Friday, April 11, 2008


Okay this evening I took my brother-in-law out to eat to Dirty Al's on SPI. The oysters on the half shell were the largest I have ever seen in my life. I love oysters on the half shell It was 15.95 for a whole redsnapper fried with a salad or fries. The meal was good.

Here is my problem - at the table next to us was a women with about a 44 inch chest in a very very low cut blouse. Another half inch and her nipples would have been exposed. Well about the time I realized I was enjoying the show with dinner, she noticed I was enjoying the show. Yes, men should not stare. But please ladies, you cannot walk around with them hanging out for the entire world to see and then get mad when someone notices them. And it was me who noticed them - so I cannot imagine what other men must have noticed.

So tell me what did I do wrong? I think BB was correct - maybe the vision of him naked changed me. But for real - ladies - is it fair to do that to a man. Should they not be covered in a burka when in public?


Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC,

So did the lady tell you anything? Did her male or female campanion tell you anything? Do you have a black eye? Did she give you a HUPHF?


BobbyWC said...

She gave me a look that she was uncomfortable - I put my head down as I was extremely embarassed I did not catch myself sooner (I was wrong - I admit that) - I think she and I were grateful the moment the friend who was sitting opposite her returned to the table = it blocked the view.

Mas Triste said...


To provie a rational answer, I would have to see a picture.