Sunday, April 27, 2008


(Editors Note - the following two entries are officially Monday's posts - just giving my midnight readers a head start)

I cannot help but think what would have happened to the 13 colonies had today’s electoral process been in place to decide their future. The Declaration of Independence was basically formed on the opinions of a handful of men who had very little in common with the people, except a desire to be free of King George. Had the people truly been at the table, and had the weapons of today, would the US ever have come into existence as we know it? I think I can say no.

At the heart of the electoral swindle is the myth the will of the people matters. A super majority of the people have very little knowledge of the candidates or issues in any substantive manner. I remember two years ago attending the debates for the state representative position currently held by Eddie Lucio III. UTB’s student government screened the questions. Questions which related to local issues were barred, and questions which related to federal issues were the only ones allowed. These students at UTB were so poorly educated that they failed to appreciate that a state representative to Austin really has nothing to do with national issues. If they failed to appreciate this simple fact, how could they make an informed decision at the polls? How could they conduct a meaningful public forum? They cannot, and could not.

Hillary Clinton openly opposes NAFTA, the bread and butter of the border areas, but yet the border areas overwhelmingly support her. The people support the person who wants to get rid of their bread and butter. Again the people remain ignorant to the issues and the candidates.
The Fourth Estate (The Press) is a major source of the failure of our electoral process. Locally and nationally they protect their respective sacred cows even if it means keeping the electorate in the dark. The situation at BISD is dismal, but you would never know it from reading the Herald. The best I figure the Herald is concerned publication of the truth about BISD will hurt the city. Businesses will not relocate to cities with 5th rate school districts. So the Herald commits the fraud of keeping the people in the dark under the assumption it is for their own good. Meanwhile the Herald leads the battle cry for continuation of the same failed leadership which makes our school district a dropout factory.

I cannot say with any level of certainty that the people even know of the issues facing TSC. It is highly doubtful they know about the fraud attendant to the TSC UTB partnership. If the people are being kept in the dark about the problems at TSC and have no real understanding how the partnership with UTB has effectively meant the demise of TSC while TSC tax dollars go to build a state university, how can we expect them to cast an informed vote in the election for TSC Trustee? The Herald again has proven it is anti-education. Its policy of shutting down all dissent coming out of TSC and reference to the failed partnership is a leading cause for TSC’s failures and the failures of our children.

(Side note) The Herald is run by morons at every level. After learning the Herald has decided to use my debit card as their own personal ATM, and the refusal of the Herald to refund any of the money, my bank has chosen to take action on my behalf. From the publisher, to the editor, to accounting, the Herald is a three ring circus of morons driven to destroy the credibility of the Fourth Estate, and the community.

I am not voting in the up and coming TSC election because none of the candidates have addressed the issue of the failed partnership between UTB and TSC in a forthright manner. Voting for candidate A over B because of who supports them is childish and moronic. If you are unwilling to address the issues important to me and the community in a forthright manner, then you are dishonest. If I knowingly vote for a dishonest person, I deserve a dishonest person to represent my interests.

In the case of the BND race, no candidate has come out in favor of the people. They all appear to be in favor of keeping the corrupt past covered-up. This is not acceptable, especially in light of the back-door deal Villalobos cut to protect Dannenbaum and outright steal 1 million dollars from the taxpayers within the BND taxing authority. Any candidate unwilling to demand the Department of Justice investigate this theft is unfit for office and is just making the same old tired excuses for why the people deserve to be screwed.

The Herald true to form has joined the fray of the cover-up. Unfortunately for the people of Brownsville and the LRGV our news is basically controlled by Freedom Communications. Like the city of Brownsville, only highschool graduates need apply. Freedom Communications fails to understand that until they return to the day when a seasoned highly qualified editor and publisher are in charge their circulation is going no where. At the end of the day this is profits. In a city like Brownsville, the people should be waiting in their driveways for their morning paper to see what new fiasco has been uncovered, but no, in Brownsville they do not wait - because there is nothing for which to wait.

In the end because the Fourth Estate has failed the people, the people remain uninformed. So long as the people remain uninformed the electoral process will remain a swindle on the people, wherein thieves continue to seek public office, and the business of the people remains ignored.
Editor’s Note: I am considering paying the price for a well placed Bill Board to advertise the BV. It is not because I intend to make money, it is to inform the people the blogosphere exists. The fact the Herald does not inform the people of our existence is evidence of its fear of competition. If the Herald were doing its job, it would have no fear of competition.


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