Monday, April 7, 2008


On Wednesday I will return to the discussion of true socialism - I will look at the presidential campaign and apply some of the ideas I already discussed.

The below link may offend some - there is some bad language - just one word and only once - it is funny - your choice. You are warned - and now it is your choice. There is no nudity or sex.


1. Your husband always has a smile on his face after a prostate exam.

2. Your husband would rather be a proctologist than a gynecologist.

3. Your husband takes more than 2 minutes on the thrown - those forced contractions are the equivalent of you know what.

4. Your husband does not like raw oysters.

5. Your husband shaves his scrotum.

6. Your husband has been working out for three years, has gained no muscle, 20 pounds of fat, and loves to shower at the gym.

7. Your husband is attracted to hairy women.

8. Your husband waxes any part of his body.

9. Your husband wears spandex shorts

10. Your husband wears nylon net underwear


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Tuesday, April 08, 2008
GTC® Appoints Brother to Review Charter.
Thereby Violating Same.

Oh, sweet Irony. Thou art a fickle and cruel mistress.

GoodTime Charlie® whiffed again.

This time he skirted established nepotism laws with the appointment of his brother, recently canned by the Mercedes School District.

Emma Perez-Trevino reported yesterday:

Another appointee, Richard Atkinson is Commissioner Charlie Atkinson's brother.

Richard Atkinson, the former principal at Mercedes High School was fired at a special board meeting March 22, an MISD staff member verified Friday. Herald archives reflect that this was in connection with the alleged treatment of students.

Commissioner Atkinson said Friday that he doesn't believe appointing his brother represents a conflict or concern.

"He's a fair guy," the commissioner said of his brother. "They are just boards. They just recommend. It's not a board where they issue thousands of dollars here and there. They are an advisory board."

Commissioner Atkinson also said his brother lives in Brownsville and did not know if he had been fired or not.
I guess, as EP-T reported, it's "no concern" to GTC® that Article V (Administrative Provisions) of the Brownsville City Charter reads:

Section 30. Nepotism.

No person related within the second degree by affinity, or within the third degree by consanguinity, to the mayor or any of the commissioners, shall be appointed by the city commission, nor a person thus related to the city manager shall ever be appointed by him to any office, position, clerkship or service to the city.

Anonymous said...

There are probably many, many married men in Brownsville hoping their wives never read this post.

Good job.