow working on the car in the winter.

Although I am still very active at the gym, while I have pulled back on the weight I bench, my arms are quite weak and I cannot breath well. So, I took the shovel and moved the dirt from the pile near the hole to the side away from the hole. I handed out water. I am like the nurse who gets things out of the way when the doctor is operating.

I do have some experience in this matter - I watched them repair the pipe on my new home in Arlington back in 1986. First day in the house and it flooded while I was taking a shower and doing laundry. A worker had stepped on the sewer pipe and covered it up in hopes no one would notice.

My second experience was with the house in Dallas, which I have not been able to sell for 3 years. That house has cast iron pipes, whereas Arlington had pvc pipes. Well this house I sort of worked on last night has clay pipes. It will make for an interesting repair.

Anyway the problem with finding the exact location was a matter of math - sort of. They took my advice before I got there and measured the distance the snake fed into the pipe and then measured that distance on the surface. Only one problem, they did not subtract the two feet the snake dropped into the ground before feeding into the pipe - just an example of commonsense, or experience.

I am actually quite good at these things - in this same house I build a huge closet for my friend - a gay designer closet - designed and hand built with my delicate hands. In 1947 people only had one pair of pants, one shirt, no underwear and one sock - not much need for closets.

Anyway - what is the point of my piece? And I owe you a point because??????? - I just wanted something light and easy for today and to show a different side of me.

So as I suspected, I found the shit and tomorrow a new pvc pipe will replace the broken clay pipe All is well and there will be just a little less shit seeping into the ground in Brownsville.

May 20, 2008

To whom it may concern:

Interesting how Democrat supporters are not scrutinized for supporting presidential candidates that voted for the Secure Fence Act. What has Clinton and Obama done? At least Cornyn and Hutchison have been actively engaged in their attempts to try to amend the act by forcing DHS to communicate with local leaders and property owners.

Early on in Judge Cascos' administration, he went to Washington, D.C. to speak with Cornyn to propose a levee as an alternative to the fence. He even has the picture to prove it and it's posted on his webpage!

Thanks to those efforts Hidalgo County will have a levee/wall combo and Cameron County better hope that they are extended the same courtesy because if Hidalgo County fixes its levees the water will run downstream to Cameron County. Which leaves one question; Can Cameron County's levees handle that?Mayor Ahumada's (Brownsville) comments in the Rio Grande Guardian (May 15, 2008 Foster: Filing the border fence lawsuit was a last resort) regarding his disappointment that Cameron County did not join Texas Border Coalition's lawsuit against the federal government are misguided. He alludes that Cameron County did not join the lawsuit because of a Republican County Judge and a Republican administration in Washington???

What??? This is coming from a man that in the past ran as a Republican against Congressman Solomon Ortiz. Cameron County's predominantly Democrat County Commission did not support it. The Brownsville City Commission that is all Democrat did not support it. Hidalgo County's all Democrat County Commission did not support it. Republicans have crossed party lines regarding the fence issue because it is not a partisan issue but why do Democrats insist on making it one.


Valentina P. Bazan

Editor's Note - for something to be well reasoned in my mind does not mean I either agree or disagree with it - it means well reasoned. I love these kind of comments because it allows my readers to take the lead on the discussion.

To add my own two cents - I hear all of the all of these things Hillary has done for the Valley - can anyone list them? Other then helping on the fence issue, can anyone name anythng Cornyn has done for the Valley? Just asking, maybe the list on bothsides is very long. This is a chance for my readers to give specific examples instead of global unsubstantiated claims.

Monday, May 19, 2008


The sooner the people realize the political disconnect between the politicos and the people, the sooner the people will take back their government. The people do not hang at the Vermillion and other two-bit bars where wannabees hang and pretend to be important. The people do not hang in fancy restaurants or golf courses. The people hang at work and at home trying to hold their families together.

The people cannot communicate with the politicos because the politicos never ever hang with the people. Trying to communicate with an administrative assistant of a politico is even more challenging than communicating with the politico in the first instance. Elected officials tend to strive to hire administrative assistants who think they are god and get to decide who gets heard and who does not. It is always a dead end.

I am going to give another example of a problem facing veterans as a way to demonstrate just how futile it is to try and communicate a problem to a politician. Bob Filner is the Chair of the Veteran Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives. A group I am consulting with has sued the Department of Education over a policy which is having a disproportionate impact on disabled Iraqi veterans. Our group put a complete packet before Bob Filner outlining the problem. Today our group received a form letter, written by a highschool intern - if it was a college intern then the writing level of college students has dropped to the level of a ninth grader. The letter was standard - thanks for being veterans - I appreciate hearing from you. That is it.

So what is the problem? The Department of Education upon realizing that a large number of Iraqi war veterans were applying to have their student loans discharged due to disability, changed the rules. D of Ed to save money changed the rules so that they could deny most of the applications for discharge. They created a rule which basically says if as an Iraqi war veteran you are left permanently disabled on the day of the year wherein your income has past the poverty level you can never have your student loans discharged based on that disability.

The effect is, about 2/3rd of all applications for discharge of student loans based on disability are now being denied. The student loans are then put in a hardship deferment wherein interest piles up year after year after year. It is put on their credit reports. Surprise, surprise because of the unpaid student loans the Veterans Administration will not approve them for a VA mortgage. The Texas Veteran’s Land Board will not approve them for a home improvement load needed to modify their home to accommodate their disability.

