Monday, April 14, 2008


Texas has a system of oversight for certain school districts called Performance Based Monitoring. "Targeted interventions are implemented based on performance concerns and as needed to validate the student performance and program effectiveness data that are submitted to TEA by districts."

After specific findings were made on behalf of the student the TEA made the following finding for the benefit of all students:

"As the LEA (BISD) is currently selected for Performance Based Monitoring, representatives of the LEA’s administration, who have oversight responsibilities for the development of the LEA improvement plans under TEC §§11.252-253, and the activities related to special education program evaluation, SHALL (emphasis added) revise the plan based on the Agency’s findings."

BISD was already under Performance Based Monitoring, when this TEA complaint was filed. It has been designated a "Dropout Factory." With this in place, BISD gets held accountable yet again. This is mind boggling. The parent who initiated this case has been begging BISD for help for over a year. Art Rendon who is in charge rather than address the problems called the father and demanded that the he drop the claims because he would not accomplish anything. Mr. Rendon made this phone call about the time he was submitting BISD’s response to the TEA. He knew they were in trouble so he attempted to get the father to drop the claim. It was a calculated attempted cover-up to protect himself and his incompetent staff. If Mr. Rendon has a job at the end of the week the BISD Board must immediately fire Hector Gonzales.

The reality is, both Mr. Rendon and Mr. Gonzales should be fired this week. The TEA complaint was initiated after Hector Gonzales refused to respond to the father’s complaints. There can be no excuse but shear incompetence on the part of the Board to allow Mr. Rendon or Mr. Gonzales to remain as employees of BISD. This Board has proven time and time again that abusing Brownsville’s children is their goal. Texas law provides that people who have control over children who neglect them are abusers. This Board and in particular Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon are child abusers, as a consequence of their neglect.

Anything short of the Herald demanding the discharge of all involved in unacceptable. This brings us to the principal at Hanna, Teri Alarcon, and Elsa Garica, assistant vice-principal. At this point anything less than their immediate discharge is unacceptable. This is not an issue of reassignment. As to each of these individuals, an immediate discharge is demanded. They have neglected this child since the beginning of the school year. The father met with the Hanna Administration at the beginning of the school year to discuss their incompetence from last year.

Since Hector Gonzales was made aware of the problem he has done nothing. Things are actually worse than before the TEA complaint. The documentation of the additional abuses are being forwarded to the United States Department of Education, for further enforcement action.

This is a note to the local Latino law firms. Latinos have been denied an adequate education since the inception of this country. Latino’s were denied access to law schools. People like Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King Jr., fought to give us equal access. What has me angry is, these same Latino lawyers who would have nothing, but for the civil rights battles of the past, now turn a blind eye to the continued abuses towards Latino children. It is sad that none of the large Latino law firms in Brownsville are willing to commit the resources to file a federal action seeking a request that the federal courts take control of BISD. Anyone who believes this Board will ever care about the children is a complete and total moron. It is time someone, anyone put the children first.

A call for help - some months ago I read about a Charter school in Brownsville which takes children like this child (the child is not a problem in the home - she has no privileges - no hanging with friends after school or at the mall - 100% parental control over the child outside of school). This Charter school allows the child to proceed at the child’s own pace using a computer based learning system. If someone knows the name of this school and how this child can be transferred over, please let me know.

This child in going to fail the 9th grade for a second time. Unless we can find a place to place this child she will become a dropout. Only a parent who hates their child would consider yet another year for his child at BISD. There can be no doubt the BISD Board simply considers children to be an inconvenience in their enterprise of moving money around to their compadres.

A final note, at the point Hanna principal Teri Alarcon told the parent he needed to understand there are 3000 students at Hanna, she should have been escorted off the campus and fired from BISD. I do not care if there are one billion children at Hanna, children have rights. Her admission she cannot do her job because there are too many children should be all that is needed to result if her discharge.


Anonymous said...

The charter school you are looking for is the one on Paredes Line Road just north of Price. You have to go and apply to get enrolled.

BobbyWC said...

Thank you for caring

social obligation in action

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

A call for help - some months ago I read about a Charter school in Brownsville which takes children like this child.

to bwc,
Premier Charter School,right on the corner of Price Rd. and Paredes (if you drive south is on your right, if you drive north on parededs is on your left as soon as you cross Price Rd.).
Keep us posted, el otro anon..

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the Herald reporting about this? Rendon is a joke. He was promoted to his present position because he caused the district tp lose millions of dollars in grants because he was too lazy to fill out the paper work. Gonzales is a buffoon. He is smart enough to have rendon do his dirty work so he has some deniability. That's his m.o.

El Coyote

Anonymous said...

Rendon is costing the district big $$$ as the Administrator of SPED there have been more Due Process hearings since he has been in charge than there were for years before him. That doesn't even count the ones he has been able to intimidate to settle with out going to the level of Due Process. He has many friend on the board.