Tuesday, April 29, 2008


An engineer knows that you cannot build a bridge without a solid foundation at each end. Before you construct that foundation you must know the composition of the ground upon which you will lay the foundation. Barack Obama claims he has spent his entire life building bridges between groups. While I believe he believes this, I also believe his complete failure in addressing Latino/black relations, and the handling of black politics among many of their leaders such as Reverend Wright reflects he never bothered to learn the composition of the ground upon which he sought to build bridges.

Since the divide between blacks and Latinos exploded during the Texas primaries we have consistently seen how Barack Obama falters every time he has to deal with bridges between Latinos and blacks, and blacks and Anglos. If he claims he does not know Reverend Wright as he thought he did, how can he bridge the gap between Anglo America and Reverend Wright’s America? He cannot. This entire image of being a bridge builder was a myth from the beginning.
If he believes an entire segment of the black political leadership believes irresponsible things, how can he build bridges between them and Anglo America? If he has managed to anger a large segment of the Latino and black communities, how can he ever build bridges to heal these wounds which he claims are based on irresponsible beliefs? He cannot.

I do not have to believe that the US was responsible for the development and spread of HIV to know that in the past the government has admitted to spreading syphilis among black men. If the latter is true, which it is, is it so out of line with possible reality that the US government may have been involved in the spread of HIV? No - but no does not make it true or false.

The US government trained the henchmen of the Shah of Iran to torture the Iranian people. Is it such a stretch that they now hate us not because we are Christians or because of our values, but because we trained the Shah to torture the Iranian people? We paid Saddam Hussein to bomb and gas the Iranian people. Is it such a stretch to believe they may have legitimate reasons to hate us? We turned a blind eye while the Talaban under our supervision played soccer with the heads of the Russian soldiers. Should we now be shocked these people are barbarians?

No, I do not have to agree with Reverend Wright to know Barack Obama is wrong - When the Democrats, especially a black Democrat, support Säuberung against views held by minorities which do not comport with establishment views, our democracy has become in peril of faltering.

We are in dangerous times. More so than ever before I want McCain to win. The next president will be a one term president because of the war and economy. Better for McCain to get blamed for the mess than a Democrat. But a Democratic loss at this time may result in a revamping of the Democratic Party wherein the tent is big enough for a diversity of ideas.

My view of Barack Obama has become quite solidified with not hopes of it changing. He is a half-breed of the worst kind. He thanks his white master for his seed and the opportunity to work in the big house. He expresses his gratitude by bowing to the political structure of the house, while repeating the endless chorus of "yes masta, yes masta." When asked about the uppity Negroes in the fields, he simply says "they are irresponsible."

Barack Obama like the good half-breed self hating black that he is, would have made a great house servant, or the aid to the overseer holding the whip while the overseer tied the field slaves to the tree before a whipping. Yes, this house servant boy knows his place and knows how to keep the uppity Negroes in their place so as not to upset the politics of the big house.

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