What is so vile about the policy is, had the soldier had the good sense to become a paraplegic one day earlier they would have qualified for discharge of their student loans. There is no Congressional authorization for this policy. The policy was created by the Bush administration to save money.

Every politician in this country claims to be in favor of the veterans. Here is a simple issue which Congress can fix and the Chair over the Veterans’ Affairs Committee responds to the problem with a form letter written by a highschool intern. Bob Filner is as worthless as used toilet paper. (Trust me I wanted to say something a lot worse)

If veterans are being so summarily dismissed by the Democratic Chair of the Veterans Committee in the House of Representatives, what chance does any other American have to have their grievances heard by Congress?

Another example is, the military is discharging disabled veterans with no financial benefits in place. Paraplegics are being told to go find a job while the VA takes a year to process the claim for disability. The worthless piece of shits known as Congress tomorrow can pass a law which forces the military to continue to pay these veterans until the VA benefits kick in - but they will not because they are too busy at places like the Vermillion, or fancy restaurants, or golf courses to be bothered with the people.

Again if paraplegic Iraqi war veterans are being treated this way, what chance does the average Joe have to be heard?

A new problem which has developed locally is, the price of gas has many veterans in Brownsville no longer using the VA clinic in Harlingen. They simply cannot afford the $10.00 needed for gas round-trip. That pathetic shit Villalobos tried to get the veterans’ vote on the idea that although he was a two-bit coward who ran from service, he had relatives who are veterans so veterans should vote for him. (Side note - I do not judge people who chose not to serve. I judge two-bit cowards who chose not to serve, who take advantage of veterans - big difference)

So to all of you two-bit cowards who chose not to serve and who always seek out the veterans’ vote, how about raising the money so that BUS can provide bus service between Brownsville and the VA clinic in Harlingen? There can be a morning run and afternoon run. The morning bus can return for the afternoon run, and the afternoon run can be the late afternoon run back to Brownsville. Oh, that’s right these veterans cannot afford to play golf or drink or eat at fancy restaurants, so how would any of you worthless two-bit cowards even know about their plight?

I’m sorry for the late post - but old people sleep in sometimes. I hate when the people are cheated. The people are being cheated on the billing related to the defense of the city commissioners who were taking unauthorized benefits.

The total time spent on the defense should have been no more than 10 hours. At a reasonable rate of $250.00 an hour - that would be $2,500.00 - not $40,000.00 plus. How can I be so certain of the billing? Reality -

The issue was simple - the charter either provided for or did not provide for benefits. This means defense counsel should have responded to the lawsuit with an immediate summary judgment arguing that as a matter of law the commissioners are entitled to the benefits. A Motion for Summary Judgment is nothing more than the defense saying the commissioners are entitled to the benefits and why. The motion is supported first and foremost by the plain language in the charter, and secondly by the case law. This would have been no more than 5 hours - me 2 ½ hours.

The same goes for counsel for the plaintiffs. He should have immediately moved for summary judgment on the plain language of the charter and attendant case law. Anything else would have been abusive of the process with full knowledge it would needlessly impose expenses on the taxpayers. Again, this would have been no more than 5 hours - me 2 ½ hours.

It is very simple people -

Comes now, your defendants and would show unto this honorable court they are entitled to summary judgment as a matter of law, and for good authority would show unto this court as follows:

Your plaintiffs urge before this court that as a matter of law your defendants are not entitled to the following benefits being received as city commissioners - (list benefits) Your defendants would show that Article XXX section XXX subsection XXX provides as follows: (See attached as exhibit 1 an authenticated copied of the Brownsville City Charter as provided for by the Rules of Evidence) Further, when faced with a similar question the XXX Court of Appeals or Texas Supreme Court has found XXXX "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" CITATION.

Based on the foregoing, your defendants are entitled to summary judgment as a matter of law.
The above is the basic outline of the motion for summary judgement which requires some fill in the blank. It took an entire 5 minutes. You add in two hours of research and review of the City Charter - which would be a lot and an additional 25 minutes to finish the typing, and you are at 2 ½ hours. Remember I am giving them 10 hours.

So what happened? Either the defense needlessly sent discovery on the plaintiffs for the sole purpose of padding his bill, or the plaintiffs needlessly sent discovery on the defendants to go on a political fishing expedition. As to the latter, it would seem to me they would have tried to discover how much in benefits were given to each commissioner during the period of illegal payments.

So you say, isn’t that important? Well yes - but important does not make it discoverable during the lawsuit. The issue was, were they entitled to the benefits? Whether they were paid one dollar or one billion dollars the answer would be the same - yes or no. The sole purpose of this additional discovery would have been to use the information for political ends. It would have been for a fishing expedition, which is not permissible.

If the latter happened, then the defense should have immediately moved for a protective order. The information simply was not germane to the issue - entitled or not entitled to the benefits.

If the latter did not happen, then we have a major problem. Nothing else could have possibly justified the billing for the defense. It would certainly not help these city commissioners if they had endless BS meetings with defense counsel having their egos stroked. No matter how you look at it, there is no ethical or legal basis for the defense bill in this case.

Finally, why should the taxpayers pay for the defense of the city commissioners who were stealing from the people? Their actions were not part of their official duties. Unless there is something in the city charter which mandates the taxpayers pay to defend city commissioners stealing benefits from the people, the city commissioners who were stealing the benefits should be held accountable to pay all of the attorneys fees as incident to the defense. When VP Cheney’s employee Libby got caught breaking the law, who paid for his defense? Libby, not the taxpayers.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Now, if I were to bet on this issue - it will take a major outbreak before anyone cares. Then everyone will want to file lawsuits. How sad - how very, very sad. "

What follows was originally published on MZ’ Bloggin as one of my guests posts. It subsequently appeared in the Herald. This morning in the Herald we learn we are now in crisis mode when dealing with multi-drug resistant bacteria. Amazing to me is the Herald chose to not even comment on the primary cause for super-bugs - antibiotics and in the case of the LRGV the overuse of antibiotics because of their relatively easy access to same in Mexico. Another "F" for Herald reporting.

People, my gym, World Gym, remains a disaster in the men’s locker room. It is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I become angry every day as I watch people who leave their sweat on the equipment. They simply refuse to use a workout towel. The locker room although cleaned once a day is a disaster by late afternoon. There is no doubt in my mind that the locker room of every gym in Brownsville is the same. The lawsuit against BISD is coming - the locker rooms are a mess. BISD refuses to mandate that the children take showers after gym.

I warned in my original piece that we needed to stop the importation of antibiotics from Mexico. True to form our city commission, county commission, and incredibly inept statewide leadership have each done nothing to resolve this crisis. Three months ago it was pending - it is here now. If you remained silent, and you come to learn your grandmother is now sick, or your child contracted one of these superbugs at the daycare - just remember - you gave it to them.

My original piece follows:

"MRSA USA300. Like its less antibiotic-resistant sibling, the new multi-drug resistant microbe spreads easily through skin-to-skin contact, invading skin and tissue beneath the skin. Both strains cause abscesses and ulcerations that can progress rapidly to life-threatening infections"
"A good scrubbing with soap and water may be the most effective way to prevent skin-to-skin contact transmission, especially after sexual activities." Source: --- Tuesday,
January 22, 2008 - AFP - The drug-resistant "superbugs" that have cut a swathe through day care centers, schools, locker rooms and prisons across the United States in the last five years stem from one rapidly Evolving Bacterium, US scientists said Monday. ..

All of the above are from articles which can be found on the internet. Why do I care about this? For now far too many people are claiming this to be another gay disease. It is not. It is not transmitted through sex - it is transmitted through skin to skin contact which occurs during sex or any other form of touching a child, mother, wife etc.

In Brownsville and Cameron County public health is a joke. I have complained to the point of being blue in the face about the city’s refusal to enforce the health code in public gyms. After three years of loyalty to my former gym I moved to a new gym over the issue of the locker room always being dirty. The owner of the gym made it clear that the locker room was not her concern.

I have spoken with enough people at my new gym to know that the owner of my new gym also considers the locker room to be a problem child he will not address. You cannot have women cleaning a men’s locker room. Every time they get started men need the locker room so they never finish. (Locker rooms must be cleaned a minimum of twice a day)

Unfortunately, the City of Brownsville has resolved that the spread of MRSA USA300, is just something that will have to happen because they will not enforce the public health laws at the gyms. People - this bacterium spreads from mere contact with another person’s skin. Since high school I have always worked out with a towel which I place on the equipment before I work out.
In fact my work out partner and I have separate towels.

It does not end with the city doing its job. The gym owners need to suspend the membership of customers who sit in the steam room naked - no towel nothing. At my old gym we had this 400 pound hair ball who would sit all over the locker room naked while cruising everyone in the locker room - not a pretty view. Then of course there were the people who showered and shaved in the steam room. Complaints to the owner were ignored.

Next are our school gyms. I am sorry that we have raised a generation of people who are ashamed of their bodies and who have sexualized their bodies. I remember 7th grade first day of gym. The gym teacher asked us if we had a best friend in the class. He then partnered us to share lockers. He then said everyone strip and into a jock strap. You know after the first day no one cared about how we looked naked. You know what else - we went back to class clean and smelling nice.

Here in Brownsville and Los Fresnos they are sending the children back to class covered in bacteria and germs they contracted in the locker room, because the parents are all upset that little Juanito will be upset if he has to be naked in the locker room. I wonder who these parents are going to sue when Juanito comes home with MRSA USA300 rotting his body. Parents who teach their children to respect their body at age 12 will be teaching their children to respect their bodies at age 25. They will also be teaching their children the importance of feeling good about their body instead of shame. I am looking forward to the first teacher who sues BISD because a smelly bacteria infected child was allowed into the classroom.

I always know who at my gym is a veteran or played high school sports. We are all very comfortable in a very non-sexual way being naked in the locker room. It is sad that because of parents who are sexualizing their body and the body of their children that children are not being taught the importance of cleanliness and are potentially going to be exposed to MRSA USA300.
This is a health issue. The city needs to crack down on the gyms. BISD and LCISD need to mandate showers after gym. They can turn it into an educational event by teaching cleanliness. How many boys because of poorly educated parents have no idea how to clean their foreskin and gland. For your viewing -

We can turn a blind eye or get on top of this now. The odds are that the city will wait for a lawsuit such as will BISD and LFCISD. I know for a fact a baseball player at UTB has already contracted MRSA USA300. UTB needs to do a better job in disinfecting its locker rooms.
One last issue - Mayor Ahumada and County Judge Cascos need to take the lead on this public health issue and demand enforcement of both city and county health laws related to public bathrooms and gyms. They also need to demand that Congressman Ortiz and Senators Hutchinson and Cornyn introduce legislation banning the bringing in of antibiotics from Mexico.

This superbug bacteria is in part the result of the misuse of antibiotics. We all know people who run to Matamoros for antibiotics for everything. You cannot reason with these people - you tell them it will not fight a viral infection and they do not care. Our bodies are no longer responding to many of these antibiotics and this is causing for the creation of these superbugs. For now, both the city and the county can pass ordinances which ban the bringing in of these antibiotics from Matamoros. It is public health crisis issue.

Now, if I were to bet on this issue - it will take a major outbreak before anyone cares. Then everyone will want to file lawsuits. How sad - how very, very sad.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


William Blackstone, at the time of the American Revolution, summarized the law as to marriage as follows: "Our laws consider marriage in no other light than as a civil contract. The holiness of the matrimonial state is left entirely to ecclesiastical law; the temporal courts do not have jurisdiction to consider unlawful marriages as a sin, but merely as a civil inconvenience. ... And, taking it in this civil light, the law treats it as it does all other contracts." 1 William Blackstone, Commentaries 421*

Based on the above, everyone who wants to say where in the constitution does it say gays can marry, I say "where in the constitution did the people relinquish to the government the traditional role of the church over marriage? The government is simply not empowered to regulate marriage beyond issues such as the capacity to consent, and age, within limits. In terms of original intent the Founding Fathers clearly knew of Blackstone’s then contemporary summaries of the common law of England.

So what is this entire debate about marriage? The funny thing is, I had already intended to speak to intimacy today anyway, and then this decision from California made it all that much easier to discuss the issue. I am learning in the last few weeks how much it hurts to have a friend who does not know how to give back intimacy.

I recently discovered that a good friend of mine cannot be intimate at any level. I am not talking sex. The idea of asking about my health or the health of anyone is something he cannot do. He cannot even inquire about the health of his parents. He is not a bad person. In fact he is one of the most remarkable men I know. But he never observed intimacy in his family and he does not now know how to demonstrate it.

The other day I heard 1 of 3 women cheat on their marriages. Every man I know in Brownsville under 70 is cheating on either their wife, or girl friend, save this one friend of mine. He knows he cannot feel intimacy, but he also knows sleeping around does not solve the problem. Most people just sleep around in hopes of filling that void which exists in their marriage. After years of trying , I can assure you sex with half the planet will not fill the void. The void is intimacy.

Marriage in its simplest form is a word which describes a relationship. I find it saddening when people say marriage is between a man and a women, because effectively they are saying marriage requires a penis and a vagina. For me only someone who has never been happy in a marriage can define marriage by a penis and a vagina. These body parts are the least interesting and relevant parts of the marriage.

I know of four long term marriages wherein the couples lived separate lives for years while still married and living in the same house. In the end the marriages lasted and overcame the hardship because they had intimacy and friendship. Friendship is more important than love. Love gets in the way of rational emotions. Friendship means letting them go long enough to come back on their own. I think that is what I am going to do with my friend. I’ve decided that if I cannot tell him the truth about his lack of intimacy in our friendship or with his girlfriend or anyone else, I am not much of a friend.

Intimacy occurs at many levels. In a marriage, yes, it includes sexual relations. But it also includes going camping or fishing or to a show and laughing together. It means holding hands and feeling like you have gone to heaven. For me the ultimate act of intimacy would be a man spooning with me and squeezing me and telling me he will keep me safe - and there is no penis involved. I would rather abstain from sex for the rest of my life than be in a relationship with a man or women who considers sex or my penis to be a key variable. I want that special feeling which comes from holding hands in public. It is so much better then empty sex.

It drives me nuts when I hear conservatives argue why the government should supplant the traditional role of the church and regulate marriage. If you are not going to arrest me for saying I am married to another man, then what is the point in banning gay marriage. If you are not going to arrest me for saying it, in very short order people hearing it is going to become so routine, no one will care anymore. It will become a norm.

A true conservative would argue the government should not sanction any marriage - period. I agree with that. The government does have an interest in protecting minors and the mentally infirm by regulating what constitutes consent. I will give you that. It is my position anyone who can find a church to marry them should be considered married. They should then file their church marriage certificate with the state if they want the benefits which come from marriage. If you choose not to be married in a church, then I would say you simply complete a partnership statement with the county at which point for purposes of benefits incident to marriage, you are married, and subject to the laws of the state for divorce.

So I am curious, who else finds using genitalia as the first criteria for defining marriage a perversion? Should marriage not be defined by some higher form of intimacy which does not focus on sex and genitalia? I will make you a deal - do not define my sense of marriage by your genitalia, and I will not judge you for defining marriage by genitalia instead of true intimacy.

I know I do not read all of the blogs every day - so if you have not seen this yet, you should check it out. I will say this - while I may not agree with Troiani and Atkinson - they have been nice enought to put themselves out there and participate in the discussion.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


(This is Thursday's post)


For reasons which can only be explained by mental illness, the Brownsville Herald turned over my credit card information to the Valley Morning News. The Valley Morning News is now using my credit card as their own personal ATM. Today I will hand deliver a sworn criminal complaint to Villalobos for theft by credit card. My bank told me they are fairly certain it is also criminal to disclose private financial information. I am filing a separate criminal complaint with the Department of Justice.

I will also be suing Freedom Communications, the Brownsville Herald, and Valley Morning News. It is not about the $26.25 - I could care less. It is about the idea of two separate legal entities sharing my financial information. It is this type conduct which leads to identify theft and other financial crimes. These three entities need to be taught a lesson. I will never tie the suit to the criminal proceedings. I fully intend to settle for what lawyers call a token settlement. I want to be clear - they could offer me a billion dollars to drop the criminal charges and I would not. It is not about money - it is about sending a message to corporations that this type conduct is not acceptable. Hopefully the criminal charges will finally force Freedom Communications to fire the top management at the Herald.

For the record, the Herald actually over paid me when they refunded the first illegal use of my financial information. This, however, does not authorize them to then give my financial information to the Valley Morning News so that the Valley Morning News can recover the overpayment. I just learned of the overpayment today. I certainly would have sent them a check had they called me.


While driving to VA-SA on Wednesday my primary care physician called me to tell me I was correct about the beta-blockers. She sent a strong note to cardiology to review their actions and recommendations. I met later in the afternoon with the Chief of Staff at VA-SA He agreed that beta-blockers were not a smart thing under the circumstances. All of my medical records which detailed the story were taken and will be addressed with the head of cardiology. Everyone is fully aware I will be going after Dr. Oliveros medical license. His arrogance is the type medical malpractice which kills people.

Well it was a year ago when I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel surgery. The specialist today told me I have no hope of resolving the pain and numbness in my arms until after the surgery. Naturally, the surgery is to be cancelled until after cardiology completes its additional procedures, including repair of the subclavian steal. It is almost too surreal to believe.

Remember had I not caught Valley Baptist’s failure to send the reports to VA -Harlingen, my doctor would have followed the advice of the quack cardiologist and prescribed the beta-blocker. At a minimum I would have had a major heart attack. Even worse it could have killed me. I am working with the VA lawyers to have all contracts cancelled with Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen. While I doubt they will cancel the contracts, I do expect that there will be a very costly review of all medical records generated for the VA over the last three years. If all my bitching saves one other veteran it is worth it.


Today I saved about $25.00 in gas by removing my tailgate from the truck before heading out to SA - cool huh? Also as a public service - check to see when your driver's license expires - on Monday I realized my expired in March - It took me an entire 7 minutes to renew it on Tuesday.

But first, DANNENBAUM AGAIN - This morning we learn the DA is refusing to disclose the deal it made with Dannenbaum. $21.4 million dollars missing and the DA claims the deal is can be kept secret by law. You will never hear me say Zavaletta was qualified to be DA or would have made a good DA, but just how humiliated do all you supporters of Villalobos feel this morning? Can you at least say you were wrong when you suggested there is anything honorable about this thing?

Why would a highly qualified and honorable person run for DA, when he or she knew so many people would just turn a blind eye to Villalobos' open and direct contempt for the people and the law? This is why we are always screwed. Everyone's answer is always the same - Ernie's a thief so vote for Pat Almighty - Zavaletta is (well you fill in the blank) so for vote for one of the most corrupt DA's in the history of Cameron County.

Okay Mr. Cowen, the election is over - I said a six month honeymoon - your failure to denounce the DA on this one in my book will mean craziness. Are you going to protect the people by publicly demanding the release of this deal, or are you going to protect Dannenbaum? No one except a moron or someone on the take would claim "judicial exception" to public disclosure of what was effectively a plea bargain. So Mr. Cowen - this one is a test of your character. If you know anything about local politics it will define your character until the day you die. Everything which came before will now be for naught and forgotten.

On this "judicial exception" in the past things like briefs have been held to be part of the judicial exception, but in the end it did not matter because they were part of the official record which could be discovered by requesting access to the case file or the court reporter's record. The game being played here is, without the proper filings, this backdoor plea bargain appears to have been kept out of the public record, thereby making public scrutiny impossible. This is further evidence of the fraud on the people by Dannenbaum and Villalobos. This is further reason why the BND needs to sue Dannenbaum and Villalobos to get to the bottom of this deal. With punitives the settlement could easily reach 21.4 million dollars.

Several years ago the Dallas DA claimed a list of assigned court reporters on any given day was subject to the judicial exception. The AG found that it was not because it was public information which should have been readily available and which the DA was concealing to prevent the defendant from requesting a reporters' record in his appeal. You are not the first to think of this con job Villalobos - you will loose.

To be fair my request to Mr. Cowen goes to the entire BND Board.


This may sound odd from someone who advocates for the socialist model, but we really need to rethink taxes. Some taxes are necessary. Whether we like the management of the city, county, state or federal government we still need to pay for the services they provide. If I were to say the government should go into business to make money instead of taking money as taxes, the conservatives would yell communism and the end the world.

If our only example of a government run business were the BND, then I too would be opposed to government run businesses. The fact the BND district is a disaster, and I support its immediate sale, does not mean a government owned business could not succeed.

We all know the source the problem. It is politics. We all know that there is no hope for the City of Brownsville - the only requirement to be a director over just about anything within the City of Brownsville is being a high school graduate.

Tomorrow the State of Texas could create a state owned company which refines oil. Nothing prevents the state from mandating the same professional standards used at Exxon/Mobil - well, actually higher standards. What would be wrong with the State of Texas refining the oil which will eventually be used by our law enforcement, state agencies, and school districts. If such a company could break even, while selling highly discounted fuel to each of the aforementioned entities, what is wrong with the idea?

It should not end there. The State of Texas should mandate in all future contracts for lease of state lands that the oil be sold for no more than a set price per barrel of oil - maybe let’s say $50.00. The State can go further and simply start drilling for oil on all state owned lands, and offshore sites. The State legislature can mandate that the oil be processed and sold at no more than a 10% profit. Obviously you want a profit which will allow for reinvestment in future drilling.

This above model is readily available to the State of Texas. The only reason the State of Texas does not create such an oil company is our politicians are owned lock stock and barrel by oil industry. So next time a Republican tells you, you are paying too much on taxes, ask him or her, why they oppose the State of Texas running their own oil company so that the profits can be used to help lower property taxes?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I hate to repeat my concerns with Valley Baptist Medical Center Harlingen, but I do have an update. I will be suing them. There is an issue of actual damages, but the issue is too important to let go. I will urge my theories as to actual damages and let the system decide from there. A lawsuit is the only way to hold them accountable. I have had more than one doctor confirm for me the only reason I am alive today is because I was aggressive about my own healthcare. To allow VBMC to go unpunished would simply be wrong.

Here is the deal. The VA paid for a series of cardiovascular tests. A host of problems were identified. You should understand both my mother and a sister died from sudden death related to the cardiovascular system within hours of being declared to have perfectly normal cardiovascular systems. Another sister dropped at work from a heart attack within 24 hours of her cardiovascular testing being perfectly normal.

My medical records clearly show I have brain induced sleep apnea. I sleep with forced air to keep me alive. Without my CPAP machine, I wake up choking for air. It is not unusual for people with sleep apnea to also have sinus bradycardia. The latter is a low heart rate. We know from extensive testing it is always a challenge to get my heart rate up during a stress test.

YOU DO NOT PRESCRIBE beta blockers to someone with bradycardia. They can lower your heart rate to the point of death. The cardiologist at the VA San Antonio prescribed beta blockers and statins to name two of the things he prescribed. As my primary care physician wrote back to him, my medical records clearly indicate I cannot take statins. Also you do not prescribe statins to someone with myofascitis. This moron of a cardiologist clearly never looked at my records. My doctor made it clear I will remain on Zetia. (Yesterday the VA gave me all of the notes back and forth between my primary care physician and cardiology)

Before anyone had copies of the medical test results from VBMC, the cardiologist was already prescribing medication based on my family history of sudden death and the TIA I had in march. Later this month I will undergo carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand. After I learned I had a blocked artery which feeds the left arm I called the surgeon. His nurse called me back to tell me the surgeon wanted the subclavian steal fixed before the carpal tunnel surgery.

It was at this point I learned the cardiovascular reports were never sent to VA SA. Based on my phone call VBMC refused to release the reports to VA SA, because I only signed a release for VA Harlingen. I wanted to review the reports with the doctors in SA while I was in SA, but VBMC would not release the reports. That afternoon at 3:30 I arrived at VBMC and signed the release so that they could be faxed to VA SA. The next day I confirmed with the secretary for cardiology that Dr. Olivaros, a staff cardiologist, had the reports. This is when he prescribed the beta blockers.

One thing led to another and I was forced to go see my primary care physician after playing phone tag with her for a couple of days. This is when I learned that VBMC never sent the test results to VA Harlingen. I met with my primary care physician about the recommendations of the cardiologist. The first two things she noticed was he was prescribing statins when it was so clear in my medical records I cannot take statins. Second he prescribed aspirin, when my medical records indicated I was already taking aspirin. (The VA has a specific screen which lists all medications you are taking and cannot take)

At this point I knew my primary care physician was concerned with the recommendations of the cardiologist. I decided before I was going to take anything prescribed by this cardiologist I was going to get my hands on the test results. This is when I went across the street to VBMC. This is when I learned they never sent the test results to VA Harlingen, although they did send the bill.

Once I secured the medical records from VBMC and had them delivered directly to my primary care physician, the order for beta blockers never went through. She knew before I knew the incompetence of this cardiologist. Had I not done VBMC job and obtained the medical records for my doctor, the beta blockers could have killed me. My question is, how many other veterans have medical records with important information sitting at VBMC which have never been seen by their primary care physician? Has anyone already died because of VBMC incompetence?

Again I am posting this story in hopes attorneys discover it in a google search. VBMC needs to be held financially accountable for its criminal negligence. Remember, as I said before, it was over a year ago Larry Avila with the VA Harlingen was ordered to address the medical records problem with VBMC - nothing has been done.

Because the primary actors are federal employees I can bring a federal constitutional tort known as a Bivens action. The cardiologist, VBMC, the VA, the medical school in San Antonio and several administrators will be named in the Bivens action which will be filed in federal court in Washington DC. I want to be clear, I consider my primary care physician in VA Harlingen as the one who may have saved my life.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Those of us with a voice can't be kept down long - writing is a good addiction

Sunday, May 11, 2008


(This is Monday's post)

On Saturday I finally got to see most of the last City Commission meeting. I say most because, I actually fell asleep. I woke up just as Sorry Charlie Atkinson was demanding that a vote be taken to remove Pat Almighty from the meeting. While I did not hear exactly what Pat Almighty said to get under Sorry Charlie Atkinson’s skin, Sorry Charlie failed to discern that his fellow commissioners were not going to go along with his childish temper tantrum in response to the same old garbage from Pat Almighty.

I would not tolerate Sorry Charlie’s conduct from my child, so I will not tolerate it from a city commissioner. You have problems dude - I know what I know - you were rushed to the emergency room due to your diabetes. You responded to the event by going out and drinking the following night. I would not trust your judgment to properly wipe my butt. I am not defending Pat Almighty - I just expect adults not to play out child like playground score settling in an open meeting of the Brownsville City Commission.

As I have said in the past I believe in redemption. I will say on balance the meeting was not too bad. I do believe most of the commissioners are sincere when they say they are for openness and transparency. This is good. I do not have to agree with anyone. I just want professionalism and leadership.

I do believe this City Commission could move forward if they would just learn to dismiss Pat Almighty. Guys, just pretend he is not there. I will say this though, I thought that Pat Almighty was very patient and very helpful in how he handled the people’s voice "Ruiz". (Editor's note - I learned today that Mr. Ruiz has an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies - [Gov. Finance]) In fact I believe Ruiz proved his point that the Commission really did not understand what was happening with the refunding of the old PUB bonds. Troiani did an excellent job in proving just how little the Commission really understood. Through his questions, he helped to educate everyone. I personally believe it is smart to refund the bonds at this time, but I can understand why others would not. Troiani and Pat Almighty were actually both very helpful.

I defy anyone to tell me or my readers any game plan laid out by Oliviera, Lucio III, or Lucio II which has as its object economic development for the LRGV. While people may not like my idea on hemp, at least it is an idea which can be debated. Be honest people, have any of these three people proposed any long term or short term plan which has as its object economic development for the LRGV?

The City Commissioners or County Commissioners have any of them come forward with any plan for economic development of the LRGV? Maybe my idea about turning Brownsville Matamoros into an international metroplex with over a million people which share a joint International Airport and Convention Center is not agreeable to everyone, but at least it is an idea. The airport is important for the development of both tourism and trade. We are desperate for a discount airline. My last two trips I was forced to fly SW because Continental was twice the price. I have three trips planned this summer and all will be on SW. I will not pay twice the price for the convenience of flying out of Brownsville.

I am adding this to the original post. I must say, Pat Almighty's Weir project could result in economic development downtown. I guess on this note, I answered my own question.

A convention center allows Brownsville and Matamoros to profile the maquiladoras. Bringing conventions to Brownsville/Matamoros benefits tourism and industry on both sides of the border. The economic benefits will certainly pay for the cost of both.

Right now money is cheap. A smart City Commission would vote now to sell the bonds needed to build a new airport and convention center on the corner of East and 77. But no, as has been the history of Brownsville when it comes to its airport, nothing will be done and all the development will go elsewhere. In the time it takes to elect a new City Commission interest rates on bonds will probably double. Knowing the way our politicians work, that is when they will vote to float bonds for a new airport and conventions center.

The BND is a welfare machine which must be sold now. Did any of the candidates outline any vision for the port which could eventually lead to it being a money maker instead a tax burden? No - the election was about protecting the cash cow for the politicos’ friends and families. I could not find it, but does anyone know how much the BND brings in annually in property tax revenues? If we redirect this money, without a net tax increase on the people, to Brownsville’s roads, how long would it take Brownsville to complete the road repairs?

The two Lucio’s and Oliviera can introduce the necessary legislation to force the sale of the Port of Brownsville for no less than its outstanding debt. If this can be done, how is it bad for the people? The debt is paid off, the port becomes a professionally run port with a profit as it purpose, and the taxpayers no longer have to subsidize this cash cow for every corrupt politico in the LRGV. The tax savings can and should be redirected to fix Brownsville’s roads. Again, maybe people do not like my idea, but its something. Has anyone else proposed any way to raise money for Brownsville’s roads without having to charge it to our grandchildren?

BISD - I defy anyone to tell me or my readers what any BISD Board Member has proposed for fixing our schools. The first thing I would do is make all the campuses closed. Once the kids are on campus there is no leaving campus, not even for lunch, unless you have earned the privilege of same. I would band the use of cell phones on campus during class hours. I have seen the phone bills to show these kids are texting each other during class and not learning. I would fire the entire staff in special services. I would fire the entire administration at Hanna. I would fire the Superintendent. Again you may not like my ideas, but at least they are something we can begin to debate.

TSC - I have been highly critical of Juliet Garcia - but each time I have come forward with specific failings at the freshman and sophomore levels. Normally I also come forward with solutions. Can anyone tell me what will be the substantive difference between Garza and Silva on the issue of academics at TSC?

Okay I am done.

Later this week I will put forth what I know which allows me to say with 100% certainty Freedom Communications will be issuing pink slips to staff at the Brownsville Herald.

Based on Silva's ad about lowering tuition, as I was passing Morningside Elementary at about 6:30 last night, I almost voted for him. I really want to know more about Garza and Silva. It would be nice if they are both equally qualified.

If they would like to post their vision for TSC, I will post it without comment from me - of course the readers will be free to comment. For now, I ask that my readers tell me and everyone else why one candidate is better than the other - comments like he/she is in bed with so and so tell me nothing - (I will not post such responsive comments) I want to know what have they said about change, tuition, the number of failing students, the partnership, or any other issues they have raised.

Do not read my issues as the only issues. Also, just because I consider the partnership to be a fraud on the people does not mean all my readers consider it a fraud on the people. My readership is very diverse and a diversity of ideas with why those ideas are correct is what makes my readers happy.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Starting with the "" marks everything including the review is from another web page - I just copied and paste.

After a year of tutoring math, I know just how romantic this poem really is. If I ever get married I think I would want to read this at my wedding. It just goes to show just how romantic math can be. God I love this poem.

In addition to the romatic poem the movie had a lot of good one liners or discussions. In a scene while the two are smoking pot with George W. , W. responds to the accusation that he is a hypocrite for smoking pot while putting people in jail for smoking.

The line more or less is - do you like receiving hand jobs? Well yes - do you like giving hand jobs? - well no - then you are a hypocrite - Ladies think about this the next time your husband asks you to do something you do not like doing.

while in GITMO and the guards are forcing them to perform oral sex (which they never do) the guard says more or less - you are only gay if you are giving the oral sex not if you are receiving it - this movie is not for children - the bottomless party was sort of cool until the host (a man) came out of the pool to prove he was bottomless - well some men just really need to clip - I think the line was - that looks like Bin Ladens beard -

there are actually a lot of lines with interesting discussions about real issues - sad part of the movie was more people were not in the theater - the 15 minutes with Bush were great - I love the line - you only have to love your country not the government -kind of a cool line

okay now to the poem

"just finished watching Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. The poem in the movie, “The Square Root of Three” is the most awesome, clever poem I’ve ever heard. It was written by David Feinberg, according to this story. I must find it.

Update: iamawesome and deb posted it in the comments! Thanks a lot! Here it is:

I’m sure that I will always be

A lonely number like root three

The three is all that’s good and right,

Why must my three keep out of sight

Beneath the vicious square root sign,

I wish instead I were a nine

For nine could thwart this evil trick,
with just some quick arithmetic

I know I’ll never see the sun, as 1.7321

Such is my reality, a sad irrationality

When hark! What is this I see,

Another square root of a three

As quietly co-waltzing by,

Together now we multiply

To form a number we prefer,

Rejoicing as an integer

We break free from our mortal bonds

With the wave of magic wands

Our square root signs become unglued

Your love for me has been renewed


Before I get into my issue of the day, I want to speak to the city benefits lawsuit. First and foremost, thank you to Moises Sorola, Robert Sanchez, Eddie Padron, and William de la O, - job well done. I am particularly frustrated with Shorty Dick Longoria because he chose to renege on a campaign promise. Further as a BISD employee he had access to insurance. All he proved is, he is willing to steal from the people. Hopefully now, someone will take up the cause of suing each commissioner past and present for recovery of the moneys paid.


This morning the Herald has the audacity to admonish the people to go out and get to know the candidates and vote based on who will best manage their tax dollars. First, why am I paying taxes to support a port which should be making a profit? The question the Herald will never ask. Second, why am I paying taxes to support the construction of a state university when no other city in the United States is put under the same burden? Another question the Herald will never ask. If the Herald is not willing to hire reporters capable of interviewing the candidates with hard hitting questions, or even allow for the real issues to even be discussed, how are the people to make informed decisions? So long as the Herald is our main source of news, we the people are screwed on election day.


A small but adventurous company is opening a biofuel company in Rio Hondo. Somehow they are going to convert algae into biofuel. This is good. I am glad they are going to try and make a go of it in Rio Hondo.

While I am very happy that McAllen may get a car plant, our leaders need to stop thinking in terms of simple manufacturing. I would run naked through city hall if our leaders could land a car manufacturing plant. (Sorry you two - you know I do not date married men - you know who you are)

True leaders and visionaries go beyond the simple models of economic development currently being pushed by every city in the country. Eight years ago I was published throughout the state calling for the development of hemp biofuel in the LRGV. I called on making UTEP and UTPA major educational centers for MBA’s in International Trade related to Latin America. Both of these ideas, had they come to fruition, would have brought significant economic development to the LRGV and the Port of Brownsville.

Rene Oliviera, having never met me, denounced me as some uppity Anglo trying to play himself off as a Latino. The State Democratic Party feared me so they had to find a two-bit DINOLINO like Oliviera to denounce me. I equally embrace my Nicaraguan, English and Native American bloodlines. A community is about the contributions of all groups, and not just one group. The notion that we should only celebrate the heritage which comes through our father is sexist, and demeaning to the contributions of women. Rene Oliviera's dirty politics helped to keep important issues off the table of debate.

About a year ago the Herald published one of my letters wherein I outlined the dangers of using corn for biofuel. You do not use a food source for biofuel. Today we are all complaining about the cost of food and in particular milk. The food shortage caused by the use of corn as biofuel has caused food riots and political unrest in countries throughout the world. It is time to declare war on corn based biofuel.

Eddie Lucio III says he wants to be different. Where is his leadership on this issue? Hemp needs little to no rain and no fertilizers. TAMUK - Texas AM Kingsville - provides a natural resource for management of a hemp project in the LRGV. The first step, as I currently understand it, is the State needs to put in for a federal license. By this time next year the farmers of the LRGV could have 100's of thousands of acres of hemp planted for conversion into biofuel.

With the hemp comes refinery and manufacturing plants. Hemp makes for a great material for use in truck or car mats, clothe, paper, rope - This could bring extraordinary economic development to both sides of the border. It is all about leadership. Rick Noriega and Eddie Lucio III could join forces and make this the battle cry of the LRGV. The question is, do either of them have the avocados to cross the oil industry?